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Colegio Antil Mawida

English Department

1st grade

Teacher: Natalia Carrasco Vera

Name: _____________________________________Date: March _____, 2016

Score: ______/28.5

Unit N° 1

Technology and inventions!

Sub Unit

Class contents

Reading comprehension; Listening comprehension.


Sts. Will be able to do reading comprehension and listening comprehension.

  1. Read the text and then do the exercises related to it.

Leer el texto y luego desarrollar los ejercicios relacionados con este.

The famous five’s survival guide


It’s written by the Famous Five – who were created by famous author Enid Blyton, back in the 1940s!

Publication date

Out now.


The Famous Five are back! This time we catch up with a mystery back in 1959, with a lost treasure – the Royal Dragon of Siam. There’s Julian, who’s very sensible, Dick, who likes gadgets and huge bits of chocolate cake, Anne, who prefers preparing picnics to getting disty, and George, short for Georgina, who’s always getting into scrapes. And of course, don’t forget Timmy the dog, who’s got a brilliant knack for helping the kids find vital clues.


Time for another adventure with lots of ginger beer and plenty of fantastic scrapes! A mysterious reporter turns up at Uncle Quentin’s house asking about a shipwreck that happened years ago-and in which a precious jewel had been lost.

Of course, this sparks a huge adventure for the Famous Five – with secret rooms, spooky towers, a train drama, and dangerous camping.

Great guides

This book is written through diary extracts from the four kids, plus their drawings, photos, and graphics of clues that they find on their exciting adventure. And as well as the story, the book includes useful advice on topics such as code breaking, using a compass, building an escape raft, first aid, camping, and much more. And it’s left for you actually solve the mystery yourself by following the clues included in the book.


Using the decoder to reveal the real message in a long-lost letter is really cool, plus George’s escape from capture is VERY dramatic. And, as the book is written in the style of the Famous Five, it’s quite funny!

Any weak bits?

Sometimes you can’t decide whether to skip to the next bit of the story to find out what is happening or read the guides – but this is a good thing really! This is a great book for boys and girls. If you read the story, the adventure advice will be something you can dip into again and again.

  1. Read the text again and then complete the fact file.(1 point by each information; 5 pts)

Leer el texto otra vez y luego completar la tabla con la información pedida por esta.



Date of publication

Time setting


  1. Read the text once more and then you have to write a T (true) or F (false) according to the text and these statements.(1.5 points by each sentence; 7,5 pts)

Leer el texto una vez mas y luego debes escribir una T (verdadero) o F (falso), de acuerdo al texto y estas oraciones.

  1. _____ The plot is about finding a treasure.

  2. _____ George is a boy who is always getting into trouble.

  1. ______ The Famous Five are five kids.

  2. ______ The story gives the reader clues to solve the mystery.

  3. ______ The book includes two different kinds of texts.

  1. Listening comprehension: Listen to the recording. Who said these sentences, Speaker 1 or Speaker 2? (2 points by each correct answer; 10 pts)

Comprensión de lectura: Escuchar la grabación. ¿Quién es la persona que dice cada oración, Speaker 1 o Speaker 2?

  1. ______________: A player catches the ball.

  2. ______________: All you need is a ball.

  3. ______________: The referee can also call timeouts.

  4. ______________: They have one more game.

  5. ______________: The teams rush to the ball.

  1. Listen again the recording and choose the correct alternative.(1 points by each correct word; 6 pts)

Escuchar nuevamente la grabación y elegir la alternativa correcta.

  1. You start out with four / two people on the middle line.

  2. There are three / thirteen privates, four / fourteen Snipers.

  3. The game starts with two / four players in each team.

  4. The quarters are ten / fifteen minutes long.

  5. You have two / four timeouts in the game.

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