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The rate of increase in speed.

La tasa de aumento en la velocidad.
Your sports care has faster acceleration than our family van.
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The main part of anything.

La parte principal de cualquier cosa.

The body of the rocket will remain in orbit for one month.

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To build or put together.

Construir o poner juntos.

They can construct the new table in one week.
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To become less or smaller.

A ser menos o más pequeños

Her interest in television has decreased since she started reading.
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A mathematic statement that uses an equal sign (=).

Una declaración de matemáticas que utiliza un signo igual (=).

3 + 4 = 7 is an equation.

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The power, energy, or physical strength of something.

El poder, o energía, la fuerza física de algo.

The force of the wind made many trees fall over.
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A routine group of words or symbols used in a procedure.

Una rutina grupo de palabras o símbolos utilizados en un procedimiento.

We use the formula “one-half base times height,” or bh/2 to find the area of a triangle.
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To make larger or greater; add to.

Para hacer más grande o mayor; añadir.

The population of San Diego has increased since I was born here.
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The action or particular way of changing place; movement.

La acción o forma particular de cambio de lugar; movimiento.

With one jumping motion, the rabbit disappeared into the bushes.
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The curved path that a planet, satellite, or spacecraft moves around another body.

La curva camino que un planeta, satélite o nave espacial se mueve alrededor de otro cuerpo.

The earth makes one complete orbit around the sun each year.

A & S R2 D1



Having a smooth shape with the least possible resistance to air.

Teniendo una buena forma con la menor resistencia posible al aire.

That new sports car has an aerodynamic design.
A & S R2 D2


ir Pressure

The force of air on things.

La fuerza de las cosas en el aire.

We need to check the air pressure in our tires before beginning a long drive.

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The highest point.

El punto más alto

The air swirled around the apex of the mountain.

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The air and gases that surround a planet or place.

El aire y los gases que rodean un planeta o un lugar.

Humans have damaged the earth’s atmosphere with pollution.

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The weight and size of something.

El peso y el tamaño de algo.

The mass of a book is greater than the mass of your pencil.
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The smallest unit of a substance made up of atoms.

La unidad más pequeña de una sustancia compuesta de átomos.

Each molecule of water has one hydrogen and two oxygen atoms.
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A response to something that has happened.

Una respuesta a algo que ha sucedido

If you turn on a light switch, the reaction is to have light in the room.

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To put into writing.

Poner por escrito.

The nurse recorded my height and weight on my medical chart.
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To record the movement or progress of something.

Grabar el movimiento o el progreso de algo.

Our teacher is tracking our progress in social skills this year.

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The central force that attract or pull objects toward on another.

La fuerza central de atraer o jalar objetos hacia el otro.

Gravity holds people and objects on the surface of the earth.

A & S R2 D3


as giant

Four outermost planets in the solar system; much larger than Earth.

Cuatro ultraperiféricas planetas del sistema solar, mucho más grande que la Tierra.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are gas giants in our solar system.
A & S R2 D3



Something that relating to the whole earth.

Algo que se refiere a toda la tierra.

Pollution is a global problem.
A & S R2 D3


Any natural satellite that orbits a planet.

Cualquier satélite natural que orbita un planeta.

The light on the moon comes from the sun’s reflection.
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A body or spacecraft that orbits around a planet.

Un cuerpo o nave espacial que orbita alrededor de un planeta.

The moon is the largest satellite that orbits the earth.
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olar system

A system that includes a star and everything that orbits that star, including planets and their moons.

Un sistema que incluye una estrella y todo lo que rodean las estrellas, incluyendo los planetas y sus lunas.

We live on earth, which is part of a solar system.

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Any of a vast number of heavenly bodies visible as points of light in the night sky.

Cualquiera de un gran número de cuerpos celestes visibles como puntos de luz en el cielo nocturno.
We can look at many stars through a telescope in the mountains.

A & S R2 D3



The star in the middle of our solar system.

La estrella en el centro de nuestro sistema solar.

The earth and other planets revolve around the sun.

A & S R2 D3



Relating to the planet Earth.

Relacionadas con el planeta Tierra.

Our sun makes terrestrial life possible.

A & S R2 D3



A plan for how much money will be spent or earned.

Un plan de cuánto dinero será gastado o ganado.

We will make a budget for the new project.
A & S R2 D4



An interesting or difficult problem or task.

Un interesante o difícil problema o tarea.

Learning to write in Chinese was a challenge for him.
A & S R2 D4


A person who is trained to use or design machines or engines, or in other technologies.

Una persona que está entrenada para el uso o el diseño de máquinas o motores, o en otras tecnologías.

An electrical engineer can design a lighting system for our new classroom.

A & S R2 D4



The collision of objects with great force; crash.

La colisión de los objetos con mucha fuerza; accidente.

The impact of the car hitting the tree broke the car windshield and damaged the tree.

A & S R2 D4


The 7th largest planet in our solar system and fourth in distance from the sun.

El 7 º planeta más grande en nuestro sistema solar y el cuarto en la distancia del sol.

Mars is known as the “Red Planet” because of its unusual color.
A & S R2 D4

ars Rover

A special vehicle that was designed to drive around and take photos of Mars.

Un vehículo que fue diseñado para manejar y tomar fotos de Marte.
There might be a model of the Mars Rover at the Air & Space Museum.

A & S R2 D4


To alter an original design or plan.

Para modificar un diseño original o el plan.

After the test flight, the engineers decided to redesign the landing gear for safety, but some products are redesigned for appearance only.
A & S R2 D4


pace Capsule

A vehicle designed to travel in outer space.

Un vehículo diseñado para viajar en el espacio ultraterrestre.
The astronauts were secured into a space capsule before the rocket left the space station.

AS & S R2 D4



Able to change, not constant.

Capaz de cambiar, no constante.

The amount of medicine you should take is variable, depending on your age and weight.
A & S R2 D4



The force that pushes a jet or rocket engine forward as it takes off.

La fuerza que empuja a un motoro cohete a reacción hacia adelante, en cuanto despega.

The thrust of my model rocket is tine compared to the thrust needed to launch a space shuttle.

A & S R2 D4



A state in which two opposite forces are equal.

Un estado en el que dos fuerzas opuestas son iguales.

Try to have a balance between work and play.
A & S R2 D4

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