Information Pack for British Prisoners in Lima Author British Embassy Lima Date November 2015

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Information Pack for British Prisoners in Lima

Author British Embassy Lima

Date November 2015


Introduction 3

Who can help? 3

About the Embassy 3

Who are the Consular Representatives? 3

Contact Information 4

First Steps 5

Who will know I have been detained? 5

What will my family be told? 5

What will the Consulate do? 5

Would I have a criminal record in the UK? 6

Visits 6

How do my family and friends arrange a visit? 6

How many visits am I allowed? 6

Consular visits 6

What can visitors bring? 7

Prison conditions/services 7

Arrival at police station 7

Arrival at prison 9

General prison conditions 9

How can I send money? 10

Can I receive medical and dental treatment? 11

Food and Diet 12

Mail/Parcels 12

Can I make telephone calls? 13

Leisure and entertainment 13

Drugs 13

How can I make a complaint about mistreatment? 13

The Peruvian Judicial System 14

Is the system the same as the UK? 14

What should happen when I am arrested? 15

For how long can I be remanded in custody? 16

What provision is there for bail? 17

What kind of legal assistance is available? 17

What happens at the trial? 18

Sentences 18

How can appeals be made? 18

What provision is there for reduction of sentence (remission) e.g. for good behaviour? 18

What provisions are there for early release e.g. on parole (liberación condicional)? 18

What provision is there for clemency or pardon? 19

What about any financial penalties? 19

Is transfer to another prison within Peru possible? 19

Is transfer to the UK a possibility? 20

What are the procedures for release and deportation? 21

Additional Information 23

Penitentiary Benefits 24

Volunteer Workers 26

Plea Bargaining 26

Prison details 26

Prisoners Abroad 28

Glossary of Terms including Useful Legal Terms 29



Key Phrases English into Spanish 39

Annexes 55

ANNEX 1: List of English-Speaking Lawyers 56

Feedback Form for Customers 60

Feedback Form for Customers 62

ANNEX 9: Consent to Disclose my Details 63

ANNEX 11: Expulsion Order Guide 65

Disclaimer 72


Who can help?

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO):

The FCO is represented overseas by its Embassies and Consulates (High Commission in Commonwealth Countries). Both employ consular officers, and one of their duties is to provide help and advice to any British National who gets into difficulty in a foreign country.

About the Embassy

We are impartial; we are not here to judge you. We aim to make sure that you are treated properly and fairly in accordance with local regulations, and that you are treated no less favourably than other prisoners.
We can answer questions about your welfare and about prison regulations but you must ask your lawyer or the court about legal matters. The attached list of lawyers is provided by the British Embassy for your convenience, but neither Her Majesty’s Government, nor any official of the Consulate, take any responsibility for the competence or probity of any firm/advocate on the list or for the consequence of any legal action initiated or advice given.
We cannot get you out of prison, pay fines or stand bail or interfere with local judicial procedures to get you out of prison nor secure you an earlier trial date; we cannot investigate a crime.
We have tried to make sure that the information in this booklet is accurate and up to date, but the British Embassy cannot accept legal responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information. If in doubt contact a lawyer.

Who are the Consular Representatives?

British Embassy in Lima
Fabiola Aguilar Vice Consul

Cynthia Carbajal Pro Consul


Claudia de Olazabal Pro Consul

Other members of the British Embassy may accompany us to do some prison visits for security reasons or familiarisation purposes or a driver may visit you to deliver funds and other items when needed.

Contact Information

British Embassy Lima

Consular Section

Torre Parque Mar

Av. Larco 1301, Floor 23


Lima 18
Tel: (0051 1) 617 3000

Fax: (0051 1) 617 3055



Working hours:

Monday to Thursday: From 08.00 am to 17.00 pm

Friday: From 08:00 am to 13.00 pm

First Steps

Who will know I have been detained?

The British Embassy aims to contact any arrested British national in Peru within 24 hours after notification by the Peruvian authorities. Please bear in mind that the Peruvian authorities do not always advise the Embassy of arrests with immediate effect, so remind them you need to see a Consular Officer as soon as possible.
A Consular Officer will visit you while you are detained during the initial investigations.
The Consular Directorate of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the United Kingdom will be aware of your condition and the assistance the Embassy in Lima is providing you with.

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