Dictionary of euphemisms and dysphemisms in english erotica with spanish equivalents

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armor/armour. Penis and, perhaps, testicles, punning on the defensive covering worn by knights. It has also been used as a euph. for ‘condom’, esp. in to fight in armour, ‘to wear a condom in sexual intercourse’. Br. E. sl., 18th c. Sp. Blindaje (pene y quizás testículos; tamb. condón, en to fight in armour, ‘luchar con armadura’).

around the world/a trip around the world. A sexual variety in which the partner’s whole body is kissed and licked in a long build-up to the main events, anilingus and fellatio. Orig. prostitutes’ jargon: «Around-the-world, or analingus, is another popular request, but needless to say, not every girl wants to accommodate this desire unless she can diplomatically coax a man into the bath first...» (THH, 182). Vars.: go around the world in eighty ways (dar la vuelta al mundo de 80 maneras), and do the grand tour (hacer el gran tour). Sp. (Viaje) alrededor del mundo (caricias orales por todo el cuerpo).

arousal. Sexual excitement: «I could hardly breathe, so to hide my arousal I lay face down on my towel...» (Mayfair). See arouse. Sp. Excitación sexual.

arouse. To stimulate (into action, an emotion). OED, 1602-1863. Often used as a euph. for ‘to excite sexually’: «...she wished [...] that the sight of her body would arouse him» (DOV, 79). Sp. Excitar sexualmente.

arrive at the end of the sentimental journey. To coit with a woman. Since c1870. Now obs. See end of the sentimental journey. Sp. Llegar al final del viaje sentimental (efectuar el coito; v. end of the sentimental journey).

arrow. The penis. Lex. as obs., OED, 1382, but the metaphor was still current in the 19th c.:

«Then showed her his arrow, and bid her not fear,

For the pain was no more than a maiden may bear» (Sylvia the Fair, J. Dryden, 1808, in LEWIS, 96). Sp. Flecha (pene).

ars musica. The anus, spec. when one is breaking wind. A play on ars musica, Latin for ‘art of music’, and arse. Br. E. sl., 18th c. Sp. Arte musical (ano, específicamente al ventosear).

arse. The buttocks; the anus. O.E. aers, prob. from I.E. *órsos. Lex. as ‘obs. in polite use’, OED, c1000-1704. Used by Chaucer in The Miller’s Tale, 625-626: «Absolon [...] with his mouth he kiste hir naked ers...».6 Standard English until c1660, then a vulgarism; still used as naturally as any other word in a number of Northern Br. dial., and though the OED’s last quot. is from the 18th c., the term is still fully current as coarse sl. in Br. E. (ass in Am.E.): «I was on my knees, singing along, and painting a corner of the skirting when I heard someone comment, “Nice arse”» (Mayfair). It is also found as a dysph. for sexual intercourse in coarse slang expressions such as to get/have some arse. Sp. Culo, ano; tamb. coito en algunas expresiones como to get/have some arse (del inglés antiguo aers; inglés estándar hasta bien entrado el siglo XVII, cuando se convirtió en un vulgarismo) (usado por Chaucer).

arse-blow. To perform anilingus. Sp. Hacer una mamada de ano (hacer un anilingus).

arsehole. The anus. Lex. as «not in polite use», OED, a1400-1948: «Bill had never licked my arsehole before...» (Mayfair). Also used as an insult: ‘a fool’. See also asshole. Sp. Ano.

arse-king. A very active homosexual. Br. E. sl. Sp. Rey de culos (gay muy activo).

arsenal. The female genitals, as a container for the male genitals. Br. E. sl., 19th c. See also Adam’s arsenal. Sp. Arsenal (genitales fem.).

arse-opener. The penis. Sp. Abre-culos (pene).

arse-wedge. The penis. See also wedge. Sp. Cuña de culos (pene).

art of love. Copulation: «...I will estimate that 25 per cent of all Jewish youths who vacationed in Puerto Rico between February and April, 1970, were taught the art of love by me» (THH, 132). Sp. Arte del amor (coito).

art of pleasure. Copulation. Br. E. sl. Sp. Arte del placer (coito).

artichoke. An ugly old prostitute. US. underworld. Also, occ., ‘vagina’. See Jerusalem artichoke. Sp. Alcachofa (prostituta vieja y fea; tamb. menos frec., vagina).

article. A handsome girl, a wench. OED, 1811-1928. Defined by GROSE in Lexicon Balatronicum as «a devilish good piece, a hell of a goer». It survives in vice ring men’s jargon for ‘a potential whore’. Sp. Artículo (chica atractiva, buena moza; usado en la jerga de la mafia del sexo en el sentido de prostituta en potencia).

article, the. The female genitals. A 19th c substitute for the monosyllable (q.v.), which had come to be regarded as obscene. Sp. El artículo (genitales fem.) (usado en el siglo XIX en sustitución de monosyllable, que había llegado a adquirir carácter obsceno).

article of virtue. A virgin. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Artículo de virtud (una virgen).

artificial insemination. Introduction of semen into the uterus by other than the natural means. OED, 1923. Sp. Inseminación artificial.

artillery. A woman’s breasts. US. sl. Sp. Artillería (pechos de mujer).

as flat as a pancake. Flat-chested. See pancakes. Sp. Lisa como una tabla (de pechos pequeños).

as the actress said to the bishop. A catch-phrase implying a sexual innuendo in a preceding apparently innocent remark: «’Come again whenever you like’, as the actress said to the bishop» (Archivos Secretos, 10). Also as the bishop said to the actress. OED, 1935: «’I’ll try and come more often’, as the bishop said to the actress» (Archivos Secretos, 10). Sp. “Como le dijo la actriz al obispo” o” como le dijo el obispo a la actriz” (frase hecha usada para indicar un doble sentido en una expresión aparentemente inocente).

ask for the ring. To sodomise. See ring. Sp. Pedir el anillo (sodomizar).

Aspasia. A prostitute. After the famous Greek courtesan, the mistress of Pericles. [PARTRIDGE in his notes to his edition of GROSE (under wap)]. Sp. Aspasia (cortesana griega, amante de Pericles) (prostituta).

ass1. The anus; the posteriors. Var. of arse, q.v., used in the USA. Lex. as vulgar, OED, 1860-1967. The pronunciation /ass/, though gen. thought of as an Am. equivalent of the Br. arse, has also a long history in the British Isles, and Shaks. punned on it on different occasions (see catastrophe). These puns are still freq. nowadays, as you can see by the following popular limerick:

«There was a pert lass from Madrass

Who had a remarkable ass-

Not rounded and pink,

As you probably think,

It was gray, had long ears, and ate grass». Sp. Culo, ano (usado en juegos de palabras por Shaks.- v. catastrophe).

ass2. Sexual gratification, copulation. Also a woman or women, regarded as an object affording this; lex. as US. vulgar, OED, 1942. Sp. Culo (placer sexual; coito; la mujer como objeto sexual).

ass3. The female genitals. Dysph. lex. as vulgar OED, 1942; often used in the phrases a piece of ass/arse, ‘a woman considered sexually’, and to get/have some arse/ass, to copulate. Sp. ‘Culo’(genitales fem.; la mujer como objeto sexual).

ass-bandit/ass bandit. A male homosexual. US. and Can. sl. For synonyms, see angel1. Sp. Bandido del culo (gay).

ass-blow/arse-blow. Anilingus. Coarse sl. Sp. Sexo anal oral.

ass-cheeks. The buttocks. See quot. at sphincter. Sp. Cachetes del culo (cachas, nalgas).

assfuck/ass-fuck. Anal intercourse, and to do anal intercourse. US. coarse sl. Sp. (Realizar) sexo anal (dar por el culo).

ass-fucker. A practitioner of hetero- or homosexual anal intercourse. The term is often used in gay bashing. Sp. Folla-culos (homosexual o heterosexual que practica el sexo anal).

asshole. The anus. Var. of arsehole, q.v., used in the USA. Lex. as vulgar, OED, 1935: «”Your asshole’s is hotter than hell,” I grunted with admiration» (Hustler). Often abbrev. to A-hole. It is also currently used as a term of abuse, with the meaning ‘a fool’: ☺«A travelling salesman spending the night on a farm is told that he will have to sleep either with the baby or in the barn. Having visions of the baby wetting him in his sleep, etc., he chooses the barn. In the morning a beautiful young girl comes in to milk the cow. ‘Who are you?’ he asks, ‘They call me the baby, and you, who are you?’ ‘I’m the asshole who slept in the barn’» (Apuntes Secretos, 2). Sp. Ano (usado tamb. como insulto: gilipollas).

ass-leech. A gay male. Used in gay bashing. Sp. Sanguijuela de culos (gay) (usado pey).

ass-licker. A term of abuse for a flatterer. OED, 1939: «Besides, I wasn’t a good ass-licker» (TCp, 15). Sp. Lame-culos, pelota.

ass man/ass-man. A sexually active man. Also, a man who is particularly aroused by the female buttocks (cf. leg-man, tit-man, foot-man, etc., according to the spec. part of the female anatomy he shows a preference for). Both US. sl. Sp. Hombre de culos (hombre sexualmente activo o que prefiere esta parte de la anatomía fem.).

ass-peddler. A pimp. Also, a prostitute. US. sl. Sp. Vendedor,-a ambulante de culos (chulo de prostituta, proxeneta; tamb. prostituta).

ass-pirate. A gay male. Used in gay bashing. Sp. Pirata de culos (gay) (usado pey).

ass pro/ aspro. A recent coinage for a professional male homosexual prostitute. US. sl. Sp. Profesional del culo (prostituto homosexual).

ass-raider. A gay male. Used in gay bashing. Sp. Asalta-culos (gay) (usado pey).

ass raisin. The anus. US. sl.: «...(his penis) gently pushed into my clenched ass raisin» (Barely Legal). Sp. Uva del culo (ano).

ass-ram. To sodomize. US. sl.: «Bionca sacrifices her bunghole [...] Peter North (famous porn star) ass-rams her» (Hustler). Sp. Dar por el culo.

assail. To attack, to aim at the love, or the virtue-yielding of a woman; used by Shaks. (see quot. at defence), and quite freq. elsewhere in classic bawdy verse:

«With furious rage he did assail,

The town he entered pell-mell...» («The Citadel», 1786, M.M.C., in BURFORD, 286). Sp. Asaltar, atacar (intentar seducir a una mujer) (usado por Shaks.).

assailant. The penis:

«No art or means I left untried

This fierce assailant to repel,

A bastion flanked upon each side

The entrance to my Citadel» («The Citadel», 1786, M.M.C., in BURFORD, 286). Sp. Asaltante (pene).

assault1. Copulation. Lex. as obs., OED, 1599-1611. See quot. at covered way. Sp. Asalto (coito).

assault2. Rape, esp. in sexual assault, q.v. See quot. at attempted assault. Sp. Asalto (violación, esp. en sexual assault).

astride someone, be. To be copulating:

«When a lecherous curate at Leeds

Was discovered one day, in the weeds

Astride a young nun,

He said. ‘Christ this is fun

Far better than telling one’s beads’» (Limerick). Sp. A horcajadas (copulando).

at rest. Innuendo of the normally flaccid state of the penis. Since the 17th c. Sp. En reposo (pene en estado flácido).

Athanasian wench. “A forward girl, ready to oblige every man that shall ask her” (GROSE). Br. E. sl. 19th c.. “From Athanasian - of or pertaining to Athanasius (name of the famous archbishop of Alexandria in the reign of the emperor Constantine), esp. in Athanasian Creed, that beginning with the words ‘Quicumque vult’ (q.v.), which has been attributed to his authorship.” (OED). Sp. Moza atanasiana (que se acuesta con todo el que quiera; porque el Credo de Atanasio empieza con las palabras Quicumque vult’ –‘el que quiera’)

Athenaeum. The penis. An association of persons meeting for mutual improvement. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Rare. Sp. Ateneo (pene) (raro).

Athenian, an. A pederast. Homosexual sl. Sp. Ateniense (pederasta).

athwart your hawse, be. Copulating with you. From the nautical phrase athwart-hawse, said of a ship’s position across the stem of another ship at anchor. Sp. A horcajadas de tu cable rígido (copulando).

Atlas rocket. The penis. US. college sl. Sp. Cohete Atlas (pene).

attack, to. To coit with a woman. See quot. at warrior. Sp. Atacar (copular).

attack. Coition:

«For the attack he did prepare,

And swore he’d storm my Citadel» («The Citadel», 1786, M.M.C., in BURFORD, 286). Sp. Ataque (coito).

attempt, to. To seek amorously. Used by Shaks.: «This man of thine / Attempts her love...» (Timon, I, i, 129-130). Sp. Intentar (intentar seducir) (usado por Shaks.).

attempt. Sexual assault. Lex. as obs. for an assault on a woman’s honour (OED, 1603), and for temptation, seduction (OED, 1611-1667). Sp. Intento (de violación o seducción).

attempted assault. An attempt at rape. Used esp. in legal language: ☺«A girl rushes into a lawyer’s office. ‘I want him arrested! He threw me on the bed. He...oh, it was awful!’ Lawyer: ‘Now calm down. Let’s get the story straight. What did he do first?’ Girl: ‘He locked the door.’ Lawyer: ‘Aha, kidnapping! (He makes a note.) Ten years. Then what did he do?’ ‘He pulled up my dress.’ ‘Indecent exposure. Two more years. Then what? ‘He put his hand on my...my...’ ‘It’s all right. I understand. Attempted assault. Five years’ [...] Then he did it to me.’ ‘That does it! Rape! Twenty years – maybe we can get him the chair! And meanwhile you were screaming and struggling...’ Girl: ‘Well-l-l. Not exactly. You see, it was kind of late, and I didn’t want to disturb everybody, and...’ Lawyer (tearing up his notes in disgust). ‘Oh, for Christ’s sake, that’s just a plain ordinary fuck!’» (Archivos Secretos, 50). Sp. Intento de violación.

auger. The penis. See gimlet and awl. Sp. Barrena (pene).

au naturel. French for ‘in the natural state’. Used occ. as a euph. for ‘naked’. OED, 1860: «...I squirmed out of my bikini briefs so that my pussy would be ready and au naturel for the return of my friend» (CP, 90). Sp. Al natural (del fr.) (desnudo,-a).

Auld Hornie/auld hornie. The penis. The devil (used by Robert Burns, 18th c.). Sp. El viejo cornudo (el diablo) (pene).

aunt1. A prostitute, esp. an old one, or the madam of a brothel, OED, 1607-1678; used by Shaks. in the sense of prostitute: «The lark that tirra-lirra chants, / With hey! with hey! the thrust and the jay, / Are summer songs for me and my aunts, / While we lie tumbling in the hay» (The Winter’s Tale, IV ii, 9-12). Sp. Tía (prostituta vieja, o madama de un burdel) (usado por Shaks. en el sentido de prostituta).

aunt2. An aged sodomist. US. sl. See also sister. Also, a lesbian who occasionally protects a gay male. Ageing actress is a variant. Gay jargon. Sp. Tía (sodomita viejo o lesbiana que ocasionalmente protege a un homosexual) (jerga gay).

Aunt Flo. Menstruation. Sp. La tía Flo (la regla).

Aunt Jody. Menstruation, esp. in Aunt Jody´s come with her suitcase. US. sl. Sp. Tía Jody (ha venido con su maleta) (tengo la regla).

Aunt Maria. The female genitals. Sp. Tía María (personificación de los genitales fem.).

Aunt Mathilda. A middle-aged gay male. Gay jargon. Sp. Tía Matilde (gay maduro) (jerga gay).

Aunt Minnie is visiting. “I’m having my period.” Br. E. sl. Sp. “Tengo a mi tía Minnie de visita.” (tengo la regla).

auntie1. The madam of a brothel. Also aunt (see aunt1). See madam2. Sp. Tita (madama de un burdel).

auntie2. An aged sodomist. US. gay jargon. Also Old Auntie). See also sister. Sp. Tita (gay viejo) (jerga gay).

aureate rings. The areolas: «With an index finger exploring the texture of the aureate rings...» (EGT, 24). Sp. Anillos dorados (areolas).

Australian. Anilingus practitioner (rimming from Down Under). US. gay jargon. Sp. Australiano [persona que practica el anilingus – Australia es ‘down under’ (ahí abajo) en lenguaje coloquial] (jerga gay).

auto-erotic habits. Masturbation. Similar euphs. include: self-abuse and self-pollution, self-gratification, self-fulfilment, self-relief, self-help, self-manipulation, self-stimulation, self-indulgence, self-love, self-pleasuring, to make love to oneself, to fool with oneself, etc. Sp. Hábitos auto-eróticos (masturbación).

auto-eroticism/autoeroticism. Masturbation: «’Dr. Caravelas will be with you in a few moments. He is conducting a seminar in advanced autoeroticism that will conclude shortly’» (CP, 124). Sp. Auto-erotismo (masturbación).

auto-stimulation. Masturbation. Sp. Auto-estimulación (masturbación).

auxiliary. The male genitals. Gay jargon. Sp. Auxiliares (genitales masc.) (jerga gay).

avenue. The vagina: «...the avenue lay too fair, too open to be miss’d» (FH, 92). Sp. Avenida (vagina).

avocados. The female breasts. US. sl. See melons. Sp. Aguacates (pechos de mujer).

awl. The penis, as a piercing instrument, a very old euph. (see gimlet), quite freq. in classic bawdy verse:

«The envious cobbler heard our parley,

And through a hole he thrust his Awl,

Which pricked my girl right in the arsehole...» («The Ride in London», c1786, M.M.C., in BURFORD, 284). Sp. Punzón (pene).

axe. The penis: ☺«The mother is drying herself after a bath, with one foot on the edge of the tub. Little boy: ‘Mama, what’s that?’ ‘That’s where Daddy hit me with the axe.’ ‘Got you right in the cunt, didn’t he?’ » (Apuntes Secretos, 17). Sp. Hacha (pene).

axe mark. The vagina. Offensive. Austr. sl. See axe. Sp. Marca del hacha (vagina – considerado ofensivo por algunas personas) .

axe wound. The vagina. Offensive. Also, hairy axe wound. Br. E. sl. See axe. Sp. Herida de hacha (peluda) (vagina – considerado ofensivo por algunas personas).
B. and B. Abbrev. of breast and buttock (see cheesecake). Sp. Abrev. de breast and buttock, pecho y culo.

B. and D. Abbrev. of bondage and discipline, sado-masochistic practices, often used in sex ads. Also B/D. See bondage. Sp. Abrev. de bondage and discipline, esclavitud y disciplina (prácticas sado-masoquistas; usado a menudo en anuncios de sexo).

B. and T. Abbrev. of bum and tits (see cheesecake). Sp. Abrev. de bum and tits, culo y tetas.

babe. A girl or woman, esp. an attractive one. From baban, of uncertain origin, apparently an infantile utterance. Lex. as sl. (chiefly US.), 1915-1952: «Backdoor babes. Fuck my tight ass!» (Swank classifieds). Sp. Bebé, ‘baby’ (chica o mujer, esp. si es atractiva).

baby1. A girl or a woman. Dim. of babe, q.v. OED, 1839-1940. Also used as a term of address. Sp. Bebé, ‘baby’ (chica o mujer).

baby2. Pet name for the penis. Humorous: «Does baby want to go home?». Private. Sp. Bebé, ‘baby’ (apelativo cariñoso dado al pene) (de uso privado entre amantes; recogido en una encuesta realizada por Martha Cornog y publicada en Maledicta, en 1977).

baby3. A homosexual male. US. underworld. Sp. Bebé, ‘baby’ (gay).

baby doll. A pretty boy who is an older homosexual’s lover. US gay jargon. Sp. Muñequita (amante de un gay de mayor edad) (jerga gay).

baby factory. The female genitals. US. sl. Sp. Fábrica de bebés (genitales fem.).

baby food. Semen. Humorous: because it can swell a woman’s abdomen. US. sl. Sp. Comida de bebés (semen, porque puede llenar el abdomen de una mujer).

baby gherkin. A small penis: «’That’s not a pickle’, I scoffed in jest. ‘That’s a baby gherkin’» (CP, 72). Sp. Pepinillo (pene pequeño).

baby juice. Semen. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Jugo de bebés (semen).

baby-maker. The penis or the female genitals. Sp. Fabrica-bebés (genitales masc. o fem.).

baby paste. Semen. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Pasta de bebés (semen).

baby pillows. The breasts. Br. E. sl. Sp. Almohadas para el bebé (pechos de mujer).

baby pro. A young teenage prostitute. See pro. Sp. Prostituta ‘baby’ (prostituta adolescente).

baby-snatching. See cradle. Sp. Robo de bebés (v. cradle-snatcher).

baby swingers. Couples who are participating in sexual partners swapping for the first time. US sl. Sp. Personas que participan en un cambio de parejas por primera vez.

baby’s arm. The penis. US. sl.: «If she could move like that with my baby’s arm in her bowels, this promised to be the fuck of a lifetime» (Hustler). Sp. Brazo del bebé (pene).

baby’s public house. The breasts. Br. E. sl. Humorous. Sp. Taberna del bebé (pechos de mujer).

bacchanal. An orgy. Usu. in the pl., bacchanalia, from Latin bacchanalis, from Bacchus, god of wine. OED, 1536-1860. Sp. Bacanal (del latín bachanalis, de Baco, dios del vino) (orgía).
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