Dictionary of euphemisms and dysphemisms in english erotica with spanish equivalents

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Aaron’s rod. The penis. Based on the biblical passage where the rod performs miracles: «...the rod of Aaron [...] brought forth buds, and bloomed blossoms, and yielded almonds» (Numbers, 17: 8). Br. E. sl., 19th c; rare today in its full form, but rod, q.v., is quite frequent. Sp: La vara de Aarón [pene, por el pasaje bíblico (Números, 17: 8) en el que la vara de Aaron hace milagros] (raro hoy día en su forma completa, aunque rod sigue siendo de uso corriente).

abandoned woman. A prostitute. Br. E. sl., 19th c. “An inadequacy”, according to PARTRIDGE in his notes to his edition of GROSE1 (under wap). Sp. Mujer abandonada (prostituta).

A.B.C. The female genitals, as the most important part of a woman’s anatomy. Br. E. sl., 19th c. See also alpha and omega. Sp. ABC (los genitales de la mujer, como la parte más importante de su anatomía).

abbess. The madam of a brothel. Lex. as obs., OED, 1785-1837. Also mother abbess and

lady abbess. Br. E. sl. See also Covent Garden abbess and Covent Garden nun.

Sp.(Madre) abadesa (madama de un burdel).

abbot. A pimp, the abbess´ favourite. Br. E. sl., 19th c. “The husband or ‘fancy man’ of an

abbess” (F & H). Sp. Abad (chulo, el favorito de la ‘abadesa’; v. abbess).

Abigail/abigail. A middle-aged gay who is in the closet, or one whose approach to love

and life is conservative. Gay jargon. From the meaning ‘a lady’s-maid’, “from the name of the ‘waiting gentlewoman’ in Beaumont and Fletcher’s popular play of The Scornful Lady; so named possibly in allusion to the expression ‘thine handmaid’ so frequently applied to herself by Abigail the Carmelitess, I Sam. xxv. 24-31; but Bible names were common at this date (17th c.) without any special allusion.” (OED). Sp. Abigail (del nombre de la doncella de una señora en una obra de Beaumont & Fletcher, así llamada pos. en alusión a la frase “tu sierva”, frec. aplicada a sí misma por Abigail de Carmelo en el libro I de Samuel en la Biblia) (gay de edad madura que sigue ‘en el armario’ o gay de actitud conservadora) (jerga gay).

ability. Sexual potency. Shaks. used ability and able in this sense: «They say all lovers swear more performance than they are able, and yet reserve an ability that they never perform» (T & C, III, ii, 81). Present in the following song, where a wife who is unable to get pregnant attempts to trick her husband, Ben, into believing that she is, thanks to his ability:

«Her petticoats with Cushions rear’d,

Her Belly struts before her;

Her Ben’s Abilitys are praised,

And the poor Fool adores her» (Pills, 18th c., in HENKE, 1979). Sp. Potencia (sexual) (usado por Shaks.2).

able. Sexually potent. See ability. Sp. (Sexualmente) potente.

abnormal. Homosexual. See perversion. Sp. Anormal (homosexual).

aboard, be. To coit with a woman:

«The seaman would reject

To sayl upon the Sea,

And his good ship neglect

To be aboard of thee» (Merry Songs, 17th c., in HENKE, 1979). Sp. Estar a bordo (estar copulando con una mujer).

abode of love. A brothel. Sp. Vivienda del amor (burdel).

abominable. Detestable, odious, execrable. From French abominable, from Latin abominabilis, deserving imprecation or abhorrence, from abominari, to deprecate as an ill omen. OED, 1366-1876. It was spelt ‘abhominable’ until the 17th c., and explained as ab homine, almost ‘away from man, inhuman, beastly’, and this derivation has affected permanently its meaning and its use: abominable crime/offence, referred to homosexuality (see perversion), abomination, said of any disgusting, degrading vice, etc. Sp. Abominable (dicho de cualquier vicio degradante).

abomination. A degrading vice. From French abomination, from Latin abomination (see abominable). OED, c1325-1852. Often used in The Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible of 1611 (see quot. at scarlet woman), and by Shaks. (see quot. at potent regiment). Sp. Abominación (vicio degradante) (usado en la Versión Autorizada de la Biblia del rey Jacobo de 1611 y por Shaks.).

Abraham. Personification of the penis; euphemistically used in the phrases Abraham’s bosom, ‘the vagina’, and to be in Abraham’s bosom, ‘to be copulating’. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Abrahán (personificación del pene, usado sobre todo en Abraham’s bosom y to be in Abraham’s bosom, q.v.).

Abraham’s bosom, (to be in). The vagina; to be copulating. Based on the biblical passage (Luke, 16, 22) where Abraham’s bosom is likened to heaven: «And it came to pass that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom». Sp. (Estar en) el seno de Abrahán [del pasaje bíblico (Lucas, 16, 22) en el que el seno de Abraham es equiparado al cielo] (vagina; estar copulando).

absolute code. The code among homosexuals that establishes that it is unfair to bring another gay or lesbian out, since coming out is an individual decision, and if they are exposed they could lose their job, their straight friends or their family. Also called the golden rule. Gay jargon. Sp. Código absoluto (regla de oro) (‘no sacar a nadie del armario’ sin su voluntad) (jerga gay).

abuse, to1. A euph. for ‘to violate’ used in The Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible, 1611: «...and they knew her and abused her all the night until the morning» (Judges, 19, 25). Lex. as obs. OED, 1553-1767. Sp. Abusar de (violar) (usado en la Versión Autorizada de la Biblia del rey Jacobo de 1611).

abuse, to2. To make a cuckold of. Used by Shaks.: «She’s gone; I am abused; and my relief must be to loathe her» (Othello, III, iii, 267). Sp. Abusar de (poner los cuernos) (usado por Shaks.).

abuse. Violation, defilement. OED, 1580-1751. In modern use, usu. with qualifying word: child-abuse, self-abuse, sexual-abuse, etc. (OED, AS., 1893-1975). Sp. Abuso (violación) (en la actualidad, usado gen. en compuestos: child-abuse, self-abuse, sexual-abuse, etc.).

abuse a bed. Seducing someone’s wife. Used by Shaks.: «See the hell of having a false woman! My bed shall be abus’d...» (Merry Wives, II, ii, 261). Sp. Abusar de una cama (seducir a la mujer de otro) (usado por Shaks.).

abuse oneself. To masturbate:

«Father O’Flanagan he was there,

And in the corner he sat,

Amusing himself by abusing himself

And catching it in his hat» (Fragment of rugby song). Sp. Abusar de uno mismo (masturbarse).

Abyssinian medal. The male genitals in the phrase showing an Abyssinian medal, ‘with the flies undone’. See also Turkish medal, and X.Y.Z. Sp. Medalla abisinia (la bragueta abierta).

AC/DC. A reference to alternating and direct electrical current often used in ‘personal’ ads as a code for bisexuality, q.v.: «Beautiful lady, 33, very slim and AC/DC, seeks a warm gentle AC/DC female to help further her limited experience...» (Forum). Orig. US. sl. OED, 1960. Also, a homosexual that takes both active and passive roles. Gay jargon. Sp. Bisexual (abrev. de alternating current/direct current, corriente alterna/corriente directa, usada en anuncios de sexo para indicar bisexualidad o, en jerga gay, un homosexual que adopta tanto el rol activo como el pasivo).

academician. A prostitute. See academy. Sp. Académica (prostituta).

academy. A brothel, punning on academic knowledge and carnal knowledge, in the biblical sense of sexual intercourse. Br. E. sl., 17th-18th c. Academician, for ‘prostitute’, has also been used, and mistress of the academy, for the madam of the brothel: «...the whole company, which now consisted of four gentlemen, including my particular (this was the cant-term of the house for one’s gallant for the time), the three young women, in a neat flowing deshabillé, the mistress of the academy and myself» (FH, 136). Sp. Academia (burdel).

accessoires, les. The testicles. French for ‘the accessories’. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Los accesorios (del fr.) (testículos).

accident, an. An unplanned or illegitimate child. Also, a miscarriage. Sp. Un accidente (embarazo no deseado o hijo ilegítimo; también, aborto).

accommodate. (Of a woman) to permit copulation, to take a man’s penis in the vagina. Since the 19th c. or before. Still occ. found: «Eileen moaned as she felt her vagina stretch for the first time to accommodate a man» (Knave). Sp. Alojar (acomodar la mujer el pene en su vagina).

accommodation. Copulation. 19th c. or before. Sp. Alojamiento (coito).

accommodation house. A brothel. OED, 1861. Also house of accommodation, q.v. Sp. Posada (burdel).

accordion. A penis which becomes much longer when aroused. Gay jargon. Sp. Acordeón (pene que aumenta considerablemente de tamaño en erección) (jerga gay).

accordion hole. The anus. Humorous. Sp. Agujero acordeón (ano).

accoutrement(s). The male genitals. Br. E. sl., 16th c. Sp. El equipo (genitales masc.).

ace. The female genitals. Shortened from ace of spades, q.v. Sp. As (genitales fem. forma abrev. de ace of spades, q.v.).

ace of spades. The female genitals. From the colour and shape of the pubic hair. Originally Br. E. sl., now also US. Black sl. Sometimes shortened to ace. Sp. As de picas (genitales fem., por el color y la forma).

ace queen. A gay male who likes to appear as womanly as possible, with shaven legs and plucked eyebrows. Prison sl. Sp. Reina de ‘ases’ (gay que potencia al máximo sus rasgos fem.) (argot carcelario).

achieve/achievement. Copulate/copulation. Shaks. used achieve in the sense of winning a woman sexually, and Beaumont (17th c.), hard achievement (q.v.), for copulation, punning on heroic deeds and erection. With the same achievement imagery, we can cite: fulfilment, for copulation or sexual orgasm, to fulfil oneself, for to masturbate to orgasm, completion, for sexual orgasm, to have/get one’s will of a woman, to qualify and to succeed amorously, to achieve coition, and the more recent to score, to have/get one’s way with, to get it and get there, for copulate, among others. Sp. Lograr/logro (copular/coito) (Shaks. usó achieve en el sentido de conseguir los favores de una mujer).

acme of lust. An orgasm: «...together we experienced that acme of lust towards which all such connections draw us» (EAP, 216). Sp. Súmmum de lujuria (orgasmo).

acorn. The glans penis (glans, being the Latin word for ‘acorn’). Sp. Bellota (glande, porque glans, significa ‘bellota’ en latín).

acorn picker. A fellator. Homosexual sl. Sp. Recoge-bellotas (que realiza felaciones/homosexual) (v. acorn).

acorns. The testicles. Sp. Bellotas (testículos).

acre. The posterior. Austr. sl. Popular during WW2. Sp. Acre (trasero) (argot austr., corriente durante la 2ª Guerra Mundial).

act. Copulation. OED, 1596-1959. Used by Shaks.: «’This is the monstrosity in love, lady, - that the will is infinite, and the execution confined; that the desire is boundless; and the act a slave to limit’» (T & C, III ii 80-83). Also in combs., like the act of shame, the act of lust, the act of darkness and the act of sport. The euph. is still current:

«A young trapeze artist named Bract

Is faced by a very sad fact.

Imagine his pain

When, again and again,

He catches his wife in the act! » (Limerick). Sp. Acto (coito) (usado por Shaks., que sigue usándose en la actualidad).

act of darkness. Copulation. Used by Shaks.: «A servingman...that...served the lust of my mistress’ heart, and did the act of darkness with her’» (Lear, III iv 85-88). Sp. Acto de oscuridad (coito) (usado por Shaks.).

act of generation. Copulation. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Acto de engendrar (coito).

act of heaven. Copulation. Sp. Acto celestial (coito).

act of intercourse. Coition. See intercourse. Sp. Acto sexual.

act of kind. Copulation. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Acto de la especie (coito).

act of love. Copulation: «...the goddess [Venus] has always been celebrated in the act of love...» (EAP, 254). Sp. Acto de amor (coito).

act of lust. Copulation. Used by Shaks.: «’...Where you did fulfil/ The loathsome act of lust’» (Lucrece, vv. 1635-1636). Sp. Acto de deseo carnal (coito) (usado por Shaks.).

act of pleasure. Copulation. Sp. Acto de placer (coito).

act of shame. Copulation. Used by Shaks.:

«...Iago knows

That she with Cassio hath the act of shame

A thousand times committed...» (Othello, V, ii, 212-213). Sp. Acto de vergüenza (coito) (usado por Shaks.).

act of sport. Copulation. Used by Shaks.: «’When the blood is made dull with the act of sport, there should be – again to inflame it, and to give satiety a fresh appetite...’» (Othello, II i 228-231). Sp. Acto deportivo (coito) (usado por Shaks.).

act Ovid’s tales. To copulate. Br. E. sl., 16th-17th c.: «...My eunuch sing, my fool make up the antic, / whilst we, in changed shapes, act Ovid’s tales» (Volpone, III, vii, 219-20). Sp. Representar las historias de Ovidio (copular).

Acteon/Actaeon. To cuckold and a typical cuckold. From Actaeon, the mythological hunter turned into a stag by Diana. Lex. as obs. for ‘to cuckold’, OED, 1615:

«And I, like Actaeon, most strangely was changed.

I thought that my lower part seemed like a Man

My head like a Buck and horns like a Ram»(«The Dub’d Knight of the Forked Order», c1620, by Abraham Miles, Roxburghe Ballads, in BURFORD, 118). Sp. Acteón (típico cornudo y poner los cuernos; del nombre del personaje mitológico convertido en ciervo por Diana).

action. Sexual activity. See quot. at tenant. Sp. Acción (actividad sexual).

Adam. A man’s first male lover. Homosexual sl. Sp. Adán (primer amante masc. de otro hombre).

Adam’s arsenal. Penis and testes. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. El arsenal de Adán (genitales masc.).

Adam’s dagger. The penis. Br. E. sl., 18th c. Sp. La daga de Adán (pene).

Adam’s own (altar). The female genitals. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. (Altar) propiedad de Adán (genitales fem.).

Adam’s pajamas. A penis which becomes much longer when aroused. US. gay jargon. Sp. Pijama de Adán (pene que aumenta considerablemente de tamaño en erección) (jerga gay).

Adam-and-Eve it. To copulate. 19th c. Still occ. found: «Would you Adam and Eve it?» (Mayfair, in a wines ad, punning on the Biblical fall and trying them for the first time). Also to play at Adam and Eve. Sp. Hacer como Adán y Eva (copular).

Adamize. To copulate. To do like Adam. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Hacer como Adán (copular).

addition. Copulation. See multiplication. Sp. Suma (coito).

adjust the antenna. (Of males) to masturbate. Sp. Ajustar la antena (masturbarse el hombre)

adult. Pornographic, sexually explicit, only for adults: adult movie/video/book/magazine, etc. OED, 1958. Sp. Para adultos (material porno).

adult entertainment. Copulation. Often used in sex ads. Sp. Diversión para adultos (coito) (expresión usada a menudo en anuncios de sexo).

adult industry, the. The porno industry: «I prefer a working environment where you can have fun and the adult industry allows me to do that» (Mayfair). Sometimes shortened to adult: «What made you decide that adult was the life for you?» (Mayfair). Sp. La industria porno.

adulterer/adulteress. A man or a woman, resp., who commits adultery, q.v. Used in The Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible, 1611: «And the man that committeth adultery with another man’s wife, even he that committeth adultery with his neighbour’s wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death» (Leviticus, 20:10). Used by Shaks. (see quot. at lascivious). Sp. Adúltero,-a (usado en la Biblia y por Shaks.).

adultery. Voluntary sexual intercourse of a married person with one of the opposite sex. From Latin adulterium, ‘corruption’. OED, 1366-1835: ☺«A woman confesses to the priest that she has committed adultery. ‘Was it against your will?’ ‘No’, she says, ‘it was against the cupboard, and you should have heard the china rattle!’» (Rationale I, 140). Sp. Adulterio (del latín adulterium, ‘corrupción’).

adventure. Extra-marital copulation. Usu. in to have an adventure. See quot. at sexual adventure. Sp. Aventura (extra-conyugal).

aesthete. A male homosexual. From the meaning ‘someone who appreciates beauty’:

«An effete aesthete, Frilly Fred

To a fruity young friend sadly said,

‘When I woke up last night

Can you imagine my fright

To find a nude girl in my bed?’» (Limerick). Sp. Esteta (gay).

affair1. Extra-marital sexual relationship. From O.F. afaire, originally an infinitive phrase: à faire, ‘to do’. Often heard in the phrase love affair (q.v.). OED, 1702-1933: «I had a week-long affair with that married Italian named Alessandro...» (FOF, 96). Sp. Asunto, lío (relación extra-conyugal).

affair2. The male or female sexual organs: «...and the young fellow [...] unbuttons his breeches, and removing his shirt, draws out his affair...» (FH, 37). Sp. Asunto (genitales masc. o fem.).

affairs. The male or female genitals: «...whilst her own (spark) was readjusting his affairs and buttoning up» (FH, 143). Shaks. used it for the female genitals: «...Proud of this pride, /He is contented thy poor drudge to be, / To stand in thy affairs, fall by thy side» (Sonnets, 151, 10-12). Sp. Asuntos (genitales masc. o fem.) (usado por Shaks. aludiendo a los genitales fem.).

affaire. A love affair. From the French. Esp. in affaire de/du coeur. OED, 1809. Sp. Asunto, lío (amoroso) (del fr., esp. en affaire de/du coeur, ‘asunto del corazón’).

afgay. A homosexual male. Adapted from ag-fay, q.v. Sp. Homosexual [var. de ag-fay, Pig Latin por fag (v. glosario de términos especializados)].

African queen. A Black gay male, or a white homosexual who prefers Black partners. Gay jargon. Sp. Reina africana (gay negro; tamb. blanco que prefiere a negros como pareja) (jerga gay).

afterglow. A warm or pleasant feeling following sexual intercourse. OED (AS), 1928-1991. Sp. Arrebol (sensación de bienestar tras el acto sexual).

afternoon delight. Sexual intercourse in the afternoon. Austr. sl. Sp. Deleite vespertino (coito por la tarde) .

after part. The buttocks. See hind parts. Sp. Parte posterior (trasero).

afterplay. A continuation of erotic gratification, in the form of caresses, etc., after orgasm has been reached. Sp. Juegos amorosos post-coito.

afterthought. The youngest child in a family, esp. one born considerably later than the other children. Sp. Ocurrencia tardía (hijo de padres viejos).

Agamennon. The penis. After the ancient Greek king. Sp. Agamenón (antiguo rey griego) (personificación del pene).

agate. A small penis. After the hard stone used in jewelry. Sp. Ágata (pene pequeño).

agates. The testicles. US. sl. Sp. Ágatas (testículos).

age of consent. The minimum age at which a person, esp. a woman, is considered legally competent to consent to marriage or sexual intercourse; OED, 1809-1891. See also consenting adult. Sp. Edad de consentimiento.

ag-fay. A homosexual male. Pig Latin for fag. Br. E. sl. Other Pig Latin formations are ansy-pay, for pansy, untcay, for cunt, itshay, for shit, and uckfay, for fuck:

«There was a sad prude out in Iowa

Who would say, ‘Please say it my way:

Do not call it fuck,

And rhyme it with duck.

Say untcay and itshay and uckfay’» (Limerick). Sp. Homosexual [fag en Pig Latin (v. glosario de términos especializados)].

aging actress. An elderly male homosexual. Show business imagery. US. gay jargon. Also fallen star. Also, a lesbian who occasionally protects a gay male. See aunt2. Sp. Actriz madura (gay viejo o lesbiana que ocasionalmente protege a un gay) (jerga gay).

aggressor. In homosexual practices, the party assuming the active role, the insertor: «The fact he committed the deed indicates he is the aggressor and can more easily be led into a straight life than a passive male» (THH, 170). Sp. Agresor (homosexual de rol activo).

agreeable ruts of life, the. The female genitals. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Los agradables surcos de la vida (genitales fem.).

A-hole. See asshole. Sp. Forma abrev. de asshole, ano.

AIDS. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome. A very serious disease caused by a virus, transmitted in sexual fluids and blood, which destroys a person’s ability to fight infections. OED, 1982: «Inmates with AIDS, or who have tested positive for HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), are not barred from participating in conjugal visits» (Hustler). Sp. Sida (forma abrev. de Acquired immune deficiency syndrome, síndrome de inmunodeficiencia adquirida).

AIDS terrorist. Someone who knows he or she is HIV +, but engages in unsafe sex. Gay jargon. Sp. Terrorista del sida (alguien que sabe que es cero-positivo y sigue practicando el sexo sin precauciones) (jerga gay).

alchemy. Sexual intercourse, 16th-17th c.: «I’ll show you why he haunts to Henley oft [...] there to spend the night in alchemy» (BB, I, ii, 113-15). Sp. Alquimia (coito).

alcove. The female genitals: «...a honey that smelled of seashell and that made the passage into the female alcove [...] a delight to the male visitor» (DOV, 159). See also cranny. Sp. Nicho, hueco (genitales fem.).

Alice1. The penis, esp. in the phrase to put Alice in Wonderland (q.v.), ‘to copulate’. Sp. Alicia (pene, esp. en la frase to put Alice in Wonderland, meter a Alicia en el País de las Maravillas’, copular).

Alice2. A male homosexual. Can. sl. Sp. Alicia (gay).

all cultures. Used in ‘personal’ ads to indicate that all fetishes and sexual activities are enjoyed. Sp. Todas las culturas (código usado en los anuncios de sexo para indicar que se practican todos los fetichismos y actividades sexuales).

alley cat. A prostitute. Lex. as US. sl. OED, 1942. Other names of animals that prostitutes have been called, most of them now old-fashioned if not obs., are: barnacle, bat, bird o’ the night, bunny, cat, cow, dog, fish, loose fish, goat-milker, goose, guinea-hen, gull, hackney, hobby-horse, lioness, night bird, night-hawk, nightingale, owl,
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