Dictionary of euphemisms and dysphemisms in english erotica with spanish equivalents

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Barclays bank. Masturbation. Rhyming sl. = wank. To Barclay is also found for ‘masturbate’:

«In Market Street, Manchester, one summer night,

There was only one cab on the rank,

The driver was reading the ‘News of the World’,

And quietly enjoying a wank [...]

When a waitress named Lena, with tits like Sabrina

Came over and gently enquired

‘How much will you charge me to Oldham?’8

The cab driver nearly dropped dead.

He got such a shock, he let go of his cock

And Barclayed his gear knob instead» (Fragment of rugby song). Sp. Banco Barclays (paja; argot rimado: bank rima con wank).

bardash/bardass/bardasso/bardassa/bardachio. A catamite. From F. bardache, perhaps from Arabic bardaj, slave. OED, 1548-1721. Sp. Joven homosexual mantenido (del fr. bardache, quizás del árabe bardaj, esclavo).

bare. Unclothed, naked, nude. From O.E. baer, OED, a1000-1853:

«Mary had a little lamb, she also had a bear,

I’ve often seen our Mary’s lamb,

But I’ve never seen her bare» (Rugby song, a parody of a well-known nursery rhyme). Sp. Desnudo,-a.

bare all. To take off all your clothes: «Edith’s like all good lookers who dare to bare all. She’s alert...» (Razzle). Sp. Desnudarse completamente.

bare-assed. Naked. See altogether, in the. Sp. Con el culo al aire (desnudo,-a).

bareback, do it/ride/go. To copulate without a condom: «’Can I do it to you bareback for a while? Then I’ll put the condom on when I’m ready to spunk’. Because of the drink I found myself agreeing, which I know was stupid» (Mayfair). «Roman asked me if he should fetch a condom, but I told him to go bareback this time» (Fiesta). Sp. Hacerlo a pelo (copular sin condón).

bareback riding. Coition without a contraceptive. Sp. Monta a pelo (coito sin preservativo).

barely legal. A girl who is just 18. Punning on bare, naked, and ‘only just’, ‘scarcely legal’, eighteen being the average legal age of consent in the USA: «I’m barely legal. I just turned 18, and my boyfriend, Brendon, couldn’t be happier. We were both waiting and waiting for that moment, because he’s so much older than me» (Barely Legal). Often used in sex ads applied to prostitutes supposedly just eighteen: «I’m barely legal! Let my tiny twat make you explode. You won’t be able to hold back!» (Barely Legal classifieds)». Sp. Apenas legal/legal por poco (chica que acaba de cumplir los 18 años, edad legal de consentimiento en USA; usado frec. en anuncios de sexo, aplicado a prostitutas que supuestamente acaban de complir dicha edad).

barge. A large vagina. US. sl. Sp. Barcaza (vagina de gran tamaño).

barge pole/barge-pole. A large penis. US. sl.: «...while she fondles the Indonesian’s barge-pole...» (Men Only). Sp. Remo de barcaza (pene de gran tamaño).

barley-break. A popular game played by couples. Once a standard euph. for illicit copulation: «Yes, and the while I coupled with your mate/At barley-break; now we are left in hell» (C, V, iii, 163-64). Sp. Antiguo juego popular jugado por parejas (coito ilícito).

barnacle. A prostitute. Probably from the adhering qualities of these sea animals. US. underworld. Sp. Lapa (prostituta).

barrack-hack. A prostitute who follows an army on campaign. Br. E. sl., 18th c. Also camp follower. Sp. Puta de cuartel.

barrel of the gun. The body of the penis, the shaft, q.v.: «...both stroking the barrel of the gun and caressing the shot-container beneath...» (EAP, 15). Sp. Cañón de la pistola (cuerpo del pene).

barrel-house. A low-class drinking saloon, often incorporating a lodging house or brothel. Orig. US. OED, 1883-1950. Sp. Casa de barril (taberna, con casa de camas o burdel anexos).

base. The buttocks. Austr. sl. Sp. Base (nalgas) .

baser needs. Copulation. Presenting it as the necessary gratification of man’s lower instincts. Sp. Necesidades bajas (coito).

bash. Sexual intercourse, and to bash, to copulate. Hitting imagery. Sp. Golpear/golpe (copular/coito).

bash the bish. (Of a male) to masturbate. Short for to bash the bishop, q.v. Sp. Golpear/aporrear al obispo (forma reducida de to bash the bishop, masturbarse el hombre).

bash the bishop. To masturbate. Of a male; also bang the bishop, beat the bishop, and flog the bishop. See bishop1. Sp. Golpear/aporrear al obispo (masturbarse el hombre).

bash the dummy. To masturbate. Sp. Golpear/aporrear al monigote (masturbarse el hombre).

basher. A fornicator, a lecher. Hitting imagery. Br. E. sl. Sp. Golpeador (fornicador, libertino).

basket1. The female genitals. US. sl. Sp. Cesto (genitales fem.).

basket2. The male genitals, esp. when prominently displayed through tight trousers. Mainly homosexual use. Sp. Cesto (bulto de los genitales masc. en pantalones ajustados, ‘paquete’)

basket3. A euphemistic alteration of bastard. OED, 1936, but it must be older as basket-making, q.v. was used in the 18th c. Sp. Alteración eufemística de bastard, bastardo.

basket for days. Large male genitals. US. gay jargon. Sp. Cesto/paquete para rato (genitales masc. de gran tamaño) (jerga gay).

basket making. Copulation. 18th c. From the euphemistic alteration of bastard. Br. E. sl. GROSE (1785) defines it as «the good old trade of basket-making; copulation, or making feet for children’s stockings». Sp. Fabricación de bastardos (coito).

bastard. An illegitimate child:

«Early in the morning

when the sailor’d had his grind

He gave to her a ten bob note

to pacify his mind

Saying: “If you have a daughter

bounce her on your knee,

If you have a son

send the bastard out to sea» (Fragment of rugby song). From O.F. bast, «pack saddle used as a bed by muleteers in the inns» (in fils de bast, ‘pack saddle child’, as opposed to a child on the marriage-bed) + the pejorative suffix -ard. OED, 1297-1868. Now very often used as a vulgar term of abuse: a fucking/bloody bastard. OED, 1830-1968. See quot. at vital organs/part(s). Whoreson (q.v.), which has practically fallen into disuse, was long used as a term of abuse. Other terms of abuse, currently used these days, all of them coarse sl., include: asshole, creep, ass-licker (a flatterer), son-of-a-bitch/sonofabitch, motherfucker, etc. Sp. Bastardo (usado tamb. como insulto: hijo de puta).

baste one’s turkey. (Of a woman) to masturbate. Sp. Rociar el pavo en su jugo (masturbarse la mujer).

baste the tuna. (Of a woman) to masturbate. Sp. Rociar el atún en su jugo (masturbarse la mujer).

bat1. One of the many names of creatures of the night that prostitutes have been given. See nightbird. Also some homosexual use. Sp. Murciélago (prostituta o, menos frec., prostituto para gays).

bat2. The penis, esp. the erect penis. From a baseball bat. Bat and balls is Austr sl. for ‘penis and testes’.Sp. Bate (pene, esp. en erección).

bat for both sides. To be bisexual. US. sl. Sp. Batear por ambos bandos (ser bisexual).

bat for the other team/for the opposition. To be gay. US. sl. Sp. Batear para el otro equipo/para la oposición (ser gay).

bat house. A brothel. Austr. sl. See bat1. Sp. Casa de putas (v. bat1).

bate-up/bate up. Copulation. Origin obscure. Perhaps from the meaning ‘a fight’. Br. E. sl. Sp. Coito (origen oscuro; quizás del significado ‘refriega’).

bathe the kitty. (Of a woman) to masturbate. Sp. Bañar al gatito (masturbarse la mujer).

Bath. Freq. used in the 18th c. to refer to the mercury baths in Leather Lane through which syphilis was supposed to be cured:

«When decrepit old sinners to the Bath did resort

For venereal distempers as well as the Sport» (‘The Long Vocation’, Pills, in BURFORD, 225). Sp. Baño (usado frec. en el siglo XVIII referido a los baños de mercurio en Leather Lane, que supuestamente curaban la sífilis).

baths. Public bathing facilities often used as a meeting place by homosexuals in the USA. Sp. Baños (lugar de encuentro de gays en USA).

baton. The penis: «She never fumbled or touched the wrong place, but went straight to the place below the belt where soft rolling prominences lay, and sometimes, unexpectedly, an insolent baton» (DOV, 160). Sp. Bastón (pene).

batter, to. To coit with a woman. Hitting imagery. See quot. at pasture. Sp. Golpear (copular, dicho del hombre).

batter1. The penis. Hitting imagery. Sp. Bate (pene).

batter2. A prostitute. Austr. sl. Sp. Bateadora/copuladora (prostituta) .

batter down. (Of a man) to achieve a forced or violent sexual ingression. A play on «to strike with repeated blows of an instrument» and «to break open or down with a battering ram»: «Luce. Why, cannot this strange passion be withstood? Send for a constable, and raise the town. Hum. Oh no! my valiant love will batter down millions of constables...» (KBP, I, ii, 69-72). Sp. Derribar (violar).

battering piece. The penis. Br. E. sl., 18th-19th c. Sp. Pieza de artillería (pene).

battering ram. The penis. Br. E. sl., 18th c. ; still occ. heard:

«Come squeeze me, Tam; come squeeze me Tam

Come squeeze me o’er the navel;

Come loose and pull your battering ram

And thrash him at my gable! ».(‘Nine Inch will Please a Lady’, 1786, M.M.C., attributed to R. Burns, in BURFORD, 300). Sp. Ariete (pene).

Battersea Park. Withdrawing of the penis just before ejaculation takes place. From the name of the railway station before Victoria Station in London: «’I’ll take it out before it happens’. ‘That’s what the English girls call Battersea Park’.’Why Battersea Park?’ ‘That’s the railroad station before Victoria. It’s nearly the end of the journey’» (HL, 160). Sp. Nombre de la estación de ferrocarril anterior a la de Victoria en Londres (expresión de aviso que debe usar el hombre para indicar que está próximo a eyacular y retirarse a tiempo).

batt’ry/battery. Copulation. From the meaning ‘bombardment’. Br. E. sl., 16th-17th c. Sp. Bombardeo (coito).

battery. The penis. From the meaning ‘piece of artillery’:

«Just in front, upon a plain,

His battery opened to my view;

Being fully bent the tower to gain,

Still nearer to the gate he drew» («The Citadel», 1786, M.M.C., in BURFORD, 286). Sp. Batería, pieza de artillería (pene).

battle. Copulation (see quot. at standard). Sp. Batalla (coito).

battle field. The female genitals. See field. Sp. Campo de batalla (genitales fem.).

battler. A prostitute. Austr. sl. Sp. Guerrera (prostituta) .

battle-ship. The penis:

«‘You’re a liar’, says the second old whore,

‘Mine’s as big as the sea,

The battle-ships sail in and out

And never a bother to me’» (Fragment of rugby song). Sp. Acorazado (pene).

bauble/bawble1. The penis. A toy, a plaything, from O.F. baubel. Used by Shaks. (see quot. at service). Still occ. found: ☺«An 11-year-old boy is accused of rape. His mother takes out his penis to show the judge the absurdity of the charge. ‘Why, this tiny organ, your Honor, this little bauble! How could my boy even be suspected of raping this woman with his underdeveloped little...’ Boy: ‘Hey Ma, better quit stroking that or we’re gonna lose this case sure’» (Rationale I, 97). Sp. Juguete (pene) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. y encontrado aun en ocasiones).

bauble/bawble2. The female genitals:

«But why should I my Mistriss Call

A Shittle-cock or Bauble,

A Ship-of-War or Tennis-ball

Which things be variable?

But to commend, I’ll say no more,

My Mistriss is an arrant9 Whore» («My Mistriss is a Shittle-cock», Merry Drollery Compleat, 1691, in BURFORD, 68). Sp. Juguete (genitales fem.).

baubles/bawbles/bawbels. The testicles. Br. E. sl., 18th-19th c. Sp. Juguetes (testículos).

bawd. One who provides women for the gratification of lust, a procurer or procuress. From Old French baud, ‘merry’. Often used by Shaks.: «O traders and bawds, how earnestly are you set a-work, and how ill requitted! » (T & C, V, x, 37-38). Since c1700, applied only to women (“a procuress, or woman keeping a place of prostitution”). OED, 1362-1842:

«Anon, I heard one knocking at the Door

Who entering, cry’d ‘Give me a ready Whore;

Let her be clean and sound, and bring her strait,

You know me Bawd-I am not used to wait’» (Last Night’s Ramble, 1687, in BURFORD, 175). Sp. Alcahueta; proxeneta (usado frec. por Shaks.; desde c1700, aplicado sólo a mujeres: alcahueta o madama de un burdel).

bawdy. Lewd, obscene, usu. applied to language. From bawd (q.v.) + -y. OED, 1513-c1765:

«Bawdy can be sane and wholesome,

In fact a little bawdy is necessary in every life

To keep it sane and wholesome» (Bawdy Can Be Sane, by D. H. Lawrence, 1885-1930, in DÍAZ, 162). Sp. Obsceno (aplicado gen. al lenguaje).

bawdy banquet. Coition. Br. E. underworld, 16th c. Also whoremongering. Sp. Banquete obsceno (coito o puterío).

bawdy basket. A hawker of indecent literature. OED, 1567-1785. Sp. Cesto de obscenidades (vendedor de pornografía).

bawdy house. A house of prostitution. OED, 1552-1882. Used by Shaks.: «We cannot lodge and board a dozen or fourteen gentlewomen that live honestly by the prick10 of their needles, but it will be thought we keep a bawdy-house straight» (Henry V, II, i, 31-35). Sp. Casa obscena (burdel) (usado por Shaks.).

bawdy ken. A brothel. Br. E. underworld, 19th c. Sp. Casa obscena (burdel).

bawdy monosyllable. The female genitals. See monosyllable. Sp. Monosílabo obsceno (genitales fem.; v. monosyllable).

bayonet. The penis. Perhaps from Bayonne, the French city, where the weapon is supposed to have been first made. Br. E. and US. sl. Not common, except in the dysphemistic expression beef bayonet. A fixed bayonet was 19th c. Br. E. sl. for the erect penis. Sp. Bayoneta (pene; quizás de la ciudad francesa de Bayona, donde supuestamente se fabricó este arma por primera vez) (raro, excepto en beef bayonet, q.v.).

bayonet wound. The female genitals. US. sl. Sp. Herida de bayoneta (genitales fem.).

bazaar. The female genitals. From the meaning ‘marketplace’. Sp. Bazar (genitales fem.).

bazoncas. The breasts. See bazooms. Sp. Tetas (v. bazooms).

bazongas. The breasts. See bazooms. Sp. Tetas (v. bazooms).

bazonkers. The breasts. See bazooms. Sp. Tetas (v. bazooms).

bazoo. The female genitals. Probably a nonce word. US. sl. Sp. Genitales fem. (prob. palabra inventada)

bazooca. The penis. US. sl. See quot. at poop chute. Sp. Bazuca (pene).

bazoocas. The breasts. US. sl. See quot. at bazooms. Sp. Bazucas (tetas).

bazoomas. The breasts. See bazooms. Sp. Tetas (v. bazooms).

bazooms. The breasts. A jocular alteration of bosom, q.v. Lex. as sl. (orig. US.), OED, 1955. Some variants, like bazoncas, bazongas, bazoongas, gazongas, gazungas, bazoongies, bazonkers and bazoomas are sometimes heard: «...I do know a thing or two about tits [...] Bristols, bazookas, bazonkas, gobstoppers, three-penny bits...call’em what you like [...] consequently it takes a very special pair of wibbly-wobblers to make me sit up and take notice» (Pent). Sp. Tetas (alteración jocosa de bosom).

bazoongas. The breasts. See bazooms. Sp. Tetas (v. bazooms).

bazoongies. The breasts. See bazooms. Sp. Tetas (v. bazooms).

B/D. Abbrev. of bondage and discipline, sado-masochistic practices, often used in sex ads. Also B and D. See bondage. Sp. Abrev. de bondage and discipline, esclavitud y disciplina’, usada a menudo en anuncios de sexo (prácticas sado-masoquistas).

be almost there, to. To be near orgasm: «’Put it back in, I’m nearly there too’» (Fiesta). Sp. Llegar casi (estar a punto de correrse).

be at it. To be copulating: «Lo and behold, they were still at it, and they were going strong» (TCp, 232). «’When I was in my prime we would have been at it hammer and tongs all night!’» (TSM, 94). Sp. Estar en la faena (estar copulando).

be at number one London. “To have the menstrual discharge” (F & H). Etymology unknown. Sp. Estar en el número uno de Londres (tener la regla) (etimología desconocida).

be fruitful and multiply. A euph. used in The Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible, 1611 (Genesis, 1, 28) for ‘be prolific and engender children’: «And God blessed them, and God said unto them: Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth». Sp. Creced y multiplicaos (euf. bíblico).

be hard, to. To have an erection. See play ball with. Sp. Tenerla dura (tener una erección).

be in the saddle. To be copulating. Usu. of the male. See saddle. Sp. Estar en la silla de montar (estar copulando; dicho gen. del hombre).

be in the works. To be copulating. See works. Sp. Estar en el trabajo/en el taller (estar copulando).

be in/into. (Of a man) to be copulating with a woman:

«There was a young fellow named Skinner,

Who took a young lady to dinner;

At half-past nine

They sat down to dine.

And by a quarter to ten it was in her.

What, dinner?

No, Skinner» (Limerick11). Sp. Estar dentro (estar copulando con una mujer).

be on the job. To be copulating (see on the job). See also job and do a woman’s job for her. Sp. Estar trabajando (estar copulando).

be soft, to. To have a flaccid penis. See quot. at play ball with. Sp. Tenerla blanda (tener el pene flácido).

be stuffed. To be coited or sodomised: «Hot sluts ready to be stuffed» (Mayfair classifieds). See also stuff, to. Sp. Ser rellenada (ser penetrada vaginalmente o analmente).

be there, to. To have an orgasm: «’That’s it, I’m there! I’m there!’ I cried out deliriously» (TSM, 278). Sp. Estar ahí, haber llegado (orgasmar).

be up to one’s balls. (Of a man) to be copulating (with deep insertion of the penis). Sp. Estar dentro hasta las bolas.

be with child. To be pregnant. See with child, to be. Sp. Ir a tener un niño.

beach bash. Bikers’ sl. for a sex party on the oceanfront. Sp. Jerga de los moteros por ‘orgía en la playa’.

beach blanket bingo. Sexual activity on the beach. US. sl. Sp. Bingo de manta en la playa (sexo en la playa).

beagle. A prostitute. From ‘beagle’, the smallest English hound, used for hare hunting. Used by Shaks.: «Get thee away, and take / Thy beagles with thee» (Timon, IV, iii, 172-173). Sp. Sabueso (prostituta) (usado por Shaks.).

beak. The penis. Rare, except perhaps in the phrase to strop one’s beak, ‘to coit with a woman’ or, more rarely, ‘to masturbate’. Br. E. sl. Sp. Pico (pene; raro, excepto en to strop one’s beak, q.v.).

beam. The (width) of the buttocks, esp. in the colloq. phrase broad in the beam, having wide buttocks. OED, 1929. Sp. Anchura del trasero, esp. en broad in the beam (ancho,-a de trasero).

bean1. The penis. Br. E. sl. Abbrev. from beanstalk, or beanpole, q.v.:

«There was a young fellow named Jerry

Whose prick was the longest in Kerry.

When he came to a stream

He would lower his bean

And skim folks across like a ferry» (Limerick). Sp. Habichuela (pene) .

bean2. The hymen. US. sl. Sp. Habichuela (himen).

bean3. The clitoris, esp. in to flick one’s bean, to masturbate. Bean-flicker is a lesbian. Sp.habichuela (clítoris, esp. en to flick one’s bean, ‘tocarse la habichuela’, masturbarse).

beanfeast. Copulation. Br. E. sl. Sp. Banquete de habichuelas (coito).

bean-flicker. A lesbian. Br. E. sl. See bean3. Sp. Toca-habichuelas (toca-clítoris, lesbiana).

bean queen. A Mexican homosexual, or a Hispanic drag queen, or someone who seeks Hispanic males for sexual encounters. US. gay jargon. Sp. Reina de frijoles (homosexual mejicano o travestivo hispano, o alguien que busca su compañía) (jerga gay).

beanstalk/beanpole. The penis. Sp. Tallo de habichuela (pene).

bean-tosser. The penis. 19th-20th c. Bean-shooter is a var. Sp. Lanza-bolitas (pene).

bear, to. A pun on ‘support the weight of a man’ and copulation, used by Shaks. (see quot. at lie on one’s back). Obs. in this sense, but lex. and still current in the sense of ‘give birth to’, OED, 971-1855. Sp. Soportar (el peso del hombre) [copular (obs,) o engendrar (aun vigente] (usado por Shaks. en el sentido de soportar el peso del hombre en el coito).

bear. A hairy beefy gay male. US. gay jargon. Sp. Oso (gay fuerte y peludo) (jerga gay).

bear lover. Someone who seeks out or tends to date bears (q,v,). US. gay jargon. Sp. Amante de osos (homosexual que prefiere salir con gays fuertes y peludos) (jerga gay).

bear the burden. (Of a woman) to copulate, to support the weight of the male. Br. E. sl., since the 17th c. Still current:

«If you are a woman in Papua,

You’d better not leave

Your door ajar,

If you do you’ll find you are

Bearing the burden in Papua» (Fragment of rugby song). Sp. Soportar la carga (soportar el peso del hombre en el coito).

beard1. The female pubic hair. It is an old euph., frequently used in English erotica:

«I have also seen on a Woman’s chin

A hair or two to grow,

But, alas the Face, it is too cold a place!

Then look for a Beard below» (Pills, 18th c., in HENKE, 1979). Sp. Barba (vello púbico fem.).

beard2. A straight woman married to or involved with a gay man, who wears a beard to hide the fact that he is gay. US. gay jargon. Sp. Barba (mujer heterosexual casada o que sale con un homosexual que se deja la barba para disimular que es gay) (jerga gay).

bearded clam. The female genitals. Orig. used in Austr., esp. in the expression to spear the bearded clam, ‘to coit with a woman’. Sp. Almeja barbuda (genitales fem., euf. de origen Austr., esp. en to spear the bearded clam, ‘atravesar la almeja barbuda’, penetrar a una mujer).

bearded lady. The female genitals. Sp. Dama barbuda (genitales fem.).

beard-splitter/beard splitter1. “A man much given to wenching” (GROSE, 1785). Sp. Parte-barbas (mujeriego, putañero) (v. beard1).

beard-splitter/ beard splitter2. The penis. 18th-19th c. See beard1. Sp. Parte-barbas (pene) (v. beard1).

bearskin. The female pubic hair. Sp. Pelambrera del oso (vello púbico fem.).

beast1. The penis: «She tugged on my large ball sack and licked the underbelly of my beast from head to base» (Hustler). Sp. Animal (pene).

beast2. A low prostitute. US. sl.:

«There was a young girl of Odessa

A rather unblushing transgressor;

When sent to the priest

The lewd little beast

Began to undress her confessor» (Limerick). Sp. Animal (prostituta vulgar).

beast3. A sex offender. Br. E. prison sl. Sp. Animal (preso por crímenes sexuales) (argot carcelario).

beast with two backs, the. A man and a woman in the act of copulation, OED, 1604-1950. See make the beast with two backs. Sp. La bestia con dos jorobas (el hombre y la mujer en el acto del coito).

beat, to. Rare for ‘copulate’; much more frequent in the sense of ‘masturbate’, in the expressions to beat it, to beat one’s meat, to beat one’s dummy, to beat one’s little brother, to beat the bishop, to beat the beaver and many others (see below). Sp. Golpear, batir (copular o, más frec., masturbarse, gen. el hombre).

beat. A prostitute’s usual ‘working’ area. Also patch, Br. E. sl. See also ho stroll. beat. Also, a public place frequented by homosexuals. Austr. sl. Sp. Carrera (lugar donde usualmente trabaja una prostituta, o lugar público frecuentado por gays).

beat around the bush. (Of a woman) to masturbate. Pun on bush = pubic hair and the well-known idiom. Sp. Andarse por las ramas (masturbarse la mujer; juego de palabras entre el modismo y bush, vello púbico).

beat away. To masturbate. Usu. of a male: «...I had pulled my erect cock out of my trousers and was beating away furiously» (Teazer). Sp. Cascársela (masturbarse el hombre).

beat moll. A prostitute. See moll1. Sp. Prostituta callejera (v. moll1).

beat off. To masturbate. Usu. of a male: «Does beating off make a person crazy?» (Hustler). «Mommy says it’s okay if you beat off» (Swank). Sp. Cascársela (masturbarse el hombre).

beat on, to have a. To have an erection. Sp. Tener una erección.

beat one’s dummy. To masturbate. Of a male. Sp. Golpear al monigote (masturbarse el hombre).

beat one’s joint. To masturbate. Of males. See joint1. Sp. Golpear el canuto (masturbarse el hombre).

beat one’s little brother. To masturbate. Of a male. Sp. Golpear al hermanito (masturbarse el hombre).

beat one’s meat/beat the meat. To masturbate. Of a male: «I flushed red in the face, but continued beating my meat anyway» (Hustler). Sp. Golpear/aporrear la carne (masturbarse el hombre).

beat the beaver. To masturbate. Of a female. Sp. Golpear/aporrear al castor (masturbarse la mujer).

beat the bishop. To masturbate. Of males. See bishop1. Sp. Golpear/aporrear al obispo (masturbarse el hombre).

beat the boa. To masturbate. Of males. See boa. Sp. Golpear/aporrear a la boa (masturbarse el hombre).

beat the bush. To copulate. Used by T. Dekker, in his play The Seven Deadly Sinnes (1606), where he speaks of husbands who go whoring at night, their nocturnal excursions being «noted by some wise young-man or other, that knowes how to handle such cases, the bush is beaten for them at home, whilest they catch the birde abroade» (in HENKE, 1979). Sp. Golpear la maleza (copular).

beat the gun. To have intercourse with one’s fiancée, esp. if she becomes pregnant by him. Austr. From athletics. See also jump the gun. Sp. Adelantarse al pistoletazo de salida (dejar embarazada a la novia antes de la boda).

beat the/one’s hog. To masturbate. Of males. See hog. Sp. Golpear/aporrear al cerdo (masturbarse el hombre).

beat the pup. To masturbate. Of males. See pup. Sp. Golpear/aporrear al cachorro (masturbarse el hombre).

beau. A lady’s lover or suitor. From the French for ‘beautiful’. OED, 1720-1875. The euph. is still occ. found:

«There was a young lady named Hopper

Who came a society cropper.

She determined to go

To Bordeaux with her beau...

The rest of the story’s improper» (Limerick). Sp. Galán (del fr. por ‘beautiful’) (amante o pretendiente de una dama).

beautocks. Attractive buttocks. A blend of ‘beautiful’ and ‘buttocks’. Sometimes abbreviated to beauts. Gay jargon. Sp. Culo bonito (de la fusión de beautiful y buttocks) (jerga gay).

beauts. Abbrev. form from beautocks, q.v. Sp. Culo bonito (forma abrev. de beautocks, q.v.).

beauty parlor. A brothel. US. sl. See parlor house. Sp. Salón de belleza (burdel).

beauty spot. The female genitals. Br. E. sl., 19th c. See also spot. Sp. Lunar (genitales fem.).

beaver. The female genitals: «Deidre’s beautiful beaver floods with wetness as she feels Randy’s cock throb to life... » (Cheri). Lex. as sl., OED, 1927. Quite frequent in an eager beaver, ‘a randy woman’ or her genitals. Used in the USA., esp. in the expressions beaver shot (a photo of a woman revealing her vagina), and split/spread beaver (a woman with her legs wide open, showing her genitals). See more quots. at eager beaver and knock the dust off her. Sp. Castor (genitales fem.).

beaver cleaver. A person who sticks to traditional sex: vaginal penetration. US. sl.: «Chris’s parents weren’t straight Beaver Cleaver types after all. In fact, they seemed like complete sexual freaks» (Barely Legal). Sp. Atraviesa-coños (persona que copula siempre de la forma tradicional: con penetración vaginal).

beaver-eater. A lesbian. Can. sl. Sp. Come-coños (lesbiana).

beaver leaver. A gay male. Br. E. sl. See beaver. Sp. Que pasa de coños.

beaver lever. The penis. Br. E. sl. See beaver. Sp. Palanca para el coño (pene).

beaver pelt. The female genitals. Attested as Canadian. Sp. Piel del castor (genitales fem.).

beaver shot. A photo of a woman revealing her genitals. Sp. Foto del castor (fotografía de mujer mostrando sus genitales).

beaver-tails. The breasts. US. sl. Sp. Colas de castor (pechos de mujer).

beaver-trap. The vagina. Sp. Trampa del castor (vagina).

become a lady. To begin having one’s menstrual cycle. See also menarche. Sp. Hacerse mujer (empezar a tener la regla).

bed, to. Lex. as arch. for ‘to take a wife to bed’, OED, 1548-1740, and as a current euph. for ‘to sleep together’, ‘to spend the night with’, OED, c1315-1938: «’So bang goes your chance of being bedded today, Mr Harper!’» (TSM, 256). Sp. Llevar a la esposa a la cama (obs.) y dormir con, dormir juntos (vigente).

bed. Lex. as «the place of conjugal union», OED, c1200-1697. Also found in combinations: to go to bed (with); to take to bed, to copulate; to go bed-pressing, to copulate; to go bed-hopping, to be sexually promiscuous; bed-fellow, ‘sexual mate’, used by Shaks., (also bed-mate), bed-faggot, a prostitute; bed-house, a brothel, usu. a place where beds can be rented for copulation; bed-presser, a fornicator; bridal bed, nuptial bed, marriage-bed and wedlock bed, the bed in which a newly-married pair sleep; unlawful bed, illicit sex, and bed-swerver, unfaithful spouse’, used by Shaks.; bed-bunny, a promiscuous woman; bed-rite, and bed-sports, copulation.; bed-time story, q.v.; and many others. Sp. Cama, lecho.

bed and breakfast. A single act of extra-marital overnight copulation, punning on what a guest-house offers. Not common. Sp. Cama y desayuno (coito extra-marital de una sola noche; raro).

bed-bug. A woman easily persuaded to get into bed. US. sl. See bed-bunny. Sp. Chinche (de cama) (mujer fácil).

bed-bunny. A woman easily persuaded to get into bed. US. sl. Also, bed-bug and beetle (rare). Sp. Conejito de cama (mujer fácil).

beddable. Sexually desirable. Br. E. sl. Sp. Que vale la pena acostarse con ella/él.

bed-faggot. A prostitute. Also, a sexual mate. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Compañero,-a de cama (compañero,-a sexual o prostituta).

bed-fellow. A sexual mate. Used by Shaks.: «Happier the man whom favourable stars / Allot thee for his lovely bedfellow» (The Taming, I, i, 144). See also bed-mate. Sp. Compañero,-a de cama) (usado por Shaks.).

bed flute. The penis. Austr. sl. See also flute1. Sp. Flauta de cama (pene) .

bed-hop. To be sexually promiscuous. Back-formation from bed-hopping, q.v. OED (AS), 1979. Sp. Saltar de cama en cama (ser promiscuo,-a).

bed-hopping. Habitually changing sexual partners; engaging in numerous casual sexual affairs, promiscuous. OED (AS), 1943. Sp. Acción de saltar de cama en cama (cualidad de promiscuo,-a).

bed-house. A brothel, usu. a place where beds can be rented for copulation. Sp. Casa de camas (burdel).

bed-mate. A sexual companion. Used by Shaks.: «Had I so good occasion to lie long / As you, Prince Paris, nothing but heavenly business / Should rob me of my bed-mate» (T & C, IV, i, 4-6). See also bed-fellow. Sp. Compañero,-a de cama) (usado por Shaks.).

bed partner. The person you go to bed with. See quot. at sex doll. Sp. Compañero,-a de cama.

bed-presser. A womanizer, a fornicator. Used by Shaks.: (Prince Henry of Falstaff), «...this bed-presser...» (1Henry IV, II, iv, 246). Sp. Plancha-camas (mujeriego, fornicador) (usado por Shaks.).

bed-rite. Copulation. Used by Shaks.: «No bed-rite shall be paid / Till Hymen’s torch be lighted» (The Tempest, IV, i, 96-97). Sp. Rito de cama (coito) (usado por Shaks.).

bed-swerver. An unfaithful spouse. Used by Shaks.: «(She’s) A bed-swerver, even as bad as those / The vulgars give bold’st titles» (The Winter’s Tale, II, i, 91-93). Sp. Que se desvía del lecho matrimonial (esposa infiel) (usado por Shaks.).

bedroom baseball. Copulation. US. sl. Sp. Béisbol de dormitorio (coito).

bedroom eyes. A look suggestive of sexual desire. Sp. Mirada de dormitorio (mirada con deseo sexual).

bed-sports. Copulation. Br. E. sl., 17th c. Sp. Deportes de cama (coito).

bed-thrall. A prostitute. “Used by W. Morris” [PARTRIDGE in his notes to his edition of GROSE (under wap)]. Sp. Esclava de la cama (prostituta).

bed-time story. See do the story with. Sp. Historia para dormir (coito).

bedwork. Copulation. Sp. Trabajo de cama (coito).

bee. The penis. In the expression the bee is in the hive, ‘to be coiting a woman’. Sp. Abeja [pene, en la expresión the bee is in the hive (‘la abeja está en la colmena’)].

Beecham’s Pills. The testicles. 19th c. Br. E. rhyming sl. for ‘testicles’, pronounced ‘testi-kils’. From the name of a patent medicine. It was often truncated to Beecham’s or pills, or contracted to bills. Sp. Píldoras Beecham (testículos, de la forma abrev. de Beecham’s Pills; argot rimado: Pills rima con testicles, pronunciado ‘testi-kils’).

beef, to. To coit with a woman. US. sl. Sp. Copular, dicho del hombre.

beef1. The female genitals and copulation. To be in a woman’s beef “to have carnal knowledge of her” (GROSE). Sp. Carne de vaca/buey (genitales fem. o coito).

beef2. The penis. Esp. in the phrase beef bayonet, q.v. Sp. Carne de vaca/buey (pene, esp. en beef bayonet, q.v.).

beef bayonet. The penis. Br. E. and US. sl. Sp. Bayoneta de carne (pene).

beef bugle. The erect penis. Austr. sl. Sp. Bugle de carne (pene erecto) .

beefcake. Men displayed for their muscular bodies esp. in photographs in magazines, etc. Lex. as sl. (orig., US.), OED, 1949. See also cheesecake. Sp. Pastel de carne (fotografías de hombres sexy).

beef curtains. The labia. Sp. Cortinas de carne (labios de la vulva).

beef-gravy. Semen. See gravy. Sp. Salsa de carne (semen).

beef-injection. Copulation. Black and Rural Southern sl. Sp. Inyección de carne (coito).

beef-steak1. The penis: «I’d give anything to feel your big beef-steak filling my hole» (Cheri). Sp. Bistec (pene).

beef-steak2. A prostitute who works for a pimp. Br. E. underworld. Sp. Bistec (prostituta que trabaja para un chulo).

bee-hive. The mons and pubic hair:

«My Mistress is a Hive of Bees

in yonder flowry Garden,

To her they come with loaden Thighs,

to ease them of their Burden:

As under the Bee-Hive lieth the

Wax, and under the Wax is Honey.

So under her Waste12 her Belly is

plac’d-and under that, her Cunny» (Pills, 18th c., in BURFORD, 217). Sp. Colmena (monte de Venus).

bee stings. Small breasts. Br. E. sl.:

«Last: Ladies! Take comfort if your tits are small

For better have small ones than no bust at all,

Grown women I’ve seen – on their chests not a thing!

Save two tiny spots where a bee left a sting. » (Fragment of rugby song). Sp. Picaduras de abeja (pechos pequeños).

beer. Semen. US. campus sl. Sp. Cerveza (semen).

beer can. A penis thick rather than long. Gay jargon. Sp. Lata de cerveza (pene más ancho que largo) (jerga gay).

beetle. A woman easily persuaded to get into bed. US. sl. Rare. Sp. Escarabajo (mujer fácil de llevar a la cama; raro).

begonias. The breasts. US. sl. Sp. Begonias (pechos de mujer).

behind. The buttocks. Lex. as colloq. and vulgar, OED, 1786-1928:

«There once was a harlot at Yale

With her price-list tattooed on her tail,

And on her behind,

For the sake of the blind,

She had it embroidered in Braille» (Limerick). Sp. Trasero.

behind-door work. Copulation, esp. that among the household servants. Used by Shaks. (see quot. at stair-work). Sp. Trabajo de puerta trasera (coito, esp. entre los sirvientes) (usado por Shaks.).

belabour. To copulate: «The man was lying over Viviane, belabouring her» (DOV, 168). Sp. Trabajarse a (copular con).

Belgia. The female pudenda. Pun on belly used by Shaks.in the famous passage of The Comedy of Errors, where Dromius of Syracuse, speaking to his master Antipholus about a fat kitchen maid who is pursuing him with matrimonial intent, baptizes the various parts of her voluminous frame with the names of different countries:

«Antipholus. Where stood Belgia, the Netherlands?

Dromio. O, sir, I did not look so low» (The Comedy of Errors, III, ii, 136-137). Sp. Bélgica (genitales fem.) (usado por Shaks. en el famoso pasaje de La Comedia de Equivocaciones, donde Dromio de Siracusa, hablando a su amo Antífolo sobre la gruesa moza de cocina que lo persigue con fines matrimoniales, bautiza las diversas partes de sus voluminosas formas con nombres de diferentes países).

bell. The clitoris. To ring the bell (tocar la campana) has been used for ‘stimulate the clitoris’ and also for ‘copulate’ and for ‘make pregnant’. Sp. Campana (clítoris).

bell-end. The glans penis: «...gently rubbing her swollen clit back and forth across my glistening bell-end» (Fiesta). Sp. Badajo (glande).

bell-rope. The penis. Often with an implication of masturbation. US. sl. Sp. Cuerda de la campana (pene – a menudo con implicación masturbatoria).

bell-topped. Said of a large-headed penis. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Acampanado (pene con glande de gran tamaño).

belle1. French for beautiful (fem.). A handsome woman, esp. one who dresses so as to set off her personal charms. OED, 1622-1860. Sp. Bella (del fr.) (mujer que sabe vestirse realzando sus encantos).

belle2. An attractive, effeminate homosexual, male or female. US. sl. (see quot. at bring out). Sp. Bella (homosexual de rol fem.).

belle chose. The female genitals. From the French for ‘beautiful thing’. Used by Chaucer in The Wife of Bath’s Prologue, 453-454:

«For if wolde selle my bele chose

I coude walke as fressh as is a rose...».13 Sp. Cosa bella (genitales fem.) (usado por Chaucer).

belly. It is a well-established euph. for the genitals, esp. the female genitals. Used by Shaks.:

«She sinketh down, still hanging by his neck,

He on her belly falls, she on her back» (Venus, 593-594).

Freq. elsewhere in classic bawdy verse:

«The weather is cold and chilly

And heating will do thee no harm,

I’ll put a hot Thing in thy Belly

To keep thy Body warm» (Merry Drollery, II, 1661, in BURFORD, 138).

Still occ. found:

«There was a young fellow named Kelly

Who preferred his wife’s ass to her belly

He shrieked with delight

As he ploughed through the shite14,

And filled up her hole with his jelly» (Limerick).

There are many euphs. with this word: to play at belly-to-belly or to play rub-belly, to copulate; a belly ride, an act of copulation; belly-whiskers/belly-bristles/belly-thicket, the female pubic hair; to have an itch in the belly, to feel the sexual urge, etc. Sp. Vientre (genitales, esp. los fem.) (usado por Shaks.).

belly-bristles. The pubes. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Cerdas del vientre (vellos del pubis).

belly-bumper. A whoremonger. Sp. Golpea-vientres (putañero).

belly-bumping. Coition. Since the 17th c. Sp. Golpeo de vientres (coito).

belly-button. The navel. US. colloq.: ☺«’Boy was I drunk!’ a man announces. ‘We had a little drink and I kissed her on the lips. Then we had another little drink and both got undressed.’,’Yes, yes, go on’. ‘Then we had another drink and I kissed her on the nipples.’ ‘Yes, yes.’,’And another little drink and I kissed her on the belly-button.’ ‘Yes, yes.’ ‘Oh boy, was I drunk!’ » (Rationale II, 185). Sp. Botón de la barriga (ombligo).

belly-dale. The female genitals. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Belly-dingle and belly-entrance are vars. Sp. Valle del vientre (genitales fem.).

belly-dance. An erotic oriental dance performed by women, involving abdominal contortions. OED, 1899-1957: «...but now the skirt had slit open and when she did her belly dance, it revealed the pubic hair...» (DOV, 248). Sp. Danza de vientre.

belly-dingle. The female genitals. See belly-dale. Sp. Valle arbolado del vientre (genitales fem.).

belly-entrance. The female genitals. See belly-dale. Sp. Entrada del vientre (genitales fem.).

belly-full, to have a. To be pregnant. Br. E. and US. sl., 18th-19th c. Sp. Tener la barriga llena (estar embarazada).

bellyful of marrow pudding, a. Pregnancy. 19th-20th c. Sp. Un atracón de pudín de tuétano (embarazo).

belly-hill. The mount of Venus. See quot. at bum alley. Sp. Colina del vientre (monte de Venus).

belly-naked. Completely naked, revealing all. Since the 16th c. Sp. Con la barriga al aire (completamente desnuda, enseñándolo todo).

belly-piece. A concubine. OED, 1632, obs. Sp. Un vientre (una concubina).

belly-ride. Copulation. US. coarse sl. Sp. Monta de vientre (coito).

belly-rub. To copulate:

«I’ve bathed in the nude at Llandudno

I’ve fondled my foreskin out West, out West,

And I’ve played soixante-neuf on Parisian turf

And I’ve belly-rubbed tarts in Trieste» (Fragment of rugby song). Sp. Frotar barrigas (copular).

belly-ruffian. The penis. Br. E. sl., 17th-19th c. Sp. Rufián del vientre (pene).

belly-slapping. Copulation. Sp. Golpeo de barrigas (coito).

belly-sports. An allusion to copulation and pregnancy, used by J. Ford, in ‘Tis a Pity She’s a Whore, 1633 (IV, iii, 8-14), where Soranzo tells Annabella, on their wedding night, when he discovers that she’s pregnant by another man: «...and could none but I / Be picked out to be cloak to your close tricks, /Your belly-sports? / Now I must be the dad / To all that gallimaufry that’s stuffed / In thy corrupted bastard-bearing womb?». Sp. Deportes de barriga (coito y embarazo).

belly-thicket. The female pubic hair. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Espesura del vientre (vello púbico fem.).

belly-to-belly. Copulating. US. sl. Sp. Barriga contra barriga (copulando).

belly-up. Pregnant. Since the 17th c. Sp. Con la barriga alta (embarazada).

belly-warmer. Copulation. Br. E. colloq., 19th c. Also belly-warming. Sp. Calienta-barrigas (coito).

belly-whiskers. The female pubic hair. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Bigotes del vientre (vello púbico fem.).

belly-work. Copulation. Sp. Trabajo de vientre (coito).

belt1. Copulate (said of the male) and an act of copulation. Hitting imagery. 19th-20th c.: «The handsome young man [...] was giving her the belting of a lifetime» (Son of Rugby Jokes, 74). Sp. Golpear/golpe (copular/coito).

belt2. A prostitute. Also endless belt, q.v. Austr. sl. Sp. Cinturón (prostituta) .

belt one’s batter. To masturbate, perhaps a vulgar culinary pun on the sl. batter, a penis. Sp. Batir la pasta (masturbarse el hombre).

belt one’s hog. To masturbate. Said of a male. Sp. Golpear/aporrear al cerdo (masturbarse el hombre).

belt someone’s batter. To coit with a woman. Not common. Sp. Batir la pasta (realizar el coito con una mujer; raro).

belter. A cheap prostitute. Br. E. dial. Sp. Prostituta barata.

Ben-Wa balls. See vaginal balls. Sp. Bolas o pelotas Ben-wa (juguete sexual usado por la mujer para masturbarse) (v. vaginal balls).

bend down/over for. To submit to sodomy or vaginal coition from behind: «Becky bends over for Roger» (CI). Sp. Agacharse para alguien (invitar al coito anal o vaginal por atrás).

bender. A male homosexual. For synonyms, see angel1. Sp. El que se agacha (gay de rol pasivo; v. tamb. thruster).

bent. Homosexual. The opposite of straight, q.v. Lex. as sl. (orig. US.), OED, 1957. Sp. Torcido (gay; antónimo de straight, ‘normal’, no homosexual).

bequeath one’s genes. (Of a male) to masturbate. Sp. Legar los genes (masturbarse el hombre).

Berk. The vagina. See Berkshire Hunt. Sp. Vagina (forma abrev. de Berkshire Hunt; argot rimado: hunt rima con cunt).

berk/birk/burk(e).The female genitals. Abbrev. of Berkeley/Berkshire Hunt, q.v. Sp. Genitales fem. (argot rimado: formas abrev. de Berkeley/Berkshire Hunt, que riman con cunt).

Berkeley. The pudenda. Rhyming sl. See Berkeley Hunt. Sp. Genitales fem. (forma abrev. de Berkeley Hunt; argot rimado: Hunt rima con cunt).

Berkeley Hunt. The female genitals. Rhyming sl. = cunt. An alternative for Berkshire Hunt, q.v. Sp. Genitales fem. [argot rimado: Berkeley Hunt (localidad inglesa) rima con cunt).

Berkeleys. The breasts. See berks/burks. Sp. Pechos de mujer.

berks/burks. The breasts. Br. E. cant, 19th c. From Romany. Sp. Pechos de mujer (del romaní).

Berkshire Hunt. The female genitals. Rhyming sl. = cunt. Very often reduced to Berk. Sp. Genitales fem. [argot rimado: Berkshire Hunt (localidad inglesa) rima con cunt].

berries. The testicles. US. and Can. sl. Perhaps truncated from gooseberries, q.v. See also twig and berries. Sp. Bayas (testículos, quizás forma truncada de gooseberries).

Berthas. Big breasts. Prob. from the big German cannon in WW1. US. sl. Big Bertha is US. sl. for ‘a fat woman’. Sp. Bertas (pechos de gran tamaño, prob. por el nombre del Gran Cañón alemán en la 1ª Guerra Mundial).

besiege. To lay siege to a woman’s virtue. Used by Shaks. (see quot. at city), and freq. elsewhere in classic bawdy verse (see quot. at sally-port). Sp. Sitiar (tratar de seducir a una mujer) (usado por Shaks.).

Bessie. A male homosexual. US. gay jargon. Sp. Bessie (nombre de mujer) (gay) (jerga gay).

best and plenty of it, the. Copulation from the female point of view. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Lo mejor y en abundancia (coito – desde el punto de vista fem).

best friend, my. The penis. See friend2. Sp. Mi mejor amigo (pene).

best leg of three. The penis. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. La mejor pierna de las tres (pene).

best part of man. The penis: «...I felt that best part of man make its way, not without pain, into that part made for its reception» (EIC, 25). Sp. La mejor parte del hombre (pene).

bestiality. Copulation of a human with an animal. Lex. as obs., OED, 1611-1765. See also zoophilia. Sp. Bestialismo.

bestride. To copulate with. Usually of the male. Sp. Cabalgar (copular, gen. dicho del hombre).

Bethlehem steel. The erect penis. US. Black sl. Sp. Acero de Belén (pene erecto).

betray. Used by Shaks. in the sense of seducing a woman: «These betray nice wenches, - that would be betrayed without these» (L.L.L, III, i, 23-24). Still current for ‘to cheat on one’s husband/wife’. Sp. Traicionar (en tiempos de Shaks.: seducir a una mujer; en la actualidad: engañar el marido a la esposa o viceversa).

better hole. One’s wife. Humorous. See hole. Sp. El mejor agujero (la propia esposa).

Betty. A male homosexual. US. sl. See Nancy/nancy2. Sp. Betty (nombre de mujer) (gay).

between the sheets. In the act of copulation: «...some of the most enjoyable moments between the sheets have been in the hands of gentlemen whose private parts were by no means remarkable for size...» (EAP, 35). See sheets. Sp. Entre las sábanas (copulando).

B-girl. A bar-girl: a woman employed to encourage customers to buy drinks at a bar. OED, 1936. Sometimes used as a euph. for a prostitute who works in bars or nightclubs. Sp. Chica de alterne.

bi. Abrev. form of bisexual, q.v. OED, 1966:

«Julius Caesar was really a guy-

He was hetero, homo and bi.

He could have or be had

By a lass or a lad

Or even by both when he’d try» (Limerick). Sp. Bisexual.

bicho. The penis. From the Spanish for ‘bug’. US. sl. See cojones. Sp. Bicho (del español) (pene).

bicycle/bike. A promiscuous girl, or a prostitute that any man can ride. Br. E. and US. sl. See also bike/biker and town bike. Sp. Bicicleta/bici (mujer promiscua o prostituta).

biff. Occ. used, like other verbs meaning ‘hit’ –beat, belt, bonk, bump, pound, plank, strike, tap, etc.– as a euph. for ‘to copulate with a woman’. Sp. Golpear (copular, dicho del hombre).

biffin/biffon. The perineum, the area between the scrotum and anus, or between the vagina and anus. Also, biffin’s bridge (puente del perineo). Br. E. sl. Sp. Perineo.

biff off. (Of a male) to masturbate. Hitting imagery. See biff. Sp. Golpeársela/aporreársela (masturbarse el hombre).

big, to be. To have a large penis: «’You’re so big. My pussy is enjoying every inch’» (Pent). Sp. Tenerla grande.

big Bertha. A fat woman. US. sl. See Bertha. Sp. Gran Berta (mujer gorda) (v. Bertha).

big boa. The penis. Can. sl. Sp. Gran boa (pene).

big brother. The erect penis. US. sl. Sp. Hermano mayor (pene erecto).

big brown eyes. The nipples. See eyes. Sp. Ojos grandes marrones (pezones).

big end. The posterior. Austr. sl. Sp. Gran extremo (trasero) .

big fella. The penis. In MOQ. Sp. Tipo grande (pene) (término recogido en MOQ, encuesta realizada por R. AMAN en USA y publicada en Maledicta, X, 1988-89).

big foot Joe. The penis. Sp. Joe pies grandes (personificación del pene).

big girl’s blouse. An effeminate male. Sometimes shortened to big girl, girl’s blouse or blouse. Austr. sl. Sp. Blusa de una chica grande (afeminado) .

big honcho. The penis. From the Japanese honcho, ‘group leader’. Not common. Sp. Gran jefe/líder de grupo (en japonés) (pene; raro).

big man on campus. The penis. US. sl. From the name given to a popular student, a leader in social, athletic, and extracurricular activities. Sp. Gran hombre del campus (líder para los demás estudiantes) (pene).

big O, a. An orgasm. A euph. favoured by women, referring to their own orgasm: «Sandy and I began having one big O after another...» (Pent). Sp. Una gran O, una O mayúscula (orgasmo; euf. usado frec. por las mujeres para referirse a su propio orgasmo).

big prize, the. The female genitals. See prize. Sp. El gran premio (genitales fem.).

big Steve. The penis. Sp. El gran Steve (personificación del pene).

big stick. The penis. See stick. Sp. Gran palo (pene).

big time. Copulation. Compared to just kissing and petting. US. sl. Sp. Tiempo grande (coito).

bigamy. The crime of having two wives or two husbands at once. From the French bigamie, ult. from bi, two + the Greek gamos, married. OED, c1250-1884:

«There was a young fellow of Lyme,

Who lived with three wives at one time.

When asked: ‘Why the third?’

He replied: ‘One’s absurd,

And bigamy, sir, is a crime’» (Limerick). Sp. Bigamia.

biggie. An erection. See hard-on. Sp. Grandote (pene erecto).

bike/biker. A promiscuous girl or a prostitute. Because anyone can ride them. Br. E. and US. sl.: «It had always been a fantasy of mine for some sapphic biker to have me suck and lick her toes and feet...» (Leg Action). Sp. Bici/(moto)ciclista (chica promiscua o prostituta).

bike ride to Brighton, a. Copulation. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Un paseo en bicicleta a Brighton (coito).

bilbo. The penis. A sword noted for the excellence of its temper and made originally at Bilbao (Spain). Br. E. sl., 17th-19th c. Sp. Bilbao (pene; por la excelencia y temple de los sables fabricados en esta localidad).

bile. The female genitals. Probably a confusion with bite, q.v. Br. E. sl., 17th-19th c. Sp. Bilis (genitales fem.; prob. confusión con bite, q.v.).

bi-lingual. Code used in ‘personal’ ads, signifying a desire to have oral sex with both men and women. See also linguist. Sp. Bilingüe (código usado en anuncios sexuales solicitando u ofreciendo sexo oral tanto con hombres como con mujeres).

bill. A pike-like weapon, a halberd, hence penis. Rare. It may also derive from a bird’s bill: ☺«So these two ducks meet and fall in love and they rent a hotel room and suddenly the drake realizes he doesn’t have any condoms, so he calls room service and a bellman brings one up on a tray. BELLMAN: Shall I put it on your bill, sir? DUCK: Excuse me? » (from the webpage A Prairie Home Companion, in MARTÍNEZ-CABEZA, 203). Sp. Alabarda o pico de pájaro (pene; raro).

billiards. The testicles. The pun was used by Shaks.:

«Cleopatra. ...Let’s to billiards. Come Charmian.

Charmian. My arm is sore; best play with Mardian.

Cleopatra. As well a woman with an eunuch play’d

As with a woman» (A. & C., II, v, 3-6). Sp. Billar (usado alusivamente por Shaks.: las bolas de billar = testículos).

billie. The penis. From a policeman’s truncheon. Sp. Porra de policía (pene).

billing. Kissing or perhaps striking with a bill, hence copulating (bill = ‘a pike-like weapon’, ‘a halberd’, hence ‘penis’): «...I found’em like sparrows in one nest, billing together, and bulling of me» (HWII, V, ii, 183-85). Sp. Herir con alabarda (copular, dicho del hombre).

bills. Contracted form from Beecham’s Pills, q.v.. Sp. Testículos (forma contraída de Beecham’s Pills, q.v.).

bim1. The buttocks. A var. of bum (q.v.). OED, 1935.. Sp. Trasero (var. de bum).

bim2. A shortened form of bimbo, q.v Sp. Forma abrev. de bimbo, q.v.

bim, bam, thank you, ma’am. Onomatopoeic expression for fast coition or casual sex. See also bip bam, ram bam and wham bam. Sp. Zas, zas y gracias, señora (polvo rápido).

bimbette. Dim. of bimbo, q.v. Sp. Dim. de bimbo, q.v..

bimbo. Lex. as US. sl. for ‘prostitute’. OED, 1929, but perhaps more freq. used as a derog. term for a sexy, attractive but unintelligent young woman: «I’m not one of your backseat bimbos who gets pregnant at the drop of a load» (Hustler). From It. bambino, ‘child’. The shortened form bim is occ. found, too, and the var. bimbette (bimbo + the diminutive -ette). Sp. Bambina (del italiano) (prostituta; también y principalmente, mujer sexualmente atractiva, pero poco inteligente).

bin of lust. The vagina. See quot. at dagger1. Sp. Cubo de lujuria (vagina).

bingy/bingey. The penis. Anglo-Irish nursery, 19th-20th c. Of unknown origin. Sp. Pene (etimología desconocida).

bint. A woman or a girl considered sexually. From Arabic bint, daughter. OED, 1855-1958. Sp. Gachí (del árabe bint, ‘hija’).

bip bam. Fast coition or casual sex. Sp. Zas, zas (polvo rápido).

bip, bam, thank you, ma’am. Onomatopoeic expression for fast coition or casual sex. See also wham bam. Sp. Zas, zas y gracias, señora (polvo rápido).

birch. Sadism. Euph. sometimes used in ‘personal’ ads. Br. E. sl. Sp. Vara (de abedul) (sadismo; usado en anuncios de sexo).

bird1. A maiden, a girl. Since the 14th c. In modern revived use, it is a colloq. or familiar term for a girl or a woman, often used disparagingly. OED, a1300-1961: «He smiled back [...] with the sheer class and panache of a guy who knows how to pull just about any bird he fancies...» (Razzle). Sp. Pájaro (orig. ‘chica’, ‘doncella’, en la actualidad ‘tía’, generalmente en lenguaje machista).

bird2. A prostitute. Br. E. sl., 19th c. A bird-cage was a brothel. Sp. Pájara (prostituta).

bird3. A male homosexual. US. sl.. Sp. Pájaro (gay).

bird4. The penis. A play on cock, q.v. Bird-taker, q.v. is US. underworld for a sodomite Sp. Pájaro (pene).

bird5. The female genitals. US. sl. Sp. Pájaro (genitales fem.).

bird-cage. A brothel. Br. E. sl., 19th c. See bird2. Sp. Jaula para pájaros (burdel).

bird-nester. A lecher. Br. E. sl., 19th c. See bird’s nest. Sp. Caza-nidos de pájaro (libertino, mujeriego).

bird-taker. A sodomite. US underword. See bird3. Sp. Atrapa-pájaros (sodomita).

bird-washing. Mutual cunnilingus. US. homosexual jargon. Sp. Lavado de pájaros (cunilinguo mutuo).

bird o’the game. Prostitute. Br. E. sl., 17th c. Sp. Pájaro de presa (prostituta).

bird o’the night. Prostitute. Br. E. sl., 17th c. Sp. Ave nocturna (prostituta).

bird’s eggs. The testicles. Br. E. sl. Sp. Huevos de pájaro (testículos).

bird’s nest. The female genitals. Still occ. found as a euph. for ‘the female pubic hair’. Used by Shaks.:

«Nurse. ...I must another way,

To fetch a ladder, by the which your love

Must climb a bird’s nest soon when it is dark» (R. & J., II, iv, 72-74). Sp. Nido de pájaro (genitales o vello púbico fem.) (usado alusivamente por Shaks.).

birdie1. The penis. Diminutive of bird4, q.v.. Sp. Pajarito (pene).

birdie2. Homosexual sl. for ‘a young boy’ Sp. Pajarito (jerga gay por ‘muchacho joven’).

birds and the bees, the. The basic facts of sex, conception, and birth, esp. as explained to children:

«An inquisitive virgin called Dora

Asked her boyfriend who’d started to bore’er,

‘Do you mean birds and bees

Go through antics like these

To provide us with fauna and flora?’» (Limerick). Sp. Los pájaros y las abejas (la función sexual explicada a los niños).

birth canal. The vagina. Sp. Canal del nacimiento (vagina).

birth control. The prevention or regulation of conception by means of a contraceptive method: the pill, condoms, diaphragms, IUDs, the rhythm method, vasectomy (all q.v.), etc. OED, 1914: ☺«A doctor tells a young bride of a simple and sure method of birth control: orange juice. ‘Do you take it before or after’ asks the bride. ‘Neither – instead’» (Archivos Secretos, 10). Sp. Control de natalidad.

birthday party. An orgy. A pun on
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