I comprensión Auditiva Jueves 1 de julio

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Spanish 150 –Summer 2004
Lección 7 - 16

Note: Although directions are in English on this format, they will be in

           Spanish on the Final Exam, so please be sure to familiarize yourself
           with the instructions found in each section.
I  Comprensión Auditiva - Jueves 1 de julio. - Total 23 pts.

A.  Definiciones - 6 pts.

Listen to the descriptions your instructor gives you and write the word that
fits the description. There will be no word bank.
Ejemplo: You hear: Una fruta pequeña que se usa para hacer el vino.
You answer: uva
B. ¿Para qué se usa o cuándo se hace? - 4 pts.

Listen to the words your instructor will read and answer the questions.

Ejemplo 1: You hear: Se usa para limpiar la boca.
You answer: La servilleta
Ejemplo 2: You hear: Se hace cuando estas nervioso.
You answer: Comer las uñas.
C. Vocabulario. - 8 pts
Listen to the sentences your instructor reads and select the word that is not associated with the phrase.
Example:  (you hear)   
Una palabra que no se asocia con los deportes.  
Choices:  a)  la bocacalle    b)  el tenis    c) el fútbol       You choose:  la bocacalle
D. Los clasificados. - 5 pts.
You will be playing matchmaker in this section. You will be given a few minutes
to read some personal ads from men and women. Your instructor will read a
statement and you must identify the person from the personal ad that would be the
best match for the person behind the comment.
Ejemplo: You hear: Me encanta hacer ejercicios aeróbicos.
You choose personal ad "C" because it describes a person who frequently goes
to the gym to work out.


II In Class Composición - 10 pts.
Write a mini-composition of 5 complete sentences in the present based on
a topic that you instructor will give you.


Written section - Viernes 2 de julio.
III Vocabulario (18 total points)

A. Select the word that does not belong. - 7 pts.
     Example:    (you see)    las profesiones      a) el mozo    b)  la falda   c) el gerente    
     You select:  b) la falda

B. Más vocabulario. - 5 pts.
Write the word that best completes the sentence in the space to the left.
Ejemplo:______ Se bebe ésto con el pescado
You see: a. el codo b. el vino blanco c. el brazo You choose: b. el vino blanco.
C. En el restaurante. - 6 pts.
Paso 1: Write a synonym in Spanish for each word or phrase given.
There are no word banks for these sections.
Ejemplo: You see: charlar You write: hablar

Paso 2: Write the opposite word in Spanish for each word or phrase given.

Ejemplo: You see: levantarse: You write: acostarse
IV. Gramática - (39 total points)
A. Comparaciones. - 4 pts.

Choose two out of three listed people or things to compare and write a

sentence using "tan_________como"  or a form of   "Tanto  como"
Example:  Casey Clausen / Phil Fulmer
You write:  Casey Clausen no tiene tanto dinero como Phil Fulmer.
OR, Phil Fulmer es tan motivado como Casey Clausen.

B.¿Cierto o Falso? - 4 pts.

In this section, you will indicate if the sentence is Cierto (C) or Falso (F) and then if it is false, explain why.

C. Lugares y Actividades. - 2 pts.                                                                                           You will see several places of business listed.  Choose two and write a sentence
using a "se" expression.  Use different verbs for each but not the verb "vender".
Example: You see:      librería      biblioteca     universidad
You choose:    "biblioteca"
You write:     "Se leen libros en la biblioteca"
D. ¿Cuál es tu reacción?  - 5 pts.                                                                                           
Use of pronouns.   Choose the answer most appropriate answer. 
Example:  (You see)  Tu compañera de cuarto  quiere esta sola porque está triste.
         a)  No lo dejo sola porque está seriamente deprimido.                             

b)  No la dejo sola porque está seriamente deprimida.                               

You choose "b" 

E. ¿Qué hiciste? 6 pts.
You will be asked to write on a topic using the preterite.
F. Imperfect - 6 pts.
You will be given a topic to write about using the imperfect.
J. Referentes. (Object Pronouns) - 12 pts
You will read a short magazine article and be asked to identify referents to
direct and indirect object pronouns that are underlined in the text. In other words,
what or to whom do the pronouns refer to?
Ejemplo: You read: No me llevo bien con mi novio. Lo quiero olvidar.
You answer: Lo = el novio
V. Cultura.  - 10 pts.                                                                                               

Cierto (C) or Falso (F)

You will see sentences referring to the culture readings in Vistazos. Write "C" or "F" next
 to each sentence.  If the statement is false, indicate why.

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