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Code of Student Conduct

and Handbook for

Elementary Students


Mike Reager - Harding Elementary Pedro Cruz – Henry Houck Elementary Neil Young – Northwest Elementary

Michael Habecker – Southeast Elementary Craig Coletti – Southwest Elementary

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

Table of Contents 2

Letter from Superintendent 3

Letter from Principals 4

Mission Statement and Core Beliefs 5

  1. Code of Student Discipline and Responsibilities

Philosophy 6

Student Responsibilities 6

  1. Attendance Procedures and Responsibilities

Absence Procedures 7

Definitions 8

Tardiness Procedures to School 9

Tardiness Procedures to Class 9

Time Doors Open 9

Early Dismissals 10

Late Pickup 11

  1. Bus Regulations 11

  2. Inclement Weather 11

  3. Internet Access 12

  4. Policies and Procedures

Attendance – Policy #204 12

Bullying – Policy #218.5 (Safe Schools) 13

Cafeteria Procedures 14

Complaint Process – Policy #219; #906 14

Dress Code – Policy #221 15

Drugs/Alcohol/Substance Awareness & Abuse – Policy #227 16

Gang Activity – Policy #218.1 17

Honors 17

Parent Involvement Policy – Policy #918 18

Promotion & Retention – Policy #215 18

School Visitation – Policy #916 and #918 18

Smoking – Policy #222 19

Student Discipline – Policy #218 19

Technology Procedures 19

Use of Bicycles and Motor Vehicles – Policy #223 20

Weapons – Policy #233 20

  1. Special Education Programs and Services 21

  2. Title I Program 25

  3. Integrated Pest Management Compliance 26

  4. Students with Re-Occurring Disciplinary Problems 27

  5. Disciplinary Structure 28

  6. Forms To Be Signed and Returned 29

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians:

Our goal is to help each student succeed, and to be proud of his or her academic and personal accomplishments. In order to meet this goal, we strive to provide a positive learning environment that is based on mutual respect. In all of our schools, we stress two underlying principles with our students: 1) Stay on task; 2) Comply with adult requests.
Students who are mindful of practicing these principles are on their way to a successful and enjoyable school year.
To establish a positive learning environment for our students, the Code of Student Conduct is necessary. This handbook highlights policies and regulations in our schools, and the consequences that will occur when there are violations. Students and parents, please review this handbook together. This way, everyone knows what to expect up front.
Creating a safe and positive learning environment for all students requires a team approach. Let’s work together in making this happen.

Marianne T. Bartley, Ed. D.


Superintendent of Schools

Dear Students and Parent/Guardians: -
Please review the important information found in the Student Conduct and Handbook packet. The clearly written policies and procedures allow us to work in partnership to keep our students safe and motivated to learn. We are asking that you support us by going over the information yourself and then sharing this information with your child/children. We are certain that with our mutual efforts explaining why these rules are important to follow, our children will really understand and be motivated to learn and behave appropriately at school.
Thank you in advance for your support.
If you have any questions regarding these policies and procedures, we can be reached at 717/273-9391.

Mike Reager Pedro Cruz Neil Young Michael Habecker Craig Coletti Harding Henry Houck Northwest Southeast Southwest

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