Dictionary of euphemisms and dysphemisms in english erotica with spanish equivalents

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partridge, pheasant, pig, plover, quail, rattlesnake, sardine, shrimp, tiger, wasp, wren, etc. (all q.v.) Sp. Gato callejero (prostituta).

alligator. The penis. Often reduced to ’gator. US. sl. Sp. Lagarto (pene).

all-nighter. Prostitutes’ jargon for a customer who pays for the entire night. Also, a person who is capable of having many orgasms at a lovemaking session, or the session itself. Sp. Jerga de prostitutas por ‘cliente para toda la noche’; tamb. persona capaz de experimentar múltiples orgasmos en una sola sesión amorosa o la sesión misma).

almanach. The female genitals. Possibly having something to do with months, ‘the menses’. It was used in the 18th-19th c. in some parts of Britain and the USA as a euph. for a list of local prostitutes and their fees. Sp. Almanaque (genitales fem., prob. con referencia a la regla; usado tamb. en los siglos XVIII y XIX en algunas partes de Gran Bretaña y los EE.UU con el significado de ‘lista de prostitutas locales y sus tarifas’).

almond. The penis. See almond rock. Sp. Almendra (pene, forma abrev. de almond rock).

almond rock. The penis. Rhyming sl. = cock. Generally reduced to almond, but seldom heard. 19th c. Sp. Peladilla (pene; argot rimado: rock rima con cock) (raro).

alpha and omega, the. The female genitals. The first and the last letters of the Greek alphabet; the expression is used in Standard English as an idiom meaning ‘the most important thing’. See also A.B.C. Sp. El alfa y omega, principio y fin, la cosa más importante (genitales fem.).

Alphonse. A generic nickname for a ponce, q.v. Br. E. rhyming sl., 19th c. Sp. Alfonso (chulo de prostituta; argot rimado: Alphonse rima con ponce).

altar of hymen. The female genitals. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Altar de himeneo (genitales fem.).

altar of love. The female genitals. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Altar del amor (genitales fem.).

alternate lifestyle, an. Homosexuality. “Sexual deviation is rapidly metamorphosing into alternate lifestyle in the sexual revolution” (ASHLEY, 1979, 216). Sp. Un estilo de vida alternativo (homosexualidad).

alternating flame, the. A teasing technique of cunnilingus, consisting in lingeringly kissing the inside of a woman’s thighs, in an alternating way, before reaching the genital area. The term was made popular by “M”, the anonymous author of The Sensuous Man. Sp. La llama alternante (técnica especial de cunilinguo, consistente en ir acariciando con la lengua el interior de cada muslo de la mujer hasta llegar a los genitales; el término fue popularizado por “M”, autora anónima del Hombre Sensual).

altogether, in the. Naked. From the meaning ‘a whole’. OED, 1894-1947. Similar euphs. include: bare, bare-assed (US. sl.), in the natural, in the raw (US. sl.), in the nuddy (Austr. sl.) -from the standard in the nude-, au naturel, stark-naked, starkers (orig. Br. E. sl.), wearing a smile and nothing else, without a stitch on, in the buff, in one’s birthday’s suit, in an angel’s suit, in the costume of Eden and belly-naked. Dressed in nothing but a fig leaf is ‘practically naked, with just a small covering for the sex organs’. Sp. Desnudo integral, en bolas.

amateur. A promiscuous woman who is not a professional prostitute. OED, 1861: «...I felt there had to be a source of enthusiastic amateurs who could be turned into gifted professionals» (THH, 153). Sp. Aficionada (mujer promiscua que no es una prostituta profesional).

amateur night. A casual sex act done with a person who is not a prostitute. From the special occasions or evenings when amateurs perform at theatres, or on television or radio programs. US. sl. Sp. Noche amateur (sexo casual con una mujer que no es prostituta profesional).

amatory rites. Copulation. See also amorous rites. Sp. Ritos amatorios (coito).

Amazon. An extremely masculine woman, a virago. OED, 1758-1853. Often used as a euph. for a masc. lesbian. From the race of female warriors found in Greek mythology, who allegedly cut off their right breast so as not to interfere with the use of the bow. Sp. Amazona (mujer muy masc., virago, de la raza de guerreras en la mitología griega, que supuestamente se cortaban el pecho derecho para que no entorpeciera el uso del arco).

ambassador. The penis. Sp. Embajador (pene).

ambidextrous. Bisexual. See bisexual/ambisexual. Sp. Ambidiestro (bisexual).

ambisexual. Bisexual. See bisexual/ambisexual. Sp. Bisexual.

ambivalent. Bisexual. See bisexual/ambisexual. Sp. Ambivalente (bisexual).

amble. Coition. 16th-17th c. A favourite equestrian pace in Elizabethan England (see quot. at trot). The term alludes to the rhythmic hip movements of a woman during copulation. Sp. Ambladura (paso ecuestre preferido en la Inglaterra isabelina) (coito).

American culture. Sexual intercourse in the missionary position. US. sl. See also French culture, Greek culture, Italian culture, Roman culture and Turkish culture. Sp. Cultura americana (coito en la postura del misionero).

American letter. A condom. Much less common than French letter, q.v. Sp. Carta americana (condón, mucho menos común que French letter).

amorous. Inclined to love; showing love, in love. From O.F. amorous, from Latin amorosum, from amor, love. OED, 1303-1807. It is often used referred to sexual love: amorous encounter, amorous favours, amorous rites, amorous works, etc. Sp. Amoroso,-a.

amorous concourse. Copulation: «...with movements of his hands [he] explained the course of events which followed upon a male and female meeting in amorous concourse» (EGT, 139). Sp. Reunión amorosa (coito).

amorous encounter. Copulation. See encounter. Sp. Encuentro amoroso (coito).

amorous favours. Copulation. Of either sex. See favour/favor. Sp. Favores amorosos (coito).

amorous rites. Copulation. Used by Shaks.: «Spread thy close curtain, love-performing night [...] Lovers can see to do their amorous rites by their own beauties» (R & J, III, ii, 5-9). Sp. Ritos amorosos (coito) (usado por Shaks.).

amorous works. Lovemaking. Used by Shaks.: «And she did gratify his amorous works...» (Othello, V, ii, 215). Sp. Trabajos amorosos (coito) (usado por Shaks.).

amour. A love affair; love-making. From the French for ‘love’. OED, 1567-1876: «...it is a strongly held view of mine that the earlier a young gentleman is introduced to amour the less likely he is to make a fool of himself when of marriageable age» (EAP, 11). Obs. for love-making, but still occ. used as a cultured synonym for an illicit love affair. Sp. Amor (del fr. por ‘love’) (coito – obs., o lío amoroso, usado aun como sinónimo culto de illicit love affair).

ampersand. The posteriors (F & H). “ ‘&’ used to come at the end of nursery-book alphabets: hence the hinder parts.” (PARTRIDGE, 1974). Sp. Trasero (según PARTRIDGE , 1974, porque el signo & solía aparecer al final de las cartillas para niños).

amuse oneself. To masturbate. See quot. at abuse oneself. Sp. Divertirse uno solo (masturbarse).

amusement. Love-making. See quot. at coupling. Sp. Diversión (hacer el amor).

Amy-John. A masculine lesbian. A play on Amazon, q.v. US. sl. Sp. Lesbiana de rol masc (juego de palabras con Amazon).

anal. Referring to the anus, q.v. Often found as an abbrev. for anal sex: «I always thought about trying anal» (Barely Legal). Sp. Anal/sexo anal.

anal astronaut. A term for a gay male, used in gay bashing. Sp. Astronauta anal (gay) (usado pey).

anal buccaneer. A term for a gay male, used in gay bashing. Sp. Bucanero anal (gay). (usado pey)

anal eroticism/anal erotism. Anal sexual pleasure: «Lots of men like anal eroticism. There is nothing gay about that» (Playbirds). Sp. Erotismo anal.

anal intercourse/anal coition/anal coitus/anal sex. Sexual intercourse involving anal penetration: «We have experimented with anal intercourse for quite some time» (Pent). Sp. Coito anal.

anal jabber. A term for a gay male, used in gay bashing. Sp. Pincha-culos (gay) (usado pey) .

anal ring. The anus. See ring. Sp. Anillo anal (ano).

anal virgin. A person who has never had anal intercourse. Sp. Virgen anal (persona que nunca ha realizado el coito anal).

analingus. Oral anal sex. A var. spelling for anilingus, q.v.. See quot. at around the world. Sp. Sexo anal oral (var. ortográfica de anilingus).

anatomy. The human body, the bodily frame. OED 1592-1857: «I am especially interested in the male anatomy, and mainly and especially in certain parts of the male anatomy» (Pent). Often used humorously:

«A delighted incredulous bride

Remarked to the groom at her side:

‘I never could quite

Believe till tonight

Our anatomies would coincide’» (Limerick). Sp. Anatomía (cuerpo humano).

anchor. The penis. Nautical imagery. See quot. at cove. Sp. Ancla (pene).

androgyne. An effeminate homosexual man. Sp. Andrógino (homosexual afeminado).

angel1. A male homosexual. US. sl. Other euphs. that have often been used to refer to homosexuals, most of which are fast becoming out-dated include: aunt/auntie/uncle (old homosexual), bender, bent, camp, capon, cissy, sissy, buttercup, pansy, pink pants, pix, pixie, poof, queen, daffodil, fairy, flit, flute, fluter, fruit, iron hoof, lily, left-handed, light-footed, limp-wrist(ed), skippy, so, that way, twit, etc. Ass-bandit, bum-bandit, bum-boy, brown-hatter, brownie, cock-sucker, fag, faggot, toilet-queen, turd-burglar and many others are coarse sl. See also Nancy/nancy2. Sp. Ángel (homosexual).

angel2. A beautiful or beloved woman. Lex. for ‘a person who resembles an angel either in attributes or actions’, OED, 1592-1858. Sp. Ángel (una mujer hermosa o la mujer amada).

angel3. A prostitute. From the Angel district in London where prostitutes worked. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Ángel (prostituta; por el nombre de un distrito de Londres, centro de prostitución en el siglo XIX).

angel’s suit, in an. Wearing no clothes at all, naked. See also birthday suit, and altogether, in the. Sp. En traje de ángel (desnudo,-a).

angel with a dirty face. A homosexual who dare not reveal his homosexuality. Gay jargon. Sp. Ángel con la cara sucia (homosexual que no se atreve a ‘salir del armario’) (jerga gay).

Angelina. A male homosexual with a passive role. US. sl. Sp. Angelina (gay de rol pasivo).

angle. The penis. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Ángulo (pene).

angling. Copulation. Used by Shaks.: «’Twas merry when / You wager’d on your angling...» (A. & C., II, v, 15-16). Sp. Pesca con caña (coito) (usado por Shaks.).

anilingism. Oral anal sex. See anilingus. Sp. Sexo anal oral.

anilingus. Though not registered in the OED, anilingus is a common euph. for ‘oral stimulation of another person’s anus’. Latin, from anus + lingere (to lick). Anilingism and analingus are less common vars. Sp. Sexo anal oral (del latín anus, ‘ano’ + lingus, de lingere, ‘lamer’).

animal1. The penis: «How she rode this animal under her [...] until the animal began to foam...» (DOV, 162). Sp. Animal (pene).

animal2. A highly-sexed person. Austr. sl. Sp. Animal (persona muy activa sexualmente) .

animal tamer. A person who commits bestiality (q.v.). Sp. Domador de animales (persona que comete bestialismo).

anonyma. “A disguised prostitute. Br. E. sl., 18th c.” [PARTRIDGE in his notes to his edition of GROSE (under wap)]. Sp. Anónima (prostituta encubierta).

another thing. The female genitals. Used by Shaks.: «Speed. Item, she’s too liberal. Launce. Of her tongue she cannot, for that’s writ down she’s slow of; of her purse she shall not, for that I’ll keep shut: now of another thing she may, and that cannot I help» (Two Gentlemen, III, i, 342-346). Sp. Otra cosa (genitales fem.) (usado alusivamente por Shaks.).

ansy-pay. A male homosexual. Pig Latin for pansy. Sp. Homosexual [pansy en Pig Latin (v. glosario de términos especializados)].

antelope. The penis. Br. E. sl., esp. in the phrase to gallop one’s antelope, ‘to masturbate’. Sp. Antílope (pene, esp. en la frase to gallop one’s antelope, q.v.).

anticonceptive. Another word for contraceptive (q.v.). Sp. Anticonceptivo.

antics in bed. Copulation. Sp. Cabriolas en la cama (coito).

antipodes. The female genitals. Sp. Antípodas (genitales fem.).

antsy. Sexually eager. From the expression to have ants in one’s pants, to be restless. US. sl. Sp. Inquieto, caliente (de la expresión to have ants in one’s pants, ‘tener hormigas en los pantalones’).

anus. The excretory opening at the end of the alimentary canal. From Latin, where it also meant ‘ring’. OED, 1658-1872. Anal is the corresponding adjective, as in anal erotism/eroticism, anal intercourse, anal coition, anal coitus, anal sex, anal fantasies, anal virgin, etc.:

«There was a young man from Axminster

Whose designs were quite base and quite sinister,

His lifelong ambition

Was anal coition

With the wife of the French foreign minister» (Limerick). Sp. Ano (del latín, donde tamb. significaba ‘anillo’).

anvil. The female genitals:

«This is the ware house of the world’s chief Trade,

On this soft anvil all mankind was made» (Sodom, attributed to Rochester, 17th c., in DIETZ, 147). Sp. Yunque (genitales fem.).

apartments to let, with. To be a prostitute. Br. E. cant. Sp. Con apartamentos que alquilar (prostituta).

ape leader. An old maid. See lead apes in hell. Sp. Guía de monos (mocita vieja; v. lead apes in hell).

aperture. The vulva or the anus: «...and now she inserted her finger into the tight little aperture» (DOV, 141). Sp. Abertura, orificio (vulva o ano).

aphrodisiac. Something that excites or heightens sexual desire. From the Greek aphrodisiakos, from aphrodisios, belonging to Aphrodite (the Roman Venus) the goddess of love and beauty, daughter of Zeus (‘foam-born; aphros, foam), OED, 1719-1881. Although there are few scientific studies on the subject, aphrodisiacal powers are traditionally attributed to some substances: the root of the ginseng plant, yohimbine, an alkaloid obtained from the bark of a tree (yohambé), mint, the aromatic plant, cantharides, also known as Spanish fly, a drug obtained from dried beetles of the species Cantharis vesicatoria, etc. Some foods are also allegedly aphrodisiacal: fish, broad-bean soup, quince, mushrooms and, most popular of all, oysters: ☺«On her mother’s advice, a young bride feeds her husband oysters on their wedding night, but later complains that they were not very satisfactory: ‘I fed him a dozen oysters like you said, but only nine of them worked’» (Archivos Secretos, 2). On the other hand, saltpetre (bromuro), is the most famous anti-aphrodisiac: ☺«An old soldier [...] meets another in the street. ‘You remember the saltpetre that they gave us during the war to quiet us down?’ he asks. ‘Yes...’ ‘It’s just beginning to work’» (Rationale I, 326). Sp. Afrodisíaco.

aphrodisiacal tennis court. The female genitals. Br. E. sl., 17th c. Sp. Pista de tenis afrodisíaca (genitales fem.).

apogee. An orgasm. From the literal meaning: The point in the orbit of the sun, the moon, or a planet, at which it is at its greatest distance from the earth. Br. E. sl., 18th c. Also apogee of pleasure/of sensual rapture, etc.: «Vivie writhed from side to side as she reached the apogee of sensual rapture» (TSM, 279). See another quot. at canter. Sp. Apogeo (orgasmo).

apparatus. The penis: «...whatsoever stimulation was offered, his apparatus was incapable of standing» (EIC, 245). See tool. Sp. Aparato (pene).

appendage. The penis:

«A guy with a build that was stallionate

Found it harder than Hades3 to copulate.

When sexually charged

His appendage enlarged

To the girth he took out to date» (Limerick). Sp. Apéndice (pene).

appetite. Used by Shaks. as a euph. for ‘lust’, ‘lascivious desire’: «She would hang on him, / As if increase of appetite had grown by what it fed on» (Hamlet, I, ii, 142-144). Sexual appetite is still heard as a euph. for ‘sexual desire’. Sp. Apetito (sexual) (usado por Shaks.).

apple. The female genitals. Sp. Manzana (genitales fem.).

apple dumpling shop. A woman’s bosom. Br. E. sl., 18th-19th c.: «...he saw that my apple dumpling shop was open, and enquired if I wanted a ‘buttock-ball’» (EIC, 186). Sp. Tienda de pudin de manzana (pechos de mujer).

apple-squire. A pimp. OED, c1500-1738, obs. See also apron-squire. Sp. Caballero de manzanas (chulo).

apples1. The female breasts:

«A woman has bosoms, a bust or a breast

Those lily-white swellings that bulge ’neath her vest

They are towers of ivory or sheaves of new wheat

In a moment of passion ripe apples to eat.

You may speak of her nipples as fingers of fire

With hardly a question of raising her ire;

But by Rabelais’ beard, she will throw several fits

If you speak of them roundly as good, honest tits» (Fragment of «Ode to the Four-Letter Words», a rugby song). Sp. Manzanas (pechos de mujer).

apples2. The testicles. Often found in classic bawdy verse: «Oh, serpent, cunning to deceive, /Sure ‘tis this tree that tempted Eve. / The crimson apples hang so fair / Alas! what woman could forbear?...» (‘The geranium’ by Richard B. Sheridan, 1751-1816, in HURFORD, 18). Still used, chiefly humorously: ☺«Bathtub situation: the little girl asks about the father’s testicles. He tells her they are his ‘apples’. She runs to tell her mother. ‘Did he tell you anything about that dead limb they’re hanging on?’ » (there are vars. with apples of the tree of life and branch substituted for apples and limb) (Rationale I, 56). Sp. Manzanas (testículos).

appliance. The penis: «...whereupon Frank was not a moment in releasing from his trousers his ready appliance...» (EIT, 198). See tool. Sp. Dispositivo (pene).

approach (to/unto). To have sexual intercourse. To copulate with (a woman). OED, 1611-1798. A euph. used in The Authorized (King James) version of the Bible: «None of you shall approach to any that is near of kin to him...» (Leviticus, 18, 6). Sp. Acercarse a (copular con) (usado en la Versión Autorizada de la Biblia del rey Jacobo de 1611).

appurtenances. The breasts. A woman’s accessories, her equipment. US. sl. Sp. Accesorios (pechos de mujer).

apricot. The female genitals. Also split-apricot (albaricoque partido). Sp. Albaricoque (genitales fem.).

apricots. The testicles. Austr. sl. Sp. Albaricoques (testículos) .

apron-squire. A pimp. OED, 1593, obs. Also apron-knight. See also apple-squire. Sp. Caballero de delantales (chulo de prostituta).

arbor vitae. The penis. Latin for ‘tree of life’. Br. E. sl., 18th-19th c. Sp. Árbol de la vida ( del latín) (pene).

archfiend. The penis. From the name given to Satan. Br. E. sl., 17th-18th c. Sp. Satanás (pene).

ardour. Heat of passion or desire. From O.F. ardour, from Latin ardere, ‘to burn’. OED, 1386-1847. Used by Shaks.: « The white cold virgin snow upon my heart / Abates the ardour of my liver » (The Tempest, IV, i, 54-55). Used sometimes allusively for the genitals, as in the following limerick:

«A fellow of Corpus4 named Wipple

Loved to tweak up a Girton5 girl’s nipple:

As her titties grew harder

He’d stir up her ardour

So she’d climax with hardly a ripple». Sp. Ardor (pasión, deseo; genitales) (usado por Shaks. en el sentido de ‘pasión’, ‘deseo’).

areola. Coloured circle around the nipple. From Latin, dim. of area. OED, 1706-1877: «My areolas are the size of fried eggs, with tips big as baby-bottle nipples» (Barely Legal). Aerolae is another pl. form: «...breasts that were topped by two rosebud nipples pointing out cheekily from the circled pink rings of her areolae» (TSM, 142). Sp. Areola (del latín, dim. de area) (círculo coloreado alrededor del pezón).

arm. The penis: «She would have liked an army standing aligned like this, presenting the only arms that could conquer her» (DOV, 160). Freq. used in the expressions short-arm inspection or small-arm(s) inspection, ‘medical inspection of the relaxed penis’, and long-arm inspection, ‘medical inspection of the erect penis’, usually for signs of venereal disease. US. military sl. Sp. Arma (pene).
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