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Tomorad, The Egyptian antiquities in Croatia.

Troy, The towns and cities in ancient Egypt.

Teaff and Willerson, Egyptian Contribution to Cardiovascular Medicine.

Thurston, Orientation of Early Pyramids.

Teeter and Brewer, Religion in the Lives of the Ancient Egyptians.

Teeter, Scarabs, Scaraboids Seals and Seal Impressions from Medinet Habu.

Tazawa and Shaw, Egyptian Crowns and Syrio-Palestinian Deities in the New Kingdom.

Tebes, Centro y periferia en el mundo antiguo.

Thill, La tombe 8 de la nécropole pharaonique de Saï (Sudan).

Trigger, Akhenaten and Durkheim.

Takamiya, Summary of Development of Specialization in the Nile Valley during the 4th Millennium BC.

Tapp, The Leeds Mummy.

Tebes, El Negev y sus interacciones con Egipto, Asiria, y el Levante en la Edad del Hierro 1200-5.

Teo, Review of Schroeder, Discipline and Salvation in Shenoute of Atripe.

Teysseire, Les obélisques égyptiens et le culte solaire dans l'Antiquité classique.

Thill, Les premiers dépôts de fondation de Saï.

Thill, Coutumes funéraires égyptiennes en Nubie au Nouvel Empire.

Thill, La tombe 8 de la nécropole pharaonique de Saï.

Toro Rueda, Das Herz in der ägyptischen Literatur des zweiten Jahrtausends v-Chr, 2004.

Traunecker, À propos de l'Harpocrate amonien.

Traunecker, Dimensions réelles et dimensions imaginaires des dieux d'Egypte.

Traunecker, L'anticipation dans la pensée de l'Egypte antique.

Traunecker, Le désordre divin.

Traunecker, Visions utopistes et réalité archéologique dans l'ancienne Egypte de la Description.

Troy, Resource management and ideological manifestation.


Tattam, A Compendious Grammar of the Egyptian Language, 1830.

Testa, La ricerca del progetto nei complessi funerari a piramide dell'antico regno egiziano.

Thompson, The Anointing of Officials in Ancient Egypt.

Till, Koptische Chrestomathie für den fayumischen Dialekt, 1930.

Tooley, Egyptian Models and Scenes.

Thissen, Ägyptologische Randbemerkungen.

Tyldesley, Queens of Egypt.

Thackeray, Notes of a Journey From Cornhill to Grand Cairo,1846.

Thomas, Air Channels in the Great Pyramid, 1953.

Teeter and Johnson, The life of Meresamun, a temple singer in Ancient Egypt.

The Getty Conservation Institute, The Conservation of Wall Paintings.

Traunecker, Aperçu sur les dégradations des grès dans les temples de Karnak, 1975.

Traunecker, Un portrait d'Aménophis IV sur un ostracon de Karnak, 1982.

Tooley, Middle Kingdom burial customs, a study of wooden models and related material, Vol 1.

Tooley, Middle Kingdom burial customs, a study of wooden models and related material, Vol 2.

Teeter and Johnson, The Life of Meresamun, A Temple Singer in Ancient Egypt.

Thompson, Roman Art.

Tutundzic, A consideration of Upper Egyptian foreign northeastern ways.

Teeter, The Presentation of Maat, Ritual and Legitimacy in Ancient Egypt.

Toldrá Graells, El antiguo Egipto era una fiesta.

Teeter and Larson, eds, Gold of Praise, Studies on Ancient Egypt in Honor of Edward F Wente.

The Epigraphic Survey, Medinet Habu, Volume 8, The Eastern High Gate, 1970.

Tacacs, The Law of Belova in Work.

Thiers, Le ciel septentrional ghr.t et le ciel méridional gb.t .

Tonner, The Giza Plateau Mapping Project Excavation Database.

Topozada, Les deux campagnes d'Amenhotep III en Nubie.

Torcia, Clay sealings from Giza, the group with the figurative seal impressions.


Usai and Salvatori, The oldest representation of a Nile boat.

US Army, Pocket guide to Egypt, 1943.

Ulrich, In Quest of the Spectacular, Noble and Learned Visitors to the Pyramids around 1200 AD.

Upham, Memoranda, Illustrative of the Tombs and Sepulchral Decorations of the Egyptians, 1822.

Unknown Man E.

Uphill, The Per Aten at Amarna.

Uphill, Egyptian Towns and Cities.

Uphill, The Egyptian Sed-festival rites.


Various authors, SEX IN ANCIENT EGYPT.

Various authors, STATE FORMATION.

Various authors, An Acheulian Site Near Bir Kiseiba in

the Darb el Arba’in Desert, Egypt.



Various authors, Research at South Abusir in 2001-2002, methods and results.

Various authors, The ancient economy.

Various authors, Theban desert road survey in the Egyptian western desert, Vol. 1.

Various authors, Description of X-ray images of Royal Mummies.

Valbelle, Iconographic Evidence at Kerma.

Vandecruys, Sphinx Erosion (2006).

Various authors, Metodologia de la Investigación.

Vycichl, Le Shat Etalon Monetaire d’Égypte.

Various authors, Wood Deterioration.

Vandecruys, Sphinx Erosion 2 (2006).

Vervloesem, Index to Moeller Hieratische Palaeographie.

Various authors, Proceedings of the X Congreso Uruguayo de Arqueología.

Various authors, Hydrogeophysical Investigation at Luxor, Southern Egypt.

Various authors, Chemical-dietary reconstruction of Greco-Roman mummies.

Various authors, Methods for organic residue analysis.

Various authors, Mummification Compounds.

Various authors, New data on the Eastern Desert Ware from Sayala, Lower Nubia.

Various authors, The enigma of Kab Marfu.

Various authors, Momias egipcias en Chile.

Verreth, The Northern Sinai from the 7th Century BC, 2 Vols.


Various Authors, 33rd, 34th and 35th Seasons of Work on the Island of Elephantine.

Various Authors, Are archaeological bones similar to modern bones?

Various Authors, Colour-Reconstruction of an Ancient Egyptian Temple Relief.

Various Authors, Special Wound Healing Methods Used in Ancient Egypt.

Various Authors, Middle Egypt in Prehistory.

Veldmeijer, Leather work from Roman Berenike.

Vervloesem, Hiërogliefische inscripties uit graf U-j in Umm el-Qa-ab.

Vinson, Boats of Egypt before the Old Kingdom.

Various Authors, Reviews of Archaeological Methods, Theory and Practice, Social and Political.

Various Authors, Obeliscos americanos polêmicos, da gênese à forma.

Various Authors, The Tomb of Kheruef Theban Tomb 192.

Various Authors, Evidence for the Metallurgical Origins of Glass in Egypt.

Various Authors, Late Pleistocene rock art in Egypt.

Various Authors, The Intact Tomb of Henu.

Van Blerk, The concept of law and justice in ancient Egypt.

Various authors, 14C Dating Compared to Art Historical Dating of Roman and Coptic Textiles.

Various Authors, Archaeological Survey of El-Hayez, Baharia Oasis.

Various authors, New dating of the archaic royal necropolis Umm el-Qaab at Abydos.

Various authors, Radiocarbon Dates of Old and Middle Kingdom Monuments in Egypt.

Van Zinderen and Maley, Late Quaternary Paleoenvironments of the Sahara Region.

Various Authors, Die ägyptische Mumie ein Phänomen der Kulturgeschichte.

Voss, Untersuchungen zu den Sonnenheiligtümern der 5 Dynastie.

Various Authors, Leishmaniasis in Ancient Egypt and Upper Nubia.

Various Authors, Malignant tumors in two ancient populations.

Various Authors, Modern imaging and endoscopic biopsy techniques in Egyptian mummies.

Various authors, mtDNA Analysis of Nile River Valley Populations, A Genetic Corridor or a Barrier.

Various Authors, Paleolithic Abydos Reconstructing Individual Behaviors across the High Desert.

Various Authors, The conservation of a wooden Graeco-Roman coffin box.

Various authors, The Role of Clays in the Decay of Ancient Egyptian Limestone Sculptures.

Various Authors, Whole-Body Three-Dimensional Multidetector CT of 13 Egyptian Human Mummies.

Veigel, Wohnhaus- und Tempelarchitektur auf die Beamtengräber des Neuen Reiches in Amarna.

Various Authors, Extraordinary dental findings in an Egyptian mummy skull.

Various Authors, Middle Egypt in Prehistory, A Search for the Origins of Modern Human Behavior.

Various Authors, Report on the 36th season of excavation and restoration on the island of Elephantine.

Various Authors, Theban Ostraca from several Museums.

Various Authors, Die antiken Baustoffe vom Orakeltempel in der Oase Siwa, Ägypten.

Voss, Untersuchungen zu den Sonnenheiligtümern der 5 Dynastie, 2004.

Various Authors, The Excavations at Ismant el-Kharab, Ancient Kellis.

Van Dijk, The Death of Meketaten.

Various Authors, A Chronological Survey of Precisely Dated Demotic and Abnormal Hieratic Sources.

Various Authors, Complex organic chemical balms of Pharaonic animal mummies.

Various Authors, Differential Y-chromosome Anatolian Influences on the Greek and Cretan Neolithic.

Various Authors, Le sarcophage et la momie égyptienne du muséum de Perpignan.

Various Authors, Thermoluminescence Archaeological Dating of Pottery in the Egyptian Pyramids Zone.

Villalba Varneda, Grafitos Carios en la Tumba de Monthemhat.

Various Authors, A Taxonomy of Historical Pigments.

Various Authors, Conservation of a Rare Painted Ancient Egyptian Textile Object.

Various Authors, Die Inschriften des Tempels von Edfu, Begleitheft 5.

Various Authors, Le papyrus d'Ounamon.

Veldmeijer, Leatherworking.

van Bladel, Review of Ebeling, The Secret History of Hermes Trismegistus.

von Bissing, Das Re-Heiligtum des Königs Ne-woser-Re I, II and III, 1905, 1923, 1928, 1-6.

Various Authors, Portions of the Ebers Papyrus Possibly Having to Do With Diabetes Mellitus.

von Bissing, Metallgefässe, 1901.

von Bissing, Steingefässe, 1904.

von Bissing, Steingefässe, Einleitung und Indices, Vienne, 1907.

Vieira, 01 to 09, Demotic Practical Guide.

Vieira, Bohairic.

Vieira, Coptic Dictionary.

Vieira, Sahidic.

Various Authors, Strategies for Sustaining Digital Libraries.

Various Authors, The Season's Work at Ahnas and Beni Hasan, 1891.

Verreth, A survey of toponyms in Egypt in the Graeco-Roman period.

Von Bergmann, Hieroglyphische Inschriften gesammelt während 1877-78 Reise in Aegypten, 1879.

Von Lemm, Aegyptische Lesestücke, 1883.

Various Authors, An Approach to the Consolidation of the Mother Rock of the Sphinx.

Various Authors, The GCI-EAO Environmental Monitoring Program at the Great Sphinx of Giza.

Varga, Les Travaux Preliminaires de la Monographie sur les Hypocephales, 1961.

Various Authors, Old Kingdom Models from the Tomb of Impy, Metallurgical Studies, 1984.

Various Authors, Painted wood conservation, Investigation and Treatment.

Volten, Das Demotische Weisheitsbuch, Studien und Bearbeitung, 1941.

Volten, Demotische Traumdeutung, Pap. Carlsberg XIII und XIV verso, 1942.

Volten, Kopenhagener Texte zum Demotischen Weisheitsbuch, Pap. Carlsberg II, 1940.

Vozella, Animal behaviour in ancient Egypt.

Van Dijl, Human sacrifice in ancient Egypt.

Véron, Égyptologie, 134 colonnes à la une.

Von Lemm, Das Ritualbuch des Ammondienstes, 1882.

Van den Dungen, The impact of Ancient Egypt on Greek philosophy, Memphite and Theban thought.

Various Authors, Performing Death.

Veldmeijer, Studies of ancient Egyptian footwear, Technological aspects, Part XVI.

Various Authors, A new method of archaeological dating by rehydroxylation.

Various Authors, High-Resolution Imaging of an Ancient Egyptian Mummified Head.

Various Authors, Recueil d'études égyptologiques dédiées à la mémoire de Champollion, 1922.

Various Authors, The Tomb of Kheruef, Theban Tomb 192.

Veldmeijer, Cordage Production.

Veldmeijer, Leather Curled-Toe Ankle Shoes.

Vetters, Die Gewinnung der Obelisken im alten Ägypten als Beispiel für Gedanken zu einer Kulturgeologie.

Von Bissing, Catalogue général des antiquités égyptiennes du Musée du Caire, Fayencegefäße, 1902.

Various Authors, Prehistoric Abydos, Africa's Gateway to the World.

Various Authors, The Skull and Cervical Spine Radiographs of Tutankhamen, A Critical Appraisal.

Van Siclen III, Amenhotep II's Bark Chapel for Amun at North Karnak.

Vandersleyen, Quelques énigmes éclaircies, à propos de la tombe de Toutankhamon.

Various Authors, Archéo-géologie des anciennes mines de cuivre et d'or.

Various Authors, Excavations at Tell el-Balamun 2003-2008.

Various Authors, More potmarks from Kafr Hassan Dawood, Wadi Tumilat, East Delta, Egypt.

Various Authors, On the Egyptian origin of the domestic cat.

Various Authors, PhDs and modern egyptology.

Various Authors, Various MMA papers on ancient Egypt, 1921-1937.

Vergote, À propos du nom de Moïse.

Verner, La tombe d'Oudjahorresnet et le cimetière saïto-perse d'Abousir.

Verner, Supplément aux sculptures de Rêneferef découvertes à Abousir.

Vyccichl, Les statues vivantes des Égyptiens.

Vycichl, Histoires de chats et de souris, Un problème de la littérature égyptienne.

Vycichl, La shat, étalon monétaire de l'Égypte pharaonique.

Vycichl, Le nom des Hyksos.

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