Let us pray for the following members of our parish

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Alice Aguallo, Abel Algueseva, Paul Algueseva, Louis & Olga Bustamante, Evelyn Carey, David Carr, Corina Cintron, Joe E. & Gloria Curiel, Joseph C. Diaz, Evangeline Dubois, John Andrew Elizondo, Octavio & Rosemary Esquivel, Henry Flores, Jr., Nacho & Fina Garcia, Lucy Golla, John V. Gonzales, Lucy Gonzales, Lina Gonzales, Lucy Gonzales,Baby Rudy Gonzales, Richard Gonzalez, Maria Yolanda Gutierrez, Ruby Hermis, Anita Hernandez, Bobby & Alice Hernandez, Mrs. Guadalupe Hernandez, Victor T. Hernandez, Yvonne B. Hernandez, Edward J. Jaramillo, Tim Luna, Joey Magallen, IV., Clemencia Martinez, David W. & Christina Martinez, Mary Moczygemba, Hipolita Morales, Regla Navarro, Bernice Orrlitz, Jesse Ortega, Elsa Padilla, Tina Padilla, Fernando Ramirez, Robert Ramirez, Michael Rangel, Yolanda Rangel, Raquel Raymond, Natividad Regalado, Lupe Reyes, Estella Salazar, Deacon Richard Salazar, Artie Seale, Glen Seale, David Valles, Jr., Delia Vara, Frank Villarreal, Lucy Villarreal, Theresa Villarreal, Simon Vistuba, Helen & Earl West,

We extend our sympathy to the family, relatives and friends of Jesse M. Cantu. May our Lord grant him everlasting life.


February 22 - 1st Sunday of Lent

5:00 p.m. For the Poor Souls in


Gn 9:8-15 7:30 a.m. + Eddie Medina

+ Gilbert Medina

1 Pt 3:18-22 9:00 a.m. + Josie E. Treviño

+ Tomas Patlan

Mk 1:12-15 12:00 p.m. + Hortencia Alejandro

February 23 – Monday: Lenten Weekday; St. Polycarp, Bishop, Martyr

Lv 19:1-2,11-18 / Mt 25:31-46 6:15 a.m. David W. Martinez

“Prayers for healing”

February 24 – Tuesday: Lenten Weekday

Is 55:10-11 / Mt 6:7-15 6:15 a.m. For all our Military Troops

February 25 – Wednesday: Lenten Weekday

Jon 3:1-10 / Lk 11:29-32 6:15 p.m. For all of God’s Children

February 26 – Thursday: Lenten Weekday

Est. C:12,14-16,23-25 / Mt 7:7-12

6:15 a.m. + Ralph A. Sanz

February 27 – Friday: Lenten Weekday

Ez 18:21-28 / Mt 5:20-26 6:15 a.m. + Carlos L. Dominguez

February 28 – Saturday: Lenten Weekday

Dt 26:16-19 / Mt 5:43-48 5:00 p.m. + Joanie Welch

+ Edward Mezzetti

March 1 - 2nd Sunday of Lent

Gn 22:1-2,9a,10-13,15-18 7:30 a.m. + Rosemary Ewer

Rom 8:31b-34 9:00 a.m. Para los miembros de la

Sociedad del Altar

+ Casimira Garza

Mk 9:2-10 12:00 p.m. Millie Ramirez “Birthday”

+ Jesse M. Cantu

New Initiatives

Dear Friends,

Decisions will have to be made about some new initiatives. Lent will be a good time to consider them and make the necessary choices. I would like for all of you to feel that you had the opportunity to know about them in advance and have a voice in the choices that are made. Members of the Parish Team (those employed), members of the Parish Council and the Finance Council will receive copies of this message.
1. Our Archbishop has asked that there be a image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in every Church and an image of St. Anthony of Padua. We do not have an image of St. Anthony of Padua. May all of us begin a conversation about the kind of image desirable at a suitable cost.
2. At our Northwest Urban Deanery February we hear a presentation from the project Gabriel Ministry. It is a ministry to unmarried pregnant women of any age. The parish commitment is to offer aid needed to care for the child to be born and to overcome the temptation to abort a child for lack of needed resources. Let us know your questions. For now know that a supply room would be needed, a coordinator, (called Angel Gabriel) and volunteers. It is not a paid position.
3. Our next major project is the floor in the Church. Please offer your suggestions. Long range plans are to have the work completed in 2016. Revenue from Oyster Bake 2015 will be used for this project. What are your thoughts about changing out the benches?
4. Our Parish Council is promoting registration of new parishioners. Be aware for the weekend of February 21-22.
Thank you for being parishioners.

Nuevas Iniciativas
Queridos amigos,

Hay decisiones sobre algunas nuevas iniciativas que llaman por decisiones parroquiales. Cuaresma será un buen momento para considerar ellas y tomar las decisiones necesarias. Me gustaría que todos ustedes sientan que tenía la oportunidad de conocer acerca de ellos con antelación y tener voz en las decisiones que se toman. Miembros del equipo de la parroquia (los empleados), miembros de la Junta Parroquial y el Consejo Parroquial recibirán copias de este mensaje.

1. Apague lo que escuchas y date un poco de tranquilidad. Escucha con tu corazón. Uds. estarán listos para escuchar a Dios que le habla.
2. En nuestra Northwest Urban Decanato febrero oímos una presentación del Proyecto Gabriel Ministerio. Es un ministerio para las mujeres solteras embarazadas de cualquier edad. El compromiso de la parroquia es ofrecer la ayuda necesaria para cuidar al niño que va a nacer y superar la tentación de abortar a un niño por falta de recursos necesarios. Háganos saber sus preguntas. Por ahora sabemos que sería necesaria una sala de suministros, un coordinador, (llamado Ángel Gabriel) y voluntarios. No es un cargo remunerado.
3. La próxima renovación será el piso en la Iglesia. Favor de ofrecer sus sugerencias. El plan es cumplirlo en 2016. Ingresos de Oyster Bake 2015 será por la renovación. ¿Qué piensa en cambiar las bancas?
4. Nuestro Consejo Parroquial está promoviendo el registro de nuevos feligreses. Tenga en cuenta para el fin de semana del 21 a 22 de febrero.
Gracias por ser feligreses usted.

February 14 & 15, 2015 1st Col. 2nd Col.
497 $3,435.95 $311.00
Total . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,746.95
The second collection for last weekend benefited the

Parish Maintenance Fund.
The collection on Ash Wednesday (Feb. 18) will benefit the Church in Central & Eastern Europe.
The second collection for this weekend will benefit the Parish Maintenance Fund.
The second collection for next weekend February 28 /

March 1, 2015 will benefit the Catholic Missions among the Black and the Native Americans.

Stations of the Cross: every Friday at 7:00pm in the Church: February 20 lead by Parish Council

February 27 lead by St. Vincent de Paul


March 6 lead by Bereavement / Nursing Home


March 13 lead by Alar Society

March 20 lead by Legion of Mary

March 27 lead by ACTS
Confessions: Tuesdays on March 3, 10, 17, and Thursday 26 from 7 to 8pm and every Saturday at 3:30 to 4:30pm
Penance Service: Thursday, March 19 at 6:00 pm
Holy Thursday: Mass of Our Lord’s Supper will be held on April 2 at 7:00 pm
Good Friday: Passion of the Lord will be held on April 3 at

3:00 pm in English and at 7:00 pm in Spanish
Holy Saturday: Easter Vigil Mass will be held at 8:00 pm
Easter Sunday: Masses for the Resurrection of the Lord will be held at 9:00 am in Spanish and at 11:00 am in English

HOLY ROSARY’S Men ACTS Retreat Team will have an “Enchilada Plate” Fundraiser on Friday, February 27 in Meyer Hall. Tickets are $6.00 each, to purchase them, please call Andrew Jackson at (210) 844 – 6936. Proceeds will be used for the upcoming Men’s ACTS Retreat in April from the 9th thru 12th.


If you have children in Religious Education Classes here at Holy Rosary and are about to receive the Sacrament of First Communion or Confirmation this year, please make sure that you have turned in all the documents that are needed. For Confirmation parents need to turn in a Baptism, First Communion Certificate and also a Sacramental Certificate on their Confirmation Sponsor by February 20th. First Communion, parents need to turn in a Baptism Certificate for their children by April 10th. Parents also need to take care of the RE fees. If you have any questions, please contact Alma Gutierrez as soon as possible; she can be reached at 433-3241, Monday thru Thursday from 9am – 1pm or on Sunday during RE Classes.

February / March, 2015

This Week’s Calendar
SUNDAY, February 22

10:30am RCIA CR

10:30am Religious Ed Classes (SA/EC)

10:30am Family Faith Formation C or Rm. 13
MONDAY, February 23

6:30pm Dawn of Freedom CR

TUESDAY, February 24

10:00am Bible Study CR


7:00pm SCC L

7:00pm Women ACTS Faith Group CR

7:00pm Divine Mercy Chaplet CH

7:00pm #6 Men ACTS Retreat Team Mtg. R-8

WEDNESDAY, February 25

10:00am SCC L

6:30pm Youth Community R-5 / EC

THURSDAY, February 26

5:15pm Legion of Mary EC

7:00pm Benediction Service C
FRIDAY, February 27

7:00pm Stations of the Cross (St. Vincent de Paul’s Members) C

SATURDAY, February 28

8:00am Men ACTS Community – SCC EC
SUNDAY, March 1

10:30am RCIA CR

10:30am Religious Ed Classes (SA/EC)

10:30am Family Faith Formation C or Rm. 13

SCRIPTURE REFLECTIONS: After reflecting on today’s

scripture readings, consider how you would answer the following questions:

  1. Fasting, prayer, almsgiving. Consider how you might fulfill these challenges thoughtfully these forty days?

  2. Does Lent seem too long, or too short, to you? What results would make you feel that, after forty days, you experienced a good Lent?

  3. Imagine this day is the only day you have. What would you choose to do with it?

Children’s Corner Here are some “GOOD DEEDS” for Families

and Children to do during Lent.

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