Aesthetic This has to do with the beauty of something rather than its usefulness. Example

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"Third Person __________" is a point of view in which the narrator is outside the story and knows everything about the characters and events.



Example: all-knowing

En Espanol: "Tercera Persona __________" es un punto de vista en la que el narrador está fuera de la historia y lo sabe todo sobre los personajes y acontecimientos.




This is the use of words that sound like the noises they describe.



Example: The screech of the brakes caused everyone to jump away from the curb.

En Espanol: Este es el uso de palabras que suenan como los ruidos que describen.




This is a statement that reflects a writer's belief about a topic , and it cannot be proved.



Example: England is the best place to go for a vacation.

En Espanol: Esta es una declaración que refleja un escritor 's de creencias acerca de un tema, y no puede probarse.




In writing, this is the trait of order, structure and presentation of information; It is the writing trait which measures logical sequencing of ideas, details, or events.



En Espanol: En la escritura, este es el rasgo de orden, estructura y presentación de la información, sino que es el rasgo de la escritura que las medidas de ordenación lógica de las ideas, información o eventos.




This is a statement that leads to a contradictory situation in which something seems both true and false.



Example: After the children sang, the silence was deafening. Then the audience erupted in cheers.

En Espanol: Esta es una afirmación que conduce a una situación contradictoria en la que algo parece a la vez verdadera y falsa.




This is a persuasive technique in which an author creates a BALANCED sentence by re-using the same word structure.



Example: The carpenter singing...
The mason singing...
The boatman singing...
from "I Hear America Singing" by Walt Whitman

En Espanol: Esta es una técnica de persuasión en el que un autor crea una frase EQUILIBRADO por la reutilización de la misma palabra estructura.




This is a humorous imitation of a literary work that exaggerates or distorts the characteristic features of the original.



Example: Twinkle, twinkle, little bat!

How I wonder what you're at!

Up above the world you fly,

Like a teatray in the sky.

by Lewis Carroll

En Espanol: Se trata de una imitación humorística de una obra literaria que exagera o distorsiona los rasgos característicos del original.




This is a type of figurative language in which human qualities are given to nonhuman things.



Example: The stars in the sky winked and blinked at the late-night beach walkers.

En Espanol: Este es un tipo de lenguaje figurativo en el que se dan cualidades humanas a cosas no humanas.




This is a writer's point of view about a particular subject, and is often influenced by their beliefs or by events in their lives.



Example: A victim's ___________ about crime will be very different from that of a person who committed the crime.

En Espanol: Este es el punto de un escritor de vista sobre un tema particular, y es a menudo influenciado por sus creencias o por los acontecimientos en sus vidas.




This is the series of events that happen in a literary work.



En Espanol: Esta es la serie de eventos que ocurren en una obra literaria.




This is an arrangement of words in verse. It sometimes rhymes, and expresses facts, emotions, or ideas in a style more concentrated, imaginative and powerful than that of ordinary speech.



Example: Some of these are written in meter while others are in free verse.

En Espanol: Esta es una disposición de las palabras en verso. A veces, las rimas, y expresa hechos, emociones o ideas en un estilo más concentrado, imaginativa y poderosa que la de el lenguaje ordinario.




This is the third major type of literature in addition to drama and prose.



Example: Lyric; concrete; epic; narrative; dramatic

En Espanol: Este es el tercer tipo importante de la literatura, además de teatro y prosa.

Point Of View



This is the perspective from which a story is told.



Example: First person, limited third person

En Espanol: Esta es la perspectiva desde la cual es una historia contada.




This is an assumption or hypothesis which begins a logical argument.



En Espanol: Esta es una suposición o hipótesis que comienza un argumento lógico.




This is a humorous word play that usually is based on several meanings of one word.



Example: I bet the chef that he could not reach the meat that was on the top shelf. He refused to take the bet, saying that the steaks were too high. The wordplay is with 'steaks' and 'stakes.'

En Espanol: Este es un juego de palabras humorísticas que generalmente se basa en varios significados de una palabra.




This is an author's intention, reason, or drive for writing the piece.



Example: to instruct, to entertain, to persuade, to vent, to inform, to encourage, etc.

En Espanol: Se trata de un autor 's la intención, la razón, o una unidad para la escritura de la pieza.

Reading Strategies



These are the processes that good readers use before, during, and after reading to understand a text.



Example: These include setting a purpose, previewing the text, visualizing, making personal connections, reflecting, rereading, and remembering.

En Espanol: Estos son los procesos que los buenos lectores utilizan antes, durante y después de leer para comprender un texto.

Rhetorical Question



This is a persuasive technique in which a writer or speaker asks a question, but no answer is required because he implies the answer is obvious; done to convince the audience to agree with the writer/speaker's point.



En Espanol: Esta es una técnica de persuasión en el que un escritor o un hablante hace una pregunta, pero ninguna respuesta es necesaria porque da a entender la respuesta es obvia; hacer para convencer a la audiencia a estar de acuerdo con el escritor / altavoz 's puntos.

Rhetorical Strategy



This is a plan an author uses to effectively deliver the intended message in written work.



Example: Martin Luther King, Jr. used this for "I Have a Dream" in the use of figurative language to convince his audience of his vision of the future.

En Espanol: Se trata de un plan de un autor utiliza eficazmente para entregar el mensaje por escrito el trabajo.




This is the repetition of similar sounds at the ends of words.



Example: House and mouse; bear and care; grass and glass

En Espanol: Esta es la repetición de sonidos similares en los extremos de las palabras.

Rhyme Scheme



This is the regular pattern of rhyme found at the ends of lines in poems.



Today I went out for a walk. A

I strolled about an hour. B

As I went I did not talk A

Or miss a beautiful flower. B

In this stanza, it is ABAB.

En Espanol: Este es el patrón regular de la rima en los extremos de las líneas en los poemas.




This is the musical quality created by a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables.



En Espanol: Esta es la calidad musical creado por un patrón de sílabas tónicas y átonas.

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