Institutional Investment Project

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Institutional Investment Project

Institutional Investment Project:

Implementation of a school in Ixmiquilpan, Hidalgo

Final report

Rocío González Villa

Vicente Jerónimo Suárez Zendejas

Universidad del Valle de México


This document is the final delivery on an investment project of an educative institution in the state of Hidalgo, México.

The protocol for contents was defined by the PMI and the protocol for the form follows the guidelines of the American Psychological Association.

Chapter I includes the environment assessment, analysis made through the population, demographics, legal and educative analysis of the area. A primary approach of a SWOT matrix started here.

Chapter II includes different important data about the internal analysis: a competitor status research, the legal procedures and permits to open the institution, the inventory of material resources, the organizational chart and functions attached and the first draft of the Educative Model.

Chapter III starts the development of the strategic phase of the project. Economic assessment starts on facilities, equipment and materials; the marketing plan also initiates as well as a deeper implementation of the educative functions. Maybe the most crucial section is the implementation of the relation: objectives – strategies – interventions, trough a couple of scorecards to join up of all the elements.

Last Chapter is the forecasting section. Final numbers are developed in relation with human resources, school enrollment and basic financial figures.

To conclude this abstract we dare to say, the development of this project started as a strategy for accomplishing academic objectives, but as it advanced, it turned into a dream looking forward to getting out of the virtual world of a data file, to be part of a new Vision for the ñañu community. The two of us will make sure this happens.
Key words: Planning, investment, strategy, resources, Hidalgo, Ixmiquilpan.


Abstract 2

Contents 3

I. Environment Assessment 4

1.1 Population and demographics of the area 4

1.2 Projections of population growth in the area 6

1.3 Socio economical conditions of the area 7

1.4 Number of schools in the area 9

1.5 Average level of education 9

1.6 Ethnic population and its demographics 11

1.7 National and regional educational framework 12

1.8 Legal considerations 14

1.9 Analysis 15

1.10 Detections of possible threads and opportunities for the project 17

II Internal analysis 23

2.1 Strengths and Weaknesses of some of the possible competitors 23

2.2 Your own strengths and weaknesses in this new market 28

2.3 Inventory of facilities needed 30

2.4 Inventory of equipment needed 32

2.4.1 Inventory of language laboratory. 32

2.4.2 Inventory for science laboratory. 32

2.4.3 Inventory of computing facilities. 33

2.5 Inventory of materials needed 34

2.5.1 Inventory books needed 34

2.5.2 Inventory of software needed. 35

2.6 Definition of academic model, and justification 36

2.6.1 Justification of the model. 36

2.6.2 Basic definitions of the model. 38

2.7 Human resources needed to carry out your proposal 39

2.8 Authorizations, and official permits needed 39

2.9 Draft of the different functions to be covered within the organization 40

2.9.1 High School Direction. 40

2.9.2 Academics Direction. 41

2.9.3 Research and Culture Direction. 41

2.9.4 Management Direction. 42

2.10 SWOT analysis draft 42

III Strategy formulation 49

3.1 Design of the main and generic strategy 49

3.2 Master plan for implementation of the start up of the school 52

3.3 Capital Investment 53

3.4 Implementation of the academic model. 55

3.4.1 Program: Contents/skills development 55

3.4.2 Student. 56

3.4.3 Faculty. 57

3.5 Possible strategic allies 58

3.6 Draft of marketing plan 63

3.6.1 Purpose. 63

3.6.2 Target. 64

3.6.3 Competitor analysis. 66

3.6.4 Business strengths. 67

3.6.5 Business weaknesses. 67

3.6.6 Marketing Strategies: product, pricing, distribution, promotion. 67

3.6.7 Budget 70

3.6.8 Evaluation 71

3.6.9 Conclusions. 71

IV Forecasting 72

4.1 Final forecast for human resources 72

4.2 Final enrollment forecast and projections 74

4.3 Final financial forecasts 77

4.4 Academic program plans, program matrix and general syllabi. 80

References 81

Appendix I. Curricular Map 84

Appendix II: Reconocimiento de Validez Oficial de Estudios 85

Appendix III. Original SWOT matrix in MS Excel 90

Appendix IV. Start up plan: Activities and Gantt calendar. 91

Appendix V. Administrative positions´ functions 92

Tables and Figures

I. Environment Assessment

The objective of this investment project is to make a complete research of a specific area of México in order to decide the type of educative institution to open for covering the needs of the community. A requirement to take in account is that two ethnic groups coexist in the area.

Actopan, Tasquillo and Ixmiquilpan are counties of Hidalgo State, the three of them conform the region known as El Valle del Mezquital, because their vegetation is made out basically of mesquites. This working team has decided to develop this project for that area, specifically for Ixmiquilpan, for several reasons.

  1. This is one of the poorest regions of México.

  2. We have access to community members who will act as privileged informants.

  3. For different reasons, finance would be easier to get for this zone of the country for educative projects.
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