Dictionary of euphemisms and dysphemisms in english erotica with spanish equivalents

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break the pale. Be unfaithful to one’s wife. Used by Shaks. with the imagery of a deer breaking through the fence of the deer-park (see quot. at feed from home). He also used to truant with one’s bed, q.v., with a different imagery: to stray from the conjugal bed. Sp. Saltar la empalizada (ser infiel a la esposa) (usado por Shaks. en la metáfora ‘ciervo que salta la valla del parque’).

break through. To devirginate: « ‘There is no blood. I guess he didn’t break through’» (LB, 71). Sp. Taladrar (desvirgar).

breakfast in bed. Cunnilingus. US. sl. Sp. Desayuno en la cama (cunilinguo).

breast. Each of the two soft protuberances situated on the thorax of women, which produce milk when they have a baby. From O.E. bréost. OED, c1000-1863. Freq. used in the pl.:

«As everyone knows, without going to College,

She gave him the fruit of the banned tree of knowledge.

And the fruit Eve thrust forth with lascivious zest

The vulgar call tit and the learned breasts.

So that’s why the Savants in High Schools and Halls...

Have classified breasts, and the way women show them

In various grades: By their fruits shall ye know them!» (Fragment of rugby song). Sp. Pecho de mujer.

breast and buttock. See cheesecake. Sp. Pecho y culo.

breasts. See breast. Sp. Pechos de mujer (v. breast).

breastworks. The breasts. From the meaning ‘parapet’ (see quot. at covered way). Still current as US. sl. Sp. Parapetos (pechos de mujer).

breech. The buttocks. From O.E. brec, plural of broc, leg covering, in M.E. usually brech, breech as a singular. OED, a1533-1821.19 Sp. Pantalones de montar (trasero).

breeches. The female genitals. Pun on breeches, ‘riding trousers’ and breaches, ‘gaps’, ‘fissures’, used by T. Dekker, 17th c.: «If it be a woman, marrow-bones and potato pies20 keep me for meddling with her, for the thing has got the breeches...» (HWI, IV, i, 104-108). Sp. Pantalones de montar (genitales fem.; juego de palabras con breaches , ‘brechas, grietas’).

breed like rabbits. To have a lot of children. Sp. Reproducirse como conejos.

breeder. A married homosexual who fathers children. Gay jargon. Sp. Reproductor, semental (gay casado que tiene hijos) (jerga gay).

brewer’s droop. Inability to achieve an erection because one has consumed too much alcoholic drink. Br. E. sl. Often abbrev. to droop.: «...that night my husband had the ‘droop’- just for a change» (Fiesta). Sp. Falta de erección/’gatillazo’ debido al abuso de la bebida (a menudo abrev. a droop).

bridal. The wedding feast, a wedding. From O.E. brydealu, lit. ‘wedding ale’. OED, 1075-1859. Now more commonly used as an adj. in comb. referring to the wedding or the bride: bridal bed/dinner/cake/ring/dress/day/night, etc. Sp. Nupcial (del inglés antiguo brydealu, lit. ‘cerveza para la boda’).

bridal bed. See nuptial bed. Sp. Lecho nupcial.

briefs. Men’s underpants or women’s pants without legs, short knickers. From O.F. bref, from Latin brevis, of short duration. OED, 1934: «Her blonde triangle of pubic hair was hardly covered by a tiny pair of briefs, under which she wore a black suspender belt» (Mayfair). Sp. Calzoncillos o bragas cortos

Brighton Pier. A male homosexual. Br. E. rhyming sl. for queer. Sp. Muelle de Brighton (homosexual; argot rimado: Pier rima con queer).

brim1. Human copulation. From the copulation of hogs, dial. 1400s. Lex. for ‘to copulate (of swine)’, OED, c1420-1863. Sp. Apareamiento de cerdos (dicho por extensión de los humanos: coito).

brim2. A vicious woman, a prostitute; from brimstone, an obs. term for a virago, q.v. OED, 1730-1808, obs.:

«But one above the rest, so wondrous trim:

You would swear she was a Hick and no common Brim

Accosted me presently and called me her Love

But I soon did dismiss her with a Kick and a Shove» («The Long Vocation», Pills, 18th c., in BURFORD, 230). Sp. Mujer viciosa, prostituta (forma abrev. de brimstone, q.v.).

brimstone. A virago, q.v. OED, 1751-1824. Also, a harlot, occ. shortened to brim. GROSE defines it as follows: «(Abbreviation of brimstone) An abandoned woman: perhaps, originally, only a passionate or irascible woman, compared to brimstone for its inflammability». Sp. Azufre (virago o prostituta) (a menudo abrev. a brim).

bring down by hand. To masturbate someone to orgasm. Sp. Aplacar a mano (masturbar hasta el orgasmo).

bring home. To penetrate a woman. Br. E. sl., 17th c. See quot. at needle’s point. Still occ. found. Sp. Alcanzar el objetivo (penetrar a una mujer) (euf. del siglo XVII, usado aun en ocasiones).

bring off. To cause to achieve a sexual orgasm. Of either sex, in copulation or masturbation: «Then there’s the hard sort, that are the devil to bring off at all, and bring themselves off, like my wife» (LCL, 212). Sp. Proporcionar un orgasmo.

bring off by hand. To masturbate someone to orgasm. Sp. Proporcionar un orgasmo con la mano (hacer una paja).

bring on someone’s crisis. To cause to achieve an orgasm. Sp. Provocar la crisis a alguien (proporcionarle un orgasmo).

bring on the china. To cause to achieve an orgasm. Of unknown origin, perhaps from ‘china plate’, rhyming sl. for ‘mate’. Br. E. sl. Dated. Sp. Proporcionar un orgasmo (etimología desconocida) (antic.).

bring oneself off. To masturbate: «And when I’d come and really finished, then she’d start on her own account, and I had to stop inside her till she brought herself off, wriggling and shouting...» (LCL, 210). Vars.: to bring off by hand and bring down by hand. Sp. Masturbarse.

bring out. To persuade a homosexual (male or female) to come out (q.v.):

«There was a young belle from Bombay

Who never had thought herself gay,

Till a quean from Siam

Said, ‘My dear, you’re not jam!’

And brought that one out right away» (Limerick).21 Sp. Ayudar a ‘salir del armario’.

bring someone on. To cause to achieve a sexual orgasm: «After he had brought me on, too, by the way, by fingering me...» (Playbirds). Sp. Proporcionar un orgasmo.

bring someone to the boil. To cause to achieve a sexual orgasm: «This extra stimulation quickly brought me to the boil: I spent simultaneously with Phil» (TSM, 76). Sp. Proporcionar un orgasmo.

Bristol bits. The female breasts. Rhyming sl. = tits. Sp. Trocitos de Bristol (tetas; argot rimado: bits rima con tits).

Bristol cities. The female breasts. Rhyming sl. = titties. Perhaps from Bristol City, the football team. Sp. Bristol City (equipo de fútbol inglés) (tetas; argot rimado: cities rima con titties).

Bristols. The breasts. Rhyming sl. (see Bristol cities):

«Sister Glenis she had no Bristols,

She could hardly fill her blouse,

So they gave her the medicinal compound,

Now they milk her with the cows» (Fragment of rugby song). Sp. Forma abrev. de Bristol Cities (tetas).

Britannia-metal. The erect penis. Br. E. sl. Sp. Metal de Britania (pene erecto).

broad. A woman of loose morals, spec. a prostitute. From the standard meaning ‘wide’, from O.E. brad. Orig. and chiefly US. sl. OED, 1914-1962. See quots. at accommodate, and swing with. In Am. E., however, broad is mainly used as just a vulgar way of referring to a woman, not necessarily immmoral or a prostitute: «Molly her name was. Very classy broad» (Pent). Sp. Tía; prostituta.

broaden one’s outlook. To perform anal intercourse. Homosexual jargon, punning on eye, slang for ‘anus’. Sp. Ensanchar los horizontes (realizar sexo anal).

broadsword. The penis. From a type of sword so called. Sp. Tipo de sable (pene).

Broadway, a. A distended vagina from too frequent childbearing, etc. Sp. Calle de Nueva York centro del mundo del espectáculo (juego de palabras con el significado literal ‘camino ancho’) (vagina ensanchada tras varios partos).

broken her teacup. Deflowered. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Con la taza de té rota (desvirgada).

broken-kneed/broken-legged. Seduced and made pregnant. Refers to a difficulty in remaining upright. Br. E. sl., 18th-19th c. Sp. Con la rodilla/la pierna rotas (seducida y embarazada; por las molestias al permanecer de pie).

broken machine. A man unable to get an erection. Gay jargon. Sp. Máquina rota (hombre que no se empalma) (jerga gay).

broken oar. A prostitute. Rhyming sl= whore. See at boat and oar. Sp. Remo roto (prostituta; argot rimado: oar rima con whore).

broker. A procurer. Used by Shaks. Also a broker-between (see quot. at pander). Sp. Corredor de comercio, intermediario (proxeneta) (usado por Sgaks.).

brokeress. A procuress. See quot. at imaginary jewel. Sp. Intermediaria (alcahueta).

bronco. A young male recently initiated into homosexual activity. From the Spanish for ‘wild horse’. US. sl. In homosexual jargon, bronco, is usually the passive partner, and broncobuster, the active one. Sp. Potro cerril [joven recién iniciado en las prácticas homosexuales; en la jerga gay, bronco es gen. el miembro pasivo de la pareja y broncobuster (doma-potros), el activo].

broncobuster. See bronco.

bronza. See bronze.

bronze. The anus; the buttocks. Austr. sl. Bronza, bronzer and bronzo are variants Sp. Bronce (ano, culo) .

bronze eye. The anus. French homosexual use. Sp. Ojo de bronce (ano).

bronzer. See bronze,

bronzo. See bronze.

broom. The female genitals. An allusion to the pubic hair. Br. E. sl., 19th c. It has also been used as a euph. for ‘penis’. See handle for the broom. Sp. Escoba (genitales fem. o, menos frec., pene).

broomstick/broomhandle. The penis. Br. E. prostitutes’ sl., 19th c. See also jump (over) the broomstick. Sp. Escobón, palo de la escoba (pene).

brothel. A house of prostitution. OED, a1593-1828. Mistakenly for bordel, q.v.; actually, brothel, from O.E. brothen, ‘ruined’, ‘degenerate’, was first used for ‘an abandoned woman’, ‘a prostitute’, (OED, 1493-1606), and bordel, from Latin bordellus, cabin, hut, was the term used for a house of prostitution. But the combs. bordel-house and brothel’s house ran together in the form brothel-house, which, shortened to brothel, acquired the meaning of bordel, the establishment, and the personal sense of the word soon became obs.: «When I was on a business trip to Germany recently, I visited the Eros Centre, which is a state-run brothel in Hamburg» (CI). Sp. Burdel (orig. ‘prostituta’, pero brothel’s house, por confusión con bordel-house, pasó a ser brothel-house, que acortándose a brothel, terminó adquiriendo su significado actual).

brother-in-law. A pimp for two women. US. underworld. Sp. Cuñado (chulo de dos mujeres).

brother of the gusset. “A pimp” (F & H). Br. E. sl., from the use of gusset in the 17th-18th c. as a euph. for the female genitals and women as sex object. Vars: knight/squire of the gusset. Sp. Hermano de la entrepierna (en la ropa interior) (chulo de prostituta).

brother round mouth. The anus. Br. E. sl. Lexicon Balatronicum. See also round mouth. Sp. El hermano boca redonda (ano).

brother starlings. Men who copulate with the same mistress. ‘Because they all return to the same nest’ (GROSE). Br. E. sl., 17th c. Sp. Hermanos estorninos (hombres que comparten querida, porque ambos vuelven al mismo nido).

brown1. The anus. US. and Br. E. coarse sl. From the colour of feces: «’But I find myself in the classic dilemma of the snooker player – shall I go for the pink or the brown?’» (TSM, 118). Also in combs.:brown eye, brown hole, brown jug, brown bucket and brown Windsor (all q.v.). Sp. Marrón (ano).

brown2. Anal intercourse, esp. in a bit of brown, a brown-job, to brown and to do a brown (all q.v.). Sp. Marrón (coito anal).

brown artist. A male homosexual. Sp. Artista del marrón (gay).

brown bag it. To have sex with sb. even though their face is ugly and you wish you could put a bag over it. US. campus sl. Sp. Realizar el coito con una persona fea, a la que se le quisiera cubrir la cabeza con una bolsa para no verle la cara (vulg. ‘hacerle la cebolla’).

brown Bess. A prostitute. Br. E. sl., 17th c. Also brown Bessie. Sp. Bess/Bessie marrón (prostituta).

brown Bessie. See brown Bess.

brown bucket. The rectum. US. sl. Sp. Cubo marrón (recto).

brown bull’s eye. The anus. US. sl. Sp. Diana marrón (ano).

brown eye/brown-eye. The anus. Sp. Ojo marrón (ano).

brown eyes. The nipples. Also big brown eyes. Sp. (Grandes) ojos marrones (pezones).

brown family/Brown family, the. Homosexuals in general. US. sl. Sp. La familia marrón (los homosexuales).

brown-hatter. A male homosexual. Br. naval sl. For synonyms, see angel1. Sp Con sombrero marrón (gay).

brown hole. The anus:

«The Maid she shat and a jolly brown Turd out of her jolly

brown hole...» (Pills, 18th c., in BURFORD, 213). Sp. Agujero marrón (ano).

brown-job. Anal sex: anal coition or anilingus. US. sl. Sp. Trabajo marrón (coito anal o anilingus).

brown jock. The female genitals. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Yóquey marrón (genitales fem.).

brown jug. The anus. See quot. at peel (off). Sp. Jarro marrón (ano).

brown madam. The pudenda. Br. E. sl., 18th-19th c. Sp. Señora marrón (genitales fem.).

brown miss. The pudenda. Br. E. sl., 18th-19th c. Sp. Señorita marrón (genitales fem.).

brown nose(r). A toady, an arse-lick(er). OED, 1939. Sp. (De) nariz marrón (lameculos).

brown shower. A sexual perversion consisting in being defecated on by one’s partner. Sp. Lluvia marrón (aberración sexual consistente en experimentar placer al recibir sobre el cuerpo las heces de la pareja).

brown Windsor. The anus. Austr. sl. Sp. Windsor marrón (ano) .

brown wings. Anilingus, esp. in the phrase to get/earn one’s brown wings. Hell’s Angels humorous use. Based on the award given to those of them who perform anilingus. See also black wings and red wings. Sp. Alas marrones (distinción otorgada por los Ángeles del Infierno a aquél de sus miembros que realiza el sexo oral anal).

brownie1. The anus. US. sl.: ☺«An unfortunate young man was thrown out of the Boy Scouts for eating Brownies (punning on a kind of cake and members of the Girl Guides)» (Still More of the World’s Best Dirty Jokes, 31). Sp. Ano (juego de palabras entre un tipo de pastel y una chica miembro del grupo de las Exploradoras).

brownie2. A male homosexual. Sp. Marrón (gay).

brownie king . The active member or insertor. Gay jargon. Sp. Rey del marrón ( gay de rol activo)

brownie queen. The passive member or insertee. Gay jargon. Reina del marrón (gay de rol pasivo) (jerga gay).

browning. Anal intercourse. Gay jargon. Sp. Marrón (coito anal (jerga gay)).

browning/Browning family. Homosexuals in general. Gay jargon. Sp. La familia marrón (los homosexuales) (jerga gay).

Browning sisters. Homosexuals in general. A var. of brown family, q.v. Sp. Las hermanas Browning (del marrón) (los homosexuales).

Brunswick. The posterior. Perhaps a pun on brown1, q.v. US. sl. Sp. Brunswick [antiguo estado alemán, pos. juego de palabras con brown, marrón (trasero)].

brunt. A sharp blow, hence phallic thrusting. Br. E. sl., 17th c. Sp. Fragor del combate (embestida del pene, ‘pollazo’).

brush, to. To coit with a woman. From brush, q.v. Sp. Cepillarse a una mujer.

brush. The female pubic hair. From the meaning ‘thick growth of shrubs’. Sp. Maleza (vello púbico fem.).

brush one’s teeth/brush teeth. To perform cunnilingus. US. Black sl./US campus sl. Sp. Cepillarse los dientes (practicar el cunilinguo).

brush the beaver. (Of a woman) to masturbate. See beaver. Sp. Cepillar al castor (masturbarse la mujer).

brute-machine. The penis: «...the brute-machine [...] wedging its way up, to the utmost extremity, left her, in point of penetration, nothing to fear or to desire» (FH, 195). Sp. Maquinaria bruta (pene).

BSHs (British Standard Handfuls). The breasts. Sp. Puñados británicos estándar (pechos de mujer).

bubbies. The breasts. An older form of boobies, q.v. Lex. as obs. or dial., OED, 1686-1725:

«He made them all itch, from navel to breech

And their bubbies burst out all their laces» («The Plenipotentiary22», by Captain Morris, first published in the 1796 edition of M.M.C., attributed to Robert Burns, in BURFORD, 277 ). Sp. Tetas (var. más antigua que boobies, q.v.).

bubble-gum machine. A vending machine for condoms. Sp. Máquina expendedora de chicle de globos (máquina expendedora de condones).

bubblehead. The penis. Sp. Burbuja (pene).

bubo. Properly a swelling or abscess in glandular parts of the body, esp. the groin or arm-pits, a sympton of the plague. From Latin bubo, from Greek boubos, the groin or a swelling in the groin, but also applied to similar symptons of syphilis (see quot. at chancre). Sp. Bubón (hinchazón en la ingle o los sobacos, síntomas de la peste; aplicado tamb. a la sífilis).

bubs. The breasts. Shortened from bubbies, q.v.: «Of the joy I took in caressing My Lady’s handsome bubs, I need not prolong description» (EIC, 165). Sp. Tetas (forma abrv. de bubbies, q.v.).

buck1. To copulate; copulation. Lex. for the copulation of male rabbits and some other animals. OED, 1530-1741: «We bucked wildly, and I felt another orgasm hit me...» (Pent). Sp. Copular/coito, dicho de los conejos y animales similares y aplicado, por extensión, a los humanos).

buck2. A forward, daring person of either sex. OED, 1725; obs. in this sense, but still occ. found said of a sexually aggressive man, a ram, q.v.:

«A randy young buck from Lahore

Was asked ‘When do you roger your whore?’

He said ‘At eleven,

At three, five and seven,

And eight and a quarter past four’» (Limerick). Sp. Macho, hombre sexualmente agresivo.

buck-party. A US. sl. var. of stag-party, q.v. Also, buck’s night Sp. Fiesta/noche de hombres solos, despedida de soltero.

buck’s face. A cuckold. On account of the horns, q.v.. Br. E. sl., 17th c. Sp. Cara de gamo (cornudo).

buckskin. A condom. US. sl. Sp. Piel de gamo (condón).

bucket1. The female genitals. Br. E.sl., 19th c. Sp. Cubo (genitales fem.).

bucket2. The anus, or the buttocks. Sp. Cubo (ano o culo).

bucket-broad. A prostitute who specializes in anal intercourse. US. underworld. Sp. Tía/fulana de cubo (prostituta especializada en coito anal).

bucket-mouth. Someone who uses obscene language. US. sl. Sp. Boca de cubo (alguien que usa un lenguaje procaz).

buckets. The breasts, as milk containers. Sp. Cubos (pechos de mujer).

Buckinger’s boot. The female pudenda. From Matthew Buckinger, a poor fellow, born limbless, who was married to a tall handsome woman, whose vagina was for him the boot where he put his third leg (penis). Br. E. sl., 18th c. Sp. La bota de Buckinger [individuo carente de extremidades, que se casó con una mujer cuya vagina era para el la ‘bota’ donde meter su ‘tercera pierna’ (pene)] (genitales fem.).

buckle to. To begin to copulate with. Properly, to tackle a task vigorously: «I straddled, I humoured my posture, and did my best in short to buckle to it» (FH, 170). Sp. Ponerse a trabajar (empezar a copular).

buckler. The female genitals. From the standard meaning: a small circular shield. Used by Shaks. (see quot. at sword). Sp. Escudo (genitales fem.) (usado alusivamente por Shaks., como contrapunto de sword, ‘sable’, pene).

bud1. The clitoris or the membrane enclosing it: «It revealed the bud of the opening, the soft folded flesh that enclosed the clitoris...» (DOV, 171). Also love-bud, taste bud and buds of beauty. The (pleasure) button, clit, clitty, dot, sensitive spot, the (little) man in the boat, Mama clitty and wick are also common euphs. for the clitoris. Sp. Capullo (clítoris o membrana protectora del mismo).
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