Lista de vocabulario armadura = armour/armor

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Lista de vocabulario
armadura = armour/armor

arriero = muleteer/mule driver (DQ fought them)

aventura = adventure

Aldonza Lorenzo = common laborer/servant/peasant girl whom DQ thinks of as Dulcinea

Alonzo Quijano = real name of don Quijote in the novel

armas = arms

barbero = barber

batalla = battle

bisabuelo = great-grandpa

caballerías = knight errantry/chivalry (stories of knights)

caballero andante = wandering knight

captividad = captivity

casarse = to marry

católica = Catholic

Cervantes, Miguel = author of Don Quijote

cirujano = surgeon (not well-paid in the days of Cervantes, amputated more than anything)

colonia = colony

conquistar = to conquer

cura (el cura) = priest

Don Quijote/Quixote = main character of Cervantes’ novel, hidalgo loco

Dulcinea del Toboso = don Quijote’s imagined love

ejército = army

escudero = squire (a knight in training/assistant or servant of the knight)

gigantes = giants (DQ thinks “los molinos de viento” are these)

gobernar = govern

hidalgo = title for a gentleman who may or may not officially be a noble or knight

huésped = guest

Inquisición = Inquisition (institution/tribunal/official system designed to be a defense of

the Catholic church against heresy, characterized by cruelty & intolerance and

resulting in the expulsion/execution/torture of many Moors and Jews from Spain-

although officially there from 1483-1834, was in full force in the 1500-1600’s)

intolerancia = intolerance

isla = island

ládron = thief/robber

La Mancha = region in Spain where don Quijote lives

mitad = half

molinos de viento = windmills

nacer = to be born

noble = noble/nobleman

nobleza = nobility

oro = gold

penitencia = penitence

prisionero = prisoner

prometer = to promise

quejarse = to complain

quemar = to burn

recaudar = to collect

rezar = to pray

rocín = nag

Rocinante = name of the horse that don Quijote rides

salvar = to save

Sancho Panza = DQ’s squire, simple laborer described as short and fat

siglo = century

sobrina = niece, lives in DQ’s house and inherits house upon his death

tema = theme

yelmo = helmet

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