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A Bibliography of Literary Theory, Criticism and Philology


by José Ángel García Landa

(University of Zaragoza, Spain)

Motifs: T-


Bueno, Gustavo. "Idea de mesa." YouTube (fgbuenotv) 20 April 2010.*


Tact, Tactfulness

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Tall people
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See also Armoured forces.

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Task-based instruction

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See also Practical classes.

Taste (Sense)
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See also Eating; Senses.

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Ni libre ni ocupado. Personal blog. (Dani, cab driver, Madrid)



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Taxi Driver. Dir. Martin Scorsese. With Robert DeNiro and Jodie Foster. 1976.


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See also Groups.

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See also Crying.

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See also Geology.

Teddy bears
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(Samuel Morse invents electric telegraph 1832)
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See also Character; Personality.

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