¡Eres una estrella! You are a star!

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¡Eres una estrella! You are a star!

Follow the directions below to complete your autobiographical star. Write everything in complete sentences in Spanish!

  1. On lines 1 and 2 answer this question: ¿Cómo te llamas?

  2. On line 3 answer these 2 questions: ¿De dónde eres? ¿De qué nacionalidad eres tú?

  3. On line 4 tell me that you are a student in a secondary school

  4. On line 5 use a verb and three words to answer this question: ¿Cómo eres tú?

  5. On line 6 in a complete sentence, tell me something you’re not (ex. Lazy)

  6. On line 7 in a complete sentence, tell me what kind of friend you are.

  7. On line 8 write “I am (nickname)” in Spanish

  8. On line 9 write “I am a star (una estrella)” in Spanish

  9. Color and decorate your star. Be creative.

This project is worth 50 points. Each sentence is worth 5 points based on correct verb form, adjective agreement, grammar, and spelling. 5 points (10% of the grade) is for decoration.

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