By: Sanders Napoles

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Stress Rap

By: Sanders Napoles

Ms. Munoz

Period 4

I love it when you tell me to relax

Sit my butt in the chair, if you don’t care.


I sit down and look around

All my friends are drunk

So what now?

People from the hood think it’s all good.

I’m depressed, or stressed

In my mind I think I’m not the best.

So many kids with diseases,

I swear I’m praying to God or Jesus.

Everything’s on my mind,

Homicide, suicide, but I can’t decide.

No me entiendo, estoy estresado,

No estoy en el nivel que debo estar, estoy pasado.

Environmental stressors are my depressors,

Poverty, kids with no TV

Biological Stress, makes me stop and rest.

Kids not following their parents commands

“You wanna watch T.V. Bill?”

“Well I don’t have on demand!”

I have a headache, wake me up from this bad dream,

Boost up your confidence, have a higher self-esteem.

Getting married, then get divorced,

Now it feels like you lost your force.

Kick back and take a chill,

Remember, all it takes is one pill.

Do what’s right, get it all tight.

Help stop I’m in a rage,

Do what’s right before you get locked up in a cage.

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