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Drum, Val, and Paul Lee, dirs. Romeo and Juliet. Based on William Shakespeare's play. UK, 1965.

Rowland V. Lee
Lee, Rowland V., dir. The Sea Lion. 1921. (Whaling).
Michael Lehmann
Lehmann, Michael, dir. The Truth about Cats and Dogs. Comedy. Screenplay by Audrey Wells. Cast: Uma Thurman, Janeane Garofalo, Ben Chaplin, Jamie Foxx, James McCaffrey. USA, 1996.*

Mike Leigh
Leigh, Mike. High Hopes. 1988.

_____, dir. Meantime. Channel 4. 1983.

_____, dir. and screenplay. Secrets and Lies. Prod. Simon Channing-Williams. Cast: Timothy Spall, Brenda Blethyn, Phyllis Logan, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Claire Rushbrook. Ciby 2000/Channel 4 Films, c. 1996. (Golden Palm Cannes Festival 1996).*

_____. Career Girls. Cast: Katrin Cartlidge, Lynda Steadman, Kate Byers, Mark Benton, Andy Serkis, Joe Tucker, Margo Stanley, Michael Healy. Music by Tony Remy and Marianne Jean-Baptiste. 20th Century Fox, 1997. VHS.*

_____, dir. Topsy-Turvy. Writer and dir. Mike Leigh. Cast: Jim Broadbent, Allan Corduner, Timothy Spall, Lesley Manville, Ron Cook, Wendy Nottingham, Kevin McKidd, Shirley Anderson, Dorothy Atkinson, Martin Savage, Eleanor David. Prod. des. Eve Stewart. Ed. Robin Sales. Thin Man Films / The Greenlight Fund / Newmarket Capital Group / Simon Channing-Williams. UK: Pathé, 1999. DVD. Twentieth Century Fox / Pathé.* (On Gilbert and Sullivan).

_____. Vera Drake. Writer and dir. Mike Leigh. Cast: Imelda Staunton, Phil Davis, Peter Wight, Daniel Mays, Alex Kelly, Adrian Scarborough, Heather Craney, Eddie Marsan, Ruth Sheen, Sally Hawkins. Music by Andrew Dickinson. Prod. des. Eve Stewart. Ed. Jim Clark. Photog. dick Pope. Coprod. Georgina Lowe. Exec prod. Robert Jones, Gail Egan, Duncan Reid, Christine Gozlan. Prod. Alain Sarde. Prod. Simon Channing Williams. UK: Alain Sarde / UK Film Council, 2004.*

_____, writer and dir. Another Year. Cast: Tom Broadbent, Ruth Sheen, Lesley Manville, Oliver Maltman, Peter Wight, Karina Fernandez, Martin Savage, Michell Austin, Phil Davis, Stuart McQuarrie, Imelda Staunton. Music by Gary Yershon. Ed. Jon Gregory. Cinemat. Dick Pope. Exec. Prod.Gail Egan, Tessa Ross. Prod. Simon Channing Williams. UK: Focus Features / Film 4 / UK Film Council / Momentum Thin Man Films, 2010. DVD. UK: Momentum Pictures, 2011.*


Ackroyd, Peter. Rev. of Meantime (by Mike Leigh, Channel 4). The Times 2 Dec. 1983. Rpt. in Ackroyd, The Collection. Ed. Thomas Wright. London: Chatto & Windus, 2001. 185-86.*

Collins, Valerie, and Mike O'Neill. Vera Drake: A Heart of Gold. (SpeakUp film booklet). Barcelona: RBA-SpeakUP, 2006.* (Misleading copyright page date: "1985")

Cornut-Gentille d'Arcy, Chantal. "Everything You Always Hated about Thatcher's Britain: A Cultural Analysis of Mike Leigh's High Hopes (1988)." Miscelánea 28 (2003 [issued Nov. 2004]): 25-42.*

Ebert, Roger. Rev. of Another Year. Dir. Mike Leigh. Rogerebert.com 12 Jan. 2011.*



Pérez-Villalba, Esther. "'Wife. Mother. Criminal(?)': Representations of Abortion in Mike Leigh's Vera Drake." Miscelánea 40 (2009): 77-94.*

_____. "Reflections on the Manipulation of Time in Mike Leigh's Vera Drake (2004)." In New Perspectives on English Studies. [32nd International Conference of AEDEAN, Nov. 2008]. CD-ROM. Ed. Marian Amengual et al. Palma: U de les Illes Balears, 2009.*

Eric Leighton
Zondag, Ralph, and Eric Leighton, dirs. Dinosaur. Prod. Pam Marsden. Disney Productions, 2000.

Claude Lelouch
Lelouch, Claude, dir. Toute une vie. 1974.

_____, dir. Les Miserables. Inspired by Victor Hugo's novel. Cast: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Michel boujenah, Alessandra Martines, Annie Girardot, Clementine Celarie, Philippe Leotard, Rufus, Jean Marais, Micheline Presle, Darry Cowl, Salome, Ticky Holgado, Philipe Kohrsand, Nicole Croisille, Paul Belmondo. France, 1995.

_____, dir. And Now... Ladies & Gentlemen. With Jeremy Irons and Patricia Kaas. c. 2002.

Bécaud, Gilbert. "Et maintenant." From Claude Lelouch, Toute une vie (1974). YouTube 15 Dec. 2009.*


Fernando León de Aranoa

Los lunes al sol. Dir. Fernando León de Aranoa. With Javier Bardem. Spain.

Cornut-Gentille, Chantal. "Globalisation from Down Below: Unemployment and Damaged Masculinities in The Full Monty (1997) and Mondays in the Sun (2002)." Studies in European Cinema 2.2 (2005): 125-35.

Brett Leonard
Leonard, Brett, dir. Man-Thing. Written by Hans Rodionoff, based on the Marvel comic-book character. Cast: Matthew Le Nevez, Rachael Taylor, Rawiri Parateme, Steve Bastoni, Robert Mammone, Alex O'Lachlan, Jack Thompson. USA: Marvel Enterprises / Fierce Entertainment / Lions Gate Films, 2004. Spanish DVD. 2006.*

Robert Z. Leonard
Leonard, Robert Z., dir. Pride and Prejudice. With Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier. Screenplay by Aldous Huxley and Jane Murfin, based on Jane Austen's novel. Prod. Hunt Stromberg. Loew's, 1940. MGM/UA video, 1989.*

Sergio Leone
Leone, Sergio, dir. Per qualchi dollari in piu. Dir. Sergio Leone. Cast: Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, Gian Maria Volonte. Music by Ennio Morricone. Italy, Spain, etc., 1965. Spanish DVD: La muerte tenía un precio.i (Western). Valladolid: Divisa, 2002.*

_____, dir. Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo. Cast: Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach, Lee Van Cleef. 1966. Spanish DVD: El bueno, el feo y el malo. Filmax, 2004.*

Mervyn LeRoy
LeRoy, Mervyn, dir. Gold Diggers of 1933. Busby Berkeley musical. Cast: Joan Blondell, Ruby Keeler, Aline MacMahon, Dick Powell, Guy Kibbee, Warren William, Ned Sparks, Ginger Rogers, Sterling Holloway. USA, 1933.

_____, dir. Random Harvest. 1942.

McFarlane, Brian. "Random Harvest (1942)." In McFarlane, Novel to Film: An Introduction to the Theory of Adaptation. Oxford: Clarendon, 1996. 71-104, 239-41.* (Dir. Mervyn Le Roy).

Richard Lester
Lester, Richard, dir. The Three Musketeers. With Charlton Heston. 1973.

_____, dir. The fourth Musketeer. With Charlton Heston. 1974.

Brian Levant
Levant, Brian, dir. Jingle all the way. Children's comedy. Screenplay by Randy Cornfield. Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sinbad, Phil Hartman, Rita Wilson, Robert Conrad, Jim Belushi. Music by David Newman. Ed. Kent Beyda and Wilton Henderson. Prod. des. Leslie MacDonald. Photog. Victor J. Kemper. Exec. prod. Richard Vane. Prod. Chris Columbus, Mark Radcliffe, Michael Barnathan. USA: Twentieth Century Fox, 1996.

_____. Un padre en apuros. Spanish DVD. Madrid: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment España, 2006.*

Barry Levinson
Levinson, Barry, dir. Young Sherlock Holmes. Screenplay by Chris Columbus. Cast: Nicholas Rowe, Alan Cox, Sophie Ward, Anthony Higgins, Susan Fleetwood, Freddie Jones, Nigel Stock, Michael Hordern. Exec. prod. Steven Spielberg. USA, 1985.

_____, dir. Bugsy. Warren Beatty, Annette Bening, Harvey Keitel, Ben Kingsley, Elliott Gould, Joe Mantegna, Richard Sarafian, Bebe Neuwirth, Wendy Phillips, Robert Beltran, Bill Graham, Lewis Van Bergen, Debrah Farentino. 1991. (Oscar for art direction & Set decoration and Costume design).

Eggert, Katherine. "Age Cannot Wither Him: Warren Beatty's Bugsy as Hollywood Cleopatra." In Shakespeare, the Movie: Popularizing the Plays on Film, TV and Video. Ed. Lynda E. Boose and Richard Burt. London: Routledge, 1997. 1999. 198-214.*

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