Dictionary of euphemisms and dysphemisms in english erotica with spanish equivalents

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cloven tuft. The female genitals. Br. E. sl., 17th-19th c. Sp. Penacho hendido (genitales fem.).

clover-field. The female pubic hair. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Campo de tréboles (vello púbico fem.).

club, to. To copulate with a woman. Hitting imagery. Sp. Dar un estacazo (copular, dicho del hombre).

club. The penis: «...he maneuvered his imposing club into position at my entrance» (CP, 220). Sp. Estaca (pene).

club sandwich. Sexual intercourse for three. US. sl. Sp. Sandwich de tres pisos (coito entre tres personas).

club the baby seal. (Of a male) to masturbate. Hitting imagery. Sp. Dar estacazos a la cría de foca (masturbarse el hombre).

club the dummy. (Of a male) to masturbate. Hitting imagery. Sp. Dar estacazos al pelele (masturbarse el hombre).

club Eddy. (Of a male) to masturbate. Hitting imagery. Sp. Dar estacazos a Eddy (masturbarse el hombre).

clucky. Pregnant. Comparing a pregnant woman to a brooding hen. Austr. sl. Sp. Clueca (preñada) .

cluster. The male genitals. See bulge. Sp. Racimo (genitales masc.).

cluster fuck. An orgy: «The reason you don’t see as much cluster-fucking in many adult mags is...[because] it is a lot harder to photograph an orgy than just one girl» (Swank). Sp. Polvo en racimo (orgía).

cluster marriage. See group marriage. Sp. Matrimonio en racimo (matrimonio comunal).

Clytemnestra complex. A wife’s compulsion to kill her husband in order to marry one of his relatives. Based on Greek mythology: Clytemnestra, the wife of Agamemnon, king of Argos and Mycenae, helped by her lover Aeghistus, her husband’s cousin, murders Agamemnon, on his return from Troy, and is herself killed by her own son Orestes. Sp. Complejo de Clitemnestra [personaje mitológico griego, esposa de Agamenón (rey de Argos y Micenas), que ayudada por su amante, Egisto, primo de su marido, da muerte a su esposo a su vuelta de Troya] (compulsión de la esposa a matar a su marido para casarse con uno de los parientes de éste).

coachman on the box. A venereal disease. Rhyming sl. for pox. Sp. Cochero en el pescante (enfermedad venérea; argot rimado: box rima con pox, sífilis).

coax the genie out of the magic lamp. (Of a woman) to masturbate. See also to summon the genie. Sp. Hacer salir al genio de la lámpara maravillosa (masturbarse la mujer).

coax the turtle out of her shell. (Of a woman) to masturbate. Likening her clitoris to the head of a turtle. Sp. Hacer salir a la tortuga de su concha (masturbarse la mujer).

cobbler’s. The testicles. Rhyming sl. See cobbler’s awls. Sp. Forma truncada de cobbler’s awls (testículos; argot rimado: awls rima con balls).

cobbler’s awls. The testicles. Rhyming sl. = balls. Usu. shortened to cobbler’s. Sp. Punzones de zapatero (testículos,; argot rimado: awls rima con balls).

cobbler’s stalls. The testicles. Rhyming sl. = balls. A var. of the commoner cobbler’s awls. Sp. Puestos de zapatero (testículos; argot rimado: stalls rima con balls).

cobs. The testicles. From the standard meaning ‘something rounded’. Lex. as dial., OED, 1818-1878. Sp. Objetos redondeados (testículos).

cock, to. To copulate. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Usar la polla (copular).

cock1. The penis. Perhaps the commonest term of all for the male organ. The metaphor does not come directly from the animal, but from a barrel tap in the shape of a cock’s neck. The term is highly taboo, to the point that in North America with its puritanical traditions...(to avoid any taboo associations)...water cocks are called faucets and cockerels are called roosters. Lex. as «not in polite speech or literature», OED, 1618-1969. The euph. must be older though, as there is a clear allusion in Shaks.’s Henry V (II, i, 50-51):

«Pistol’s cock is up,/And flashing fire will follow».

Still one of the commonest terms for the male organ:

«There was an old man of Dundee,

Who came home as drunk as could be.

He wound up the clock

With the end of his cock

And buggered his wife with the key» (Limerick). Sp. Polla (del grifo de un barril en forma de gallo) (según PARTRIDGE, hay una clara alusión en Shaks. en «Pistol’s cock is up...», donde Pistol’s cock sería un juego de palabras entre el pene de Pistol y el percutor de su pistola).

cock2. The female genitals. In much of the Southern US. and Caribbean, cock refers to the female organs exclusively. US. dial. and Negro usage. Sp. Polla (genitales fem.) (usado en gran parte del Sur de USA y el Caribe, donde cock se refiere exclusivamente al órgano sexual fem.).

cock-alley. The female pudenda (GROSE). Sp. Avenida del gallo/de la polla (genitales fem.).

cock-bawd. A pimp. “A male keeper of a bawdy house” (GROSE). Br. E. sl., 17th c. Sp. Chulo de burdel.

cock-chafer/cockchafer. The female pudendum, or a variant of cock-teaser ( F & H). Sp. Genitales femeninos o calienta-pollas.

cock-cheese. Smegma (q.v.) Also prick cheese, q.v. Sp. Queso de la polla (secreción sebosa acumulada bajo el prepucio).

cock-eater. A fellator; sometimes used as a dysph. for a male homosexual. Sp. Come-pollas (felador o gay).

cock-hall. The female pudenda. Br. E. sl., 18th-20th c. Sp. Salón para la polla (genitales fem.).

cockhead. The glans. Coarse sl.: «He used his hand – and mine- to play his cockhead all over my face...» (Mayfair). Sp. Cabeza de la polla (glande).

cock-holder. The female genitals:

«There were three young ladies of Fetters,

Annoyed all their elders and betters

By stuffing their cock-holders

With proxies for stockholders,

Old bills, and anonymous letters» (Limerick). Sp. Sujeta-pollas (genitales fem.).

cockhound. A lecher. See cocksman. Sp. Libertino.

cock-hugger. The female genitals. Sp. Abraza-pollas (genitales fem.).

cock-inn/Cock Inn. The female genitals. Punning on cock and a traditional pub name. Sp. Fonda del gallo/de la polla (genitales fem.).

cock-lane. The female pudenda (GROSE). Sp. Calle del gallo/de la polla (genitales fem.).

cock-loft. The female genitals. Br. E. sl., 18th-19th c. See also game in the cock-loft. Sp. Desván (genitales fem.).

cock-lover. A fellator; sometimes used as a dysph. for a male homosexual. Sp. Amante de pollas (felador; gay).

cock of death. The penis. Sp. Gallo de la muerte (pene).

cock of the game. A lecher, a whoremonger. Also, game-cock and fighting cock. Br. E. sl., 18th-19th c. Sp. Gallo de pelea (libertino; putañero).

cock one’s shotgun. (Of a male) to masturbate. Sp. Amartillar la escopeta (masturbarse el hombre).

cockpit. The female pudenda. Pun on cock = ‘penis’. Br. E. sl., 18th-19th c. See quot. at rose-lipt overture. Sp. Reñidero(juego de palabras con cock, polla) (genitales fem.).

cockquean. An effeminate man. “A man concerning himself unduly in women’s affairs; either a solecism or a jocular perversion of cotquean” (PARTRIDGE, 1974). Sp. Afeminado (según PARTRIDGE, alteración jocosa de cotquean, ‘hombre que hace de ama de casa’).

cock robin. The penis. Sp. Petirrojo macho (pene).

cockshire/Cockshire. The female pudenda. Pun on cock = ‘penis’. 18th-20th c. Now rare. Sp. Condado del gallo/de la polla (genitales fem.).

cockshy. The female genitals. ‘Lacking a cock’. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Sin polla (genitales femeninos).

cocksman1. A notorious woman chaser, a lecher. Also, cockhound and cocksmith. US. sl. Sp. Libertino.

cocksman2. A good fucker: «...he was the best cocksman she had ever had... » (Pent). Sp. Buen follador.

cocksmith. A lecher. See cocksman. Sp. Libertino.

cocksmoker. A fellator. Can. sl. Sp. Fuma-pollas (felador).

cock spit/cock-spit. Semen. Coarse sl. See quot. at velvet. Sp. Saliva de la polla (semen).

cock-stand. An erection of the penis. See stand. Sp. Erección.

cocksucker/cock-sucker. A fellator, and a term of abuse. Lex. as coarse sl. OED, 1891-1957. Also a prostitute or a male homosexual: «I’ve let queers give me blow jobs, they’re supposed to be the best cock-suckers...» (FU, 105). See another quot. at jism. Sp. Chupa-pollas (felador,-a; gay o prostituta; usado tamb. como insulto).

cocktail. A prostitute. US. sl. Occ. used as a male homosexual prostitute. Sp. Cóctel (postituta o, menos frec., prostituto).

cock-teaser1. A woman who provokes a man sexually, but refuses intercourse. Lex. as coarse sl. OED, 1891-1962: «”I’ve flown all over the world and never made out once with any of those airborne cock-teasers”» (CP, 94). Sp. Calienta-pollas.

cock-teaser2. The female pudenda. Sp. Calienta-pollas (genitales fem.).

cock-teasing. The action of provoking a man sexually, but refusing intercourse: «’Flirtatiousness is one thing but cock-teasing can often lead to some very nasty scenes’» (TSM, 81). Sp. Acción de calentar la polla.

cockatrice. A prostitute. From the name given to a legendary monster, part snake and part cock, which could kill with a glance. From O.F. cocatris, from Medieval Latin cocatrix. Lex. as obs., OED, 1599-1747. Sp. Basilisco (prostituta).

cockerel. The penis. Sp. Pollo joven (pene).

cockles. The lesser lips of the vulva:

«The lips of my quim red as cherries you see,

And its cockles as juicy as juicy can be» («The Vigorous Courtezan», c1786, M.M.C., in BURFORD, 295). Sp. Berberechos (labios menores de la vulva).

cocoa butter. Semen of a Black man. US. sl. Sp. Manteca de cacao (semen de un negro).

coconuts1. The breasts, esp. if well-developed. See quot. at melons. Sp. Cocos (pechos de mujer, esp. si están bien desarrollados).

coconuts2. The testicles. More common for ‘the breasts’. Sp. Cocos (testículos).

cocotte. A prostitute of the fashionable demi-monde (see demi-mondaine) of Paris. From the French, orig. a child’s name for a hen. OED, 1867-1941. Sp. Nombre infantil para ‘gallina’ (del fr.) (prostituta).

C.O.D. A male prostitute. Abbr. of ‘cock on delivery’, a pun on ‘cash on delivery’. Sp. Polla contra reembolso (prostituto).

cod. Lex. for the scrotum, and, in the plural, «improperly», for the testicles, «not in polite use». From O.E. codd, ‘bag’. OED, 1398-1783:

«King Henry the Eighth as recorded of old

Had swinging large cods, as you’ve often been told,

And his royal prick was a sight to behold» («The Brown Cunts of Old England», M.M.C., attributed to Robert Burns, 18th c., in BURFORD, 183). Sp. Bolsa (escroto y, en pl. , testículos).

cod’s head1. The penis. Probably a subtle pun on codpiece, q.v. used by Shaks. in the phrase to change the cod’s head for the salmon’s tail (q.v.), ‘to copulate’. Sp. Cabeza de bacalao [pene; usado por Shaks en to change the cod’s head for the salmon’s tail (q.v.), donde cod’s head sería un sutil juego de palabras con codpiece, q.v.].

cod’s head2. The female pudenda. A girl’s maidenhead (an alternative interpretation of Shaks.’s euph. in Othello: to change the cod’s head for the salmon’s tail, q.v. Sp. Cabeza de bacalao (genitales fem.) (interpretación alternativa de su uso por Shaks. en to change the cod’s head for the salmon’s tail, q.v).

cods. The testicles. See cod. Sp. Bolsas (testículos).

coddle. To copulate. From cods, testicles. Br. E. sl., 16th-17th c. Sp. Copular (de cods, q.v.).

codpiece. The penis. A baglike flap in the crotch of the trousers which covers or contains the male genitals. Worn from the 15th to the 17th c. The euph. was used by Shaks., in L.L.L, III, i, 179, where Berowne, talking about Cupid, says: «...Dread prince of plackets, king of codpieces...». Sp. Bolsa del pantalón en la entrepierna (genitales masc., pene) (usado alusivamente por Shaks.).

coffee. The testicles. A truncation of coffee stalls, rhyming sl. Sp. Forma truncada de coffee stalls, testículos; argot rimado: stalls rima con balls.

coffee-grinder. A prostitute. US. sl. Sp. Molinillo de café (prostituta).

coffee house. The female genitals. From the popularity of coffee-houses in late 17th-18th c. GROSE has: « to make a coffee-house of a woman’s ****, to go in and out and spend nothing.» Sp. Cafetería (genitales fem.).

coffee-shop A variant of coffee-house, q.v., registered by F & H. Sp. Cafetería (genitales fem.).

coffee stalls. The testicles. Rhyming sl. = balls. Less common than orchestra stalls (q.v.), and apparently used in full. Sp. Puestos de café (testículos; argot rimado: stalls rima con balls).

cogie. The female genitals. From a Scottish word for a wooden bowl. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Cuenco de madera (del escocés) (genitales fem.).

cohabit. To live together as husband and wife; often said distinctively of persons not legally married. From Late Latin cohabitare, ‘to live together’. OED, c1530-1827. Sp. Cohabitar.

cohabitation. Sexual intercourse. Lex. as obs. Now, living together as husband and wife without being married, OED, 1548-1824. Sp. Cohabitación.

coil. An intra-uterine contraceptive device of flexible material shaped into a spiral. OED, 1931. Sp. DIU (dispositivo intrauterino).

coin collector. A gay male prostitute. Sp. Coleccionista de monedas (prostituto para gays).

coit1. Copulation; an obs. var. of coition, q.v., OED, 1671-1766. From Latin coit-us, part. of coire, ‘to go together’. Often used as a verb, as a polite euph. for ‘to have sexual intercourse’. Sp. Coito/realizar el coito (del latín coitus, part. de coire, ‘juntarse’).

coit2. The buttocks or the anus. See quoit. Sp. Culo o ano (v. quoit).

coit a posteriori. To coit vaginally from the rear. This latinized version of to coit dog-fashion has been tried as a polite euph., but it may sound facetious. Sp. Versión latinizada de ‘coito estilo perro’.

coit dog-fashion. To coit with a woman vaginally from the rear. Sp. Coito estilo perro.

coital death. Death during intercourse. Sp. Muerte dutante el coito.

coition. Copulation. From Latin coition-em, noun of action, from coit-, part. stem of coire, to go together. OED, 1615-1881:

«According to old Sigmund Freud,

Life is seldom so well enjoyed

As in human coition

(In any position)

With the usual organs employed» (Limerick). Sp. Coito (del latín coition-em, nombre de acción de coit, q.v.).

coitu, in. In coition. See coitus. Sp. Versión latinizada de ‘en el acto del coito’.

coiture. Copulation. From Latin type *coitura, from coit, q.v. Lex. as obs., OED, 1574-1646. Sp. Coito (de la forma latinizada inventada coitura, de coit, q.v.).

coitus. Copulation. Latin (see coit). Lex. with the indication “in scientific writers, who also use the phrase in coitu, in coition”, OED, 1713-1855. Sometimes found used humorously: «Golf, fishing and fights/All have their delights,/But nothing beats good old coitus! » (Fragment of limerick). Coitus per anum is occ. found for ‘anal intercourse’. Other Latin expressions, mostly jocular, occ. heard in academic circles, include: coitus more ferarum (coition in the manner of beasts), vaginal coition from the rear (see dog-fashion), coitus inter mammas, coition between the breasts, coitus in axilia, coition in the partner’s armpit (see bagpipe), coitus à la vache (q.v.), coitus Saxonicus (q.v.), coitus per anum, anal intercourse, coitus interruptus and coitus reservatus (q.v.), concubitus cum bestia, coition with a beast, concubitus cum persona ejusdem sexus, copulation with a person of the same sex, figura veneris prima, the primary or essential position for sexual love, the missionary position (q.v.), and many others. Sp. Coito (del latín, part. de coit, ’juntarse’).

coitus à la vache. Heterosexual intercourse in which the woman takes the knee-chest position and the man enters the vagina from the rear. From French à la vache, ‘in cow fashion’. Sp. Coito ‘a la vaca’ [con introducción vaginal por atrás) (del fr.)].

coitus ante portas. Latin for ‘coition before the doors’: copulation between a woman’s thighs, without penetration. Also coitus inter femora, coition between the thighs. Sp. Latín por ‘coito ante las puertas’ (coito entre los muslos de la mujer, sin penetración).

coitus in axilia. See coitus. Sp. Latín por ‘coito en la axila’.

coitus inter femora. See coitus ante portas. Sp. Latín para ‘coito entre los muslos’.

coitus inter mammas. See coitus. Sp. Latín por ‘coito entre las mamas’.

coitus interruptus. Latin. Sexual intercourse in which, with the intention of avoiding conception, the penis is completely withdrawn from the vagina before ejaculation. OED, 1900-1962. Sp. Coitus interruptus (del latín).

coitus more ferarum. See coitus. Sp. Latín por ‘coito a la manera de los animales’.

coitus per anum. Latin for anal intercourse. Sp. Latín por ‘coito por el ano’.

coitus reservatus. Latin. Sexual intercourse in which, by a technique of deliberate control, ejaculation or complete orgasm is avoided and copulation thereby prolonged. OED, 1903-1953. Also karezza or carezza, q.v. Sp. Latín por ‘coito reservado’ (coito prolongado mediante control del orgasmo).

coitus Saxonicus. Latin for Saxon coition: a contraceptive method, allegedly used by the Saxons, consisting in squeezing the root of the penis with the fingers before ejaculation. Sp. Latín por ‘coito sajón’ (supuesto método anticonceptivo, usado por los sajones, consistente en apretar la base del pene con los dedos evitando la eyaculación).

cojones. Spanish for ‘testicles’. One of a number of terms (bicho or pinga, for ‘penis’; chocha -from chocho-, for the female genitals; culo, for ‘anus’ or ‘buttocks’; maricon for ‘male homosexual’; puta for ‘prostitute’, etc.) used by Hispanics, which have found their way into the English language, via US. sl. Lex. both for ‘testicles’ and ‘courage’, ‘guts’. OED, 1932. Sp. Cojones (del español) (usado por los hispanos).

coker-nuts. The breasts, esp. if well-developed. From the size and shape of the coconut. Br. E. sl., 19th-20th c. Now obs. Sp. Cocos (pechos de mujer, esp. si están bien desarrollados).

cold biscuit. A cold, unresponsive woman. US. sl. Sp. Bizcocho helado (mujer fría/frígida).

cold fish. A cold, unresponsive woman. US. sl., var. of cold biscuit. Sp. Pez frío (con sangre de horchata) (mujer fría/frígida).

collapse. To have an orgasm: «...until she collapsed with a cry upon the straw» (EGT, 96). Sp. Caer exhausto,-a (orgasmar).

collect a specimen. To masturbate. Said of a male. Sp. Tomar una muestra (masturbarse el hombre).

Colleen Bawn. An erection. Rhyming sl. = horn. After the name of the heroine in The Lily of Killarney, an opera in three acts, first produced at the Royal English Opera, Covent Garden, Monday, February 10, 1862. Often reduced to Colleen. Sp. Nombre propio (famosa cantante de ópera del siglo XIX) (erección; argot rimado: Bawn rima con horn).

collywobbles. Uterine cramps during menstruation. The term, a fanciful formation on colic and wobble, is usu. applied to an indisposition consisting in an upset stomach, rumbling in the intestines, acute diarrhoea, etc. OED, 1853-1959. Sp. Trastornos nerviosos estomacales/intestinales, diarrea, etc. (calambres/ dolores de barriga durante la regla).

Colonel Puck/colonial Puck. Sexual intercourse. Early 20th c. US. rhyming sl. for fuck. Sp. El coronel Puck (polvo; argot rimado am.: Puck rima con fuck).

Colonel Sanders. “An older gay male with a preference for young boys. The name, quite possibly libellous, puns on the Colonel’s internationally franchised product. Gay jargon” (J. GREEN, 1998). Sp. Coronel Sanders (según J. GREEN de la franquicia internacional para el producto de dicho nombre) (gay viejo que prefiere a los chicos jóvenes) (jerga gay).
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