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Paisley IB Magnet Middle School

Español 1

Señora Tejada

Room 108

Bienvenidos a mi clase!

Spanish Continuing course – 7th. Grade (year II)
Required Text: Realidades A- Website:
Course Description: This is a Spanish continuing course. It is based on the purpose for learning Spanish is to communicate with the people who speak it and to understand their cultures. At the end of the course, you should have the working knowledge of a variety of familiar topics.
Course Requirements: You will be graded according to proficiency in the following areas of language study: Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, That include; vocabulary, grammar, and culture. Grades will be determined through class work, homework, participation, quizzes, tests, and projects.

School Supplies / Materiales:

The students need the following supplies for

Spanish class. Please parents check that your

Child has a binder for Spanish only.

  • 1 binder with 5 divisions: (warm-up/ notes, vocabulary, grammar, culture, graded assessments: (homeworks, quizzes, test, projects)

  • 1 notebook

  • 2 highlighters (different colors)

  • 1 black permanent marker

  • 1 pen (black or blue)

  • 1 glue stick

  • 1 box of pencils (6)

  • 1 Scissors

  • 1 eraser

  • 1 box of markers (12)

  • 1 box of colored pencils (12)

  • Index Cards 3 x 5 in

  • Tissue and hand sanitizer

Note: Spiral notebooks are not allowed at all.

Classroom Rules / Las reglas de la clase

  • Come to class prepared with all supplies and homework complete.

  • Participate in class activities

  • Listen when others are talking.

  • Share and take turns.

  • Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

  • Follow directions and all school rules.

  • Use kind words.


  • Verbal Warning

  • Private Conference with Sra. Tejada

  • Phone call home

  • Office Referral

Classroom Procedures: While all school rules will be enforced in my classroom, I have the following requirements for my class to run more smoothly:

A. Beginning of Class: Please come into the room quickly and quietly. Make sure to have all your utensils.

B. Restroom Policy: You will be allowed 1 trip to the bathroom per class unless otherwise warranted by an emergency.

C. Extra Help: If you realize that you need help, please raise your hand and I will come to you. If you would like extra help after class, please let me know and we can set up a time to meet after school. (Tutoring Wednesday- 3:00-4:00PM.)

D. Assignments: It is vital that you complete all assignments in class. Not only does it help you to receive a good grade, but it also ensures that you are receiving the required material in my class!

E. End of Class: Please stay in your seat until I dismiss you. Make sure to clean up your work area before leaving the class.
Course Assignments:

Homework: Your homework for the week will be posted at the beginning of the week and will due the next class.

Friday Journals: With your composition notebooks, you will write a 1-page journal entry about what you have learned and why it is important. This will be due at the beginning of class on every Monday.

Online Work: You will be assigned a country for the year. You will be required to respond to a post on EdModo about your particular country. Once you have completed your required post, you will respond to at least 2 of your classmates’ posts. This will be due by 9:00PM. On Friday every other week.

Quizzes: With every chapter, you will have vocabulary that you need to study at least 15 to 20 minutes per day. Also, you will learn different grammatical structures throughout the year. Quizzes will be given that cover vocabulary, grammar, and culture. (Pop quizzes will be given).

Test / project: at the end of each chapter.

End-of-Year Project: You will make a presentation at the end of the year that will cover everything you have learned about your particular country.

Extra Credit: There will be plenty of opportunities throughout the year to receive extra credit! You will receive 1 free homework pass!

Grading Scale

A 93 - 100

B 85– 92

C 77 – 84

D 76 - 70

F 69 – or less

Weighted Scores

Class work 25%

Homework 10%

Participation / Cooperation 15%

Quizzes 20%

Tests / projects 30%

Course content

1st. Quarter: August 25 to October 30

Review: Capítulo Para empezar - Capítulo 2A

Capítulo: Para Empezar: Greetings/introductions, numbers/classroom items, calendar, body parts, telling time, weather/seasons.

Vocabulary: Buenos días-good morning, ¿Cómo te llamas?-What is your name?, me llamo-my name is, hasta luego-see you later, es la una-it is one o’clock, año-year, día-day, mes-month, el tiempo-the weather, la estación-season,

Capítulo 1A: ¿Qué te gusta hacer?: Vocabulary for pastimes and expressing likes/dislikes, sentence structure for expressing likes/dislikes, questions stems for asking about likes/dislikes.

Vocabulario: A mí me gusta - I like to, trabajar-to work, ver la tele-to watch television, A mí también – me too, y-and, pues-well, ¿Qué te gusta hacer?

Capítulo 1B: Y tú, ¿Cómo eres?: Vocabulary for personality traits, sentence structure/Word order for using adjectives, questions stem for asking what someone is like.

Vocabulary: ¿Cómo eres?-what are you like?, gracioso-funny, ordenado-neat, muy-very, pero-but, según-according to, trabajador-hardworking, bueno-good.

Capítulo 2A: La escuela: school subjects vocab, adjectives to describe classes and ordinal numbers, subject pronouns, -ar verb endings.

Vocabulary: El almuerzo-lunch, la carpeta de argollas/three-ring binder, para for, yo tengo-I have, el horario-schedule, la tarea-homework, ciencias naturales-science.

Content for school year 2014-2015

Capítulo 2B: La clase: classroom items vocab, prepositions of location, possessive pronouns, forms of estar (to be), gender of nouns/articles.

Vocabulary: la bandera-flag, la papelera-wastepaper basket, el teclado-keyboard, al lado de-next to-beside, allí-there, aquí-here, debajo de-underneath, delante de-in front of, detrás de-behind, en-in-on, encima de-on top of, mi-my, de-of, tu-your.

2nd. Quarter: November 3 to January 16

Capítulo 3A: ¿Desayuno o almuerzo?: Vocabulary of food/drink (breakfast and lunch), -er/-ir verb endings, me gusta, me encanta, advebrs of frequency.

Vocabulary: desayuno-breakfast, almuerzo-lunch, la galleta-cookies, el pan tostado-toast, el tocino-bacon, el perrito caliente-hot dog, la sopa de verduras-vegetable soup, beber-to drink, comer-to eat, compartir-to share, todos los días, sin-without.

3rd. Quarter: January 21 to March 27
Capítulo 3B: Para mantener la salud: food/drink vocabulary (dinner), healthy activities vocabulary, formation of plural adjectives, other description vocabulary

(quantity, preferences, agreement), forms of ser (to be).

Vocabulary: la cena-dinner, el bistec-beefsteak, la cebolla-onion, el arroz-rice, el helado-ice cream, caminar-to walk, tengo hambre-I’m hungry, tengo sed-I’m thirsty

Algo-something, todos-all, porque-because, muchos-many, cada días-every day.

Capítulo 4A: ¿Adónde vas?: leisure activities/locations vocabulary, expressions to tell where and with whom you go, vocabulary for when activites are done, the verb ir, interrogative words.

Vocabulary: ir de compras-to go shopping, ver una película, me quedo en casa-I stay at home, los fines de semana-on weekends, tiempo libre-free time, no me digas!-you don’t say!, después-afterwards, después de-after, a casa-to home, de-from/of,

4th Quarter: April 6 to June 5

Capítulo 4B: ¿Quieres ir conmigo? Activities outside of school and invitations,

Vocabulary: leisure activities, feelings, expressions for extending, accepting, and declining invitations; expressions to tell when something happens.

Grammar: ir + a + infinitive; the verb jugar

Cultural perspectives: opinions on after-school activities

I belief that all my students are capable to learn Spanish 

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