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ANEXO 2. Motivos (Thompson)

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ANEXO 2. Motivos (Thompson)


B120. Wise animals

B131.2. Bird reveals treachery .

B171.1. Demi-coq.

B200. Animals with human traits

B211. Animal uses human speech

B211.2.3 - Speaking bear

B211.3.4. Speaking parrot

B240. King of animals.

B261. War of birds and quadrupeds.

B280. Animal weddings

B292. Animal in service to man.

B296. Animals go a-journeying.

B315. Animal helpful after being conquered

B331.2. Llewellyn and his dog

B350. Grateful animals.

B401. Helpful horse

B422. Helpful cat

B435.1. Helpful fox.

B435.3. Helpful wolf.

B520. Animals save person’s life.

B524.1.4.1. Dog defends master’s child against animal assailant

B538 - Animals provide shelter

B574. Animals as domestic servants.

B631. Human offspring from marriage to animal

B635.1. The bear’s son.

B720. Fanciful bodily members of animals

B871. Giant beasts.


C117 “Tabú nupcial”

C432.1. Guessing name of supernatural creature gives power over him.

C432.1. Guessing name of supernatural creature gives power over him

C611. Forbidden door.

C761.3. Tabu: staying too long at ball.

C913. Bloody key as sign of disobedience.

C920. Death for breaking tabu.


D114.1.1. Transformation: man to deer

D154.2. Transformation: man to pigeon

D323.2.1. Dead mother (in animal form) returns to aid persecuted children

D555. Transformation by drinking

D842.1. Magic object found on mother’s grave

D915.2. River contained under cock’s wings.

D1050.1. Clothes produced by magic.

D1081. Magic sword

D1382.8. Magic stream quenches fire.

D1413.1.3. Fig tree from which one cannot descend

D1413.6. Chair to which person sticks

D1415.2.5. Magic fiddle causes dancing

D1441.1.2. Magic pipe calls animals together

D1610.2. Speaking tree.

D1610.34. Speaking musical instrument.

D1860. Magic beautification.

D2183. Magic spinning.


E282. Ghosts haunt castle

E607.1. Bones of dead collected and buried.

E631. Reincarnation in plant (tree) growing from grave.

E632. Reincarnation as musical instrument.


F92. Pit entrance to lower world

F96. Rope to lower world

F402.1.4. Demons assume human forms in order to deceive

F451.5.2. Malevolent dwarf

F451.5.2.7. Dwarfs play pranks

F480. House-spirits.

F481.3. Impossible to rid oneself of cobold.

F482.3.1. Brownies live in house. Move when persons move.

F535.1. Thumbling

F535.1.1. Adventures of Thumbling

F535.1.1.1. Thumbling drives wagon by sitting in horse’s ear

F535.1.1.8. Thumbling imprisoned in a sausage

F591. Person who never laughs

F591.2. Sad-faced princess cannot laugh

F601. Extraordinary companions

F601.7. Animals as extraordinary companions.

F610. Remarkably strong man

F611.1.1. Strong man son of bear who has stolen his mother

F771.1.10. Gingerbread house

F848.1. Girl’s long hair as ladder into tower

F911.3. Animal swallows man (not fatally).

F911.3.1. Thumbling swallowed by animals .

F913. Victims rescued from swallower’s belly

F915 – Victim speaks from swallower’s body.


G11.15. Cannibal demon

G61. Relative’s flesh eaten unwittingly.

G82. Cannibal fattens victim

G82.1.1. Captive sticks out bone instead of finger when cannibal tries to test his fatness

G84. Fee-fi-fo-fum. Cannibal returning home smells human flesh and makes exclamation

G261. Witch steals children

G279.2. Theft from witch

G302. Demons

G303.3.1. The devil in human form

G303.3.2.3. Devil as a dwarf

G303.7.1. Devil rides horse

G303.16.2.2. Person saved from devil by prayer to Virgin

G303.16.8. Devil leaves at mention of God’s name

G400. Person falls into ogre’s power

G412.1. Ogre’s gingerbread house lures child

G420. Child-stealing demon

G500. Ogre defeated

G512.3.2. Ogre burned in his own oven.

G510.4. Hero overcomes devastating animal.

G530.6. Ogre’s maidservant as helper.

G550. Rescue from ogre.


H13.1. Recognition by overheard conversation with animal

H36.1. Slipper test. Identification by fitting of slipper.

H300. Tests connected with marriage.

H331.2. Suitor contest: tournament

H335. Task assigned suitors

H341. Suitor test: making princess laugh

H341.3. Princess brought to laughter by foolish actions of hero

H342. Suitor test: outwitting princess

H466. Feigned death to test wife’s faithfulness

H492. Test of faithfulness of husband and wife

H500. Test of cleverness or ability

H507.1.0.1. Princess defeated in repartee by means of objects accidentally picked up H521. Test: guessing unknown propounder’s name.

H540. Propounding of riddles

H551. Princess offered to man who can out-riddle her

H565. Riddle propounded from chance experience

H592. Enigmatic statement made clear by experience

H705.3. How many leaves are on the tree? Counterquestion: how many stars in the sky?

H914. Task assigned because of mother’s foolish boasting.

H934.3 – Tasks assigned by stepmother.

H1021.8. Task: spinning gold.

H1045. Task: filling a sack full of lies (truths)

H1092. Task: spinning impossible amount in one night.

H1112. Task: herding rabbits

H1194. Task: making person laugh

H1194.0.1. Task: causing silent person to speak.

H1376.2. Quest: learning what fear is

H1377.3. Quest for the hazelnuts of ay, ay, ay

H1411. Fear test: staying in haunted house

H1441. Fearless hero frightened by being awakened with cold water

H1441.1. Fearless hero frightened by being awakened by eels put down his back

H1471. Watch for devastating monster

H1556.1. Test of fidelity by feigning death


J10. Wisdom (knowledge) acquired from experience.

J17. Animal learns through experience to fear men.

J21.5. “Do not leave the highway”.

J65. Birds having learned their possible dangers are forced from nest by mother.

J144 – Well-trained kid does not open to wolf

J156. Wisdom from fools

J217.0.1. Unsatisfactory life preferred to death.

J217.0.1.1. Trickster overhears man praying for death to take him.

J530. Prudence in demands

J620. Forethought in prevention of other’s plans.

J670. Forethought in defences against others

J700. Forethought in provision for life (general)

J706. Acquisition of wealth

J710. Forethought in provision for food

J711.1. Ant and lazy cricket (grasshopper).

J864.1. Fox stumbles over violin.

J871. The fox and the sour grapes.

J1041. Impossibility of pleasing everyone.

J1082. Futility of trying to hide an obvious deed

J1041.2. Miller, his son, and the ass: trying to please everyone.

J1140. Cleverness in detection of truth

J1141. Confession obtained by a ruse

J1141.1. Guilty person deceived into gesture (act) which admits guilt

J1141.6. Thief’s money scales borrowed

J1151.1. Testimony discredited by inducing witness to talk foolishly

J1180. Clever means of avoiding legal punishment

J1390. Retorts concerning thefts

J1391. Thief makes a lame excuse

J1391.1. Thief’s excuse: the big wind

J1510. The cheater cheated

J1540. Retorts between husband and wife

J1565.1. Fox and crane invite each other

J1615. That which was promised him.

J1700. Fools

J1714. Association of wise men with fools

J1730. Absurd ignorance

J1732. Ignorance of certain foods.

J1744. Ignorance of marriage relations.

J1745. Absurd ignorance of sex.

J1760. Animal or person mistaken for something else

J1772. One object thought to be another.

J1785 - Animals thought to be the devils or ghosts

J1794 - Statue mistaken for living original

J1805. Other misunderstandings of words

J1820. Inappropriate action from misunderstanding

J1823. Misunderstanding of church customs or ceremonies causes inappropriate action

J1880. Animals or objects treated as if human-miscellaneous

J1903. Absurd ignorance concerning animal’s eating and drinking.

J1904.1. Cow (hog) taken to roof to graze.

J2066.5. Wolf waits in vain for the nurse to throw away the child.

J2122. Candle put in the stove to dry: melts.

J2123. Sunlight carried into windowless house in baskets.

J2130. Foolish disregard of personal danger.

J2136.5. Careless thief caught.

J2172.1. The shepherd who cried “Wolf!” too often

J2200. Absurd lack of logic-general

J2241. The doctor no longer needed.

J2272. Absurd theories concerning the sun.

J2311.1. Numskull is told that he will die when his horse breaks wind three times.

J2321.1. Parson made to believe that he will bear a calf.

J2328. The moving church tower.

J2410. Types of foolish imitation

J2463. The foolish bride

J2470. Metaphors literally interpreted

J2511. The silence wager.

J2464. The servant to improve on the master’s statements

J2541. “Don’t eat too greedily.”

J2563. “Thank God they weren’t peaches!”


K11.2. Race won by deception: riding on the back

K188. Stealing only a small amount

K210. Devil cheated of his promised soul

K230. Other deceptions in the payment of debt

K231.2. Reward for accomplishment of task deceptively withheld

K246. Death feigned to avoid paying debts

K263. Agreement not to scratch

K311.1. Thief disguises voice and is allowed access to goods (children).

K330. Means of hoodwinking the guardian or owner

K335.1.2.2. Robbers frightened from goods by sham-dead man

K335.1.4. Animals climb on one another’s backs and cry out.

K343.2.1. The stingy parson and the slaughtered pig

K360. Other means of theft

K400. Thief escapes detection

K420. Thief loses his goods or is detected

K421.1. Thief hoping to gain bigger booty, loses smaller

K451.2. The wager that sheep are hogs

K473. Sham Blood and Brains.

K481. Demi-coq by means of his magic animals and magic water collects money.

K500. Escape from death or danger by deception

K521.1. Escape by dressing in animal (bird, human) skin

K521.3. Disguise by painting (covering with soot, etc.) so as to escape.

K522.1. Escape by shamming death: blood and brains.

K543. Biting the foot.

K550. Escape by false plea

K551. Respite from death granted until particular act is performed.

K551.3.1. Respite from death while one plays the fiddle

K551.8. Wolf kept at door until children have been christened.

K551.12. Respite from death until muddy victim may dry self in sun.

K566. Ass begs wolf to pull thorn out of foot before eating him: kicks wolf in mouth.

K700. Capture by deception.

K714.4. Victim tricked into entering basket

K828.1. Fox in sheepskin gains admission in fold and kills sheep.

K840. Deception into fatal substitution

K842. Dupe persuaded to take prisoner’s place in a sack

K1020. Deception into disastrous attempt to procure food

K1040. Dupe otherwise persuaded to voluntary self-injury.

K1041. Borrowed feathers.

K1121. Wolf (lion) approaches too near to horse: kicked in face.

K1155. Casual words uttered by dupe used to cheat him of his property

K1161. Animals hidden in various parts of a house attack owner with their characteristic powers and kill him when he enters.

K1181. Hot tin under the horse’s tail.

K1241. Trickster rides dupe horseback.

K1271.1.1. The bag of lies: threat to tell of queen’s adultery

K1271.4. Adulteress tells lover “I can see the whole world”

K1271.1.4.3. Observer of intrigue insists on sharing in it.

K1315.7.1. Seduction by pretending to instruct in marital duties.

K1521.2. Paramour successfully hidden in chest.

K1610. Deceiver falls into his own trap –miscellaneous incidents.

K1667.1. Blind man gets back his stolen treasure by making thief expect a larger one

K1667.1.1. Retrieving the buried treasure

K1700. Deception through bluffing

K1810. Deception by disguise

K1810.1. Disguise by putting on clothes (carrying accoutrements) of certain person

K1818. Disguise as sick man.

K1821. Disguise by changing bodily appearance.

K1825.1. Disguise as doctor.

K1825.1.3. Trickster masks as doctor and punishes his cheaters

K1832. Disguise by changing voice.

K1837. Disguise of woman in man’s clothes.

K1839.1. Wolf puts flour on his paw to disguise himself.

K1840. Deception by substitution

K1842. Living person acts as image of saint

K1843. Wife deceives husband with substituted bedmate

K1860. Deception by feigned death (sleep)

K1875. Deception by sham blood.

K1911.1.2. False bride takes true bride’s place when child is born

K1911.3.1. Substitution of false bride revealed by animal

K1911.3.3.1. False bride’s mutilated feet

K1931.2. Impostors abandon hero in lower world

K1956. Sham wise man

K1970. Sham miracles

K1971. Man behind statue (tree) speaks and pretends to be God (spirit).

K1984 - Girls keep up appearances to deceive suitors as to their desirability

K1984.1. The lisping sisters.

K1985. Rearing the large-headed and large-eyed bird.

K2010. Hypocrite pretends friendship but attacks.

K2011. Wolf poses as “grandmother” and kills child.

K2060. Detection of hypocrisy.

K2065. Appearance of Death exposes hypocrisy.

K2065.1. Woman and sick husband.

K2110.1. Calumniated wife

K2115. Animal-birth slander

K2213. Treacherous wife

K2320. Deception by frightening


L55. Stepdaughter heroine

L110. Types of unpromising heroes (heroines)

L114.1. Lazy hero

L140. The unpromising surpasses the promising

L160. Success of the unpromising hero (heroine).

L161. Lowly hero marries princess

L162. Lowly heroine marries prince (king)

L300. Triumph of the weak

L350. Mildness triumphs over violence

L420. Overweening ambition punished.


M90. Judgements and decrees –miscellaneous motifs

M211. Man sells soul to devil


N90. Wagers and gambling-miscellaneous

N170. The capriciousness of luck

N201. Wish for exalted husband realized

N250. Persistent bad luck.

N271. Murder will out

N275. Criminal confesses because he thinks himself accused

N300. Unlucky accidents

N451. Secrets averheard from animal (demon) conversation

N451.1. Secrets of animals (demons) accidentally overheard from tree (bridge) hiding place

N452. Secret remedy overheard in conversation of animals (witches)

N452.1. Remedy for lack of water in certain place overheard in conversation of animals (demons)

N455.4. King overhears girl’s boast as to what she should do as queen

N471. Foolish attempt of second man to overhear secrets (from animals, demons, etc.)

N475. Secret name overheard by eavesdropper

N710. Accidental meeting of hero and heroine.

N711.6. Prince sees heroine at ball and is enamored.

N715.1. Hero finds maiden at fountain (well, river).

N736. Accidental meeting of mother and daughter.

N770. Experiences leading to adventures.

N774. Adventures from pursuing enchanted animal (hind, boar, bird)

N776. Light seen from tree lodging place at night leads to adventures.

N777.3. Flax dropped into well leads to adventures.

N791. Adventures from pursuing object carried off by river.

N817. Deity as helper.


P40. Princesses.

P160. Beggars.

P210. Husband and wife

P230. Parents and children

P233. Father and son.

P250. Brothers and sisters

P251.5. Two brothers

P252.2. Three sisters

P253.2. Sister faithful to transformed brother

P360. Master and servant

P412. Shepherd

P426. Clergy

P426.1. Parson (priest).

P431. Merchant


Q2. Kind and Unkind.

Q10. Deeds rewarded

Q40. Kindness rewarded

Q41. Politeness rewarded.

Q42.1. Spendthrift knight

Q53.3.1. Maiden gives her hand and riches to man who rescues her from trap.

Q81. Reward for perseverance

Q200. Deeds punished

Q260. Deceptions punished

Q261. Treachery punished

Q270. Misdeeds concerning property punished

Q272. Avarice punished

Q280. Unkindness punished

Q410. Capital punishment

Q426. Wolf cut open and filled with stones as punishment.

Q470. Humiliating punishments

Q520. Penances

Q561.8. Deformity as punishment.


R10. Abduction.

R11.1. Princess (maiden) abducted by monster (ogre).

R11.2. Abduction by devil

R41.2. Captivity in tower

R110. Rescue of captive.

R111.1.4. Rescue of princess (maiden) from giant (monster)

R111.2.1. Princess(es) rescued from lower world

R131.2. Miller rescues abandoned child

R135.0.2. Trail of grain (seeds)

R135.1. Crumb (grain) trail eaten by birds

R153. Parents rescue child.

R210. Escapes

R221. Heroine’s three-fold flight from ball.

R111.2.1. Princess(es) rescued from lower world.


S11.1. Father mutilates children

S12. Cruel mother

S12.2. Cruel mother kills child

S31. Cruel stepmother

S31.5. Girl persuades her father to marry a widow who has treated her kindly

S142. Person thrown into the water and abandoned

S143. Abandonment in forest

S161. Mutilation: cutting off hands (arms)

S211. Child sold (promised) to devil (ogre)

S221 - Child sold (promised) for money

S222. Man promises (sells) child in order to save himself from danger or death.

S222.1. Woman promises her unborn child to appease offended witch

S301. Children abandoned (exposed)

S410. Persecuted wife

S451. Outcast wife at last united with husband and children


T68. Princess offered as prize

T100. Marriage

T132. Preparation for wedding

T160. Consummation of marriage

T230. Faithlessness in marriage

T252.1. Unsuccessful search for man who can rule his wife.

T255. The obstinate wife or husband.

T255.3. The obstinate wife: sign of the louse

T255.4. The obstinate wife: the third egg

T256. The quarrelsome wife or husband.

T263. The hypocritical wife

T281. Sex hospitality

T351. Sword of chastity.

V465.1. Incontinence of clergy

T578. Pregnant man.

T615. Supernatural growth


U110. Appearances deceive


V12.4.3 . Pig as sacrifice.

V31. Unconsecrated host

V70. Religious feasts and fasts

V120. Images

V211.2. Christ on earth

V229. Saints –miscellaneous

V465. Clerical vices

V465.1. Incontinence of clergy


W111.3. The lazy wife

W111.3.2. Cat beaten for not working

W152. Stinginess

W154.1. Man dismissed after years of service with a

W157. Dishonesty

W167. Obstination.


X12. Man interrupted each time he tries to eat

X111. Deaf men and their answers

X111.7. Misunderstood words lead to comic results.

X410. Jokes on parsons

X431. The hungry parson and the porridge-pot

X650. Jokes concerning other races or nations

X900. Humour of lies and exaggeration.

X902. Liar comes to believe his own lie

X905. Lying contests

X1215.7. Lie: fast dog

X1233.1. Lie: large hog.

X1506. The extraordinary names

X1796. Lies concerning speed

X1800. Miscellaneous lies and exaggerations


Z18. Formulistic conversations

Z18.1. What makes your ears so big?

Z20 - Cumulative tales

Z32.3. Little ant finds a penny, buys new clothes with it, and sits in her doorway

Z33. Chains involving the eating of an object.

Z33.4. The fat troll (wolf)

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