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Unidad 5. Comparisons

La mayoría de los adjetivos se colocan delante del nombre como en beautiful city. Se colocan adjetivos detrás de algunos verbos como be, get, smell, taste, sound, etc, tal es el caso de getting old.
I want to buy two comfortable armchairs.
I think that these books are Marta's.

I phoned Sandra but I only talked to her mother.

Tom is playing the guitar in his room and it sounds good.

The English love the Canary Islands.
Another y other
El adjetivo another se emplea con nombres en singular. El adjetivo other se emplea con nombres en plural.
Let me see other pictures.
I need to another two days finish my work here.
"Do you want other bottles of water?"
Yes, I saw your old rackets in the kitchen but I couldn't find the others in your room.

I saw Bruce Springsteen in concert the other night.

We'd like to buy another wheel for our new car
Give me other magazines because these ones are boring

We wanted Mr Knopfler to sing Alice's favourite songs but he sang others.

Mark wants to do another three courses next winter.
My grandson's pets have got lost. He wants to have other pets.
Comparative adjectives
Los adjetivos de una sílaba añaden -er para formar el comparativo, como por ejemplo stronger.

Los adjetivos de una sílaba terminados en -e sólo añaden una -r para formar el comparativo, como es el caso de nicer.

Los adjetivos de una sílaba terminados en vocal + consonante duplican la última consonante y añaden -er para formar el comparativo, como por ejemplo bigger.
Los adjetivos de dos sílabas terminados en -y, cambian la -y por -i y añaden -er para formar el comparativo, como es el caso de noisier.

Para los adjetivos de dos y tres sílabas terminados se emplea la palabra more para el comparativo, como por ejemplo more intelligent.

Steve is luckier than David.

His car is more expensive than hers.

This poem was better than I had expected.

Mary is slightly thinner than Sandra.

This translation is less difficult than that one
Superlative adjectives
Los adjetivos de una sílaba añaden -est para formar el superlativo, como cheapest.
Los adjetivos de una sílaba terminados en -e sólo añaden -st para formar el superlativo, como por ejemplo largest.
Los adjetivos de una sílaba terminados en vocal + consonante duplican la última consonante y añaden -est para formar el superlativo, como es el caso de biggest.
Los adjetivos de dos sílabas terminados en -y, cambian la -y por -i y añaden -est para formar el superlativo, como por ejemplo noisiest.
Para los adjetivos de dos y tres sílabas se emplea la palabra most para el superlativo, como por ejemplo most famous.
Existen adjetivos con formas irregulares para el superlativo, como best.

Sarah is the slimmest girl in the class.
My car is the longest in the street.
This is the most boring book I’ve ever read.

Knopfler is the best guitarist in Britain.

That was the happiest day of the year.
Comparativo de igualdad
Podemos establecer comparaciones de igualdad con as + adjetivo as.

También podemos comparar dos personas, cosas, etc. iguales con the same + (nombre) + as.

Elvis is as slim as Patrick.
My pool isn't so deep as the river.
Ann lives in the same house as her sister.
You know as many British towns as me.
My MP3 is as modern as yours.
Our college isn’t as old as Mark's school.
I don't earn as much money as you.
This exercise isn't as difficult as the one of the workbook.
The weather isn’t as good today as it was yesterday.
Mike's new novel has the same price as the last one.
Review of comparative sentences


  1. Tom's book is not as interesting as Peter's drawings.

Peter's drawings are more interesting than Tom's book.

  1. There's a better writer in England than Mr Lewis.

Mr Lewis is the best writer in England.

Sheila is the slimmest girl the family.
My flat is more comfortable than yours.
His car is as expensive as Mike's car.
My hair is the same colour as mine.
Your saxophone is worse than his.
That day was the luckiest of my life.
This book is not as sad as the film.
My new neighbours are nicer than the others.
"Bohemian Rapsody" was the best song of that year.
My life is more complicated than hers.

Too / enough
Too se usa delante de adjetivos o de adverbios.
Enough se usa detrás de adjetivos o de adverbios y delante de nombres.

Mark is to too tired play tennis today.
I've got enough food for all the children.
You don't speak English fluently enough to get that job.
He trained hard enough to win the competition.
The pavement is too wet for you to walk on.
Mark nos ha presentado a su primer coche y ha usado varias preposiciones. ¿Cuáles son? Estudia este subapartado llamado Prepositions y sus subsubapartados y contesta a esta pregunta:
on / with y before.

Preposiciones de tiempo

Preposiciones de lugar

Preposiciones que indican movimiento

Otras preposiciones
I live at 32 Norris Road.
"Where is your car, Sam?" "It's between your car and Dan's car."
We are going back home at Christmas.
If Mark is in front of Laura, Laura is behind Mark.
My mother is going down the stairs to meet my friends who are in the living room.
I don't have to work on Fridays.
They study English from five to seven.
He was born in July.
"Where is the pen?" "It's on the table."
I went into the hotel room and saw a dog.

Formación de palabras: Agent nouns
Podemos formar nombres agentes añadiendo los sufijos -ant / -ent / -er / -ian / -ist / -or a nombres o a verbos para referirnos a la persona que realiza una determinada acción.


Contenidos léxicos-áreas temáticas: Profesiones y servicios públicos
Profesiones y vocabulario relacionado con profesiones
a) cheff jefe de cocina

b) be promoted ser ascendido

c) perks beneficios adicionales

d) lawyer abogado

e) apply for a job solicitar un trabajo

f) staff personal

g) chemist farmacéutico

h) work in shifts trabajar por turnos

i) vacancy puesto vacante

j) be self-employed autónomo

Servicios públicos
a) postal service servicio postal

b) fire brigade cuerpo de bomberos

c) town planning urbanismo

d) water services servicios de agua

e) Town council Ayuntamiento

f) tourist information centre oficina de información y turismo

g) emergency services servicios de emergencia

h) police service servicio de policía

i) public transport transporte público

j) social services servicios sociales

Leer y escribir: Comprensión de textos escritos
Eric Jones decided to become an astronaut after watching Neil Armstrong on TV.

His parents knew that Eric wanted to work at NASA when Eric had finished his university studies.

Eric and the other astronauts will experience a lot of pressure on their chests at the beginning of the flight.

Eric is not sure what he will do in space when he has some free time.

Formal and informal language

Elige la opción de formal language adecuada para una formal letter:
I am writing to enquire about the vacancy at your restaurant.

I enclose my CV with this letter.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

I’d like to apply for the job as a shop assistant.

I would be grateful if you could send me some more information about the position.

Elige la forma de informal language para completar estas oraciones:

I think I’m clever and intelligent.

"How’s it going?” "Not bad, and you?"

I’m writing because of the job.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Here’s my CV.

A formal setter

"Wanted: vacancies for part-time kitchen helpers in our restaurant on Saturdays and Sundays between 17 and 22 pm. Please write to Better Meat, 34 Holden Street, Bristol OFR 3FT” 76 Linton Road

Bristol YG3 6VF

30th January 2009
Better Meat

34 Holden Street

Bristol OF4 3FT
Dear Sir of Madam,
I am writing in response to the advertisement for part-time kitchen helpers in the local paper and I would like to apply for it, so I would be grateful if you consider me for the position.
I think that I am suitable for this job because I've studied cooking at school for three years. In addition, I am a very responsible person, hard-working and enthusiastic. As you can see from my CV, which I enclose, I have worked in other restaurants of Bristol and Bath, so I have experience as a kitchen helper. I even spent two months in Madrid working as the chef of a little restaurant.
At the moment I am working as a tourist guide for French visitors, because I speak French fluently, but I would like to leave that job and return to a restaurant, which is my great passion. My dream is to start my own restaurant in the future. Therefore, I would be happy to attend an interview whenever you wish.
I look forward to hearing from you very soon.
Yours faithfully,

John Robinson

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