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Instructor: Patricia Crespo-Martín Email address:

Office: 6023 Phone number: (650) 949-7523

Office hours: 12:00-1:00 M-W Website: (click on

9:00-10:00 F Faculty and Staff on the left and scroll down to my name)


  • Dos Mundos. Terrel, T., Andrade, M. Egasse, J. Muñoz. McGraw-Hill.

  • ONLINE Cuaderno de trabajo. Dos Mundos. Terrel, T., Andrade, M. Egasse, J. Muñoz. McGraw-Hill. (Online)


At the end of the quarter you can expect to be able to understand and communicate in the following areas:

  • You will be able to greet others, introduce yourself and your friends, and describe yourself and others.

  • You will be able to talk about daily activities, classes and work.

  • You will be able to make invitations, and discuss some of your upcoming plans.

  • You will be able to talk about sports, favorite activities and celebrations.

  • You will be familiar with celebrations in the Spanish-speaking world, read simple poetry in Spanish, and listen to music from the Spanish-speaking world.

We will cover Paso A through Chapter 5.

The primary focus of this first quarter of Spanish is to develop your ability to understand native spoken Spanish and to help you express yourself in basic situations. Listening comprehension and reading are the bases for the sound acquisition of a foreign language. Don’t be impatient with yourself when you find that you can understand far more that you can produce. This is natural; your speaking and writing abilities will always lag slightly behind your ability to understand.

You cannot expect to acquire native-like competence in Spanish in one or two years. You can expect to be able to communicate with native speakers of Spanish even though you make mistakes. Classroom time will be devoted almost solely to activities that will allow you to practice your skills of understanding and interacting in Spanish. If you feel that you need additional help with grammar, see your instructor outside of class.


1. Understand and maintain a conversation about daily activities and upcoming plans using simple sentences.

2. Understand and write 2-3 paragraphs describing self and family, and narrating daily routine, using the present and the periphrastic future.


This will be the in-class work, compositions, and your contribution to the class.

At the end of every chapter, there are blue pages that cover the grammar. We will do some grammar in class. Mostly, we will do communicative exercises, but in order for you to learn you will have to read the blue pages AND do the exercises that accompany the grammar explanations. Do these exercises everyday, and check your comprehension. There is an answer key in the back. If you don’t understand the reason for your mistakes, come see me.
It’s not realistic to assume that you can pass or learn without doing these pages.

Every time we have a chapter exam, you are required to do the corresponding workbook activities online.

The deadline will be midnight the day before the chapter exam.

YOU WILL DO THIS WORK ONLINE. In order to access the online workbook, you will need a course code (provided below) PLUS a book key. If you buy a new book, the book key comes with it. If you're using an older edition or the book at the library, you have to purchase the book key. The complete instructions are at the end of the syllabus.
I recommend that you do a few activities every day after class, as a way to review the material covered in class, and to reinforce retention.
PRUEBAS (30%), FINAL EXAM (25%), and ORAL EXAMS (10%)

There will be chapter exams and vocabulary quizzes. There are no make-up exams or quizzes. The quiz or exam with the lowest score will be dropped. There will be two oral exams, which can’t be droppped.


You are allowed two unexcused absences, no questions asked. Each unexcused absence after the second will lower your final grade by 1%. An excused absence is one for which you provide a doctor’s or a coach’s note.


Blue pages and participation …..……………………20%

Cuaderno de actividades…….………………………15%

Chapter Exams……………………………………….30%

Oral exams……………………………………………10%

Final exam…………………………………………….25%

A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F 50 or below
It is your responsibility to drop the course if you’re no longer attending. You will receive an F if you don’t do so. “W’s” are not given after the deadline.

  • Do you already speak or write Spanish? Ask your instructor about credit by exam

  • Do you want the class but the grade is not important? Ask about filing for pass / no pass credit

Note: Next to the day of the week are the activities you have to do by that day (before coming to class).


SEMANA 1—Paso A and Paso B—¿Cómo te llamas? ¿Qué hay en la clase?

Lunes In class, we will go over the syllabus and the book, and introduce each other. There’s nothing to turn in this week. Get familiar with how Spanish works. If you don’t do the work below now, or don’t ask for help if you find it hard, it will be difficult to catch up.

Miércoles Read the vocabulary in pages 8-9-10, and pages 29-30. You don’t have to memorize them all but being familiar with them will help you in class.
Viernes Read pages 31-35, and do all the exercises. If you have questions about your answers, come see me. These are very important exercises.
SEMANA 2—¿Cómo eres tú? ¿Cómo es tu familia? ¿Te gusta el arte?

Lunes Do C.1-C.2

Miércoles Do C.3-C.4

Viernes Do C.5

SEMANA 3—Capítulo 1—¿Qué idiomas hablas? ¿De dónde eres?

Lunes Prueba de vocabulario on Pasos A, B, C (Vocab. quiz). Study the vocabulary pages at the end of the white pages in Paso A, B, C.

Miércoles Online cuaderno is due Thursday at midnight.
Viernes Examen Pasos A, B, C.
SEMANA 4— Capítulo 1—¿Qué idiomas hablas? ¿De dónde eres?

Lunes Do 1.2-1.3 AND Read “La pasión por los deportes” (page 72) and turn in the answers to “Comprensión”.

Miércoles Do 1.4-1.5.

Viernes Prueba de vocabulario, cap. 1. Online cuaderno is due Sunday at midnight.

Today is the deadline to drop the class without a grade.

SEMANA 5— Cap.2—¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños? ¿Qué hora es? ¿Qué te gusta hacer en tu tiempo libre?

Lunes Examen capítulo 1. Online cuaderno is due Sunday at midnight.

Miércoles Do 2.1-2.2 AND turn in 5 sentences saying what you and your friends / family are going to do this weekend.

Viernes Do 2.3
SEMANA 6—¡Ahora te toca hablar a ti! (Now it’s your turn to speak!)

Lunes Do 2.4-2.5. Exámenes orales en clase.

Miércoles Prueba de vocabulario, cap. 2. Exámenes orales en clase.

Viernes Online cuaderno is due Sunday at midnight

SEMANA 7— Cap. 3—Tu horario, ¿Qué tiempo hace? ¿Qué quieres hacer este fin de semana? ¿Qué haces todos los días?

Lunes Examen capítulo 2.

Miércoles Do 3.1-3.2

Viernes Do 3.3-3.4 AND turn in a list of five things that you do every day or every weekend or never (include the verbs “salir”, “jugar” and “hacer”).

SEMANA 8—Los latinos en los Estados Unidos

Lunes Do 3.5. Prueba de vocabulario, cap. 3. Online cuaderno is due Tuesday at midnight.

Miércoles Examen cap. 3.

Viernes Do 4.1-4.2.

Today is the deadline to drop the class and get a W. If you don’t drop it, you will get an F.

SEMANA 9—Cap.4—¿Cuál es tu rutina diaria? ¿Cómo estás?

Lunes Do 4.3-4.4.

Miércoles 4.5

Viernes Prueba de vocabulario, cap. 4

Online cuaderno is due Sunday at midnight.
SEMANA 10—Cap. 5—¿Dónde trabajas? ¿Qué tienes que hacer en tu trabajo?

Lunes Examen cap. 4.

Miércoles Do 5.1-5.2

Viernes Do 5.3 AND turn in Actividad 13 (page 197).


SEMANA 11—Planes para el futuro: ¿Qué te gustaría hacer en vacaciones?

Lunes Do 5.4-5.5 AND a turn in a composition “Mis planes para las vacaciones de primavera” (use the new structures you’ve learned in this chapter). Exámenes orales en mi oficina.

Miércoles Práctica del capítulo 5. Exámenes orales en mi oficina.


Viernes Repaso. Exámenes orales en mi oficina.

Online cuaderno is due Sunday at midnight.
SEMANA 12 --¡Adiós y buena suerte!

Lunes Repaso. Exámenes orales en mi oficina.

Miércoles EXAMEN FINAL en nuestra clase, a las 10:00
Course: SPRING Quarter

Code: DAF346

Book: Dos mundos: Online Cuaderno de actividades, 7th Edition
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