Piece of paper from your binder to record the answers. Put your name on it and Label it

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El tiempo en la América del Sur

In this activity we will be visiting web sites for weather conditions in the various capitals of Spanish Speaking countries in South America. Use a piece of paper from your binder to record the answers. Put your name on it and Label it: “El tiempo en la América del Sur”. Be sure to follow the assignment exactly as it appears below. This is a 40-point assignment. Please HAND-IN to me when you are finished.

A. Pre-reading - Using prior knowledge

List the information you would expect to find in a weather report. (2 pts)





B. Scanning

1. Go to the following web site: http://espanol.wunderground.com/global/SA_ST_Index.html

2. Scan to find the Spanish words (write these in your notes): *some of these are cognates (6 pts)

1. temperature          2. humidity           3.wind          4. visibility            5. conditions          6.forecast

C. Reading for Understanding

1 What dates is the weather report for? (5 pts)

2. Now look at the map and the color and temperature graph right under the map. Answer the following questions:

a) Which country(ies) has similar temperature to ours today (use your map of South America)? (2 pts)

b) Which country(ies) has the coldest weather today? (2 pts)

c) Which country(ies) has the warmest weather today? (2 pts)

d) Which country(ies) have the most moderate weather today? (2 pts)

3. How many Spanish-Speaking countries are there in South America? (Use your map or Scroll down to find the names under the map and list them.) (9pts)

4. Click on one of the Spanish-speaking countries. Select a city and write down the following information.

Name of the city & country . Temperature both in Farenheit and Celcius . Weather conditions [IN SPANISH!!!] (10 pts)

 *For weather words you don’t know, look them up here: http://www.lingolex.com/weather.htm

D. Extension/PROJECT

1. Make your own weather report in Spanish (see handout)


Nombre:                                             EL PROYECTO: EL PRONÓSTICO (THE FORECAST)


     You work for a major TV network as the weatherman[woman] and you are preparing to give the 5-day forecast for your city.

     Your job is to use the web resources below to create the 5-day forecast for the city & country you are given.

     You MUST include ALL of the information on the checklist below.

     DO NOT print out information directly off of a website-COPY & PASTE it into a WORD DOCUMENT before saving & printing.

     The project should be on your jump drive with the country and five day weather forcast pictured for you to describe to the audience.

     This is a PROJECT counted as a test grade[ WORTH 75 points!!!].

     This project is due on FRIDAY, Nov. 23th


Suggested websites for the forecast:             Website for additional weather phrases:

http://espanol.weather.yahoo.com                            http://www.lingolex.com/weather.htm



*You can copy and paste weather pictures from the above sites (or search for your own using clip art or google images

Make sure the following items are clearly exhibited on the forecast

       El pronóstico para (name of city & country)  (3 pts)

       Small map of the country that shows the weather (see http://espanol.weather.yahoo.com OR http://clima.msn.com copy & paste)  (5pts)

       The days  (lunes, martes, etc) & the dates (el 30 de abril, el primero de mayo, etc) of your forecast (10 pts)

       Under each day & date, there should be a little picture representing the forecast (5pts) & a short description: 4 WEATHER phrases!!! (20 pts) IN SPANISH. Use phrases you already know & new words that you find on the websites

       The daily temperature highs & lows LABELED in spanish (máxima/mínima) in BOTH Fahrenheit & Celsius. (10 pts)

       The season (2pts)  [*remember that in parts of So.Amer. it is actually almost summer now!]

       A “dictionary” of 10 NEW Spanish weather terms with English meanings labeled: DICCIONARIO DEL TIEMPO. These are NOT words we learned in class-these are words you find in your search or use in your forecast. [use words you find online or use the website of additional phrases above] [20 pts]



El pronóstico para Barcelona, España


lunes, el 30 de abril                martes, el 1 de mayo                      miércoles, el 2 de mayo        jueves, el 3 de mayo                        viernes, el 4 de mayo

                        actual                                                                                  actual                                                                                actual                                                                                                  actual                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              actual

Hace buen tiempo                          Hace mal tiempo                   Está nublado                                         Está parcialmente nublado     hace mal tiempo

Hace calor                                       Llueve                                   Hace sol parcialmente                            hace buen tiempo              hay relámpago

Nubes y sol ocasional                     Está nublado                         Nublado a parcialmente despejado          Intervalos de nubes y sol       Nuboso, con tormentas

Chubascos posibles                        lluvia débil                             No llueve                                               chubascos posibles                 llovizna ligera



64°F/18 C


52°F/ 11 C






















 Es la primavera!

http://library.pcti.tec.nj.us/page/teacher%20pages/lockshin/weather%20project_files/image007.jpg (http://espanol.weather.yahoo.com)


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