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Erman and Grapow, Wörterbuch (6 volumes).

ElSebaie, The destiny of the world: A study on the end of the universe in the light of ancient Egyptian texts.

Engelbach, Riqqeh and Memphis VI.

Ezzamel, Work Organization in the Middle Kingdom, Ancient Egypt.

Effland, Aufruhr in Abydos: Eine historische Notiz Rebel king Hor Wennefer 205-199 BC.

Erichsen, Papyrus Harris I.

El-Aref, Did writing originate in Egypt?

Earle, How Chiefs Come to Power (Reviews).

Eiteljorg, Archaeological Computing.

El-Yahky, Clarifications on the Gerzean Boat Scenes.

El_Din, Bone Fractures in Ancient Egyptians from Giza Old Kingdom.

Eyma, Review of Okasha El Daly’s, Egyptology: The Missing Millennium.

Eyma, Lista de Egiptólogos Académicos Profesionales y sus CVs y/o Publicaciones.

Entrevista al Prof. Juan José Castillos.

Erman and Grapow, Wörterbuch der aegyptischen Sprache, VII, Part 1, 1971.

Erman and Grapow, Wörterbuch der aegyptischen Sprache, VII, Part 2, 1971.


EEF FILES 1998-2002.

EEF FILES 2003-2007.

Engsheden, La reconstitution du verbe en égyptien de tradition 400-30 av J-C.

Enmarch, The Reception of Ipuwer.

Ertman and Hoffmeier, Amarna Period kings in Sinai.

Ertman, Images of Amenhotep IV and Nefertiti in the Style of the Previous Reign.

Ezzamel, Accounting for Private Estates and the Household about 2000 BC Middle Kingdom, Abstract.

Enmarch, Theodicy.

Exell, Ancestor Bust.

Eyma and Bennett, eds, A Delta-man in Yebu - Some pages of the book.

Eid and von Falck, The History of the Temple of Horus at Edfu.

Ebers, The Story of My Life, Volume 1, 1892.

Edgar, Graeco-Egyptian Coffins, Masks and Portraits, 1905.

Edgar, Graeco-Egyptian Glass, 1905.

Edgar, Greek Moulds, 1903.

Edgar, Greek sculpture, 1903.

Edgar, Greek Vases, 1911.

Erskine, Culture and power in Ptolemaic Egypt, The Museum and Library of Alexandria.

Engelbach, The Problem of the Obelisks from a Study of the Unfinished Obelisk at Aswan, 1923.

Erman, Ägyptisches Glossar, Die häufigeren Worte der ägyptischen Sprache, 1904.

Erman, Egyptian Grammar, 1894.

Erman and Grapow, Aegyptisches Handwörterbuch, 1921.

Erman, Die Sprache des Papyrus Westcar.

Erman, Aegyptische Chrestomathie, 1904.

Errera, Collection d'anciennes étoffes égyptiennes, 1916.

Eisenlohr, Ein mathematisches Handbuch der alten Aegypter, Papyrus Rhind, 1877.

Erbse, Vier Bemerkungen zu Herodot.

Eyre, Crime and Adultery in Ancient Egypt.

El-Naggar, Les couvrements de granit dans les pyramides de Giza.

Eaton-Krauss, Embalming caches.

El Aguizy and Haykal, Changes in Ancient Egyptian Language.

Emery, The Tombs of the First Pharaohs, 1957.

Egiptología Chile, Proyecto Momias Egipcias.

Elsey, A passion for pursuit.

El-Sabban, The temple calendars of Ancient Egypt.

El Daly, Ancient Egypt in medieval Moslem-Arabic writings.

Eaton-Krauss, An Offering Table Scene in The Art Institute, Chicago.

Edgerton and Wilson, Historical Records of Ramses III, 1936.

El Samahy, Ancient Egyptians, Lovers of Beauty.

Ertman, Images of Amenhotep IV and Nefertiti in the Style of the Previous Reign.


El Banna, À propos de la désignation père des dieux, it netjerou.

El-Aguizy, A Demotic Deed of ´Not Hindering´ from Sharunah.

El-Aguizy, A Ptolemaic Judicial Document from Hwt-nsw.

El-Banna, À propos des aspects héliopolitains d'Osiris.

El-Saady, Considerations on Bribery in Ancient Egypt.

Erman and Krebs, Aus den Papyrus der Königlichen Museen, 1899.



Flores, The funerary sacrifice of animals during the predynastic period.

Figueiredo, The Lisbon Mummy Project: The employment of non-destructive methods in mummy studies.

Ferreira, Legal Rights of Women.

Fitzenreiter, Die ägyptische Mumie: Ein Phänomen der Kulturgeschichte.

Fitzenreiter, Tierkulte im pharaonischen Ägypten und im Kulturvergleich.

Fuller, A Parochial Perspective on the End of Meroe.

Frazer, The Golden Bough.

Fazzini, Two Semi-Erased Kushite Cartouches in the Precinct of Mut at South Karnak.

Feucht, Die Gräber des Nedjemger TT 138 und des Hori TT 259.

Fischer, Egyptian Women of the Old Kingdom and of the Heracleopolitan Period.

Fitzhugh, Thoughts on the Evolution of Social Inequality: A Paradigmatic Analysis.

Flamarion Cardoso, O faraó Akhenaton e nossos contemporâneos.

Fischer, Deux stèles curieuses de la Première Période Intermédiaire.

Forgeau, Prêtres isiaques: essai d’anthropologie religieuse.

Filler, A historical hypothesis of the first recorded neurosurgical operation.

Fitzenreiter and Herb, Dekorierte Grabanlagen im Alten Reich Methodik und Interpretation.

Fitzenreiter, Funerären Praxis an nichtköniglichen Grabanlagen der Residenz im Alten Reich Band I.

Fitzenreiter, Funerären Praxis an nichtköniglichen Grabanlagen der Residenz im Alten Reich Band II.

Fitzenreiter, Genealogie: Realität und Fiktion von Identität.

Förster, The Abu Ballas Trail in the late Old Kingdom and First Intermediate Period.

Franke, The Middle Kingdom Stelae Publication Project exemplified by stela BM-EA 226.

Frankfurter, Fetus Magic and Sorcery Fears in Roman Egypt.

Fontova, Eduardo Toda.


Fletcher, Ancient Egyptian Hair and Wigs.

Fischer-Bovet, Counting the Greeks in Egypt, Immigration in the first century of Ptolemaic rule.

Fischer-Bovet, Army and Egyptian temple building under the Ptolemies.

Fitzenreiter, Zum Phänomen der isolierten Speisetischtafel in der 4- Dynastie.

Flentye, The Eastern and GIS cemeteries at Giza during the Fourth Dynasty.

Freed, Rethinking the rules for Old Kingdom sculpture.

Furlong, Aspcts of Ancient Near Eastern Chronology, ca. 1600-700 BC.

Friedman, The Menkaure Dyads.

Ferreira da Cunha, Sob o signo de Maet, considerações sobre o direito no antigo Egipto.

Ferreira de Sousa, O imaginário simbólico da criação do mundo no antigo Egipto.

Flammini, Ancient Core-Periphery Interactions, Lower Nubia During Middle Kingdom Egypt, ca. 2050-1640 B.C.

Franke, Theben und Memphis, Metropolen im alten Ägypten.

Fitzenreiter ed, Das Heilige und die Ware, Zum Spannungsfeld von Religion und Ökonomie.

Finkelstein, From the autobiography of Rekhmire.

Fitzenreiter, Statuenstiftung und religiöses Stiftungswesen im pharaonischen Ägypten.

Faulkner, A Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian.

Fairman, Worship and Festivals in an Egyptian Temple, 1954.

Filce-Leek, Observations on a collection of crania from the mastabas of the reign of Cheops at Giza, 1980.

Filce-Leek, Teeth and Bread in Ancient Egypt, 1972.

Filce-Leek, The Practice of Dentistry in Ancient Egypt, 1967.

Filer, Head injuries in Egypt and Nubia, a comparison of skulls from Giza and Kerma, 1992.

Fischer, A feminine example of wD Hm.k, 'Thy Majesty commands' in the Fourth Dynasty, 1975.

Fischer, A supplement to Janssen's list of dogs' names, 1961.

Fischer, NBTY in Old-Kingdom Titles and Names, 1974.

Fischer, Notes on two tomb chapels at Giza, 1981.

Flentye, The Mastaba of Meresankh III, G7530-7540, in the Eastern Cemetery at Giza.

Freeman, The Osiris-Shoshenq Hypocephalus,1974.

Flentye, The Mastabas of Ankh-haf -G7510- and Akhethetep and Meretites -G7650- in the Eastern Cemetery at Giza: A Reassessment.

Funke, Philippos III, Arrhidaios und Alexandros IV, 'von Amun auserwählt´.

Forstner-Mueller, Recent find of a warrior tomb with a servant burial in area A/II at Tell el-Dab'a in the Eastern Nilt Delta.

Fischer, An Old Kingdom example of A26 for terminal M17.

Frankfort, Kingship and the Gods, 1948.

Frith, Lower Egypt, Thebes and the Pyramids, 1862.

Fuscaldo, Aksha, Serra West, Two officials related to Isis’ cult.


Gräslund, Dogs in graves – a question of symbolism?

Gardiner, Hieratic Texts I.

Gunnels, The Ikhernofret Stela as Theatre.

Gardiner, Notes on the story of Sinuhe.

Goedicke, Kadesh Review.



Gould, The erosion of the Great Sphinx at Gizeh.

Geus, The Middle Nile Valley from Later Prehistory to the end of the New Kingdom.

Galán, La Odisea y Egipto.

Galán, Proyecto Djehuty.


Golb, Dead Sea Scrolls.

Gonzalez, Hititas y Vecinos.

Grajetzki, Second Intermediate Period model coffin of Teti.

Gardiner, Egyptian Hieratic Texts (1911).

Grzymski, Sudan, The Land of Pyramids.

Göttinger Miszellen, Index to Nos. 1 – 200.

Gabolde, Un assemblage au nom d'Amenemhat Ier dans les magasins du temple de Louxor.

Gabolde, Under a Deep Blue Starry Sky.

Garrafoni, Egiptomania: O Egito no Brasil.

Gee, Review of books on the BoA Facsimiles.

Gasse, La litanie des douze noms de Rê-Horakhty.p

Ghalioungui, La structure du corps médical égyptien à l’époque pharaonique.

Gregory, Review of Wengrow, The Archaeology of Early Egypt.

Griffith, DEMOTIC TALES (1900).

Griffith, Karanòg: The Meroitic inscriptions of Shablul and Karanòg (1911).

Griffith, The Inscriptions of Siut and Der Rifeh.

Gestoso, El Intercambio de Bienes entre Egipto y Asia Anterior, Tuthmosis III hasta Akhenaton.

Ghalioungui, La notion de maladie dans les textes égyptiens.

Gonis, Incestuous Twins in the City of Arsinoe.

Gonis, Six Notes on Documentary Papyri.

Gonis, Three Notes on Governors of Byzantine Egypt.


Goodwin, Private Tombs in the New Kingdom, The Creation of Sacred Space.

Gorelick and Gwinnett, Ancient Egyptian Stone-Drilling, An Experimental Perspective.

Greenfield, Review of Woodward, The Ancient World Revealed Through DNA.

Greenwell, Ancient Egyptian Temples, The Foundation Ceremony and Foundation Deposits.

Galil, An Ancient Technique for Ripening Sycomore Fruit in East-Mediterranean Countries.

Goldwasser, A Comparison between Classifier Language and Classifier Script, The Case of Ancient Egypt.

Goldwasser, Where is Metaphor, Conceptual Metaphor and Alternative Classification.

Gomaa and Martínez Babón, Trabajos realizados en la Tumba de Monthemhat, Tt 34.

Grimm, Den Hieroglyphen auf der Spur.

Gorringe, Egyptian Obelisks, 1882.

Gardiner and Weigall, A Topographical Catalogue of the Private Tombs of Thebes, 1913.

Gargano, Museos en Uruguay.

Garstang, El Arábah, A Cemetery of the Middle Kingdom, 1901.

Garstang, Mahâsna and Bêt Khallâf, 1903.

Glenister, Profiling Punt, using trade relations to locate ´God's land´.

Guilhou and Lebèque, Texts from the Tomb of Roy TT255.

Gascou, Edfou au Bas-Empire d'après les trouvailles de l'IFAO.

Gensler, Die thebanischen Tafeln stündlicher Sternaufgänge, 1872.

Gardiner, Late Egyptian Stories, 1932.

Gardiner, The Admonitions of an Egyptian Sage, 1909.

Gentleman's Magazine, Vol. 91, 1821, Mr. Belzoni's Exhibition of the Egyptian Tomb.

Gaillard and Daressy, La faune momifiée de l'antique Égypte, 1905.

Gauthier, Cercueils anthropoïdes des prêtres de Montou, Vol 1, 1913.

Gauthier, Cercueils anthropoïdes des prêtres de Montou, Vol. 2, 1913.

Grenfell and Hunt, Greek Papyri, 1903.

Gardner, Naukratis, Part II, 1888.

Gauthier, Le livre des rois d'Égypte, Tome cinquième, Les empereurs romains, 1917.

Gauthier, Le temple d'Amada, premier fascicule, 1913.

Gauthier, Le temple d'Amada, deuxième fascicule, 1926.

Gauthier, Le temple de Kalabchah, premier fascicule, 1911.

Gauthier, Le temple de Kalabchah, second fascicule, 1911.

Gauthier, Le temple de Kalabchah, troisième - quatrième fascicule, 1911.

Gauthier, Le temple de Ouadi es-Sebouâ, Tome Premier, Texte, 1912.

Griffith and Newberry, El Bersheh, Part II, 1895.

Griffith, A Collection of Hieroglyphs, A Contribution to the History of Egyptian Writing, 1898.

Griffith, Beni Hassan, Part III, 1896.

Griffith, Two Hieroglyphic Papyri from Tanis, 1889.

Golénischeff, Le conte du naufragé, 1912.

Gardiner, The Harem at Miwer.

Garstang, Tombs of the Third Egyptian Dynasty at Raqâqnah and Bêt Khallâf, 1904.

Geopolymer Pyramids 1.

Goedicke, An Approximate Date for the Harem Investigation under Pepy I.

Gauthier, La grande inscription dédicatoire d'Abydos, 1912.

Grapow, Religiöse Urkunden, Ausgewählte Texte des Totenbuches, 1915-1917.

Grapow, Religiöse Urkunden, German translation, 1915-1917.

Gayet, Antinoë et les sépultures de Thaïs et Sérapion, 1902.

Gayet, L'exploration des nécropoles de la montagne d'Antinoë, Fouilles exécutées en 1901-1902.

Gonzalez, À propos d'une confusion tardive dans l'emploi de wnn ´être´ et wn ´ouvrir´.

Guidi, Elementa linguae Copticae, Brevi chrestomathia et indice vocabulorum instructa, 1924.

Gardiner, The Kadesh Inscriptions of Rameses II.

Gestermann, Die Datierung der Nomarchen von Hermopolis.

Goedicke, Was Magic Used in the Harem Conspiracy against Ramesses III.

Goyon, Deux pionniers lyonnais de la paléoécologie de la Vallée du Nil égyptien, Loret et Lortet.

Grossmann, Nucleus-Satellite Analysis and Conjugation Mediation in Coptic and Later Egyptian.

Grunert, Per-Dschet, religiöser Egoismus oder egoistische Ökonomie.

Groenewegen-Frankfort, Arrest and Movement, An Essay on Space and Time in the Representational Art.

Gayet, Le temple de Louxor, Constructions d'Aménophis III, 1894.

Gnaedinger, Conservation of the Sphinx.

Goodall, Nefertari's Hidden Treasure.

Galán, Two Old Kingdom officials connected with boats, 2000.

Galvin, The Hereditary Status of the Titles of the Cult of Hathor, 1984.

Gardiner, Scenes representing the baptism of Pharaoh, 1950.

Gardiner, The Mansion of Life and the Master of the King's Largess, 1938.

Gilbert, Ancient Egyptian Sea Power and the Origin of Maritime Forces.

Goedicke, A Fragment of a Biographical Inscription of the Old Kingdom, 1959.

Goedicke, The Title [R8] in the Old Kingdom, 1960.

Görg, Zu einigen semitischen Fremdwörtern in den Texten des Totentempels Ramses III in Medinet Habu.

Griffith, A Tourist's Collection of Fifty Years Ago, 1916.

Griffith, Catalogue of the Demotic Graffiti of the Dodecaschoenus, Plates, 1935.

Griffith, Catalogue of the Demotic Graffiti of the Dodecaschoenus, Text, 1935.

Griffiths, Remarks on the Mythology of the Eyes of Horus, 1958.

Grimm, Ein Käfig für einen Gefangenen in einem Ritual zur Vernichtung von Feinden, 1967.

Gunn, Studies in Egyptian Syntax, 1924.

Gadré, Conception d'un modèle de visibilité d'étoile à l'oeil nu, Application à l'identification.

Grimal, La mission permanente de Karnak, 2001.

Gómez Torres, ¿Qué sucedía con los cadáveres de los soldados, muertos en combate fuera de Egipto?

Galán, La Odisea desde la Egiptología.

Gamer-Wallert, Die bewegte Geschichte der Mastaba Seschemnofers III, G 5170.

Gardiner, Hieratic Papyri in the British Museum,Third Series, Chester Beatty Gift, Vol. I, Text, 1935.

Gatto, Regional variations in the so-called “A-Group” Culture of Lower Nubia.

Gehrke, Prinzen und Prinzessinnen bei den späten Ptolemäern.

González, Cabezas de momias probablemente muertos en batalla.

Gitton, L'épouse du dieu Ahmes Néfertary.

Gitton, Les divines épouses de la 18e dynastie.

Gabolde and Gabolde, Les temples ´mémoriaux´ de Thoutmosis II et Toutânkhamon.

Gabolde, Ay, Toutankhamon et les martelages de la stèle de la restauration de Karnak, CG 34183.

Gallazzi, Fouilles anciennes et nouvelles sur le site de Tebtynis.

Gasse, Ameny, un porte-parole sous le règne de Sésostris Ier.

Gasse, Une sebekhet d'Isis.

Gauthier, Les fêtes du dieu Min, 1931.

Gavillet, L'évocation du roi dans la littérature royale égyptienne.

Germond, Le roi et le retour de l'inondation.

Gilliam, Some Roman Elements in Roman Egypt.

Goedicke, A ´New´ Relief showing a Blind Harpist.

Goedicke, The Pepi II Decree from Dakhleh.

Gohary, Minor Monuments from Thebes.

Gourdine, Contribution de la biologie moléculaire du gène à l'étude du passé de l'humanité.

Goyon, La plus ancienne monnaie frappée en Égypte, un tritemorion.

Goyon, Vestiges de l'épisode amarnien à Karnak.

Graefe, Das Stundenritual.


Hoffmeier, Exodus Review.



Hugot, PTOLEMAICA, une bibliographie sur l'Égypte lagide.

Hickman, Ancient Composite Bows.


Herodotus, History 1.

Herodotus, History 2.

Hjelm and Thompson, Victory Song of Merneptah.

Honegger, Prehistoric Settlements in Nubia.

Haberlah, Abu Tabari.

Haldane, Early Dynastic Hulls from Abydos.

Haldane, The Promise of Egypt’s Maritime Legacy.

Hassan, Nile Floods and Civilization.

Hassan, Unpublished Papyrus at Cairo Egyptian Museum.

Hatem, Hamdy and Odah, Geomagnetism and Archaeology Principles and Applications.

Hawkins, Astronomical Alinements in Britain, Egypt and Peru.

Horapollo Ori Apollinis Niliaci, Hierogliphica.

Horapollo Orus Apollo, de Aegypte, de la signification des notes hiéroglyphiques des Aegyptiens.

Hornung, Loeben and Wiese, The Tomb of Thutmose III.

Hutto, Ancient Egyptian Rhetoric.

Hassan, Review of methods used for lowering groundwater levels at archeological sites.

Haldane, The Dashur Boats.

Hannig, Minimalgrammatik des Mittelägyptischen.

Hogarth, The Ancient East.

Hussein, An Ancient Egyptian Treatise on Traumatology.

Hirst, The Mastaba of Akhethotep and Ptahhotep.

Hassan, The Mastaba of Queen Rekhit-Ra at Giza.

Hawass, The Osiris Shaft (The Tomb of Osiris) at Giza.

Hendrickx, Bibliography 2006 AN.

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Hageman, Flax Spinning in Ancient Egypt.

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Hierakonpolis Nov 2005.

Hierakonpolis Nov 2007.

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