Dictionary of euphemisms and dysphemisms in english erotica with spanish equivalents

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boom the census. To copulate. See higher Malthusianism. Sp. Aumentar el censo (copular; v. higher Malthusianism).

boondagger. An aggressive lesbian, particularly one who likes to dress in a masc. style. US. sl. Sp. Buena daga (lesbiana de rol masc.).

boot. A condom. Sp. Bota (condón).

booty. US. Black sl., used for ‘sex’, ‘the female genitals’ or ‘the buttocks’: «She has one juicy booty that’s only matched by her ample titties» (Swank). Also boody. Sp. Botín (sexo; genitales fem.; nalgas).

bop. To coit with a woman. Hitting imagery. US. sl. Sp. Golpear (copular, dicho del hombre).

bop one’s bologna. (Of a male) to masturbate. Hitting imagery. Sp. Golpear/aporrear la salchicha de Bolonia (masturbarse el hombre).

bop the baloney. (Of a male) to masturbate. Hitting imagery. Sp. Golpear/aporrear la salchicha de Bolonia (masturbarse el hombre).

bop the bishop. (Of a male) to masturbate. Hitting imagery. Sp. Golpear/aporrear al obispo (masturbarse el hombre).

bop the Bonzo. (Of a male) to masturbate. Hitting imagery. Sp. Golpear/aporrear al Bonzo (masturbarse el hombre).

bop Richard. (Of a male) to masturbate. Hitting imagery. Sp. Golpear/aporrear a Richard (masturbarse el hombre).

bordel. A house of prostitution. From O.F. bordel, ‘cabin’, ‘hut’, ‘brothel’, from medieval Latin bordellus. OED, c1305-1850. Sp. Burdel (del Latín bordellus, vía francés antiguo bordel).

bordello. It. for bordel, a house of prostitution. OED, 1598-1961: «Rich young men traveled in bands from bordello to bordello...» (DOV, 25). Sp. Burdel (del italiano).

bore, to. To copulate. To pierce with a bore. 17th c. (see quot. at wimble). Sp. Perforar (copular).

bore1. The female genitals. From the cavity of a gun. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Ánima de una escopeta (genitales fem.).

bore2. The penis. From the obs. ‘bore’, an instrument for boring. Found in The Exeter Book, riddle 62, 10th c. See quot. at gimlet. Sp. Perforadora (pene) (euf. muy antiguo, presente ya en una adivinanza del Libro de Exeter, del siglo X).

bore her up and down. To pierce by means of a rotary movement. To coit with a woman: «I stricken was with Cupid’s fiery shaft, /And fell in love with this my lady dear, / And stole her from her friends in Turnbull Street, / And bore her up and down» (KBP, III, iv, 138-41). Sp. Perforarla de arriba abajo (penetrar a una mujer).

borer. The penis. ‘A drill’. To be found in the English translations (Motteux, Urquhart, 17th c.) of Rabelais. Sp. Perforadora (pene).

born in the vestry, to be. To be an illegitimate child (whose parents were not married in church). Sp. Haber nacido en la sacristía (ser hijo,-a natural).

born on the wrong side of the sheets/blanket/covers. An illegitimate child. Current sl. Sp. Nacido,-a en el lado malo de las sábanas/ la manta/la colcha (ser hijo,-a natural).

bosh, to. To have sexual intercourse. Campus sl. (Edinburgh Univ.). Sp. Copular (argot del campus de la universidad de Edimburgo).

boskage of Venus. The female pubic hair. Sp. Bosquecillo de Venus (vello púbico fem.).

bosom1. The breast of a human being. From Old English bosm. The female breasts. OED, c1000-1864:

«’You have written a sonnet’, said Chloe,

‘On my bosom so rounded and snowy.

You have sent me some verse on

Each part of my person.

That’s lovely. Now do something, bo-y!’» (Limerick). Sp. Seno, pecho de mujer.

bosom2. The female lap, the pudenda. Used by Shaks.: «So I might live one hour in your sweet bosom» (Richard III, I, ii, 124). «(Let our youth) drown themselves in riot! itches, blains17, / Sow all the Athenian bosoms; and their crop to general leprosy!» (Timon, IV, i, 28-30). Sp. Seno, regazo (genitales fem.) (usado por Shaks.).

bosoms. The female breasts. OED, 1959:

«Now Mrs Brown had invisible bosoms

They scarcely showed beneath her blouse

So they gave her the vegetable compound

Now they milk her with the cows» (Fragment of rugby song). Sp. Senos, pechos de mujer.

Boston marriage. Long-term, monogamous relationship (not necessarily sexual) between two, otherwise unmarried, women. US. gay jargon. Sp. Matrimonio bostoniano (de dos lesbianas) (jerga gay).

Boston tea party. A var. of golden shower, q.v. US. sl. Sp. Fiesta del té de Boston (orgía en la que los participantes practican la ‘lluvia de orina’; v. golden shower).

bot. The buttocks. OED, 1922. Abbrev. from bottom, q.v. See also hot-bot. Sp. Pompi (forma abrev. de bottom, q.v.).

Botany Bay. The female genitals. Geographical name suggesting exploration and adventure:

«Then this Botany Bay, or cunt, much the same,

I have proved is the spot whence all of us came:

May we there be transported with pleasure and speed,

And nourish its soil with sowing our seed» («Botany Bay», M.M.C. –1827 edition–, attributed to Robert Burns, in BURFORD, 289). Sp. Nombre geográfico (que sugiere exploración y aventura) (genitales fem.).

bott. A variant spelling of bot, q.v. Sp. Pompi (var. de bot, q.v.)

bottle, to. To coit with a woman anally. Br. E. sl. From bottle and glass, q.v. Sp. Embotellar (sodomizar a una mujer; de bottle and glass, q.v.).

bottle1. The pudenda. Used by Shaks. in the expression to fill a bottle with a tun-dish, q.v. Sp. Botella (genitales fem.) (usado por Shaks. en to fill the bottle with a tun-dish, q.v.).

bottle2. Male prostitution. US. sl. Sp. Botella (prostitución masc.).

bottle and glass. The buttocks or the anus. Rhyming sl. for ‘ass’. Sp. Botella y vaso (culo, ano; argot rimado: glass rima con ass).

bottle merchant. A male prostitute, esp. a catamite prostitute who acts as a receiver. Br. E. underworld. Sp. Comerciante de botellas (prostituto, esp. prostituto mantenido de rol pasivo).

bottle opener. A male homosexual, the insertor. From bottle and glass, q.v. Br. E. gay jargon. Sp. Abre-botellas (homosexual de rol activo) (jerga gay).

bottles. The breasts, as milk containers. Occ. heard in Canada. Sp. Botellas (pechos de mujer).

bottom. The buttocks. OED, 1794-1885: «...I reached down to cup her bottom...» (Fiesta). Often abbrev. to bot. Sp. Fondo (pompi).

bottom-grass. The pubic hair. Used by Shaks. (see quot. at brakes). Sp. Yerba del fondo (vello púbico) (usado por Shaks.).

bottom-hole. The anus. See quots. at little eye and source. Sp. Agujero del fondo/del culo (ano).

bottom man1. A man who prefers this part of a woman’s anatomy: «He was obviously being a bottom man last night. He spent hours kissing and feeling all around my bottom» (Men Only). Sp. Hombre de pompis (que prefiere esta parte de la anatomía fem.).

bottom man2. The passive partner in a male homosexual couple:

«There was once an effeminate Ottoman.

For the fair sex, I fear, he was not a man.

He was all up in arms

Against feminine charms:

“Quite frankly,” he said, “I’m a bottom man.”» (Limerick). See also top man. Sp. Hombre de abajo (miembro de rol pasivo en una pareja de homosexuales).

bottom woman. A pimp’s most dependable prostitute, usu. his wife or girlfriend. US. prostitutes’ jargon. Sp. Mujer de fondo (de base) (prostituta principal de un chulo, a menudo su mujer o su novia).

bottomless. (Of a waitress in certain bars) naked from the waist down. Modelled on topless q.v.. Orig. US. sl. Sp. Sin nada por abajo (desnuda de la cintura para abajo; por analogía con topless).

bottomless pit. The female genitals. A humorous dysph. showing an element of male apprehension about the nature of the vagina (see vagina dentata). From the euph. for ‘hell’ in the Bible (Revelation, 9-2): «And he (the fifth angel) opened the bottomless pit...». Similar expressions include: biter, dumb-glutton, hell, man-trap and snapper (all q.v.) among others. Sp. Pozo sin fondo (euf. por ‘infierno’ en la Biblia) (genitales fem.).

bottoms. A nickname for a catamite. US. sl. Sp. Fondos (apodo dado a un joven homosexual mantenido).

bottoms up. Copulation wherein the male enters the vagina from the rear. Also, anal heterosexual copulation. From the drinking toast. Sp. Arriba los fondos/culos (típico brindis inglés) (coito por detrás, vaginal o anal).

botty. The buttocks. From bottom + y (diminutive suffix). Lex. as sl., OED, 1874-1924. Sp. Pompi (de bottom + y, sufijo dim.).

boulders. Large, firm breasts. US. sl. Over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder is occ. used humorously for ‘bra’. Sp. Cantos rodados (pechos grandes y firmes).

bounce. To copulate. From the movement. Sp. Rebotar (copular).

bouncers. The female breasts. Because they bounce. Br. E. sl. Sp. Saltarinas (tetas)

bouncy-bouncy. To copulate and copulation. One of a number of reduplications and alliterations, common in the language of taboo: fucky-fucky, fucky-fuck, boom-boom, jig-jig, pom-pom, push-push, rumpy-pumpy, whim-wham, yum-yum, zig-zig, etc., ‘copulation’; chi-chis, flip-flaps (Austr. sl.), wibbly-wobblers, etc., ‘the female breasts’; dingle-dangle, ding-dong, flip-flap, wigga-wagga, etc., ‘penis’; booboos, twiddle-diddles, ‘testicles’, flip-flop, ‘mutual oral sexual intercourse’, or ‘a change of roles in anal intercourse’, in gay jargon; sucky-fucky, an act of penilingus followed by copulation, etc. Sp. Bota-bota (una de tantas aliteraciones o reduplicaciones tan corrientes en el lenguaje tabú). (copular y coito)

Bourneville boulevard. The anus. A British equivalent of the US. sl. Hershey highway, q.v. (Bourneville being a popular brand of dark chocolate in Britain). Sp. El bulevar Bourneville [de las barras de chocolate negro Bourneville, equivalente británico del americano Hershey (v. Hershey highway)] (ano).

bout. An occasion of physical love. Used by Shaks.: «’Damsel, I’ll have a bout with you again’ (1 Henry VI, III ii 56). Quite frequent elsewhere in English bawdy verse:

«These London Wenches are so stout,

They care not what they do;

They will not let you have a Bout.

Without a Crown or two» (Pills, 18th c., in HENKE, 1979).

Still current (see love bout). Sp. Ataque, asalto (polvo) (usado por Shaks. y aún corriente – v. love bout).

bow. The penis. For playing the fiddle. 18th-19th c. Still occ. found:

«There was a young fellow named Biddle

Whose girl had to teach him to fiddle.

She grabbed hold of his bow

And said, ‘If you want to know,

You can try parting my hair in the middle’» (Limerick). Sp. Arco (de violín) (pene).

bowels. The entrails; often used as an anatomical substitution for the genitals or the anus. See quots. at baby’s arm, go in to/go into, hole1 and hug. Sp. Entrañas (genitales o ano).

bower. The female genitals as lodging for the male (see also house and tenement):

«For terms of Years, for Months, or Daies,

I’ll let this pleasant Bower;

Nay! rather than a Tenant want

I’ll let it for an Houre» (Merry Drollery II, 17th c., in BURFORD, 136). Sp. Morada (genitales fem.).

bower of bliss. The vagina. From Spenser’s Faerie Queen, 16th c. Sp. Morada de la felicidad (vegina; euf. usado por Spenser en Faerie Queen).

bowl. The penis. From the bowling ball. Br. E. sl., 17th c. Sp. Bolo (pene).

bowling. Copulation. From the game of bowls. Used by Shaks.: «...if it be not too rough for some that know little but bowling...» (The Winter’s Tale, IV, iv, 323). Sp. Juego de bolos (coito) (usado alusivamente por Shaks.).

bowsprit. The penis. Nautical imagery. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Bauprés (pene).

box. The vagina: «Her box was aflame» (FU, 132). OED (AS), 1942. It is an older euph., however, as it was used by Shaks. in the expression box unseen: «He wears his honour in a box unseen...» (All’s Well, II, iii, 272), and by Ben Jonson, in perfum’d box (Volpone, V, iii, 33). Other euphs. in which the vagina is likened to a box or similar receptacle include: love-box, jelly-box, juice-box, fish-box, snatch-box, tinder-box, dirt-box, tool-box, tool-chest, pot, sex-pot, can, case, basket, bucket, pipkin, pocket, bin of lust, etc. See another quot. at flapper. Also, the anus, in homosexual use (see tender box). Sp. Caja (vagina o, en jerga gay, ano) (usado por Shaks. como ‘vagina’ en la comb. box unseen, ‘caja invisible’ y por Ben Jonson, en perfum’d box, ‘caja perfumada’).

box lunch. Cunnilingus: «She had a wet twat [...] God, I don’t think I’ve ever had a box lunch as nice as that one» (FU, 98). Sp. Almuerzo de cesta (cunilinguo).

box out of the ring. To have an affair. Austr. sl. Sp. Boxear fuera del ring (tener un lío amoroso) .

box the bald champ. (Of a male) to masturbate. Hitting imagery. Sp. Boxear con el campeón calvo (masturbarse el hombre).

box the Jesuit (and get cockroaches). To masturbate. Said of a male. Br. E. sl., 18th-19th c. “A sea term for masturbation; a crime, it is said, much practised by the reverend fathers of that society” (GROSE). A pun on cock and a criticism of cloistered life. See also jesuit. Sp. Golpear/aporrear al jesuita (y sacar cucarachas) (juego de palabras entre cock y la forma de vida enclaustrada de los jesuitas) (masturbarse el hombre).

boy1. An effeminate male homosexual. Also, a catamite, q.v. US. sl. Sp. Muchacho (gay afeminado o mantenido).

boy2 . A male who takes the passive role in a gay relationship, or a boyish, butch lesbian (also boydyke). Gay jargon. Sp. Muchacho (gay de rol pasivo o lesbiana masc.) (jerga gay).

boy friend/boy-friend. A woman’s favourite escort, a sweetheart, a lover. Occ. used with implications of an illicit heterosexual relationship, or a homosexual one. OED, 1896-1957. Sp. Novio, amigo (con implicación de relación homosexual o heterosexual ilícita).

boy-lover. A pederast. Sp. Amante de muchachos (pederasta).

boy-in-the-boat. The clitoris. Br. E. sl. A var. of little man in the boat, q.v. Sp. El muchacho del bote (clítoris; var. de little man in the boat, q.v).

boy toy. A male prostitute. Sp. Muchacho-juguete (prostituto).

b.p.o.m. “Big piece of meat.” Well-endowed. New York homosexual sl. Sp. Abreviatura de ‘buen pedazo de carne’ (argot neoyorquino por ‘homosexual bien dotado’).

brace and bits. The breasts. US. rhyming sl.=tits. Sp. Berbiquí y barrenas (tetas; argot rimado am.: bits rima con tits).

bracket. The anus. Austr. sl. Sp. Brezo (ano) .

bracmard. The penis. From the French braquemard, a type of straight broadsword. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Tipo de daga (del francés braquemard) (pene).

braise. To copulate. Sp. Cocer a fuego lento (copular).

brakes. The female pubic hair. From the meaning ‘clump of brushwood’. Used by Shaks.:

«Within the limit is relief enough,

Sweet bottom-grass, and high delightful plain,

Round rising hillocks, brakes obscure and rough,

To shelter thee from tempest and from rain» (Venus, vv. 235-238). Sp. Maleza (vello púbico fem.) (usado por Shaks.).

branch. The penis. Sp. Rama (pene).

brandle. (Of a male) to masturbate. Shake imagery. Br. E. sl., 17th c. Sp. Sacudírsela (masturbarse el hombre).

brass. A prostitute. Rhyming sl. (see brass nail). Sp. Latón (forma abrev. de brass nail; prostituta; argot rimado: nail rima con tail).

brass monkey. The testicles. Perhaps from the expression ‘cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey’. Curiously enough, ‘monkey’ here does not refer to the animal, but to an obs. name given to a cannon. Sp. ‘Mono’ de latón [testículos; quizás del dicho ‘cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey’ (tan frío como para helar las bolas de un mono de latón), aunque curiosamente monkey se refiere aquí a un cañón y balls a las balas del mismo].

brass nail. A prostitute. Rhyming sl. for ‘tail’, in the North of England. Usually shortened to brass. Sp. Clavo de latón (prostituta; argot rimado: nail rima con tail).

brat-getting place. The vagina. Reproduction imagery. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Lugar donde engendrar niños (vagina).

breach. The vulva. From the standard meaning: a hole on a wall made during a military attack: «...but he was made to find no breach impracticable, and mine, tho’ so often enter’d, was still far from wide enough to take him easily in» (FH, 92). Used by Shaks. See quot. at charg’d chambers. Also, the anus (see quot. at vent). Sp. Grieta, brecha (en un muro tras un ataque militar) (vulva; ano) (usado por Shaks. como ‘genitales fem.’).

bread. The female genitals. US. sl. According to NEAMAN, Chaucer set a precedent for the use of bread as a euph. for vagina in 1387, when his Wife of Bath said:

«I nil envye no virginitee:

Lat hem be breed of pured whete seed,

And lat us wives hote barly breed...».18 (The Prologue, 148-150). Sp. Pan (genitales fem.) (metáfora usada ya por Chaucer, según NEAMAN).

bread and butter fashion. Copulating. “One slice upon the other” (GROSE, 1785). Sp. Como el pan y la mantequilla (copulando; una rebanada sobre otra).

bread-winner. The female genitals. Br. E. prostitute sl. Dated. Sp. Gana-pan (los genitales fem.).

break1. To devirginate. Sp. Romper (desvirgar).

break2. To initiate (usu. a girl) in the pleasures of sex. Sp. Iniciar (gen. a una chica, en los placeres del sexo).

break a colt. To tame a young horse, hence to devirginate a young girl, to break her maidenhead: «I’ll undertake / [...] to ha’ broken ten, / Nay, twenty colts, virgins I mean, and taught’em / The amble, or what pace I most affected» (LP, V, i, 392-95). Sp. Domar a un potro (desvirgar a una joven).

break a head. To cuckold, q.v. Sp. Romper (adornar) una cabeza (poner los cuernos).

break a lance with. To copulate with a woman. Br. E. sl., 19th-20th c. Now obs. Sp. Partir una lanza con (copular, dicho del hombre).

break a leg. To get seduced and pregnant. US. dial., from Br. E. 19th. sl. broken-legged, seduced. See broken-kneed/broken-legged Sp. Romperse una pierna (ser seducida y quedar embarazada) (v. broken-kneed/broken-legged).

break and enter. Anal rape. Prison sl. Force-fuck, q.v., is a coarse var. Sp. Romper y entrar (forzar la entrada) (violación anal, en argot carcelario).

break for lunch. Copulation, possibly oral sex. Sp. Pausa para el almuerzo (coito o sexo oral).

break her leg above the knee. Var. of to break one’s leg at the church-door, q.v. Sp. Romperse la pierna por encima de la rodilla (var. de break one’s leg at the church-door, q.v.) (ser seducida y desvirgada antes de la boda).

break ice. To deflower: «Why, she first begins with one/ Who afterwards to a thousand proves a whore: / Break ice in one place, it will crack in more» (RT, IV, iv, 78-80). See another quot. at puddle. Sp. Romper el hielo (desvirgar).

break in. To insert the penis in the vagina: «...now exerting itself with a kind of native rage, he breaks in...» (FH, 55). Sp. Irrumpir (introducir el pene en la vagina).

break luck. To meet the day’s first client. Prostitutes’ jargon. Sp. Estrenarse (jerga de prostitutas por ‘hacer su primer cliente del día’).

break one’s ankle. Middle-class American code for a woman having got pregnant out of wedlock or, in some parts of the country, having had an abortion. Sp. Romperse el tobillo (quedar embarazada fuera del matrimonio, o tener un aborto).

break one’s knee. To copulate extra-maritally for the first time. Br. E. sl., 17th c. Sp. Romperse la rodilla (copular fuera del matrimonio por 1ª vez).

break one’s leg at the church-door. (Of a woman) to be seduced, to be deflowered, esp. in the expression she hath broken her leg at the church-door. Colloq. and (mainly) Cheshire dial. Often shortened to to break one’s leg. Obs. A var. is to break her leg above the knee, Br. E. sl, 17th c. (see quot. at set up shop). See also to break a leg. Sp. Romperse la pierna en la puerta de la iglesia (ser seducida y desvirgada antes de la boda).
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