Dictionary of euphemisms and dysphemisms in english erotica with spanish equivalents

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bachelor’s wife. A prostitute. US. sl. Sp. Esposa de solteros (prostituta).

back. The buttocks. See backside. Sp. Espalda (metonimia por ‘culo’).

back-alley. The anus. See quot. at pound, to. Sp. Callejón trasero (ano).

backdoor/back door. The anus. Br. E. and US. sl.: «Sex by the ‘back door’ is most popular in Portugal [...] It is viewed as a normal method of birth control and a good way to preserve ‘virginity’ before marriage» (Mayfair). Also used as an adj. to indicate anal sex: «Backdoor blondes. Fuck my tight ass!» (Barely Legal classifieds). See another quot. at ramrod. Sp. Puerta trasera (ano).

backdoor gentleman. A male homosexual. See also gentleman of the backdoor and usher of the back door. Sp. Caballero de puerta trasera (homosexual).

backdoor man. A married woman’s lover (who has to leave by this exit when the husband arrives at the front door). Sp. Hombre de puerta trasera (amante de una casada – que tiene que utilizar esta salida cuando llega el marido por la puerta delantera).

backdoor trumpet. The anus. A var. of ars musica, q.v. Sp. Trompeta de puerta trasera (ano).

back-door work. Pederasty, sodomy. Sp. Trabajo de puerta trasera (pederastia; sodomía).

back-end. The buttocks: «...but when it comes to her bouncy back-end, she’s completely in a league of her own» (Mayfair). Sp. Extremo de la espalda (culo).

back eye/backeye. The anus. Sp. Ojo trasero (ano).

back garden. The anus. Sp. Jardín trasero (ano).

backhole. The anus. Sp. Agujero trasero (ano).

back in circulation. “Applied to a female jilted or divorced or widowed and therefore free from a male tie; col.; since ca. 1945.” (PARTRIDGE, 1974). Sp. De nuevo en circulación (mujer abandonada, divorciada o viuda, de nuevo disponible).

back passage. The anus. Orig. medical jargon which now has common vulgar use: «Anne groans as Kim’s finger penetrates her back passage» (POP, 90). Sp. Pasadizo trasero (ano, originariamente jerga médica, ahora de uso corriente).

backgammon player. A sodomite. A pun on ‘back’ and the name of the common game. Br. E. sl., 18th c. Also, backgammoner. Sp. Jugador de ‘backgammon’ (sodomita; juego de palabras entre el nombre del juego y back, trasero).

back-land. The buttocks. Since the 1600s. Sp. Terreno trasero (nalgas).

back parts. The buttocks: «All my back parts, naked half-way up, were now fully at his mercy» (FH, 179). Sp. Partes traseras (nalgas).

back porch, the. The buttocks or the anus. US gay jargon. Sp. El porche trasero (nalgas o ano) (jerga gay).

back port. The anus: «...maybe she’ll let me fuck her back port one time» (Cheri). Sp. Puerto trasero (ano).

back-scuttle/back-scull. To coit with a woman from the rear, presumably anally. Also to sodomize. Br. E. and US. sl.: «Finally I decided to make an end of it by turning her over and back-scuttling her» (TCp, 194). See also scuttle. Sp. Escotilla trasera (copular por detrás, vaginal o analmente; tamb. sodomizar).

backseat/ back seat. The buttocks: «’...no one has a back seat quite like Christina van Bell’» (CP, 33). Sp. Asiento trasero (nalgas).

backside. The buttocks. OED, c1500-1827. Also back; its opposite, front, is often used as a euph. for a woman’s breasts, or her genitals:

«I examined the Duchess of Lee,

To see just which side it would be.

I examined her front,

She’d a nice little cunt,

But I found it too narrow for me.

I turned over the Duchess of Lee,

And examined her backside with glee.

And oh my delight

When I found it just right

So I lay with the Duchess of Lee» (Fragment of a rugby song). Sp. Parte trasera (nalgas).

back stairs. The anus: «All comers by the usual door refuse, / And let the favoured few the back stairs use» (Leon to Anabella, Anonymous, published in 1886 with the name of Lord Byron, in LEWIS, 106). Sp. Escalera de atrás (ano).

back way. The anus. Sp. Camino trasero (ano).

backwards position. To coit from the rear:

«A tip for you jaded old souls:

Try changing the usual roles.

The backwards position

Is nice for coition

And offers the choice of two holes» (Limerick). Sp. Postura por detrás (coito por detrás - anal o vaginal).

backyard. The buttocks. US. homosexual sl. Sp. Patio trasero (nalgas).

bacon. The penis. Esp. in the phrase to slake the/one’s bacon (q.v.), ‘masturbate’. Sp. Tocino (pene, esp. en to slake the/one’s bacon, q.v.).

bacon sandwich. The female genitals. Sp. Sandwich de tocino (genitales fem.).

bad1. Immoral. OED, 1393-1849. A bad girl or a bad woman, q.v., are common euphs. for a prostitute. Curiously enough, a good girl (q.v.), in the sense of a sexually experienced prostitute, is also occ. heard. Sp. Malo,-a (inmoral).

bad2. Though not registered in the OED, bad is found in US. sl. used in comb. to refer to a woman’s anus or buttocks: bad place, bad moons, etc. Sp. Malo, viciosoo (referido al culo o ano fem.).

bad3. Used in sado-masochistic contexts: «Training academy. You’ve been very bad! Call now!» (Barely Legal classifieds). «I’m a bad bitch & I’ll discipline you» (Hustler classifieds). Sp. Malo,-a (usado en contextos sado-masoquistas).

bad girl. Prostitute. Often used in sexual ads for sado-masochistic practices: «Bad girls. Need it hard & fast» (Barely Legal classifieds). Also bad woman, q.v. Sp. Chica mala (prostituta) (usado a menudo en anuncios de sexo para prácticas sado-masoquistas).

bad moons. A woman’s buttocks. US. sl. Sp. Lunas viciosas (culo de una mujer) Ver. tamb. moon(s).

bad news. The menstrual period. Sp. Malas noticias (la regla).

bad place. A woman’s anus. US. sl. See quot. at spewy deluge. Sp. Lugar mao(vicioso (ano de una mujer).

bad week, one´s. The week of one´s period. Sp. La semana mala (la regla).

bad woman. Prostitute. Also bad girl. Bad woman was used by Shaks., referring to a prostitute who had become the madam of a brothel (see quot. at hot-house). Sp. Mujer mala (prostituta) (usado por Shaks. como prostituta que ha llegado a ser madama de un burdel).

badger. A low prostitute. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Prostituta vulgar (v. badger-crib).

badger-crib. A brothel, where clients were often victims of the badger-game (OED, 1909-1963), being robbed by the prostitute’s pimp. See also panel-den. Sp. Burdel donde los clientes eran víctimas de robo por parte del chulo de la prostituta.

bag1. An old prostitute. US. sl. Perhaps from baggage, q.v., which is an old euph. for ‘a prostitute’, or from old bag, slang (orig. US.) for an unattractive, elderly woman. Sp. Saco (prostituta vieja) (quizás de baggage, antiguo euf. para ‘prostituta’, o de old bag, argot US. para ‘mujer vieja y poco atractiva’).

bag2. The female genitals. An old euph., as it is to be found, for example, in A Merry Discourse Between a Country Lass and a Young Taylor, c1672 (in BURFORD, 150):

«You Taylors that attempt

Fringed Baggs to measure:

Be sure your Yards be sealed

And of full Standard Measure». Sp. Saco (genitales fem.).

bag3. The scrotum (see tool bag). Sp. Saco (escroto).

bag4. A condom (see joy-bag). Sp. Saco (condón).

bag5. A contraceptive diaphragm. US. sl. Sp. Saco (diafragma).

bag and baggage. Penis and testes. Used by Shaks.: «...No barricado for a belly. Know’t, / It will let in and out the enemy / With bag and baggage...» (The Winter’s Tale, I, ii, 203-206). Sp. Petate (pene y testículos) (usado alusivamente por Shaks.).

bag boy. The penis. Sp. Muchacho del saco (pene).

bag job. Copulation. Sp. Trabajo de saco (coito).

bag of tricks. Penis and testes. US. sl. Sp. Todo el tinglado (pene y testículos).

bag whore. A woman who prostitutes herself in exchange for the drug she needs: «Coke sluts, toot groupies, or tweak freaks by any other name would smell as cheap. The generic term is bag whores - women willing to fuck anyone that can come up with a bag of their drug of choice».(Hustler). Sp. Prostituta de bolsa (mujer que se prostituye a cambio de una bolsa con la droga que necesita).

baggage. A woman of immoral life, a prostitute. OED, 1596-1851. Used by Shaks.: «Y’ are a baggage; the Slys are no rogues» (The Taming, Induction, I, 3). Sp. Equipaje (mujer de vida inmoral; prostituta) (usado alusivamente por Shaks.).

bagged. Pregnant. From to bag, to swell out as a bag. Lex. as obs., OED, a1400-1616. Sp. Hinchada como un saco (embarazada).

baggie. A condom. See joy-bag. Sp. Bolsita (condón).

bagnio. A brothel. From the It. bagno, ‘bath’, ‘bathing house’. OED, 1624-1862. Sp. Casa de baños (del italiano) (burdel).

bagpipe, to. To practise fellatio. Br. E. sl., 18th c. Also ‘to copulate in the armpit’. From the way a bagpipe is held, under the armpit. Homosexual jargon. Sp. Tocar la gaita (hacer una felación o copular en el sobaco) (por el modo como se sostiene la gaita).

bagpipes. The male genitals: ☺«A father is bending over arranging presents under the Christmas tree in his nightshirt. Little boy’s voice: ‘Hey, Pop, who gets the bagpipes?’ » (Rationale I, 56). Sp. Gaita (genitales masc.).

bags1. The breasts. Since the 16th c. Lex. for udders or dugs, OED, 1579-1856. Sp. Bolsas (pechos de mujer).

bags2. The testicles. Sp. Bolsas (testículos).

bait the hook. To perform anal intercourse. US. gay jargon. Sp. Echar el anzuelo (realizar coito anal) (jerga gay).

bake potatoes. To perform anal intercourse. US. gay jargon. Sp. Cocer patatas (realizar coito anal) (jerga gay).

baker-kneed. Effeminate. 17th-18th c. From the meaning knock-kneed, because “in folk myth knock-knees are one of the ‘proofs’ of effeminacy.” (J. GREEN, 1998). Sp. Con rodillas de panadero (afeminado).

baking pot. The female genitals. Sp. Olla (genitales fem.).

balcony. A protruding bosom. Austr. sl. Sp. Balcón (pecho muy pronunciado) .

bald-beaver. A shaved beaver: «Cream on bald beavers» (Barely Legal classifieds). Sp. Castor calvo (coño afeitado).

bald-headed candidate. The penis. Humorous: from the ‘baldness’ of the glans. US. sl. Sp. Candidato calvo (pene).

bald-headed hermit. The penis. Humorous: from the ‘baldness of the glans. Sp. Ermitaño calvo (pene).

bald-headed mouse. The penis. Humorous: from the ‘baldness’ of the glans. Sp. Ratón calvo (pene).

bald pussy. A shaved pussy: «Rub your face all over my smooth, bald pussy» (Hustler classifieds). Sp. Gatito calvo (coño afeitado).

baldrick. The female pudenda. Used by Shaks. in the expression to hang one’s bugle in an invisible baldrick, ‘to copulate’, punning on the hunting horn (bugle = penis), and the belt or girdle –usu. made of leather– worn hanging from one shoulder across the breast and under the opposite arm, and used to support the bugle (baldrick = vagina): «Ben. That a woman conceived me, I thank her; that she brought me up, I likewise give her most humble thanks: but that I will have a recheat7 winded in my forehead, or hang my bugle in an invisible baldrick, all women shall pardon me» (Much Ado, I, i, 223-227). Sp. Tahalí (genitales fem.) [usado por Shaks. en la frase to hang one’s bugle in an invisible baldrick, copular, juego de palabras entre bugle, cuerno de caza (pene) y baldrick (tahalí = soporte para el pene, vagina].

ball. Copulation, to copulate. From ball, ‘testicle’ (see balls). Lexicalized as vulgar and coarse sl., OED, 1955: «She’s balling with some character from Brooklyn...» (FU, 8). Sp. Pelota (coito; copular).

ball bag(s). The scrotum and, in the pl., the testicles. US. sl.: «In turn, you gently touch my ball-bag, also rubbing the balls slowly...» (Razzle). Sp. Bolsa(s) de las pelotas (escroto; testículos).

ball-breaker. A dominant woman, one who destroys a man’s self-confidence. Also, ball-buster, US. sl. Sp. Rompe-pelotas (mujer dominante, que destruye la auto-estima del hombre).

ball off. To masturbate (said of a male). Br. E. sl. Sp. Masturbarse el hombre.

ball punch. Semen. US. sl. Sp. Ponche de las pelotas (semen).

ball sack/ballsack. The scrotum. See quot. at beast1. Sp. Saco de las pelotas (escroto).

ball sap. Semen. US. sl. Sp. Savia de las pelotas (semen).

ballicks. The testicles. Var. of ballocks, q.v.. Sp. Bolitas (testículos; var. de ballocks, q.v.).

ballock-cod. The scrotum. Lex. as obs., OED, c1450. Sp. Escroto.

ballock-naked. Stark naked. See bollock-naked. Sp. En bolas (completamente desnudo).

ballocks. The testicles. From O.E. beallucas, diminutive of beallu (unattested). Lex. as «not in polite use». OED, c1000-1966. Vars.: ballicks, balloks, baloks, balluks, ballux, bolaxe, bollix, bollocks, bollox, etc. Fanciful formations are not infrequent:

«There once was a man of Cape Nod

Who attempted to bugger a cod,

When up came some scallops

And nibbled his bollops,

And now he’s a eunuch, by God» (Limerick). Sp. Bolas, pelotas (testículos).

ballock-stones. The testicles. Lex. as obs., OED, c1460. Sp. Testículos.

balloon. A condom. From the shape. US. sl. Sp. Globo (condón).

balloon knot. The anus. Gay jargon. Sp. Nudo del globo (ano) (jerga gay).

balloons. The breasts. From the shape. US. sl. Sp. Globos (pechos de mujer).

balls. The testicles. From M.E. bal, prob. O.E. beallu (unattested). In the later M.E. spelling balle, the word coincided graphically with French balle, which has hence been erroneously assumed to be its source. Lex. as vulg., OED, a1325-1928:

«There was a young man of Devizes

Whose balls were of two different sizes,

One was so small

It was no use at all

While the other took several prizes» (Limerick). Sp. Pelotas (testículos).

balls and bat/bat and balls. The male genitals. Baseball imagery. US. sl. Sp. Pelotas y bate (genitales masc.).

ballucks. The testicles. See ballocks. Sp. Bolas, pelotas (testículos, var. de ballocks).

ballum-rankum. A lewd gathering where prostitutes dance in the nude; an orgy. A nonce formation from ‘ball’ (dance) and ‘rankum’ (obs. for a noisy chorus). Br. E. sl., 17th-19th c. Also spelt balum-rancum: «’...what would your admirers at the Theatre Royal think if they knew of your enjoyment of balum rancum all over the countryside?’» (EIC, 249). See also buff-ball and buttock-jig. Sp. Juerga (formación caprichosa a partir de ball y rankum, ‘coro ruidoso’) (baile de prostitutas desnudas; orgía).

ballux. The testicles. See ballocks. Sp. Bolas, pelotas (testículos, var. de ballocks).

baloks. The testicles. See ballocks. Sp. Bolas, pelotas (testículos var. de ballocks).

baloney. The penis. From the It. bologna, ‘sausage’. US. sl. Sp. Salchicha de Bolonia (del italiano bologna) (pene).

bambi effect. A young gay male’s turning to heterosexuality. Gay jargon. Sp. Efecto bambi (conversión de un joven gay a la heterosexualidad) (jerga gay).

banana1. The penis:

«There was a young man of Savannah,

Met his end in a curious manner.

He diddled a hole

In a telegraph pole

And electrified his banana» (Limerick). Sp. Banana (pene).

banana2. A sexually attractive mulatto or light-skinned Negro woman. US. Black sl. Sp. Banana (mulata sexualmente atractiva).

banana3. Copulation. Perhaps from the sl. meaning, ‘a penis’. Sp. Banana (coito).

bananas. Homosexual. Because he is ‘bent’ like a banana. US. gay jargon. Sp. Bananas (gay; porque está ‘torcido’ como una banana) (jerga gay).

bananas and cream. Coition. Br. E. sl., esp. in the phrase do you like bananas and cream? Sp. Bananas con nata (coito).

band. A prostitute. From the sense ‘clasp’ or ‘gird’. Mostly Br. E. sl. Also Austr. sl. for ‘brothel’. Band-house and band-box are Br. E. sl. for ‘brothel’. Band-in-the-box is US. rhyming sl. for pox, from band-box, early 1900s Br. E. sl. for ‘brothel’, or perhaps influenced by band, and box, Br. E. and US. sl. for ‘prostitute’ and ‘vagina’, resp. Sp. Cinta (prostituta o burdel).

band-box. A brothel. Br. E. sl. Also band-house. Sp. Caja de cintas (burdel).

band-house. A brothel. Br. E. sl. Also band-box. Sp. Casa de cintas (burdel).

band-in-the-box. US. rhyming sl. for pox. Sp. Sífilis (argot rimado am.: box rima con pox).

bandage. A sanitary towel, q.v. Sp. Vendaje (compresa).

bandit. A sadistic male homosexual. US. prison sl. Ass-bandit, q.v., is US. sl. for homosexual. Sp. Bandido (gay sádico) (argot carcelario).

bang. To copulate; copulation (also in homosexual contexts). Very common in to give her a bang, to have a bang and to bang away. Also found in a number of coarse sl. expressions, most of them of Austr. origin, for ‘vigorous copulation’: bang like a hammer (on a nail), bang like a rattlesnake, bang like a dunny/shithouse door in a gale, etc. From Scandinavian banga, ‘to strike’. Lex. as sl., OED, 1937:

«A lady came in for a ticket,

I asked, ‘Where would you like to go?’

‘Bangor’, she said,

Bang’er I did,

I’ll never work there any more» (Fragment of rugby song). Sp. Golpear; golpe (copular; coito; usado tamb. en contextos homosexuales).

bang away. To copulate vigorously and for a long time: «We banged away until the early morn» (Pent). Sp. Golpear/copular con ahínco, sin parar.

bang one out. (Of a male) to masturbate. Br. E. sl. Sp. Hacerse una (masturbarse el hombre).

bang the bishop. To masturbate. Said of males. Also bash the bishop, beat the bishop, and flog the bishop. Sp. Golpear/aporrear al obispo (masturbarse el hombre).

bang the hood. (Of a woman) to masturbate. See hood2. Sp. Golpearse el capuchón (masturbarse la mujer).

bang up. To make pregnant. US. sl. Sp. Dejar preñada.

banger1. The penis. From to bang, q.v., or the US. sl. banger, ‘sausage’. Sp. Salchicha o golpeador (pene).

banger2. A prostitute. From to bang, q.v. Also bangster, q.v. Sp. Folladora (prostituta).

bangers. The testicles. From to bang, q.v. Sp. Golpeadores, aldabones (testículos).

bangster. A sexually loose woman; a prostitute. Also a banger. From to bang, q.v. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Folladora (mujer fresca o prostituta).

bangtail. A prostitute. US. Black sl. Sp. Folla-rabos (prostituta).

bank. The female genitals. Where man can deposit his semen. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Banco (genitales fem., donde el hombre puede depositar su semen).

bank accounts. The breasts. Sp. Cuentas bancarias (pechos de mujer).

Bankside lady. A prostitute. Br. E. sl., 17th c., as Bankside in Southwark was then one of the main whoring centres in London. Sp. Dama de Bankside (en el distrito de Southwark, Londres, famoso centro de prostitutas en el siglo XVII).

bar. An erection. See bar-on. Sp. Barra (erección).

bar-girl. A woman employed to encourage customers to buy drinks at a bar. See B-girl. Sp. Chica de alterne.

bar-on/bar on. An erection. Modelled on hard-on, q.v. Sp. Erección (formado por analogía con hard-on).

barbecue. An attractive woman, one who is ‘good enough to eat’. US. sl. Sp. Barbacoa (mujer atractiva, que está para comérsela).

barber’s chair. A common prostitute. “She’s as common as a barber’s chair, in which a whole parish sit to be trimmed; said of a prostitute” (GROSE). Sp. Sillón del barbero (prostituta vulgar; porque en el sillón del barbero todo el mundo se arregla).

barber’s sign. Penis and testicles. Br. E. sl., 18th-19th c. There might be a connection with a barber’s chair, a common prostitute (used by all customers), Br. E. sl., 17th-19th c., or with the barber’s shop, a traditional place where condoms could be bought in Britain. Sp. Letrero de barbería (pene y testículos) (relacionado tal vez con barber’s chair, q.v., o con barber’s shop, ‘barbería’, lugar donde tradicionalmente podían adquirirse condones en Gran Bretaña).
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