Episode 1: La Llegada de Sam (The Arrival of Sam) Description

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Episode 1: La Llegada de Sam (The Arrival of Sam)
Lola and Ana share an apartment in Barcelona. Their lives are complicated with the arrival of a mystery guest, Sam from America. Pablo, who lives opposite the girls, finds out about Sam’s background – but tries to keep it a secret. Lola, Ana, Pablo and Sam play out their romances, life crises and contrasting interests.

¡se acabó! – it’s over!

correo – mail

facturas – bills

nenas – ladies, girls

dueña – landlord

museo – museum

el piso – apartment

cama – bed

el portero – bellboy

maletas – suitcases

el horno – oven

fuerte – strong

ducha – shower

la sargento – drill sergeant


  1. Who does Lola send an email to and talk to on the phone? What did she tell him?

  1. Who is Luis?

  1. Who does Lola get a letter from? What does he say in his letter?

  1. When is Sam supposed to arrive?

  1. Who arrives at their door?

  1. What does he return to Lola and Ana?

  1. How does Lola feel about people using her exercise bike?

Sam’s Spanish is not the best in the world. This episode is full of miscommunications. Here is the conversation where he introduces himself:

Sam Hola, me llama America. Soy de Sam.

Ana Quieres decir “Me llamo Sam”

Sam ¿Te llamas Sam?

Ana No, me llamo Ana

Sam Ah, me llama Ana.

Lola No, Quieres decir “Me llamo Sam. Soy americano”

Sam ¿Tú eres americana?

  1. What do Lola and Ana think about Sam’s cars?

  1. Where does Sam say he lives?

  1. How many bedrooms does Sam say he has at home?

  1. Who does Sam try to call? Who shows up?

  1. Translate: “Mis maletas están abajo”.

  1. Translate: “El perro está en el horno”.

  1. What does Pablo tell Sam that Lola likes in a man?

  1. Where do Ana and Lola want Sam to stay?

  1. Why do they change their mind?

  1. What does Pablo discover about Sam?

  1. Where does Pablo want Sam to stay?

Episode 2: Sam va de compras (Sam Goes Shopping)

Description: In the second episode of Extra, Sam has his first experience of shopping in Spain. First he does some grocery shopping on the internet – then Lola, Ana and Pablo decide to give him a make-over which turns out to be a disaster – so he ventures out to clothes shops by himself.

alto – tall

guapo – handsome

quizás – perhaps

tengo que irme – I gotta go

¡Qué mono! – How cute!

un resfriado – a cold

disfrazado – costume

¡Qué Guay! – Cool!

nenas – girls

tienda – store

vendedor – salesman

cliente – client, shopper

limones – lemons

huevos – eggs

comida para perro – dog food

¡Pórtate Bien! – Behave!

¡Ten Cuidado! – Be Careful!

¡Pruébalo! – Try it on!

criados – maids

talla – size

¡lo tengo que ver! – I’ve got to see it!

las medidas – measurements

caro – expensive


  1. Why do Lola and Ana like Sam?

  2. Why does Pablo like Sam?

  3. What kind of clothes does Pablo want Sam to get?

  4. What kind of clothes does Lola want Sam to get?

  5. What kind of clothes does Ana want Sam to get?

  6. Pablo practices with Sam to go shopping. What kind of shoes does Sam say he’s going to buy?

  1. What did Sam buy instead of lemons?

  2. How many eggs did Sam order?

  3. Who calls Sam on the phone? Who does he pretend to be?

  4. How often does Sam do the shopping in America?

  5. How much do the clothes cost that Lola and Ana pretend to sell to Sam?

  6. How much dog food does Sam buy?

Episode 3: Sam aprende a ligar (Sam Goes Dating)

Description: In the third episode of Extra, our friends from Barcelona decide to find love through the internet, and Sam decides to help out with some jobs around the apartment.


ligar – to date

izquierda – left

derecha – right

arriba – up

abajo – down

ordenador – computer

la colada – the laundry

el bollazo – Hottie!

¡Qué broma! – What a joke!

un cita – a date

ojos – eyes

orejas – ears

pelo – hair

pecho – chest

sonrisa – smile


  1. How old is Ana?

  1. Name at least two things that Ana loves.

  1. Before she leaves, what does Ana ask Pablo to do for her?

  1. How many girlfriends has Sam had in his life?

  1. How many girlfriends does Pablo say he’s had in his life?

  1. Where is the water sprayer?

  1. What does Sam use to “water” the roses?

  1. What temperature does Sam use to wash the clothes?

  1. How many replies did Sam and Pablo receive to their message?

  1. Why do they receive so many replies?

  1. What is Lola’s plan to come see Sam and Pablo?

  1. What fake names do Lola and Ana use on the internet?

  1. How many girlfriends has Pablo had in his life?

  1. Why can’t Sam and Pablo tell that it’s Lola and Ana that arrive for their date?

Episode 4: Sam busca un trabajo (Sam Finds a Job)

Description: The 4th episode of Extra, Lola needs promotion to earn more money, so approaches her boss (The Octopus) about it. Sam starts looking for a job, but ends up being the waiter for Lola, during a meal with her boss, cooked by Pablo. The evening is a disaster, but our young friends cement their friendships as a result of it.


carbonizado – burnt

lavandería – laundry; cleaners

jardinero – gardener

cocinero – cook

camarero – waiter

el pulpo – the octopus

¡de ninguna manera – no way!

la cuenta – the bill

el menú – the menu

chaqueta – jacket

chuleta – pork chop

la casa blanca – the white house

huesos – bones

ajo – garlic


  1. What does Pablo want to do for a job?

  2. How old is Pablo? How old does he say he is?

  3. What food does Sam burn on the stove?

  4. What do Lola and Ana want to buy from the magazine?

  5. Why don’t they buy it?

  6. What does Sam tell them that he could do to buy it for the girls?

  7. What do the girls suggest as a job for Sam?

  8. Who invites Lola out for a date?

  9. What is the nickname of Lola’s boss?

  10. What gift do Lola and Ana receive?

  11. Who do they think sent the gifts?

  12. Where do Sam’s parents eat often?

  13. What kind of soup does Sam say he’s serving? What does he mean to say?

  14. What do Sam and Pablo do to “heat up” Sebastian’s coffee?

  15. Does Lola get her promotion? What does she get?

  16. Who really sent the gifts?

  17. What present does Sam buy for Pablo?

Episode 5 – Ha nacido una estrella (A star is born)

Description: In this episode Sam starts to notice Ana in a romantic light and, in a bid to win her over, starts learning to cook. Ana becomes obsessed with television commercials, and Pablo’s acting career receives a boost when he takes on the role of weather forecaster.


palomitas – popcorn

piernas – legs

manos – hands

el papel – role

sobre – on top of

en – on

tormentas - storms

estrella – star

anuncios – commercials

conejo – rabbit

mancha – stain

mantequilla – butter

sucia – dirty

enamorados – lovers

derritir – to melt

batir – to beat

nevera – refrigerator

relámpagos – lightning

corriendo – running

me perseguían – they were chasing me


  1. What day is it?

  2. What time is it?

  3. What job does Pablo get?

  4. What kind of food is “Triscas”?

  5. What movie does Pablo say that he was in?

  6. What time does the cooking show “Carlota” come on?

  7. What does Sam want to cook for Ana (not popcorn)?

  8. Who does Sam pretend to be when he calls Pablo?

  9. What are the 3 ingredients for “chocolate perfección”?

  10. Where does the “path to a woman’s heart” pass through?

  11. What time does Pablo come out on TV?

  12. What is Pablo’s TV name?

  13. How well does Pablo do on his first broadcast?

  14. Who does Sam make “chocolate perfección” for?

  15. How do all the girls think Pablo did on his first broadcast?

Episode 6 – El Día de la Primitiva

Description: In this episode, Lola thinks she has won the lottery, but Sam has lost her ticket. Pablo is also desperate to find the ticket, as he had written a girl’s telephone number on the back. We follow the characters as they try to find the ticket, and see the consequences when they finally retrieve it.

la cama – bed

la primitiva/la primi –lottery

el bolí – pen

la suerte – luck

el parabrisas – windshield

cojines – cushions, pillows

semáforo – stop light

el resguardo – ticket

perdido – lost

ganador – winner


  1. What is the order if the 4 colors that Lola places the cushions on the couch? (Write the colors in Spanish)

  1. How many times does Lola brush her hair?

  2. What is Lola’s horoscope sign?

  3. What color is Sam’s shirt?

  4. Why does Lola brush her hair a certain number of times, organize cushions, and not look at a specific color?

  1. What are Lola’s lottery numbers?

  2. What does Lola do to calm herself on Lottery Day?

  3. What is the girl’s phone number that Pablo tries to remember? Where does he write her number down?

  1. Put the following places in the order hat Sam and Pablo went during the day:

_____ Café Azul

_____ Tienda de Música

_____ Tienda de Chicos

_____ Feria de Moto

_____ Café Internet

  1. What message does Lola leave on the answering machine at her work?

  2. Why does Sam take Lola’s lottery ticket?

  3. What time is the deadline to claim the lottery prize?

  4. What job does Sam take on in order to find the missing ticket?

  5. Who finds the missing ticket?

  6. What were the winning numbers?

  7. Who did Pablo call when he dialed Emilia’s number?

  8. What “secret mission” do Sam and Pablo go on?

Episode 7 – La Gemela de Lola
Description: In this episode we discover that Lola has a twin, Cristina, who is coming to visit. However, Sam, Pablo and Ana do not know that Lola has a twin, and so much confusion ensues when they presume that Cristina is actually Lola.


gemela – twin

galletas – cookies

la fiebre – fever

ducharme – to take a shower

celosa – jealous

doler – to hurt

el equipaje – luggage

delfines – dolphins

fuerte – strong

carta – card

copas – spades

¡Qué asco! – How disgusting!


  1. What day and time does Lola’s twin arrive?

  2. What is Lola’s twin’s name?

  3. Do Sam, Pablo, and Ana know that Lola has a twin?

  4. What role does Pablo play in the show “Fiebre del Hospital”?

  5. What country does Cristina travel back to Spain from?

  6. Explain the difference in the personalities between Lola and Cristina.

  7. What does Cristina ask Pablo to do with the bicycle?

  8. What does Lola ask Pablo to do with the bicycle?

  9. Translate: “¿Te gustaría venir al cine conmigo mañana por la noche?

  10. Who is the first to find out that Lola and Cristina are twins?

  11. What do the girls decide to do to trick Sam and Pablo?

  12. What does Lola find of Cristina’s after she leaves?

Episode 8 – La prima de la dueña

Description: In this episode, we meet the landlady’s cousin, Paca, who is taking over business temporarily. Paca dislikes the girls but takes a shine to the boys, particularly Pablo, who goes on a series of dates with her but starts to regret it when she won’t leave him alone. Meanwhile, the others build shelves with disastrous consequences, and romance finally flourishes between Ana and Sam.


estantaría – book shelf

regla de oro – golden rule

caja – box

rinoceronte – rhinoceros

el escorpión – scorpion

la renta – the rent

no se lo digas – don’t tell

juntos – together

felices sueños – sweet dreams

¡Socorro! – Help!

Os lo debo – I.O.U.

pesadilla – nightmare

atrás – back

fuera - out


  1. Who leaves a letter on the girls’ door? What does it say?

  2. What piece of furniture do they attempt to assemble?

  3. What note does Pablo leave on all the girls’ food?

  4. Name at least one nickname that the friends give to their new landlady, Paca?

  5. What apartment do Pablo and Sam live in?

  6. What apartment do Lola and Ana live in?

  7. What is Pablo’s impression of Paca after he meets her?

  8. What does Sam confess to Lola?

  9. How many dates has Pablo has Pablo gone out with Paca that week?

  10. How does Pablo feel on Saturday? Why?

  11. Where does Sam go with Paca?

  12. What do Sam and Ana do in front of the book shelf?

  13. What does Lola do to get Pablo to get Paca to leave him alone?

  14. Who does Sam get a letter from? What does it say?

Episode 9 – Sam es reportero

Description: Lola has a new job as a researcher at Channel 9. She encourages Sam to audition as a reporter to impress her new editor, but Pablo's acting tips ruin Sam's performance. Luckily, Lucrecia the new editor finds Sam attractive and hires him anyway. Meanwhile, Pablo is looking for a role in a Shakespeare play, and finds a part that is not all it seems.

ser o no ser – to be or not to be

medias – tights, pantyhose

reportero – reporter

rota – broken

obra maestra – masterpiece

cariñito/pichontito – sweetie

raro – strange; weird

¿Cómo te atreves? – How dare you?

por supuesto que no – of course not

equivocado – wrong; mistaken

sueño – dream

peinado – hair style

diamantes – diamonds

ladrones – thieves

enfadada – angry

pase lo que pase – whatever happens, happens


  1. Why is the apartment so dark when Lola arrives?

  2. Earlier in the day, Lola meets the agent of a famous singer. Who is the famous singer?

  3. What clothes is Pablo wearing?

  4. What channel does Lola work for?

  5. What does Lola encourage Sam to do?

  6. What video does Pablo watch on TV?

  7. What are Pablo’s 3 rules of being a great reporter?

  8. Does Sam follow Pablo’s advice for his interview? How does it turn out?

  9. Why does Lola send Pablo a text message instead of calling him?

  10. What does Ana share with Pablo from the mail?

  11. What is the name of the guy that Lola and Lucrecia used to date in college?

  12. What are Lucrecia’s two rules?

  13. What does Lucrecia think of Sam’s interview?

  14. Does Pablo get his role in “Hamlet”?

  15. Does Sam get the job as a reporter?

  16. What time does Sam agree to be at work the next day?

  17. How does Ana feel about Sam’s new job?

  18. What is Pablo’s Shakespearean role?

Episode 10 – Ana protesta

Description: Late at night Ana and her friend Tete drop off a mysterious package with Pablo with careful instructions to look after it. Lola is off on another celebrity press conference and is worried about which dress to wear. Annie has very different concerns she is organizing a press protest outside a cosmetics factory that uses guinea pigs for testing. She and Tete dress up as animals to make the point. Sam is told by his Channel 9 editor to go and cover the demonstration and that she wants him to be tough on the ‘hippy protestors’. Meanwhile Pablo wakes up to find that the box is full of guinea pigs. Distracted by the TV he then forgets about them. At the demonstration Sam is being instructed to find the ringleader and make a fool of them. The ringleader is, of course, Ana. Back at the flat Lola returns from work and is keen to get ready for her next celebrity bash, while Pablo realizes that somehow the guinea pigs have escaped. When they return, Annie and Sam have a row about his disloyalty. The escaped guinea pigs have eaten a large patch out of Lola’s best dress.


maquillaje – make-up

alto secreto – top secret

niñitos – little ones

vestido – dress

almuerzo – lunch

cobayas – guinea pigs

dueño – owner

manifestación – protest

enfadarse – to get angry


  1. Who arrives with Ana at Pablo’s apartment?

  2. What do they deliver?

  3. What “major decision” does Lola try to make?

  4. Who does Lola have lunch with?

  5. What are Ana and Tete planning?

  6. What did the “hippies” steal from the make-up factory?

  7. Señor Garrier is the owner of the make-up factory. What other business does he own?

  8. How does Lucrecia like her coffee?

  9. What color are the guinea pigs in the box? Why?

  10. What are the names of the guinea pigs?

  11. Who is the leader of the protest?

  12. Where are the guinea pigs when Ana returns?

  13. Why is Ana finally happy with Sam?

  14. Who gets excited and kisses Pablo?

  15. How many guinea pigs were originally in the box?

  16. What happened to Lola’s dress?

Episode 11 – El Viaje a Londres

Description: It’s time for a vacation and everyone has their own idea where they should go. After much fantasizing and argument the best they can afford is a long weekend in London. On the day of departure Lola has packed three huge suitcases and is still worried that she may not have enough clothes. Pablo tells everyone that all you really need is ticket, passport and credit card. Once in the taxi on their way Pablo realizes he has left his ticket, passport and credit card behind! Once in London after a whirlwind sightseeing tour around the sights, Sam is very much the man in charge. The foursome end up in the Jubilee Tea Rooms where Lola is certain that the very good looking guy on the other side of the room who she thinks looks remarkably like Prince William is making eyes at her. No one believes her but Lola is determined and goes over to introduce herself. Meanwhile Pablo has caught the eye of the waitress who is clearly up for a good time. They decide to go clubbing and Lola is proud to show off her new English boyfriend, Toby.


bronceado – tan

planchar – to iron

la playa – the Beach

harta – exhausted

te largas – get away

nenas – girls

ligar – to pick up girls or guys; to date

bobo – fool


  1. What is the name of the magazine that Pablo is reading?

  2. Name the 4 places that Sam reports would be great vacation destinations.

  3. Who calls Lola to ask her to make some dresses for her?

  4. How much does the trip to New York cost?

  5. Where does Sam want to go for vacation?

  6. Translate: “Hola, soy español. ¿Me puedes dar la dirección de tu piso?”

  7. Translate: “Tus ojos son como estrellas, salen por la noche.”

  8. How many suitcases does Lola take on vacation?

  9. How long are they going to be in England?

  10. What “typical” clothes does Pablo wear?

  11. Pablo says that you only need 3 things. What are they?

  12. Where do they go to get something to drink?

  13. Does the lady say she knows how speak Spanish?

  14. Is the lady polite?

  15. Why can’t they get something to drink?

  16. What time is it?

  17. What do they need to do to get something to drink?

  18. What does Pablo want to drink? What does he get to drink?

  19. Who does Lola think is across from them at the Jubilee Tea Room?

  20. Who hits on Pablo at the Jubilee Tea Room?

  21. What is the name of the guy that Lola gets a date with?

  22. Where do they go out that night?

  23. Who goes with them?

Episode 12 – Fanáticos de fútbol

Description: In this episode It’s the World Cup and Spain, USA and England are all doing very well. USA is playing Spain in the semi-finals. Sam, Ana and Lola are watching the game on TV. Pablo is out - but he has said that he does not want to know the score until he watches the game tonight on the TV. It is a tight match but Spain beat USA. Sam is depressed but the girls tell him that he must not give away the score to Pablo. Lola is very distracted because her English boyfriend is coming to visit. She asks Sam to teach her some English expressions so she can demonstrate how much she likes him. Ana walks in while they are practicing and assumes the worst and refuses to talk to Sam. Toby will certainly want to watch the Cup Final, which is now Spain v. England. Lola explains about the English lessons so that Ana realizes she has got the wrong idea. So, she and Sam make up.


el partido – the game

Copa del Mundo – World Cup

calzoncillos – underwear

delantero – forward

prometido – promise

estoy harta – I’m fed up

sonreír – to smile

cinta – tape

correctamundo – That’s right!

pelo – hair

peluquería – hair salon

país – country

guapísismo – really hot; good-looking

enfadada – angry; upset

el peinado – haircut, style

patatas fritas – chips, fried potatoes

Inglaterra – England


  1. What two teams are playing in the semi-finals of the World Cup?

  2. How long has Pablo been wearing his underwear?

  3. What time is the game?

  4. Why doesn’t Pablo watch the game on TV?

  5. Who does Lola call? Why?

  6. Who won the game? What was the score?

  7. Why are Lola and Ana acting strange when Pablo returns?

  8. How does Sam act?

  9. Translate: “Eres muy guapo. Eres tan fuerte.”

  10. What does Ana think when Sam is teaching Lola some new phrases?

  11. What are the 3 phrases in English?

  12. Translate: “Fútbol es cuestión de la vida y la muerte. Pero, no es. ¡Es más importante!”

  1. Where does Lola go?

  2. What is Lola wearing when she returns? Why?

  3. Why does Lola’s hair look so strange?

  4. What does Toby’s hair look like?

  5. What two teams are playing in the finals?

  6. Who wins the “World Cup”?

  7. What does Sam ask Ana?

  8. What is Ana’s answer?

Episode 13 – Season Finale

Description: In this episode Sam and Ana are trying to agree on what sort of wedding they are going to have. Ana wants a simple ceremony at the animal sanctuary. Unfortunately for Sam his mother is taking it all very seriously and is on her way over in the family jet and wants to know whether he has booked “La Sagrada Familia” for the wedding yet. Sam hasn’t had the courage to tell Ana that his mother is arriving and has a big problem when he realizes that he must meet his mother at 5:00 pm and Ana has insisted that he meet her at the same time. Sam cannot decide between his mother and Ana so stays put in the apartment waiting for the explosion! At the office Lola is looking for interesting people to interview and remembers her editor’s interest in Pablo who now has a small part as a fireman. Eventually both Ana and the mother arrive back at the apartment. Sam’s mother mistakes Lola for Ana. Lola interviews Pablo as a fireman.


casarse – to get married

boda – wedding

amiguitos – little friends

correo – mail

damas de honor – maids of honor

bollazo – hottie

novia – bride

gracioso – funny

entrevista – interview

Juan “Robacorazones” – Juan “The Lady’s Man”

disfruta – Have fun! Enjoy!

luna de miel – honeymoon

bombero – fireman

analuar – to postpone

despedida del soltero – batchelor party

despedirse – to say good-bye

rescatar – to rescue

maja – flirtatious

padrino – best man

peor – worse

pesadilla – nightmare

¡Socorro! – Help!

Cultural Note: La Sagrada Familia – The Royal Family of Spain

  1. What kind of wedding does Ana want?

  2. What kind of wedding does Sam’s mom want?

  3. Who is Sam’s best man?

  4. What happened to Lola and Toby? Why?

  5. Who does Lucrecia suggest Lola go out with?

  6. What tape does Lola watch?

  7. What kind of magazine is Lola reading?

  8. What does she start to feel about Pablo?

  9. What does Lola confess to Ana?

  10. What does Pablo think is so good about getting married?

  11. What does Lola ask Pablo to do at the interview?

  12. What do Sam and Ana decide to do?

  13. When/Where is Sam supposed to meet his mom?

  14. When/Where is Sam supposed to meet Ana?

  15. Where does Sam decide to go?

1. A Pablo le gusta a Lola

A Ana le gusta a Pablo

2. A las chicas les gusta a Sam porque es guapo

A Pablo le gusta a Sam porque es rico.

3. A las chicas les gusta a Sam porque es guapo

Pablo descubre que Sam es___.

4. Pablo descubre que Sam es___.

Sam le gusta a ___.

Lola le gusta a ___.

____ le gusta a Pablo

5. A las chicas les gusta a Sam porque es guapo

A Pablo le gusta a Sam porque es rico.

A Sam le encanta estar en España

6. A Ana le gusta Pablo

A Pablo le gusta Lola

A Lola le gusta Sam

A Sam le gusta Ana

7. Lola quiere ser rica.

Pablo quiere ser actor

Sam quiere invitar a Ana al cine.

8. Pablo sabe que Sam es muy rico

Lola sabe que Sam es muy rico

Ana no sabe Sam es muy rico

9. A Sam le gusta Ana

A Ana le gusta Sam

A Pablo le gusta a Lola

A Lola no le gusta a Pablo

10. Lola trabaja para canal 9

Sam tambien trabaja para canal 9

Ana solo quiere salvar a los animales

Pablo es Pablo

11. Lola necesita unas vacaciones

Sam necesita unas vacaciones

Ana tambien

Pablo las necesita

12. A Sam le gusta Ana

A Lola le gusta Toby

A Pablo le gustan las nenas, las motocicletas, y la pizza.

13. Sam y Ana quieren casarse.

Lola quiere casarse.

Pablo quiere irse lo mas pronto posible.

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