Dictionary of euphemisms and dysphemisms in english erotica with spanish equivalents

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blow, to2. To perform cunnilingus:

«My old man is a trumpeter,

And a very fine trumpeter is he.

All day long he blows trumpets,

And then he comes home and blows me» (Fragment of rugby song). Sp. Soplar (hacer un cunilinguo).

blow, to3. To have an orgasm: «The thought alone of what they were doing almost made me blow...» (Hustler). Sp. Explotar (orgasmar).

blow. A sexual thrust or stroke of the penis: «(Howe’er the blow doth threaten) / So well I like the play, / That I could wish all day / And night to be so beaten» (EH, V, i, 136-39). Sp. Arremetida (pollazo).

blow-boy. A male homosexual. See blow1. Sp. Muchacho que practica la felación (gay).

blow-job/blowjob. An act of fellatio. OED, 1961, sl.: «’I love to make it with a woman who gives imaginative blow-jobs’» (Playboy). Sp. Mamada.

blow off. To ejaculate, Br. E. sl. or cant, 17th-18th c. Sp. Explotar (eyacular).

blow off on the groundsels. See blow the groundsels/grounsils.

blow off the loose corns. To coit with a woman. Corns refers to seed (semen). Br. E. sl., 17th-19th c. Sp. Lanzar los granos sueltos (copular, dicho del hombre).

blow (on) someone’s flute. To perform fellatio. See flute1. Sp. Soplar la flauta (hacer una felación).

blow one’s load/wad/the lot. To ejaculate. Coarse sl.: «I was dancing up and down like mad and then I blew the lot» (Playbirds). See also shoot (off) one’s load/wad. Sp. Soltar la carga (correrse).

blow one’s lumps. To ejaculate. US. sl. See lump2. Sp. Soltar el paquete (correrse).

blow one’s nuts. To have an orgasm, ejaculate. US. sl.: «I almost blew my nuts when I felt those luscious lips of hers slipping over the head of my pecker» (FU, 98). Sp. Descargar los huevos (correrse).

blow some tunes. To practise cunnilingus. US. Black sl. Sp. Soplar melodías (hacer un cunilinguo).

blow stick. The penis. Sp. Palo para mamar (pene como objeto de felación).

blow the groundsels/grounsils. To coit with a woman hurriedly on the floor or the stairs. Also blow off on the groundsels. Br. E. sl., 17th-18th c.: «’Come and blow the grounsils, wench!’ – which I understood only by their obvious intention, which was to force me to their pleasure» (EIT, 160). Sp. Soplársela en el suelo (echar un polvo rápido en el suelo o en la escalera).

blow the lot. See blow one’s load/wad/the lot.

blow the skin flute. To fellate. See play the skin flute. Sp. Soplar la flauta de piel (hacer una felación).

blow through. To coit with a woman and coition:

«Oh bang away Lulu, bang away Lulu

Bang away good and strong,

Whata we to do for a good blow through,

When Lulu’s dead and gone?» (Fragment of rugby song). Sp. Inyectar vapor en el motor (copular con una mujer; coito).

blow up. To coit with a woman and to ejaculate. From the meaning ‘explode’, thence break the maidenhead violently’. Used by Shaks. (see quot. at undermine). Sp. Explotar (copular con una mujer y correrse) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. en el sentido de copular).

blow-up doll. Another name for a sex doll, q.v. Sp. Muñeca inflable.

blowen. A prostitute. Lex. as sl., with its var. blowing, OED, 181216. Of unknown origin. GROSE defines it as follows: «A mistress or whore of a gentleman of the scamp», and gives the following example: «The blowen kidded the swell into a snoozing ken, and shook him of his dummee and thimble» (the girl inveigled the gentleman into a brothel and robbed him of his pocket book and watch). Sp. Prostituta (origen desconocido).

blowesse. A prostitute. See blowze. Sp. Prostituta (var. de blowze, q.v.).

blowhole. The anus, as the object of anilingus. Sp. Ano (como objeto de anilingus).

blowtorch. The penis. Possibly in reference to penilingus. US. underworld. Sp. Soplete (pene, en pos. referencia a felación).

blowse. A prostitute. See blowze. Sp. Prostituta (var. de blowze, q.v.).

blowze. A wench, a prostitute. Of unknown origin, prob. a cant word; OED, 1573-1719, obs. Vars.: blowse, blouze, blowz, blouse, blowesse. Sp. Prostituta (etimología desconocida).

blubber. Large breasts. Perhaps from the standard meaning ‘swollen, protruding’, gen. applied to the lips. GROSE has to sport blubber (lucir pecho) “said of a large coarse woman, who exposes her bosom.” Sp. Hinchazones (pechos de gran tamaño).

bludge. To act as a prostitute’s pimp. Back-formation from bludger, q.v. Sp. Usar la porra (ser chulo de prostituta, derivación regresiva de bludger, q.v.)).

bludgeon (club). The erect penis. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Porra (pene erecto).

bludger. A prostitute’s pimp. A shortened form of bludgeoner, one who uses, or is armed with a bludgeon. OED, 1856-1960. Sp. Que usa la porra (chulo de prostituta).

blue. Obscene, pornographic: a blue movie, a blue book, etc. OED, 1864-1965. It might derive from a blue gown q.v., «the dress of ignominy worn by a harlot in a house of correction» (OED, 1604-1787), or from blue apron q.v., a name given to prostitutes in those times, but the connection is not proved (in the OED-1726-, blue apron is registered only as a tradesman):

«But you Blue-apron tribe, let this caution prevail:

Be not too saucy lest you rot in a jail» («The Long Vocation», Pills, 18th c., in BURFORD, 228). Sp. ‘Verde’ (lit. azul).

blue apron. A prostitute. See blue. Sp. Delantal azul (prostituta).

blue balls1. A turgid and painful condition of the testicles caused by a prolonged erection without ejaculation (see also hot nuts1 and love nuts/lover nuts/lover’s nuts). Sp. Pelotas azules (hinchazón dolorosa de los testículos causada por una prolongada erección sin eyacular - dolor de huevos).

blue balls2. Any of various venereal diseases, esp. gonorrhea. US. sl. Sp. Pelotas azules (nombre dado a varias enfermedades venéreas, esp. gonorrea)

blue book. A pornographic book. See blue. Sp. Libro ‘verde’.

blue cherry. The glans penis. Sp. Cereza azul (glande).

blue gown. See blue. Sp. Bata azul (que debían llevar las prostitutas en un correccional, lo que al parecer dio origen al significado de ‘obsceno’ de blue).

blue movie. A pornographic film: «...most blue-movie fans are English...» (Men Only). Sp. Película ‘verde’.

blue steeler. An erection. From the hardness of steel. Sp. Acero azul (erección).

blue vein. An erection of the penis, the erect penis. From the prominence of the vein when erect. Sp. Vena azul (erección).

blue-veined column. The eret penis: «...in seconds the footman’s blue-veined column stood ramrod-straight against his belly...» (TSM, 31). Sp. Columna de vena azul (pene erecto).

blue-veined meaty shaft. The erect penis: «I looked down at Bobby’s blue-veined meaty shaft, that looked so appetising» (TSM, 19). Sp. Flecha de carne con vena azul (pene erecto).

blue-veined steak. The erect penis. Sp. Bistec de vena azul (pene erecto).

blue-veined trumpet. The erect penis. US. sl. Sp. Trompeta de vena azul (pene erecto).

blue veiner. An erection of the penis, the erect penis. From blue vein, q.v. US. sl. Sp. El de la vena azul (pene erecto).

Bluebeard. A lecher, a whoremonger. From the personage of popular mythology (so called from the colour of his beard), who married several times, murdering his wives, and keeping their bodies in a locked turret-chamber. Br. E. sl. Sp. Barba-Azul (mujeriego, putañero).

Bluebeard’s closet. The female genitals. From the locked turret-chamber, where Bluebeard kept the bodies of his murdered wives. Br. E. sl. Sp. El cuarto de Barba-Azul (genitales fem.).

blueskin. The penis. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Piel azul (pene).

bluff. A lesbian who can take either the active or the passive sexual role. A blend of ‘bitch’ and ‘fluff’. US. homosexual jargon. Sp. Lesbiana que puede adoptar tanto el rol activo como el pasivo (fusión de bitch y fluff).

blunt end. The glans. Br. E. Army sl. Sp. Punta roma (glande).

board. To copulate with a woman. Used by Shaks.: «I am sure he is in the fleet; I would he had boarded me» (Much Ado, II, i, 123-124). Sp. Subir a bordo (copular con una mujer) (usado por Shaks.).

board a land carrack/carack. To copulate with a prostitute. Used by Shaks. in Othello, I, ii, 49-50: «Cas. Ancient, what makes here? Iago. Faith, he to-night hath boarded a land carack». Sp. Montarse en un barco de carga (copular con una prostituta) (usado por Shaks.).

board the train. To coit. Said of each of the various males successively copulating with a woman. See pull a train. Sp. Subir al tren (dicho de cada uno de los hombres que copula sucesivamente con una mujer).

boat1. The female pudenda. Used by Shaks. in the expression her boat hath a leak (su bote hace agua), an allusion to ‘period’ or ‘gonorrhea’: «Her boat hath a leak, / And she must not speak,/ Why she dares not come over to thee» (King Lear, III, vi, 25-27). Still current, esp. in the phrase the little man in the boat, q.v. Sp. Bote, barco (genitales fem.) [usado por Shaks. en her boat hath a leak (su bote hace agua), alusión a la gonorrea o la regla] (boat es aun de uso corriente hoy día en the little man in the boat, ‘pequeño hombre del bote’, clítoris).

boat2. The penis: ☺«A child sees its parents in the bathtub, and asks what their genitals are. The mother says: ‘That’s my harbor.’ The father: ‘That’s my boat.’ Child: ‘Daddy, why don’t you set your boat in Mama’s harbor?’» (there are other versions with horse and stable, automobile and garage, etc., substituted for boat and harbor) (Rationale I, 53). Sp. Bote, barco (pene).

boat and oar. A prostitute. US. rhyming sl. for ‘whore’; dated. Broken oar, q.v., is a var., also dated. Sp. Bote y remo (prostituta; argot rimado am.: oar rima con whore). (antic.).

bob-and-hit. The female genitals. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Dale que te pego (genitales fem.).

bobbers. The breasts. From the movement when walking. Br. E. sl. Sp. Flotadores (pechos de mujer).

bobbies. The testicles. Br. E. sl. See baubles/bawbles. Sp. Testículos (v. baubles/bawbles)

bobbles. The testicles. Br. E. sl., 19th c. From a dial. word for stones, q.v.. F & H have: “a corrupted form of bawbells.” Sp. Guijarros (testículos) (dial.).

bobstay. The frenum of the penis. From the nautical term for the rope used to confine the bowsprit of a ship down to the stem. Br. E. sl., 18th-19th c. Sp. Barbiquejo de bauprés (frenillo del pene).

bobtail. The penis. From the common term for a horse’s tail that has been cut short. Also, “«an impotent man, a eunuch (as if his penis had been bobbed), or a lewd woman, or one that plays with her tail” (GROSE). Sp. Cola recortada (pene o eunuco; tamb. mujer lasciva o que juega con sus genitales).

bodaggle. A masculine lesbian. A corruption of bull-dagger, q.v. US. sl. Sp. Lesbiana de rol masc. (alteración de bull-dagger, q.v.).

bodikin. A brothel. A contraction of bawdy ken, q.v. Br. E. underworld, 19th c. Sp. Burdel (forma contraida de bawdy ken, q.v.).

bodini/budini. The penis. From Italian bodino, ‘blood sausage’. US. sl. Sp. Morcilla (del italiano bodino) (pene).

bodkin. The penis. From the standard meaning. ‘a long thin needle without a point’. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Punzón (pene).

body lover. A homosexual frotteur, q.v. Gay jargon. Sp. Amante de cuerpos (homosexual que practica frottage, q.v.) (jerga gay).

body queen. A homosexual male who is aroused by men with muscular bodies. US. gay jargon. Sp. Reina de cuerpos (homosexual que se excita con hombres musculosos) (jerga gay).

body rub. Masturbation by a whore. One of the services offered, usu. to males, in a massage parlour. Sp. Masaje corporal (masturbación como servicio ofrecido en una casa de masajes, en realidad un burdel encubierto).

body worker. A prostitute. Sp. Trabajadora del cuerpo (prostituta).

body’s captain, my. The penis. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Humorous: man ruled by his sexual organ. Sp. El capitán de mi cuerpo (mi pene).

boff. To copulate and to masturbate, usually said of a male. Probably an obs. variant of buff, ‘hit’ or ‘rub’. US. sl.: «...Alex and Marilyn were unavailable [...] as they were far too busy boffing» (CI). Sp. Golpear (copular o masturbarse el hombre).

boffable. Fuckable. From to boff, q.v. Sp. Follable (de boff)

bogey/bogy. The posterior or the anus. Br. E. underworld, 19th c. Sp. El coco (trasero o ano).

bog queen. A gay male who frequents public toilets for sex (bog = lavatory). Gay jargon. Sp. Reina de los aseos (gay que frecuenta los aseos en busca de sexo) (jerga gay).

bogs. The female pudenda. Used by Shaks.:

«Antipholus. In what part of her body stands Ireland?

Dromio. [...] in her buttocks; I found it out by the bogs» (The Comedy of Errors, III, ii, 115-116). Sp. Ciénagas (genitales fem.) (usado por Shaks.).

boil bangers. To copulate. Austr. sl. Hervir salchichas (copular) .

boink. To coit with a woman. Echoic term, perhaps a var. of bonk, q.v.. US. sl.: «[Ron Jeremy (the famous male porn star), as he crosses different porn stars at a porn convention]: ’Fucked her...Porked her...Got a blowjob from her...Boinked her...Reamed her...Popped her cherry...Got her in the ass...’».(Hustler cartoon). Sp. Golpear (copular, dicho del hombre).

boinkable. Fuckable. From to boink, q.v. Sp. Follable (de boink).

bolaxe. The testicles. See ballocks. Sp. Bolas, pelotas (var. de ballocks, q.v.).

bollix. The testicles. See ballocks. Sp. Bolas, pelotas (var. de ballocks, q.v.).

bollock-naked. Stark naked. Also ballock-naked. From bollocks, q.v.: «Sally [...] rose and slipped off her dressing-gown to stand before us absolutely bollock naked» (Fiesta). Sp. En bolas.

bollocks. The testicles. Var. of ballocks, q.v. OED, 1744-1968. According to MCDONALD, it was Standard English up until the early 19th c. See quot. at well-hung. Sp. Bolas, pelotas (var. de ballocks, q.v.) (según MCDONALD, inglés estándar hasta rincipios del siglo XIX)).

bollock yogurt. Semen. Br. E. sl. Sp. Yogur de las pelotas (semen)

bollox. The testicles. See ballocks. Sp. Bolas, pelotas (var. de ballocks, q.v.).

bologna. A large penis. From the large kind of sausage first made at Bologna:

«She married a fellow named Tony

Who soon found her fucking the pony.

Said he, “What’s it got,

My dear, that I’ve not?”

Sighed she, “Just a yard-long bologna» (Limerick). Sp. Salchicha de Bolonia (pene de gran tamaño).

bolt. The penis. Another term for arrow, q.v.: «...Roger shoved his bolt deep into her...» (Pent). Sp. Saeta (pene).

bom. The buttocks. An obs. form of bum, q.v. Sp. Culo (var. obs. de bum, q.v.).

bombs. The female breasts. US. sl. Sp. Bombas (pechos de mujer)

bombshell. A very attractive and sexy woman. Orig. blonde bombshell, q.v., a very attractive blonde (OED, 1942): «...the blonde bombshell arranged an appointment with me...» (Mayfair). Sp. Una bomba (mujer atractiva y sexy).

bona-roba. A prostitute. From It. buona roba, good dress. Lex. as obs., OED, 1597-1822. Used by Shaks.: « We knew where the bona-robas were, and had the best of them all at commandment » (2 Henry IV, III, ii, 25-26). Sp. Buen vestido (del it.) (prostituta) (usado por Shaks.).

bondage. Sado-masochistic practices. From the standard meaning ‘slavery, servitude’. OED, 1966: «...he asked if I felt like a little bondage. I quickly agreed, he took my leather cuffs and anklets and chained me to the chair...» (Mayfair). Sp. Esclavitud (prácticas sado-masoquistas).

bondage and discipline. Sado-masochistic practices, often abbrev. to B and D or B/D in sexual ads. See bondage. Sp. Esclavitud y disciplina (prácticas sado-masoquistas).

bone, to. To copulate. US. sl. Sp. Usar el hueso (copular; v. bone).

bone. The erect penis; an erection. US. sl.: «I had always dreamed of my boss’s bone being very long, thick and juicy» (Hustler). Sp. Hueso (pene erecto, erección).

bone-ache/bone-ague. Syphilis. OED, 1398-1659. Shaks. often referred to syphilis giving it various names: incurable bone-ache, Neapolitan bone-ache, leprosy and malady of France, among others. Sp. Dolor de huesos (sífilis) (Shaks. lo usó en las combs. incurable bone-ache y Neapolitan bone-ache).

bone-on/bone on. An erection. Modelled after hard-on, q.v.: «Animals with a bone in the penis. Hence, a bone on... Happily [...] the bony structure is lost in man» (TCn, 11). Sp. Erección (por analogía con hard-on, q.v.).

bone-queen. A fellator. Gay jargon. Sp. Reina de ‘huesos’- penes erectos (gay que hace felaciones) .

bone smuggler. A gay male. Derog. Sp. Contrabandista de pollas (gay) (pey)

boner. The erect penis; an erection: «...feeling his racing heart in his boner [...] excited my cooze» (Barely Legal). «Tiana sure gives me a boner!» (Swank). Sp. Erección, pene erecto.

bonfire. The penis. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Hoguera (pene).

bong, to. To copulate. US. campus sl. Echoic term. See bonk Sp. Onomatopeya de golpe (copular).

bongos. The female breasts. US. sl. Echoic term. Sp. Tetas (término onomatopéyico).

bonk. To copulate. Echoic term. OED, 1984: «...Linda was, at the time, bonking some Tunisian she’d left her husband and kid for» (Razzle). A bonk is an act of sexual intercourse. Sp. Golpear/golpe (término onomatopéyico) (echar un polvo/polvo).

bonkable. Fuckable. From to bonk, q.v. Sp. Follable (de bonk).

bonkfest. An orgy: «She’s been involved in steamy, uninhibited bonkfests with Kev Costner in Revenge....» (Mayfair). Sp. Orgía.

bonk-on. An erection. Modelled after hard-on, q.v. Sp. Erección (por analogía con hard-on, q.v.).

bonne-bouche. The female genitals. From the French for ‘good taste in the mouth’, anglicised as ‘a tasty morsel’. Sp. Buena boca (del fr. por ‘buen sabor en la boca’ (sabroso bocado) (genitales fem.).

boob-ball. Insertion of the penis between a woman’s breasts, and to copulate in this way: «Lots of girls come from being boob-balled» (Barely Legal). Also tit-fuck, q.v. Sp. Polvo en las tetas.

boobies. The breasts. Perhaps from German dial. bübbi, ‘teats’. Lex. as sl. (orig. US.), OED, 1934. Sp. Tetas (posiblemente del alemán dial. bübbi, ‘teats’).

boo-boo. A child´s word for the posterior. Sp. Pompi.

booboos. The testicles. US. sl. Used by Truman Capote, in 1951, in his novel Grass Harp. Sp. Cataplines (usado por Truman Capote en su novela Grass Harp).

boobs. The breasts: «...Trista peeled off her tee-shirt to reveal a firm pair of boobs».(CI). Prob. shortening of boobies, q.v. Lex. as sl. (orig. US.), OED, 1949. Sp. Tetas (prob. forma abrev. de boobies, q.v.).

boodle. The female genitals. US. sl. See booty. Sp. Botín (var. de booty, q.v.).

boody. See booty.

boogie/boogey. To do the sex act; to do anal intercourse. From the sense ‘to dance to boogie-woogie music’. US. sl. Sp. Bailar un bugui-bugui (copular o realizar sexo anal).

book. The female pudenda as a book for a man to write in with his pen or pencil. In Pills to Purge Melancholy, 18th c. (in BURFORD, 141), we find conjuring book, q.v.,:

«She open’d wide her Conjuring Book,

And lay’d the Leaves at large».

But the euph. was already used in the 17th c. in the phrase two-leav’d booke:

«It is a Penne with a hole in the toppe

To write betwene her two-leav’d booke...» (A Man’s Yard, c1600, in BURFORD, 49). Sp. Libro (donde el hombre puede escribir con su ‘pluma’ o ‘lápiz’) (genitales fem.).

book-binder’s wife. The female genitals. “G. A. Stevens” [quoted by PARTRIDGE, in his notes to his edition of GROSE (under monosyllable)]. Sp. La esposa del encuadernador (genitales fem.).

boom-boom. Onomatopoeic reduplication. Sexual activity; copulation. US. sl. Perhaps from the firing of a gun: «...he calls up, wants me to come over to straight screw him, boom, boom, twenty minutes and out» (THH, 238). Sp. Pum-pum (onomatopeya de disparo) (actividad sexual, coito).
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