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30 de septiembre

30 de agosto de Heba a Mônica
Sorry for the long silence..we had a very busy summer.

Now the magazine Akhbar Al Adab with whish Paulo had a round tabel during his visit are eager to have a weekly column by him, and I translated for them the Saint Translator column for next week.

They would like to receive the columns updated, I mean start from now on to receive  column by column to publish them same time like the other newspapers worldwide do ..and they are THE best literary magazine in the Arab world..

If this is ok then start udating me weekly with the columns..

Financially speaking they pay very little, so I do not know how we would be able to work on that..let me know Paulo's opinin, and give him my warmest thoughts too.

2 de septiembre de Mônica a Heba
Thank you for getting back to us about the columns. This is marvellous news.


We are very enthusiastic to start a collaboration with "Akhbar Al Adab". I am sure their readers will enjoy Coelho's journalist material as many readers from other countries already do.


We send the columns to all media in packages of 10 columns. We cannot provide material on weekly basis. I would be grateful if you could let me know if Akhbar Al Adab is going to publish the first 8 columns already sent. Ideally the columns should be published on a weekly basis.


Regarding the actual publication of the articles, our proposal is that you could offer these columns free of charge in exchange for the publication of the Arabic cover of O Zahir, together with a phrase like "The Zahir, by Paulo Coelho, available in bookshops, published by All Prints". We would be grateful if they could add Paulo's home page address to the end of the article:


I would be grateful if they could send us a copy of the columns in group of 10 columns that are published as we would like to have a copy of these

for our files to the following address:

Sant Jordi Asociados

Arquitecte Sert, 31, 5º -1ª
08005 Barcelona,

We would also be grateful if they could send us any interesting letters or comments from the readers that may come into your hands as we sometimes pass these on to Paulo and even place them on our website if they are particularly interesting.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you would like any more information concerning the columns. And, most importantly, wish them the very best of luck with the publication,

5 de septiembre de Heba a Mônica
Good to hear from you!

Hope allis well with you and yur husband and your son.

I will start by the "Translator Saint" piece from the collection of the 8 and may be then the neighbour story..and so on..I will negotiate the Al Zahir add, amy be ask the bookshops that sell it to publish paid ads, so they win, we win and you win.How about that?

If you can send me the next package it would be nice.The concern was that Akhbar Al Adab would like to get an afresh vision of Paulo, and be updated if he writes a column on current affairs..this would be very interesting for his readers ..t know his comments on current affairs if it is there..and that it would be available in Arabic and the reader would be updated..that is a major issue for you see how you can make the balance.

I will do the translation and keep the records.

Best to you, Paulo and all friends, and hope t see you soon.

6 de septiembre de Mônica a Heba
Paulo doesn't write about current affair. Only very seldown as the articles on the Irak war. If he comes to write something, of course we will forward to them.


Regarding you proposal, I would not direct involve bookshops, because it can get very complicated to arrange it. You could forward this idea to the magazine and they contact the bookshops by their own offering the ads.


What we propose here is an exchange deal. Instead Akhbar Al Adab pays for publishing the columns, they include the Arabic cover of O Zahir, together with a phrase like "The Zahir, by Paulo Coelho, available in bookshops, published by All Prints", and Paulo's home page address to the end of the article.


We have negotiated this arrangement in the past and this has had excellent results for both parties. For your reference, I’m attached one exemple from La Nación (Argentina).

Gemma Capdevila, the person from Sant Jordi in charge of columns,  will send you a new group.

12 de septiembre de Heba a Mônica
Please remind Paulo he was invited to the Cairo International Bookfair 16-25 January 2006 and they are waiting for the confirmation and will cover all expenses..for him and 2 assistants.

Can he make it?

I need a quick reply

The first column will appear in Akhabra Al Adab and I will make you an archive, and we are trying to get advertisment for his books and will put his homepage URL under each column.

We are also forming an Arabic-Egyptian cyber group for the friends of Paulo Coelho and may ask him for a letter to be addressed to the group.
15 de septiembre de Heba a Patricia
The first column will appear this week and I will keep an archive for you.Do not worry.I am the regular translator of the columns and it is my pleasure.

Now please get back to me as soon as you can.

I urge Paulo to come but only give one open lecture and prepare himself for it..and then enjoy the rest of the trip in relaxing..As he was here few months ago he is expected surely to make a new "image" at the bookfair, so I suggest he would give a talk about the role of literature in supporting democratic change -or so.I am willing to help prepare any background apapers he might need..

What do you think?Ask him..

His last visit was so hectic and I really want him to come enjoy a vacation and a free tour in the country and I can even arrange a safari trip in the desert for him and his wife (come along too if you wish).
19 de septiembre de Mônica a Heba
Paulo will finally not be able to travel to Egypt next January. He very much regrets it but it hasn't been possible to cancel other commitments previously set. I am afraid that his agenda does not allow him to make further plans at the present time for 2006.
9 de septiembre de 2005 de Mônica a Seif
It was a pleasure to meet with Ibrahim El Moallem in Egypt and to have the chance to discuss the possibility of distributing Paulo Coelho's works in your country.

I would like to inform you that we have agreed with Paulo Coelho to authorize the license agreement between All Prints and Dar Al Shourouk only for a minimum guarantee of 10,000 copies per title, that is 10,000 copies for "The Alchemist" and 10,000 copies for "The Zahir".

According to us, these numbers will guarantee a good distribution and a good presence in the points of sale.
22 de septiembre de Seif a Mônica
This is to confirm receiving your message.
I am very happy to hear from you but I am a little surprised at the minimum quantity required and I would like to know how you arrived at this number (10,000)?
22 de septiembre de 2005 de Mônica a Seif
 10,000 copies is the minimal quantity to guarantee a profitable business for all parties and a good distribution. If you print less copies, it will put up the price and it won't be feasible for All Prints and Coelho.

Traducción de El Manual del guerrero de la Luz para colgarla y distribuirla por Internet

Columnas en El Magreb, Marruecos (árabe, francés y español), Túnez, Algeria.

Hablo por teléfono a mi regreso de vacaciones con Víctor para activar estos temas

Planes para Veronika

¿Hacemos Zahir en enero?

13 de septiembre de Ana a Patricia y a Mônica
¡Espero que la campaña de Zahir vaya viento en popa!


Ayer, después de arduas negociaciones y de aclarar varios flecos que quedaban, ¡firmamos contrato para Países del Golfo y Yemen! en Barcelona, con el General Manager, M.Tahir Rafiq, de la editorial y distribuidora Piooner House LLC,  con sede en Dubai, M.Tahir Rafiq!

Sabe lo de Oman y se va a poner en contacto con él en cuanto le lleguen los libros.


Hemos seguido las negociaciones con Antoine de Líbano, para Oriente Medio, y aunque tenemos cita en Frankfurt, las negociaciones no van del todo bien, ya que insiste en quedarse con la venta de Virgin y de otras cadenas en otros territorios (Golfo y Egipto), lo que impediría firmar acuerdos como el que acabamos de firmar o como el que esperamos firmar en Egipto.

¡Seguimos en la lucha!
26 de septiembre de Patricia a Ana
Solo una línea para informarte que Paulo va a viajar a Dubai del 15 al 18 de noviembre, invitado por Young President’s organization, una organización empresarial. Va a dar una conferencia a sus miembros y además organizarán entrevistas y una firma de libros.
Hablamos para poder tener vuestros ejemplares presentes.

No tenemos noticias, estamos pendientes de saber cuándo piensa publicar The Zahir

Saudi Arabia
Della escribió un mensaje en junio que nos quedó colgado.
Contacto con ella? Si hay interés, significaría dos visitas a Dubai
Thanks for your patience.
We are honored that you and Mr. Coelho will consider joining our world class conference convening 400 top journalists December 5-6, 2005, in Dubai.
To be honest, I have spent the last few days re-reading Paulo's great works and reminding myself how wide-ranging his mind is and how profound is his thinking.
Please give me a couple more days to figure out the very best suggestion regarding his potential involvement in the Arab and World Media conference.
I have also enjoyed his website.
Back to you very shortly.

Revista Think: JOURNALIST
Acuerdo: columna quatrimestral, pago 500euros, revista en inglés que se distribuye en los países árabes. Los periodistas y colaboradores provienen de la prensa de UK
20 de septiembre de Patricia a Ihab

I am contacting you to take up the organization of Paulo Coelho's visit to Saudi Arabia.

I would be grateful if you could clarify some doubts we have come up with while revising the visit proposal.

In your message of June 9th, you presented the following agenda proposal:

- 2 autograph sessions in Jeddah and Riyadh: 
Is it essential to organize 2 autograph events? How would you arrange the transportation from one city to the other? Our opinion is that we must focus our attention on one event in the capital. 

- One dinner event:

I would also be grateful if you could confirm it is a private dinner with Gazzaz's owner.

- Probably a university lecture:

After evaluating other experiences, Paulo prefers a free of charge conference open to the general public organized at a important cultural centre.

- A TV interview:

Perfect, we agree with it.

- A press campaign announcing the event:

If you need photos from Paulo to promote his visit, we can provide them to you. We cannot make a photo session to promote the mark, but we will accept to be taken during the signings for promoting the events.

On the other hand, we have to alter the dates a little bit. Without concreting them definitively, we would like to propose from Saturday 19th to Monday 21st or Tuesday 22nd. approximately. I hope these dates suit you.


Thank you in advance and we look forward to hearing from you.

17 de septiembre de Ziad a Patricia
It was pleasure talking to you on the phone a few days ago.
We have been talking to our members about Paulo's visit and as expected there is a lot of excitement about this event. I would like to request that to move a little faster to conclude final dates and agenda.
By talking to members, the initially agreed date of 3 Nov seems problematic to many as it coincides with the Ramadan Eid holidays when several of our members are away and the Dubai hotels burst into chaos. If possible, I would like to recommend pushing by a week or two. Please let me know if this would be agreeable from your end.
As to the agenda, I would suggest for Paulo to arrive on a Wed or Tues. He can get plenty of rest until our event on Thursday. We would expect a 2 hr interactive lecture followed by a gala dinner. He can depart on Friday.

Topics of discussion could relate to the Alchemist (ie. follow your guts rather than factual data, fate, etc.)

During Paulo free time, we could if desired arrange for him to meet interesting or influential people. We could also arrange book signing and meetings with book stores, only if this interesting. If he prefers to kick back and relax on the beach, then this is also acceptable.
20 de septiembre de Patricia a Ziad

All right, we can postpone the travel two weeks due to the Ramadan. Following your suggestion, the author should ideally arrive on November 15th and return on Friday 18th.  Taking up what we talked over the phone, this is our proposal to organize the visit:

1st day, Tuesday 15th of November


2nd day, Wednesday 16th

Conference; Paulo can give a conference about the topics in The Alchemist but it should have a duration of about 1 hour.
Gala dinner
Other events we would like to carry out in Dubai would be:
- organize relevant interviews: You could arrange two interviews with the most important media, for instance, one for TV and another one for a leader newspaper with national distribution this could take place  in the hotel in the 16th. 

3rd day, Thursday 17th

- organize a book signing: we could arrange it together with our publishers in Arabic language, All Prints. It should have a maximal duration of 2 hours (200 people), and we should turn it into a big event.
- organize an open conference free of charge for the general public in a cultural center. Through this kind of events, Paulo can get directly in contact with his readers, which he really appreciates. We organized a similar event in Egypt and in Athens (at the Megaron Conference Hall, under the private organization of a newspaper, for instance) always with great results.
- a meeting with a relevant personality; not a politician but a poet, artist or beloved writer, which implies a lot of coverage. In Egypt, we organized a meeting between Paulo and Naguib Mahfouz.


4th day, Friday 18th


Most probably, Mônica will accompany Paulo during this trip.

I look forward to your comments so that we can start fixing the visit.

21 de septiembre de Ziad a Patricia
I am glad things are coming together. I have confirmed to my colleagues the dates are we are currently making bookings in what is in my opinion the nicest hotel in Dubai the Royal Mirage
With regards to the agenda, your comments are noted and will develop something more specific.
I will propose that we use Wed for media event like TV, Press and radio. I will try to combine that with a meeting or moderated discussion with an equally interesting local/ regional figure. (Artist, Poet or writer)
We will have the YPO event on Thursday since is it our weekend, starting at 7pm. Paulo could talk for an hour or so (Rola will develop for him nice topics to choose from); followed by a cocktail and dinner. This will be attended by 100 people (50 couples) from YPO regional members. I would like to hand out autographed books on that night.
I would prefer not to get involved in a large public speaking. I think that the TV, press and radio coverage will be an effective way to reach most if not all potential readers in the UAE. In my experience, large free gatherings are too challenging to organize in the UAE. I will however, check on the best venue to have the 2 hours book signing session. I will try to fit on Friday morning say 11am to 1pm.
With regards to tickets, I think the easiest would be for Paulo and Monica to book the most convenient flight and then I could issue a PTA for them to collect at nearest agency.

27 de septiembre de Patricia a Ziad
Thanks for your message. We think it is an excellent proposal and would like to give you the go-ahead with the details. Once the agenda is more advanced, please send it to me so that I can forward it to the author for his evaluation.


I am going to coordinate the organization of the book signing with our publishing house, All Prints. Would like to suggest a bookstore?

I forgot to mention that the interviews must have a maximal duration of 30 minutes, with a 10-minutes pause between each interview.
27 de septiembre de Ziad a Patricia
I am currently out of town but have confirmed the dates with the UAE YPO group.
We are talking to Emirates Media group for TV, Press and Radio coverage as they are an all round gov owned media company. I explained that they have to arrange to come to Paulo’s hotel as he is not willing to go anywhere. I have noted your comments on the half hour limitation and breaks. I will restrict media activities to Wednesday.
For book signing, the most respectable bookstore and largest in Magrudy’s. They have several outlets, the busiest of them being in the Deira City Center mall (30 Min from the hotel). This is usually quite a busy place so we are sure to get long queues. We could choose a quieter and smaller venue like the Jumeirah Beach (15 min from hotel) and have a small marketing event to attract crowds on Friday and which is a weekend here.

Repasando la correspondencia he visto que además de coordinar con All Prints (¡!) tenemos que pedirles un coche con chofer.
No tenemos ninguna novedad, esperamos vernos en FBF, no suele contestar a los mensajes, no tenemos ventas

13 de septiembre de Patricia a Rana
How are you? How was your holiday?

I am contacting you because we have been informed that there are no copies of The Zahir in Arabic distributed in Algeria. Could you please check with your distributors what's going on?

I look forward to your news,
13 de septiembre de Rana a Patricia
Actually distribution of the book is done upon orders by our agent there. Not to worry though, Algeria's book fair is going to take place  from Sept 21 to 30th. And large quantities of the Zahir and the rest of titles by Mr. Coelho have been shipped there. We expect great sales. Eventhough books market and readership are hard to deal with in Algeria, Mr. Khayat has been negotiating with some distributors and bookshops to expand our business venues there. He'll be handling further business deals once he get there.


27 de septiembre de Patricia a Karim

I am forwarding you Seif Salmawy's response to Mônica. What do you think about it?
I would like to inform that Paulo Coelho will be visiting Dubai from November 15th to 18th invited by the Young President's Organization ( for a conference. Further to this event, they will organize a series of interviews, probably also TV, to promote his books as well as a book signing session.


For this event, they are proposing Friday morning from 11am to 1pm. Do you think this date and time are suitable? Can you please suggest a bookstore to hold the signing? I would like All Prints to get in charge of organizing the event, to make the necessary promotion and to assure there are enough books in the bookstore.

27 de septiembre de Karim a Patricia
It would be our pleasure, please send me all the details that you have and I will have our uae team follow up on things.
Basically, around 3000 per year over three years, it is a reasonable amount especially since the selling price is so low (3-4 dollars). Even with this amount of books the royalties are unmentionably low, the reason we are trying to close this deal is to get the correctly translated version of Paolo’s book’s into Egypt, if we do not demand a high print run we cannot force aggressive distribution and marketing, 10000 copies is the bare minimum for a market with over 70 million people.


27 de septiembre de Dana a Patricia
I have the sales figures for you,  for the period between January to the end of August, 2005
 I gathered them but neglected to send them over to you, until now, sorry.
I am also still expecting your opinion, or better even - confirmation, to the cover we made for The Manuel to the Warrior of Light, did you get it?
Zahir - 21804
Alchemist - 4897
veronica - 752
piedra - 530
short tales - 1146
11 minutes - 2601
these details indicate books that were sent to the shops, not actual sales yet. and do not include special book club sales.
Envía la portada de El Manual
27 de septiembre de Patricia a Dana
Thanks for your message. I would grateful if you coud send us the back cover text in English for our approval.
I would like you to inform about the publication plan and scheduled publication date of The Manual, Veronika Decides to Die and The Pilgrimage.

26 de agosto de Laura a Patricia
no sé si ya estás reincorporada en la agencia o no, si es así ¡¡Bienvenida!!, ya me contarás que tal las vacaciones.
Mira te escribo para comentarte que estos días empiezo a mover el tema de la entrevista que me pasasteis y la génesis (por cierto, ¿quién hizo esa entrevista?, es importante que tenga este dato. Nombre del periodista y si ha salido publicada en algún medio). De momento y tal y como quedamos antes de vacaciones y en el terreno de la periódicos y sus secciones de cultura he tanteado EL PAIS (el martes sabré algo) como primera opción y si ellos no lo van a utilizar seguiré intentándolo con los otros medios siguiendo las prioridades que te comenté. En paralelo, ya que no es competencia de los periódicos ni saldrá en la misma fecha, le he pasado la entrevista y las fotos (evidentemente con la exigencia de que pongan el copy del

fotógrafo) a la revista LECTURAS (que como bien sabes es uno de los semanarios de mayor tirada) y publicaran 4 páginas con el material que le he pasado (fotos y entrevista) el jueves 15 de septiembre, para entonces ya habrá salido la prepublicación en EL SEMANAL - con portada - 4 de septiembre, se habrá emitido en los informativos de Antena 3 la entrevista realizada en Tarbes - esto será el 5 o 6 de septiembre -, quizás salga en otros informativos a partir del 6, ya que enviaremos el CD con la entrevista a las distintas televisiones, se habrá reseñado en algunos mensuales de septiembre y algún periódico habrá publicado la entrevista y/o la génesis.

29 de agosto de Mônica a Laura
Muchas gracias por tu mensaje. Te contesto yo porqué Patricia está de vacaciones.
La entrevista general y la Génesis han salido sólo en los países donde el libro ya ha sido publicado.
La entrevista general la realizamos nosotras con Paulo. Creo que en marzo Patricia y tú habíais comentado la idea de difundirla a través de agencias.
Habéis organizado la pre-publicación del primer capítulo?

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