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Hi Patricia 

Please do not have high expectations as we only have one wwoofer there called Pauline and we never know what they are going to be like until they come!

Also unfortunately the other hosts have said that they are too busy to have anyone come and film on their farms so it will only be our farm that you can stay at and film at so I hope that is OK? 

All the best Cathy


We offer a wide range of experience between several fascinating and varied host sites within 15 miles of Lampeter. All hosts are involved in permaculture activities. Sites include vegetable and fruit production, woodland, forest gardens, chickens, willow and other related enterprises. Every site has something special to offer, with beauty and tranquillity high on the list! This is a unique opportunity to enjoy this organic 'hotspot' of mid Wales with its thriving 'alternative' culture, by staying with group members. We have regular monthly group work parties and you may be able to time your visit to coincide with the group gathering. Most of us prefer to host WWOOFers for about a week. You can arrange to visit hosts consecutively extending your visit to this area for several weeks.

Please note we have limited availability to host wwoofers in the winter (November to February) and some of our hosts can only provide accommodation for single people.
Please email the contact above [with your membership number] and you will be sent details of all the current hosts in the permaculture group.

Fotos google:

Alojamiento: habitaciones

Bikes? Yes Veg Food? Yes Work clothes? Yes

Work: 6h per day, 5 days per week

WWOOFers? Nosotras + 1

Cómo llegar (te pongo siempre la cheapest option que he encontrado):

  1. Bus return Cov-Aberystwyth (sin coachcard) 34,30 libras (las horas son un desastre, sólo salen a las 2 de la tarde y llega como a las 8 de la noche. Tarda 5 horas y diez)

  2. Train return Birmingham-Aberystwyth 34 libras. Horarios bien. Tarda 3 horas. Hay que contar con el bus-tren Cov.Birmingham que cuesta unas 5 libras return. Total: 39 libras


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It may be better for hour film to stay at the earth spirit centre at Compton Dundon near Glastonbury. They have been running for many more years than we have and have have accommodation for many people.

For the benefit of your film this would be far more interesting, and show an established business. 

It would be worth you phoning them.

Let me know how you get on.


No contestaron al mail que les puse a través de WWOOF. Quedaría la opción de llamarlos.


We run a residential retreat centre 5 miles from Glastonbury.
We have 7 acres of land located in a quiet village in a beautiful landscape
We have a small vegetable garden, a polytunnel, a fruit cage, flower borders and fields.
We require help with general gardening, house-keeping, baby-sitting and helping cutting vegetables or clearing out in the main kitchen. A room or a caravan with heating and electricity is supplied. There is Internet access Bathroom facilities are in a separate building. Food provided is all vegetarian and is supplied by the centre and sometimes self catering at lunch time, raw materials provided.

We are not a community although there are 3 people working here who live on site + David the owner and myself.

We have a vegetable garden, a fruit cage, small orchard and a few chicken.

We usually ask the woofers to take their meal (vegetarian) from the main kitchen where Andy the cook would cook a little more for you. We have a staff room available for eating, films, internet... When there is no group you eat with us or make lunch for yourself. We ask the woofers 5 hours work per day and you can choose mornings or afternoons.

The work often consists of lots of weeding, clearing bramble, there is also sometimes kitchen clearing after the groups (dishes), cleaning, sanding, painting, sometimes helping with turn arounds in between groups.
We usually provide a lovely room or sometimes a done up caravan.
We have some organic produces, some garden produces in the Summer but we will not be able to feed you with all organic.

Fotos google:

Bikes? Yes Veg Food? Yes Work clothes? No Work: 5h per day, 5 days per week

Alojamiento: Individual rooms, caravans (no sé si la caravan la tienen ellos o se refieren a que puedes llevar la tuya)

Cómo llegar?:

  1. Train return Coventry – Castle Cary 50,4 libras (Horarios bien. Dura 3 horas). + bus Castle Cary – granja (ni idea del precio ni de tipo de bus… pero creo que es un bus urbano sin más. Pone “Nippy bus 667 from Castle cary station running every 2 hours”) Total: unas 55 libras.

PRIMROSE ORGANIC CENTRE – Mid Wales, English Borders

No me ha contestado al email preguntando por el número de WWOOFers, pero mínimo uno más creo que hay, por lo que dijo en el último mensaje.

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This should be possible, however are you able to share a room?.

Best wishes

A beautiful award-winning ecological centre, economically viable selling high diversity organic vegetables, fruit and herbs. Permaculture practised and sustainable principles adopted where possible. One-third of an acre forest garden with 95 varieties of fruit and nut trees. There is a growing interest in biodynamic principles. Courses are run on organic and sustainable food production. Seasonal festivals are celebrated and reawakening of our connection with the sacredness of the earth is encouraged. There is particular interest in the healing potential of sound and regular chanting and toning sessions are held in the sacred space of the sound/peace chamber. There is a willow labyrinth. Those who come prepared to invest lots of positive energy will leave feeling inspired and valuing the experience.(R06)
Fotos google:

Bikes: Yes Veg Food: Yes Work Clothes: No Work: 6,5h per day, 5 days per week

WWOOFers: nosotras + no sabemos aún (al menos uno)

Alojamiento: Individual rooms, caravan

Cómo llegar:

  1. Bus return Cov-Hereford (sin coach card) 12,7 libras + bus Hereford – Three Cocks (ni idea el precio pero es un autobus urbano, de línea, vaya. Aquí horarios y paradas: Total: unas 17 libras

OLD CHAPEL FARM – Mid Wales, English Borders

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Dear Patricia

Thanks for your interest in our farm. It would be possible to come that week. Even better if you could do 1-7 (but not essential)! It will be interesting to hear about your project.

With best wishes, Fran

Último mensaje:

Hi Patricia

There are 4 other wwoofers plus one longer term volunteer that week. Fran


A small, creative, friendly community works this little upland farm. We have jersey cows(make butter and cheese) bees, sheep, hens, ducks, dogs. We make jams, bread, pickles, wines, cure and smoke meats, grow basket willows, carve stones. We use alternative energy for heating and electricity (wind, solar, wood.) Biodiversity is our agricultural focus - creating hay meadows, planting woodlands and hedges, managing our 16 acre oak woodland and new coppices. We've restored some beautiful 16th, 17th, 18th century buildings and enjoy experimenting with new ones, like trailer houses. There is a camp with turf roofed school bus/cafe, solar shower, compost loos, yurts . Part of an adjoining land cooperative. Interested in archaeology, natural history, the arts. Building a working prehistoric farm (neolithic) We love having overseas visitors - as long as they do have a basic interest in growing food!- and the huge cultural mix has been an important part of our life here.

While we are happy to have vegetarians or people needing special diets - we will need them to be prepared to cook for themselves when our meals are not suitable for them - or buy special foods themselves - we are trying to be as self sufficient as possible and avoid shops!.

We would recommend that potential volunteers visit our website for more details about volunteering. Filling in an application form would help us select volunteers at times when we are over subscribed.

(Inés fue con ellos al mar un día)

Fotos google:

Bikes? No Veg Food: Yes Work Clothes: No Work: 7h per day, 5.5 days per week

Alojamiento: Dorm, Individual rooms, Camping, Caravan

WWOOFers: nosotras + 5

Cómo llegar:

We can pick you up from the nearest bus station ,Llanidloes -(daily national express coach from London, regular buses from Aberystwyth) or train station, Caersws - (2 hourly trains from London Euston)

  1. Train return Coventry-Caersws 25 libras. Horarios más o menos bien. Tarda 2 horas y media.

  2. Bus return Cov-Llanidloes (sin coachcard) 32,3 libras (horarios caca. Sólo sale un bus diario y sale a las 2 de la tarde y llega a las 19:10. Con la vuelta pasa lo mismo. Dura 4 horas.)

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