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A Bibliography of Literary Theory, Criticism and Philology

by José Ángel García Landa

(University of Zaragoza, Spain)

Other authors writing in English (Bo-)

Philip Boast
Boast, Philip. London's Child. Novel. London: Headline, 1993?
Merlinda Bobis
García Zarranz, Libe. "Tales of Sound and Fury: Women in Merlinda Bobis’s White Turtle." In Narrating the Past. Ed. Nandita Batra and Vartan Messier. Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2007.

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_____."'Ay, siyempre,Gran, of course, Oz is—multicultural!': Merlinda Bobis's Crossing to the Other Side as Reflected in Her Short Stories." Ariel: A Review of International English Literature 35.3-4 (forthcoming 2006).

_____. "Merlinda Bobis's White Turtle: Crossing to the Other Side, Bridging the Gap between Different Worlds and Cultures." Proceedings of the 8th Conference of the Short Story in English. Forthcoming 2006.

David Bodanis
Bodanis, David. The Body Book. London: Little, Brown, 1984.

_____. The Secret House: Twenty-Four Hours in the Strange and Unexpected World in which We Spend Our Nights and Days. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1984.

_____. The Secret Family: Twenty-Four Hours Inside the Mysterious World of Our Minds and Bodies. New York Simon and Schuster, 1997.

_____. E=mc2: A Biography of the World's Most Famous Equation. London: Macmillan, 2000.

_____. E=mc2. Barcelona: Planeta, 2002. (Spanish trans.).

William Bodrick

(Ex.-Augustinian friar)


Bodrick, William. La sexta lamentación. Novel. Madrid. Alfaguara, 2004.

Louise Bogan
(Poet, early 20th).

Bogan, Louise. "The Mark." Poem.

_____. "Simple Autumnal." Poem.

_____. "The Alchemist." Poem.

_____. "Come Break with Time." Poem.

_____. "Hencefort from the Mind." Poem.

_____. "Exhortation." Poem.

_____. "Kept." Poem.

_____. "Song for a Lyre." Poem.

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Dirk Bogarde
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_____. Jericho. Novel. London: Penguin, 1992.

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_____. From Le Pigeonnier. Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1995.


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Jon Bogdanove
Bogdanove, Jon. Power Pack. Scripts for the comic book series.

Basia Bogdanowicz
Lipniacka, Ewa, and Basia Bogdanowicz. To Bed ... Or Else! Children's book. Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1994.

Osbern Bokenahm
Delany, Sheila. Impolitic Bodies: Poetry, Saints, and Society in Fifteenth-Century England: The Work of Osbern Bokenham. New York: Oxford UP, 1998.

Bridget Boland (b. 1913)
Boland, Bridget. Cockpit.

Eavan Boland (1944)
(Irish woman writer, b. Dublin)

Boland, Eavan. New Territory. Poetry. 1967.

_____. "Brian Friel: Derry's Playwright." Rev. of The Freedom of the City. Hibernia 16 Feb. 1973.

_____. The War Horse. Poems. 1975.

_____. In Her Own Image. Poems. 1980.

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John Boland
Boland, John. White August. SF novel. 1955.

_____. Short Story Technique. Sussex: Crowborough, 1973.

Alan Bold (1942)
Bold, Alan. Society Inebrious. Poems. Mowat Hamilton, 1965.

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Edited works
Sir Walter Scott: The Long-Forgotten Melody:
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Rold Boldrewood
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Dermot Bolger
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Robert Bolt (1924-)
Bolt, Robert. Flowering Cherry. Drama. 1957.

_____. A Man for All Seasons. Drama. Premiere at London, 1960. (Sir Thomas More).

_____. A Man for All Seasons. New York: Random House-Vintage International.

_____. Lawrence of Arabia. Film script.

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A Man for All Seasons. Based on Robert Bolt's play.

The Mission. Dir. Roland Joffé. Written by Robert Bolt. Cast: Robert De Niro, Jeremy Irons. Music by Ennio Morricone. Prod. Fernando Ghia and David Puttnam. 1986.

Leslie Bolton
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Michael Bond
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William Bond (d. 1735)
Bond, William. Spectator (3 January to 3 August 1715).

Arna Bontemps
(Black US writer and editor)
Bontemps, Arna. Black Thunder: Gabriel's Revolt: Virginia: 1800. Novel. 1936. Boston: Beacon, 1968.

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Ambrose Bonwicke
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Andrew Boorde
Boorde, Andrew. Boke of Knowledge. 1542.

_____. First Book of the Introduction of Knowledge. 1550?

_____. The Fyrst Boke of the Introduction of Knowledge made by Andrew Borde of Physicke Doctor / A Compenyous Argument or A Dyetary of Helth made in Mountyllier, compyled by Andrewe Boorde of Physicke Doctour / Barnes in the Defence of the Berde: A Treatyse Made, Answerynge the Treatyse of Doctor Borde upon Berdes. Edited, with a life of Andrew Boorde, and large extracts from the Dyetary, by F. J. Furnivall, M. A, Trin. Hall. … (EETS). London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & co, 1870.

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Charles Booth
Pulp Fiction: The Crimefighters, an Omnibus. Introd. Harlan Coben. C. 2006. (Dashiell Hammett, Earle Stanley Gardner, Cornel Woolrich, Raymond Chandler, Frederick Nebel, Paul Cain, Carroll John Daly, George Harmon Coxe, Charles Booth, Leslie White, William Rollins, Norbert Davis, Horace McCoy, Thomas Walsh).
Edwin Booth
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William Booth
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Guy Boothby
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Paul Henry Bordeaux

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Edmund Borrow
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Lucy M. Boston
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Thomas Boston (1676-1732)
Boston, Thomas. The Crook in the Lot. Theology.

Gordon Bottomley (1874-1948)
Bottomley, Gordon. Lear's Wife. Drama. 1915.

_____. Gruach. Drama. 1921.

David Bottoms (b. 1949)
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Dion Boucicault
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The Colleen Bawn. Dir. Sidney Olcott. Based on the play by Dion Boucicault. Cast: Gene Gauntier (Eily O'Connor), Jack J. Clark (Myles), Sidney Olcott (Danny Mann), J. P. McGowan (Hardress Cregan), Geo. H. Fisher (Kyrle Daly), Arthur Donaldson (Father Tom), Robert Vignola (Mr. Corrigan), Alice Hollister (Anne Chute), Agnes Mapes (Mrs. Cregan), Mrs. Clark (Sheelah). Ireland (UK): Bradbury Films, 1911.

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Internet resources

"The Colleen Bawn." Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. (Play by Dion Boucicault).


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(a.k.a. Bosworth)
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Joseph Boyden

(short-story writer)


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"The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas." In Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia.*


The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Written and dir. Mark Herman, based on John Boyne's novel. Cast: Asa Butterfield, Vera Farmiga, David Thewlis, Jack Scanlon. UK/USA: Miramax/BBC/Heyday, 2008. Spanish title: El niño con el pijama de rayas.*

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