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Valencia will be the next Artisan Gelato Capital (July, 5TH-7TH , from 1pm to 12pm, Playa de la Malvarrosa)
The expectations are more than high, if you think that in Rome (the challenge first stop) the gelato production was doubled because of the long queues at the artisans’ stalls (every day each gelato chef participating produced more than 100 Kg of gelato). The sweetest challenge will continue in Melbourne (October, 25th-27th), Dubai, San Paulo, Shanghai, Austin and Berlin.
10% of the proceeds will be donated to charity to “Cottolengo del Padre Alegre”
Bologna, July 2nd 2013 Valencia will be the next Artisanal Gelato capital (July, 5th-7th, Playa de la Malvarrosa, Paseo Maritimo 13). The institutional partners of the event, organized by Carpigiani Gelato University and Sigep in collaboration with IFI and MEC3, will be the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affair, AHNCEA (Spanish Association of Artisan Gelatieri) and Valencia City Council (Trade and Production Activities Department) and Pastry Revolution will be the Communication partner. The objective: transmit to a global public the culture of this fresh, high-quality food that represents the excellence and creativity of thousands of gelato artisans.
Finally you can read here the detailed program of the challenge “Gelato World Tour”, Spanish stop.
2.30 / 5:00 / 7.30 / 10:00 pm “Learn the art of artisan gelato”

Mini-courses by Carpigiani Gelato University followed by the educational workshops

So you want to open a Gelato Shop?” organized by IFI on how to design successful gelato shops (max 50 participants, duration 90 minutes).
4:00 pm “A Journey through time with Gelato”

Educational workshops by the Carpigiani Gelato Museum

(max 50 children aged between 4 and 10, duration 45 minutes)
4:00 - 7:00 pm Stand MEC3: “Play with Hello Kitty, Cookies and their

wonderful friends!” and take a souvenir photo with a special guest
6:00 pm “Discover the 1000 flavors of Gelato”

Mini-courses organized by MEC3 (maximum 50 participants, duration 30 minutes)

11:00 pm “Preview showing of Gelato is Magic”

an exclusive documentary by Wolfgang Achtner on Traditional Italian Artisan Gelato

Friday July 5TH
1:00 pm Opening Conference “The New Horizons in the Artisanal Gelato

Sector” and Presentation of the Photography Contest “Gelato Pixel Passion” presented

by Angelo Corvitto, Maestro Heladero; Valentina Righi, Vice President of the Bruto and Poerio

Carpigiani Foundation; and Belèn Parra, Journalist of Pastry Revolution (Montagud)
4.30 pm Stand MEC3: “Tonda Challenge by IFI”

(a competition between Iberian Peninsula Gelato Professionals to prepare the perfect cup)

6.30 pm “Official Inauguration of the Gelato World Tour (Iberian

Peninsula Stop)” with the participation of the Organizers and the Main Partners of the

Gelato World Tour and the Valencia’s Authorities

Saturday, July 6TH
4.30 pm Stand MEC3: “Tonda Challenge by IFI” (a competition between Iberian Peninsula Gelato Professionals to prepare the perfect cup)

Sunday, July 7TH
10:00 am “World’s Best Gelato Competition: Technical Jury Evaluation of the 16 flavors”
1.30 pm “Gastronomic Gelato Workshop: future trends” conducted by Maestro Heladero Fernando Saenz, presented by Javi Antoja, Journalist of Apicius (Montagud)
2.30 pm Stand MEC3: “Tonda Challenge by IFI” (a competition between Iberian

Peninsula Gelato Professionals to prepare the perfect cup)

5 pm “Awards Ceremony of the World’s Best Gelato and Tonda Challenge by IFI (Spain Stop)”: Conducted by Maestro Heladero Angelo Corvitto and José Luis Gisbert Valls, President of A.H.N.C.E.A., with the participation of the members of the technical jury, the Organizers and the Main Partners of the Gelato World Tour and the Valencia’s Authorities

Presentation of the photographic contest “Gelato Pixel Passion”

Cool flavors and emotions… on film! Photograph all that is goos about gelato and win a course at Carpigiani Gelato University!

Eat a good gelato is a pleasure for the palate and for the heart, a taste of happiness to share with family and friends anytime of the day, wherever you are!


Tell us about your gelato emotions using photographs!

The winners of “Gelato Pixel Passion,” organized by the Bruto and Poerio Carpigiani Foundation, will win the chance to become a part of this sweet world, thanks to the scholarships offered by Carpigiani Gelato University.
Download the contest rules at

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Following is the list of 16 artisans that will compete in Valencia (choosen by the Events’ Presidents of the Technical Jury) and their flavors:

- Mario Caruso y Belén Pallarès, Livanti Gelato di Sicilia | SABOR: Magna Grecia

- Javier Das Alonso, La Golosa Helados Artesanos | SABOR: Helado Clásico de Mantecado

- Marco Di Consiglio, Gelaaati di Marco | SABOR: El Milanés

- Carlos Enríquez Sánchez y Juan Enríquez Sánchez, Iceberg | SABOR: Sorbete de naranja de

Soller con hierba buena y cardamomo

- Andrea Foschi, Fresca Passione | SABOR: Cartago

- José Luis García Rico, La Ibense | SABOR: Helado de Gazpacho

- Cesar Gimenez Ferrero, Arlequino | SABOR: Helado de Galleta María

- Freya Lo Giudice, Sani Sapori | SABOR: Crema antigua al Baobab

- Isabel López Dominguez, 29 Palmeras | SABOR: Mil Hojas

- Maurizio Melani, Véneta Gelato Italiano | SABOR: Galleta de la Abuela

- Juan Ignacio Paredes Urruti, Heladeria Livorno | SABOR: Sorbete de mora con limón

- Antonino Parilla Villar, Heladeria Bolas Heladeria Villar | SABOR: Helado Chocolate y Lejano


- Jesús Manuel Valdés López, Diego Verdú Monerris | SABOR: Helado de turrón de Jijona Don


- Juan Carlos Verdú Ojeda, Helados Verdú | SABOR: Chocolate

- Alvaro Verdú Palú, Helados Gelart | SABOR: Calabaza Trufada

- Cesare Zaccariello, Al Settimo Gelo | SABOR: Chocolate al perfume de canela

Here the tecnica jury of the challenge “Gelato World Tour”, Spanish stop:

  • José Luis Gisbert Valls: President A.H.N.C.E.A.

  • Angelo Corvitto: Maestro Gelatiere

  • Fernando Saenz: Maestro Gelatiere

  • Ferran Bono: Journalist “El Pais”

  • Rafael Navarro: Journalist “El Mundo”

  • Rossend Domenech: Journalist “El Periodico”

  • Belén Parra: Journalist “PãstryRevolution”

  • Luis Concepción: Journalist “Arte Heladero”

  • Javi Antoja: Journalist “Apicius”

It is possible to follow the stages of the Gelato World Tour by visiting the website, as well as the pages created in Facebook and Twitter, already fanned and followed by hundreds of people.

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