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Curriculum Vitae – January 2017

Address : Senior Researcher and Visiting Scholar (since 2004)

Office of Population Research. Princeton University

226 Wallace Hall. Princeton, NJ 08544
Citizenship : Citizen and Resident of the United States

Born in Venezuela

Education : PHD in Sociology. School of High Studies in Social Sciences

University of Paris X. France . Doctorat en Sociology, Summa Cum Laude.

Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales. Université de Paris X. France) 1980

M.A. Sociology of Développent. Institute d’Etudes du développent Economique et Sociale. Paris. France.1974

B.A., Sociology. Universidad Central de Venezuela. Caracas. Venezuela. 1971
Languages : Fluent in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese (Brazil)

And Visiting: (2004-present) Senior Researcher Office of Population Research. Princeton University

(Spring 2012) Visiting Professor and Researcher at the Geography Department University of Navarra . U.N.A.V. Pamplona. Spain .April - July

(1998-2003) Visiting Scholar and Researcher, Department of Sociology and the Population Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania

(1997-1999) Lecturer, Department of Sociology, Temple University

(Summer1993) Visiting Professor. Instituto de Sociología de Nuevas Tecnologías. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Madrid Spain

(1986-1987) Visiting Scholar. Regional Science Department. University of Pennsylvania .

(Summer 1981) Visiting Professor at the North African University’s. Alger, Marocco and Tunes. E.D.N.A. Programme de Formation pour l’environnement

(1976/2002) Professor. Institut of Urbanisme. University Central de Venezuela . Caracas. Venezuela.
Major Fields:

International Migration – Immigrant Latino Identity –High Skill Educated International Migration.

Urban Sociology, Latino American Studies, Youths - Urban Violence, Authoritarian democracies

Honors and

Awards: Order Jose Maria Vargas Give by the Central University of Venezuela in recognition of the Academic activities and Research trajectory. July 12, 2002
Program of Research Promotion .National Council for Science and Technology. PPI. CONICIT. Caracas. Venezuela. Levels 1 and 2 (1990-2000)
Russell Sage Foundation. CO- PI with Douglas Massey. Project Transnational Identities and Behavior: An Ethnographic Comparison of First and Second Generation Latino Immigrants. 2002. 50.000US$
FNRS National Fond for Scientific Research, and the DDC-SDC Direction for Cooperation and Development. IREC IU/UCV, Co- PI and Doctoral Thesis adviser for “International Research partnership for mitigating syndromes of global change”.2001-2005 .60.000 US$
National Council of Science and Technology, CONICIT . Caracas PI Project

The Urban Social Movements and the Policy State Intervention in the urban metropolitan Area of Caracas, 100.000 US $

1983-1987 .Caracas Venezuela
Grant from the National Council of Science and Technology of Venezuela CONICIT – and The Foundation for the Community Fundacomun .Caracas.

PI of the Project “Reproduction of the Work Force in the Urban Structure: the working class conditions in the segregated areas of Caracas”. 200.000 US $

1979-1981 Caracas Venezuela

Services: Coordination and Participant of International Seminar on “Human Rights in the Americas: Are we serious” Sponsor by James Madison Program. Princeton University. Princeton University. May 5-6 /2016

Academic Coordinator and Participant of International Seminar "Venezuela Today ".

Sponsor by Office of Population Research. Institute for International and Regional Studies.Latino American Studies Program. Sociology Department from Princeton University . Co-Sponsor by the Center for Democracy and Development of Americas CDDA. Princeton University April 17, 18/ 2014
Consultation on the 2014 Human Development Report. New York 10 Oct, 2013
Participant and Coordinator “Latino American Migration to United States and Spain: Agenda for Comparative Research” /Research Seminar. OPR- Navarra University. November 18-19, 2010
Participant and Coordinator “Princeton Brainstorming Meeting for the 2009 Human development report On Migration” United Nations Development Program. Wallace Hall. Princeton University. January 13, 2009
Co-Director for the Conference Globalization and the Rise of the Left in Latin- America, ”Witherspoon Institute and Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Policy at Princeton University. Dec 4-8, 2007
Participant in the panel “Pandilla’s and Transnational Gangs in Central America” IN Oppenheimer Presents, Television Program. July. 2007
Coordinator for the Seminar Venezuela Today. Co-Sponsor by the Centre of Migration and Development, Latin-American Studies Program, the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Affairs, and the Latin-American migration Project at Princeton University. April 13, 2006.
Consultant Taller International Sur- Norte de Investigación – Acción- Formación de Proyectos Sociales Urbanos. (International Work shop South North, Research-Action-Formation of Social Projects). ENDA AL- ENDA . Senegal- ENDA France. Santa Fe de Bogotá. Colombia. Oct 1994- Feb1995 -
Teaching: Structural Adjustments and Social Responses in Urban Latin America Seminar Sociology Department. Urban Studies and Population Studies Center . University of Pennsylvania (for MA - PhD) Fall 2002/ Spring 2003

American Ethnicity. Sociology Department. Temple University. (U.G). 1999

Society Comparative Development .Sociology Department. Temple University.(U.G) 1997-1998

Seminars for Master’s degree in Urban Design, and Urban Planning .Institute of Urbanism, Facultad Architecture, Central University of Venezuela 1976-1994

2010 Brokered Boundaries: Creating Immigrant identity in Anti Immigrants Times. (Co- Authored with Douglas Massey).

Russell Sage Foundation June 2010

2006 Chronicle of a Myth Foretold: The Washington Consensus in Latin America. The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. Volume 606, No. 1 July 1 2006 (Co-edited with and introduction by Douglas S.Massey and Jere Behrman)
1998 Malandros. Bandes Gangs et Enfants de la rue : culture d’urgence a Caracas.

(Malandros. Gangs and street kids: urgency culture a Caracas.) (Co- Authored With Yves Pedrazzini) Prologue by Manuel Castells O.

Desclee de Brower. Editions Charles Leopold Mayer. Paris. pp 271
1992 Malandros, bandas y niños de la calle. Cultura de Urgencia en la Metrópoli Latinoamericana. (Malandros, gangs and street kids : Urgency culture in Latin American metropolis ) (Co-Authored With Yves Pedrazzini ) Vadell Hermanos Editorial . Valencia, Caracas. Pp 197 (First edition 1992- Second edition 1998 )



2014 “Negociando Fronteras y límites: la identidad Latina en un contexto de rechazo” Magaly Sanchez –R IN Maria A Sotes-Elizalde (Coord)

Emigración, identidad y países receptores. Pp 171-200. Valencia. Tiran lo Blanch. In press ISBN: 9788415731535
2014 “Migracion de Talento y Profesionales Cualificados: El caso reciente de Inmigrantes venezolanos a Estados Unidos” Magaly Sanchez R y Douglas Massey. IN Migracion y Educación en Venezuela: Análisis y propuestas. TALVEN. Caracas .Venezuela

2011 “Venezuela Immigrants” IN Multicultural América. Ronald Bayor, Editor. An Encyclopedia of the Newest Americans Vol 4, pages 2191-2213

Greenwood from the collections of ABC-CLIO . July 2011
2009 Restrictive Immigration Policies and Latino Immigrant Identity in the United States” (Co- Authored with Douglas Massey) in Human development Research Paper (HDRP) series on the theme of human mobility and he upcoming HDR 2009 Report
2007Free Trade and Latin America: Echoes and Repercussions for International Migration”. IN Labor in the Americas. Issues facing Economic Integration and Free Trade . Editors. Paolo Paiva, Ray Marshall and Robert.H Wilson. Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs. University of Texas - Austin.
2007 “Percepción de la Identidad Latina y Americana por parte de los Inmigrantes Latinos en Estados Unidos”. (Co author with Douglas Massey)

IN Marina Ariza y Alejandro Portes (Coordinadores). El País Transnacional. Migración Mexicana y Cambio Social a través de la Frontera. Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales. UNAM. México. D.F

2006 Insecurity and Violence as a New Power Relation in Latin America”

IN Chronicle of a Myth Foretold: The Washington Consensus in Latin America. (Co -Editor with Douglas S. Massey and Jere Behrman)

2005El ciclo perverso de la violencia e inseguridad como relación de poder en América Latina” ( The pervers cycle of violence and insecurity ,as a power relation in Latín América ) Capitulo XXIV

IN Violencia Criminalidad y Terrorismo. Venezuela Positiva. Varios Autores.

(IN Violence, Criminality and Terrorism. Venezuela Positiva)

Caracas. December

2004 JACS “Central America and the Caribbean. Key Challenges of Sustainable Development and Research priorities: Social Practices as Driving Forces of Change “ (with various authors) IN Research for Mitigating Syndromes of Global Change. Edited by Hans Hurni, Urs Wiesmann and Roland Schertenleib VOL 1, pages 193-328

NCCR. North-South,Berne. Switzerland.

2001 “Le Barrio, la rue, les gangs, une critique de la Sociologie Urbaine “ ( The Barrio, the street , the gangs, a critic to the Urban Sociology) (With Yves Pedrazzini ) . IN Enjeux de la Sociologie Urbaine. Sous la Direction de Michel Bassand, Vincent Kaufmann, et Dominique Joye. Science, Technique, Société Presses polytechniques et universitaires romandes. CH- Lausanne.
1997 “ Vie violente et liens sociaux d’urgence“ (Violent life and social links of urgency). (With Yves Pedrazzini. IN Les liens social et l’Inachèvement de la Modernite. Experiences d’Amerique et d’Europe. (The social links and the accomplishment of modernity. Experience from America and Europe) Edited by J.Pavageu, Gilbert and Y. Pedrazzini. Ed. L’Harmattan /ARCI. Paris.
1995 “ Bandes de Barrios de Caracas et Gangs des Ghettos Américains ” (Gangs in the Barrios of Caracas and Gangs in American ghettos)( With Yves Pedrazzini IN Sujet-Acteur et Societes en Transformations. ( IN Suject- Actor and the Societies in transformation) Edited by Luce Kellerman and German Solinis.Collection Etudes.Presses Universitaires de Perpignan. France
1995 “Riesgos de perturbación en las relaciones sociales existentes en el Barrio como consecuencia de los procesos de Rehabilitación ” (Perturbations risks in the existing social relations in the barrios as a result of Rehabilitation process.(With Yves Pedrazzini ) IN La cuestión de los Barrios IN (The question of the Barrios). Edited by Teolinda Bolivar and Josefina Baldo. Monte Avila Editores Latinoamericana. Fundacion Polar. UCV. Caracas
1993 ”Jeunes en revolte et Changement Social” (Youths in revolts and social change)(With others) L’Harmattan. Logiques Sociales. Paris. France
1992Le malheur de naitre pauvre en milieu urbain” (The Adversity of Being Born Poor at the Urban Environment).( With Yves Pedrazzini) IN La Societé en éclats. Recits recueillis par Thomas Schnee et Dominique Godfard. Fondation pour le Progrés de l’Homme et Association de Recherche Cooperative International. Syros Editions. Paris
1991 “Hacia una estrategia cultural de los Movimientos Sociales?” (Toward a Cultural Strategy of the Social Movements). IN Ambient, Estado y Sociedad. Edited by Maria Pilar Garcia . CENDES. USB. Caracas


Articles. 2017 “International Migration of Talented and High Skilled Venezuelans to U.S” By Magaly Sanchez R. Forthcoming at Georgetown Journal of International Affairs .
2017 “Collapse, crisis and Possible Scenarios in Venezuela” By Magaly Sanchez R, Jose Manuel Puente and Ivan de la Vega. Forthcoming
2014 “Radicalización y barbarismo” By Magaly Sánchez R .El Nacional. Caracas. Venezuela

27 Agosto 2014
2013 “Portrayals of Colombian and Venezuelan Immigrants Organizations in the United States” By Magaly Sanchez R and Maria Aysa–Lastra . Bulletin of Latin American Research June 10 PMCID: PMC4196426 NIHMSID: NIHMS5616741
2012 Book Review “Demanding the Land : Urban Popular Movements in Peru and Ecuador 1990-2005” By Magaly Sanchez R .Contemporary Sociology. July 2012, 41 (4)
2012 “From exclusion to International Migration : The case of Latino Youths”. Magaly Sanchez R IN Urbana. Instituto de Urbanismo. Universidad Central de Venezuela. Caracas. Venezuela. No. 39 Septiembre 2012. NIHMSID # 463673.
2011 “Violencia –Inseguridad y la Emigración de Venezolanos” Magaly Sanchez R. IN Revista Debates. IESA Volume XVI. Numero 3. July Sep 2011 Caracas . Venezuela
2011 Book review “Violent Democracies in Latin America” by Magaly Sanchez R. IN American Journal of Sociology. May 2011
2008 “Relation d’une Expérience Sociale: Science ou Auto- fiction ?

(Magaly Sanchez R With Yves Pedrazzini) IN Nouvelles Practiques Sociales, 20 (2)

2007 “Latino and American Identities as perceived by Immigrants”

(Magaly Sanchez R With Douglas Massey) IN Qualitative Sociology, 30:81-108 .

2006 “Latino and American Identities as perceived by Immigrants”.(Co- Authored With Douglas Massey) IN Qualitative Research. Publisher Springer Netherlands.November.

2000Pobreza Urbana en el Nuevo Milenio”. Editorial. IN Revista URBANA No 26 . Institute of Urbanism. Faculty of Architecture. Central University of Venezuela . Caracas Venezuela. Enero-Julio.
2000 “Drug dealing, and Street Violence among Inner City Latino Youth “. IN Revista URBANA No.26 Institute of Urbanism. Faculty of Architecture,Central University of Venezuela .Caracas. Venezuela. Enero- Julio.
1996 De los movimientos sociales urbanos a la cultura de urgencia en la metrópoli”.(From the Urban social movements to the Culture of Urgency in the Metropolis) Editorial. IN FERMENTUM. Revista de Sociología y Antropología. Año 6. No.16 y 17.Mayo-Diciembre. Mérida. Venezuela.
1996Vida Violenta y Vínculos sociales de Urgencia en la Metrópoli ”.( Violent life and urgent social link in the Metropolis).(With Yves Pedrazzini ) IN FERMENTUM. Revista de Sociología y Antropología .Año 6. No.16 y 17. Mayo-Diciembre, Mérida. Venezuela.
1994 Tiempos de Metropolis ” ( Time’s of Metrópolis )IN URBANA No 13.Institute of Urbanism. Faculty of Architecture. Central University of Venezuela. Caracas, January
1993 Vers une Culture d’Urgence dans les Métropoles d’Europe? ” (Toward a Culture of Urgency, in the European Metropolis).( Witt Yves Pedrazzini) IN Lettre du Pir-Villes. Controverses. Paris. Septembre
1990Nuevas Legitimidades Sociales y Violencia Urbana en Caracas ” ( New Social Legitimacy and Urban Violence in Caracas ) (With Yves Pedrazzini) IN Nueva Sociedad.No.109. Caracas. Septembre- Octobre.
1982 “El rol de la renta de la tierra en la economía venezolana de los años 70 ”. (The rol of the Land Rent in the Venezuelan Economy in the 70’s)IN Revista URBANA No 4. Institute of Urbanisme. Faculty of Architecture. Central University of Venezuela . Caracas. Venezuela.
1980 Reproducción de la fuerza de trabajo en la estructura Urbana de Caracas ”. (Work force Reproduction in the Urban Structure of Caracas: The urban Crisis in the Segregated Areas). IN Revista Urbana No 1. Institute of Urbanism. Faculty of Architecture. Central University of Venezuela . Caracas.

Projects :

Since 2010 -International Migration of Talent and HSE to United States. OPR. Princeton University. PI with Douglas Massey

Since 2009 - The Venezuelan Immigrant case. LAMP, PI with Douglas Massey. Princeton University
2003-2009 -Transnational Identities and Behavior: An Ethnographic Comparison of First and Second Generation Latino Immigrants. ( PI. With Douglas Massey )

Population Research Office at Princeton University and the Population Studies Center at the UPENN/ Russell Sage Foundation Grant

2001- 2005 -International Research partnership for mitigating syndromes of global change. ( With various authors ) IP5 Social Practices and Empowerment in Urban societies In JACS Central and Caribbean America. FNRS National Fond for Scientific Research, and the DDC-SDC Direction for Cooperation and Development. IREC IU/UCV.
1999 - Field Work with the Dominican Community in New York. LAMP Latin American Migration Project. Sociology Department. University of Pennsylvania

1997-1999- Low Income Non Custodial Fathers. Latino Community (With PI Professor Kathryn Edin) Field Work with the Latino Community in Kensington.

Sociology Department. University of Pennsylvania.1998
1998-2000 -Drug dealing and street violence among Latino children and youth in inner cities . Kensignton. Philadelphia. Initial support from the Foundation pour le Progress de l’ Homme. FPH- Paris.
1998-2000 - International Comparative research. Youths and Urban Violence.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Caracas, Venezuela: Dakar, Senegal; Marseille, France,

Philadelphia, USA. Research coordination with Latino Youths at Kensington Philadelphia . Fondation pour le Progrès de l’Homme
1991-1992 -Project Sud –Sul. Culture d’Urgence versus haute technology.

(With Yves Pedrazzini)Join project Lisboa, Portugal, Perpignan, France, Barcelona Spain, and Caracas, Venezuela. Association de Recherche Coopérative International. ARCI.

1991-1994 -Liens sociaux d’urgence (With Yves Pedrazzini)( (Urgency Social Links ) Group Thematic Number 3. Resseux et Interaccion Social. International Joint Project.Asociation Cooperative International. ARCI.
1987-1991-Los Jóvenes Aventureros de la Cultura Urbana. Dinámica Urbana , Cultura popular, y el rol de los jóvenes en la Cultura Urbana. (With Yves Pedrazzini )The Young Adventurers of the Urban Culture., Urban Dynamic Popular, Culture and the Role of the Young in the Barrios of Caracas) .

Institute of Urbanism .Central University of Venezuela and The National Fond Swiss for the Research . Caracas

1983-1987-Los Movimientos Sociales Urbanos y la Política de Intervención del Estado en el Area Metropolitana de Caracas. (The Urban Social Movements and the Policy State Intervention in the urban metropolitan Area of Caracas)

Institute of Urbanism. Central University of Venezuela. National Council of Science and Technology CONICIT Caracas

1980 - Structure Urbaine, Force de Travail et Ségrégation social: les conditions de vie dans le barrios de Caracas. (Urban Structure, Work Force and Social. Segregation:Survey on Life Conditions in the Caracas popular Barrios)

Doctoral Thesis under the Direction of Professor Manuel Castells O.

Ecole des Hautes Etudes. EPHE. Paris Mai
1980 -81- Reproducción de la Fuerza de Trabajo en la Estructura Urbana: la condición de la clase trabajadora en las zonas segregadas de Caracas.

( Reproduction of the Work Force in the Urban Structure: the working class conditions in the segregated areas of Caracas).Institute of Urbanism. Central University of Venezuela . National Council of Science and Technology - CONICIT -Fundacomun .Caracas

Congress and

Lectures 2016 Global Climate Change, Violent conflicts and International Migration Seminaire. Magaly Sanchez R , Opening Speaker with EL M Mouhoud and Pascal Petit. Maison des Sciences de

l ‘Homme de Paris Nord (MSH-PN) , Sept 30 . Paris Nord

2016  « Violence Criminelle et Politique à l’origine de la migration International des personnes très qualifies. Le cas du Venezuela » By Magaly Sanchez R . EHESS Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales. Oct 6. Paris

2016 “The fuzzy relations between Criminal economy, social actors and national States: Venezuelan Scenario” By Magaly Sanchez R IN Panel Criminal Economy, Cartel Globalization and National States: Links between “Wild” and “Civilized” Capitalism in Latin America. LASA 2016. New York. 27 May

2016 “Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela” (?) Some indicators By Magaly Sanchez R IN Human Rights in the Americas: Are we serious?. Princeton University. Sponsor by James Madison Program. 6 May 2016
2016 “Estrategias de acceso a justicia y acciones politicas de víctimas de violencia sexual” Panel at LASA 2016 . Magaly Sanchez R. Discussant. New York, , 29 May.
2015 Migracion, Desplazamiento y Movilidad Humana. Eje 4. Magaly Sanchez-R. Moderadora IN Panel 3 Movilidad humana y Conflictos Migratorios. XXV CLACSO. Conferencia Latinoamericana Y Caribeña de Ciencias Sociales. Medellín. Colombia . 9-13 Noviembre
2015 “Migracion Internacional de profesionales altamente cualificados, Estudiantes y Deportados. El cado de Venezuela” Magaly Sanchez-R. Lecture presented at the Universidad Javeriana. Bogotá, Colombia. 9 November
2015 “Violence, expansion and complexity: Venezuelan, radicalization” Magaly Sanchez R IN Panel La violencia y las paradojas en la Venezuela Contemporanea” LASA 2015.Puerto Rico 27Mai – 2 June.
2015 “Youth Options and Violent Life: Latino American Metrópolis: Venezuela Today” .Magaly Sanchez R . IN Panel Social System- Roles, Promises and Realities at the Salzburg Global Seminar. Youths, Economics and Violence: implications for Futur Conflict. Session 549. Salzburg . Austria April 26- Mai 1 2015

2015 “ A Link between Immigrants and the Health Care System in the USA” Magaly Sanchez R and Suzanne Grossman. Princeton University and Nationalities Service Center. IN Mini-Care Conference Round Table 328.ESS Congress . New York . Feb 2015
2015 “High Skills Immigrants in the United States: approach in education level and professional status” Magaly Sanchez R .Princeton University IN Session On the Political Economy of Migration in EU and US: the importance of skills.. 2015 ASSA .Conference. Boston
2014 "El caso reciente de Venezolanos Talentosos y Altamente Calificados a los Estados Unidos" Magaly Sanchez R. Princeton University . IN Movilidad y Migración de Profesionales Altamente Calificados a Estados Unidos y al Mundo. Plenaria SOMEDE. Mexico. Mai 28-30

2014 Discussant " La Venezuela de Hugo Chavez: Memoria, Democracia y Revolución" LASA Congress . Chicago. Mai 21-14

2014 "Opening remarks" Magaly Sanchez R IN Venezuela Today Seminar. Princeton University. April 17,18 April .Princeton. NJ.
2014 "High Skills Educated Venezuelan Immigrants in United States" Magaly Sanchez R . Panel Academia, Science, Technology and International E-Migration of High Skills and Talent IN Venezuela Today Seminar. Princeton University. April 17,18 April .Princeton. NJ.
2013 “Violencia, Deterioro de la Calidad de vida y la Migración de Venezolanos Talentosos y Altamente Cualificados”. Magaly Sanchez R . Mesa Extendida Migración Internacional de Venezolanos talentosos y Altamente cualificados : causas y repercusiones. SVS LASA . Universidad Católica Andres Bello. UCAB. Caracas . June 17-18 -2013
2013 “Violence, Quality Life Deterioration and International Migration of Talent and HSE Venezuelans” . Magaly Sanchez R IN Panel Venezuelan HSE and talent to the World : A side effects of Violence. LASA 2013. DC Mai 2013
2013 Discussant Panel “Legacies of Violence on Latin American Politics and Societies”. LASA 2013 . DC Mai 2013
2012 “Migration of Talent and HSE : Moroccans”. Magaly Sanchez R .In Workshop La Inmigración Marroquí: Miradas origen y Destino. UNAV. Pamplona. Spain. 14-15 de Junio
2012 “ Aspectos generales sobre la Migración Internacional de Latinos a EEUU”

Magaly Sanchez R . Lecture at the Master en Derecho y Filosofía del Derecho. U.N.A.V .Pamplona. Spain Abril 2º.
2012 “Veinte Años no son nada. Malandros, bandas y Niños de la Calle” Magaly Sanchez R with Yves Pedrazzini.

Facultad de arquitectura y Urbanismo , Universidad Central de Venezuela.

Piso 1 , Salón de Post grado . Caracas .Venezuela. 14 Febrero
2011 “ Identidad Latina y el contexto Anti-Inmigrante en Estados Unidos”

Magaly Sanchez R. Organizado por GEDIME. Facultad de CCPP y Sociología

Departamento de Sociología de la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Barcelona Spain. 31 Mai
2011 “Identidad Latina en el contexto Anti-Inmigrante de Estados Unidos “Magaly Sanchez R IN Work shop Mestizaje , Identidad y Cohesión Social .El gobierno de los Movimientos de Población. Universidad de Navarra. Pamplona .Spain 25-26 Mai
2011 “Immigrant Identity in Anti-Immigrant Times” Magaly Sanchez R

Speaker IN Conference New Realities of Mexican Immigration to the United States. Princeton University. April 22
2011 “Violence and radicalization in a Democratic Authoritarian regime : The Venezuelan Case”. Magaly Sanchez R . Key Speaker Pannel De- Radicalization in Repressive Settings Conference Process of radicalization and De- radicalization. Center for Interdisciplinary Research . Bielefeld. Germany

April 6-8
2011 Authors meet the critics. “Brokered Boundaries. Creating immigrant Identity in Anti-Immigrants Times “ .Douglas Massey and Magaly Sanchez R. IN Eastern Sociological Congress. Philadelphia.Feb25
2011 “Creating immigrant Identity in Ant immigrants times” Magaly Sanchez R

IN Immigration from an Interdisciplinary Perspective. Colloquium. Florida International University Center for Latin-American and Caribbean Studies.Feb23
2010 “International Migration of talent: the case of Venezuelan Immigrants”

Magaly Sanchez R Session 3 Skilled migration, Trends and Determinants.IN Research workshop Migration and Education-INED. Paris 17 and 18 December.
2010 “Migration, Boundary and Policy “ Table 15. Section on International Migration . Magaly Sanchez R . Table Présider. ASA 2010 , Atlanta. Aug 15.
2010 “Colombian and Venezuelan Immigrant Organization in the United States”

Magaly Sanchez R ( Presenter) Session 3C. Cumber 2010 Human Mobility, the Promise of Development and Political Participation. May 14-15. Omaha.Nebraska.
2010 “Venezuelan Immigrants in the United States” Magaly Sanchez R Poster Session 7 PAA Dallas.Texas April 15-17
2009. “Restrictive Immigration Policies and Latino Immigrant Identity in United States”.Magaly Sanchez R. Round Table Analyses of Policies and Outcomes: education, Youth and Immigration ASA 2009. San Francisco
2009. “Formation of Immigrant Organizations: A comparison of the Colombian, Ecuadorian and Venezuelan in the United States” Co-Author with Maria Aysa. Immigration Round Table. ASA 2009.San Francisco
2008- “From Exclusion to International Migration: The case of Latino Youths”

Parallel Session 1.2 Migration and multi local livelihoods.

International Conference on Research for Development. Bern. Switzerland, 2-4-July.
2008.” De la Exclusión a la migración Internacional: el caso de los Jóvenes Latinos”. Session Venezuela. Latino American Sociological Asociación.

Universidad Central de Venezuela. Facultad de Ciencias Sociales. Caracas 24 de Mayo.
2007- Chair and Discussant. Panel Colombian Immigrant Experience. Latin American Sociological Association . LASA 2007. Montreal 5-8 September.
2007- Fellow participant in Salzburg Seminar. Session 440 Immigration and Inclusion:Rethinking National Identity. Salzburg . Austria. March 27 to April 1
2006- Participant in La Chaire Quetelet 2006 . Les systèmes d’information en démographie et en sciences sociales. En quête de leur Identité : Latinos sans documents aux Etats Unies . ( With Douglas Massey)( Searching Identities : Undocumented Latinos in United States) Louvain La Neuve. Belgium, November 27-December 1
2006- Chair and Discussant in the Session Issues in the Measurement and Modeling of Migration Processes. PAA Annual Meeting. Session 92. March 31.Los Angeles
2005- Participation in the Meeting Seminar Immigrants and Ethnic Communities in Philadelphia and Beyond. Transnational Identity and Behavior: A Ethnographic Comparison of First and Second Generation Latino Immigrants

. Gateway Conference Room. Bryn Mawr College .October, 28, 2005
2005- Participant in the International Congress of Population .IUSSP.

Poster Session 5 . Transnational Identity and Behavior: an Ethnographic Comparison of First and Second Generation Latino Immigrants. ( With Douglas Massey). Tours. France. Julio, 17-23.
2005- Participation in the International Seminar on Violencia Urbana y Políticas de Seguridad, organized by the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) and the Universidad Central de Venezuela.

La perversión de la Violencia: Inseguridad y Violencia como Relación de Poder en América Latina. Mai 23-27. Caracas . Venezuela
2005- Participación en el Seminario Internacional Perspectivas de México y EEUU en el estudio de la migración internacional. (Comentarista. with Douglas S.Massey) . Percepción de la Identidad Latina y Americana por parte de los Inmigrantes. Taxco, México January 27-29 .
2005- Participant in the Integrating the Americas First Annual Conference. Labor in the Americas: Integration and Free Trade. Discussant Integration and International Migration University of Texas .Austin. March 10-11.
2004-Latino and American Identities as Perceived by Immigrants. ASA 2004 International Migration Round Tables. San Francisco .August 14-17
2004-Dialogues “Identity, Diversity and Globalization . Forum Barcelona 2004. Barcelona. Spain. July 24- 27
2003- Peruanos en Caracas Venezuela. Un estudio piloto. Seminario Internacional Latino American Migration Project. Costa Rica, April 3-6, 2003
2003 -Violence In the Latin American Metropolis: Urban Security as a New relation of Power. IN the Session 662 Violence in a Between the Americas : Transnational Alliances for an against the Peace and Social Justice. LASA . International Congress. Dallas, Texas, 26-30. March.
2002 -Participant in Workshop Impactos regionales del síndrome urbano en América Central y el Caribe. NCCR-N-S/JACS ACC. Ciudad Mexico. November 11 -15.
2002 –Participant IN“Globalization and Latino Youths” Seminar . with Globalization and Latino Youth : Exclusion, radical gangs and immigration Reid Hall . Paris.Social Science Research Council. September 18-20.
2001- Executive Summary of Sustainable Regional Development in Central America and the Caribbean : Problems and Opportunities. NCCR/SPSP I

IN the International Conference Regional and Global Perspectives of Syndrome Mitigation. Research. Grindelwald . Swisstzerland, 18-21 September.
2001- Participant. SPSP International Workshop. Sustainable Regional Development in Central America and Caribbean : problems and Opportunities. Designing a framework, for long term collaborative research , on Urban Violence in Latin-America. NCCR North South. La Habana-Cuba. Julio 1-7.
2001 -President and Organizer of the Special Session Children without shelter: homelessness in the city American Sociological Association. Annual Congress Cities of the Future. Anaheim. Los Angeles. CA, August 18-22,
1998 -Participant. Epa chamo, ponte pilas. Malandros, gangs and street kids: a Culture of Urgency in the Latino American Metropolis Eastern Sociological Society. Session 138.Inequality and Children’s world. Philadelphia
1997 -Conference at the Latino American Cultures Program of the University of Pennsylvania . The Culture of Urgency in the Latino American Metropolis: Malandros, gangs, and Street kids. Philadelphia, Feb
1996 - Participant. Working Conference The New Urban Marginality in the Dual Metropolis: Trajectories and Strategies of Poor Urban Youths in France and the United States. University of Berkeley California. Sponsored by the Center for Western European Studies , The Centre National de Recherche Scientifique and The National Science Foundation. Berkeley
1992 -International Congress The 92 Global Forum, ONG International

Commitments for the Future. Rio de Janeiro. Brazil. June 2-14
1991-Central Lectura : Riesgos de Perturbación en las relaciones sociales como consecuencia del Proceso de Rehabilitación. (Perturbation risks in the social relations, as an effect of the rehabilitation process). International Congress Rehabilitation of the Barrios in the Third World . Casa Romulo Gallegos. CELARG. Caracas Nov
1990 -International. Congress A.R.C.I Association de la Recherche Cooperative International:-L’Emergence des Nouvelles Legitimites Sociales. (Emergency of the New Social Legitimacy) Celles sur Belles. Poiutiers, France Sept

-Les Jeuns et les Nouvelles legitimites sociales , cultural et politiques.(The Youths and the new political, social and cultural legitimacies). Estoril. Portugal, April
1988 -Transformation economique, dinamique culturel et development. (Economique transformations, cultural dynamics, and development ). Chantilly, France
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Margarita, Venezuela, June
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Newspapers :

1999 “Xiomara Guánchez: Lider, luchadora y madre. Homenaje al coraje de los Pobladores”.( UIT Yves Pedrazzini) IN Ciudades de la Gente. Latinoamericana por la Rehabilitacion Integral de los Barrios. Caracas. Julio
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Latinoamericana por la Rehabilitación Integral de los Barrios. Caracas . June
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( With Yves Pedrazzini) (The culture of Urgency. For a Neo-realism in Urban

Sociology . IN Dimension. Facultad de Arquitectura. UCV. Caracas. Venezuela


Association :

Member of the L.A.S.A Latino American Sociological Association

Member of the ISA International Sociological Association.

Member of the IUSSP International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (Since 2005)

Executive Committee Member of the Venezuelan Section at the LASA.


American Population Association PAA ( Since 2005)

American Sociological Association .ASA.

Colegio de Sociólogos de Venezuela. (College of Sociology in Venezuela).

ASOVAC. Asociación venezolana para el Avance de la Ciencia. (Venezuelan

Association for the advance of Science)

Asociación Espacio para la comunicación de Niños y Jóvenes del Barrio y de la Calle. ECOA. Caracas. Venezuela.

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