Seventh departmental olympiads of english

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We also have a dream”


Ciudad y fecha.- Sogamoso, 21 de abril del 2014.


Rector – a -. Institución Educativa:




Matter: Invitation to the Seventh Olympiad of English as a foreign language "We Also Have a Dream" Educational Institution. School of Sugamuxi 2014 –Sogamoso Boyacá-.
NOTA PREVIA.- La presente, es la Convocatoria Oficial emanada por la Institución Educativa Colegio de Sugamuxi de Sogamoso –Boyacá- a la Séptima Olimpiada Departamental De Inglés, certamen avalado por el Ministerio de Educación Nacional, el Programa Nacional de Bilingüismo y las Secretarías de Educación de Boyacá, Tunja, Duitama y Sogamoso. Advertimos que aparte de la presente no hemos certificado ninguna actividad en este orden, ni en Ciudad alguna diferente a Sogamoso y cualquier otra nueva y diferente convocatoria sobre Olimpiadas de Inglés está fuera de nuestros parámetros, lineamientos, fundamentos, principios y mucho menos de nuestra autorización.
Dear Principal and English Teachers.
Originally this contest has been designed to provide English background with new standards, performances and competences linked to the bilingualism program because definitely English language contests uplift our hearts and open our minds and ways in this globalized and total opening world.

The contest is organized to create the conditions and the suitable context to our secondary education students who will have the opportunity to use English as foreign language in true talkative contexts. It is also one of the best ways to build identity and ownership in Boyacá so we are going to achieve it with true integration among our teenagers.

We Also Have a Dream” is a Contest signed by National Bilingualism Program and It is lightly sponsored by MINISTERIO DE EDUCACION NACIONAL, besides this Olympiad has been advised by most of SECRETARIAS DE EDUCACION from Boyacá. Nowadays, our contest is the biggest academicals contest all over Boyacá.

  • The participant Institutions can only inscribe TEN students who are regularly enrolled in tenth or eleventh grade from technical half education or academic half one.

  • Educational institutions with more than 1.000 students have the possibility to inscribe TEN students more per each thousand.

  • The representative students from each Educational Institution have to attend the contest by wearing their corresponding daily clothing uniform. (Not a sweating) (DO NOT FORGET IT)

  • The participant students have to credit a certification given by the principal of their Institutions which certifies the attendance.

  • The organizing committee of the contest reserves the admission right of each one of the applicants.

  • Participants who have been living more than four months (DO NOT FORGET IT AGAIN) in a country whose official and or maternal language is English are not allowed. Please! Be careful. We´ve already been involved in troubles about it, then…please…do not insist.

  • Students who were located in the first ten places in the last Olympiads of English in year 2012 can be admitted in this opportunity.

  • Each one of the possible contestants will have to pay an amount of $10.000 to be enrolled in the Olympiads. They must pay at first time on the date of the contest.

  • SPANISH: Las Instituciones Educativas participantes deben cancelar el valor de su inscripción en el Banco Popular a la Cuenta Corriente Número 110-270-06100-5 en favor de la Institución Educativa Colegio de Sugamuxi. El Concepto es “Séptima Olimpiada Departamental de Inglés”. Las Instituciones deben enviarnos una copia de la consignación, con la planilla de inscripción al Fax número. 7718369. En la convocatoria les hemos enviado una copia del RUT para efectos de contabilidad. Por ejemplo: si Usted inscribe SEIS estudiantes la consignación debe hacerse por un valor de $60.000. ES LA MEJOR FORMA POR EFECTOS DE TIEMPO EN EL EVENTO. $10.000 por cada Estudiante Inscrito.

La otra forma de pago es el día del evento (miércoles treinta de julio), POR FAVOR, SIN NINGUNA FALTA) a primera hora pero es totalmente determinante que nos envíen la planilla de inscripción ANTES para poder diligenciar previamente los datos de sus estudiantes.

  • Around 1300 students from 120 Institutions are involved in the contest then we want you to sign up in our seventh edition.

  • The event is going to be held on Wednesday July 30th ( Miércoles treinta de julio) at lot of Classrooms from Sugamuxi School.

  • The participants must be presented in front of the main gate of Sugamuxi School at 6:30 a.m. in the pointed date. Please! Be punctual. It´s actually important to be on time. (DO NOT FORGET IT)

  • Each participant student has to take his- her student ID card and his- her identity card to be confronted by the organizing committee

  • The results and averages of the carried out tests and activities will be given to the institutions about 20 days later to the event. Also the educational Institution Sugamuxi will send a package (written sketch with a Cd room) and other one by mail or generally by the WEB (GOOGLE.- Secretaría de Educación Sogamoso) with the results of the tests and obviously some recommendations and appreciations.

  • The organization will reward the best performances with prizes and little souvenirs. The organizing committee will visit you appropriately to give the corresponding prizes to the Institutions which have got the best outcomes. Rewards will be very good and better than previous opportunities.

  • Contestants can own the booklet with the written test, besides we´ll raffle off all of the audiovisual resources used in our event like music, souvenirs, and posters and so on.

  • The organizing committee won't give partial qualifications in the Olympiads for only a test presented by a participant, for example, only the interview. (DO NOT FORGET IT). To attend the written test, essay and Interview is really better. They must be punctual according to the ring-bell.

  • Your School will have godmothers and godfathers (home students) to get orienteering then they´ll be waiting for their guest students.

  • The contest will have a family-like atmosphere in which everyone will enjoy the program designed by Sugamuxi School.

  • Beepers, Mobil phones, I pods; Walkman, Mp3-4, and electronic translators or devices are not allowed. Please! Do not request.

  • The Olympiads will keep in mind the linguistics performance, pragmatic performance and sociolinguistics performance framed into the four basic skills: listening, (understanding), speaking, reading and writing.

  • Besides the lunch and the break, the organizing committee will offer a slight attentions, something like a cold drink or refreshment, maybe aromatic water or a hot little coffee. (snacks)

  • The jury of the contest will be integrated by grateful trajectory teachers. They’ll have into account the suitability, justness and professionalism besides the computer system results on the written test (SABER format).

  • The assisting students to the Olympiads have to bring a mine black number 2 pencil, a draft, a sharpener and mainly the great desire to join us.

  • The organizing committee won't accept students' change at the last moment. Please. We shall get only to the enrolled students. (DON´T FORGET IT) Do not insist.

  • The students should (must) be joined by a teacher in order to get orienteering and motivation. (IT´S ACTUALLY IMPORTANT) (DON´T FORGET IT DEAR PRINCIPALS)

  • The accompanying professors of English will receive an excellent work material regarding the new tests of English lecture by the ICFES, besides they’re going to have the opportunity to attend to an important conference leaded by an English native speaker during one hour. THIS TOPIC IS LEADED BY MINISTERIO DE EDUCACION NACIONAL.

  • SPANISH.- Profesores y Directivas: Les agradecemos muchísimo diligenciar la planilla de inscripción con letra legible, con correcta ortografía de nombres, y apellidos completos, números de Identificación exactos, y enviarlas a tiempo. Y POR FAVOR… RESPETAR NUESTRAS POLÍTICAS Y REGLAS DE JUEGO.

Nota importante. IMPORTANT WARNINGS:
IMPORTANT. Please, it’s actually advisable (DON´T FORGET IT) you to confirm us your attendance till date 4th On July 2014 with the correspondent names of the contestants and their Institution. Mainly Fax Way. Please, send us the registration format before this date or call to these phone numbers in order to register the students.

Fax Number: 7718369

Call Center: 038-7702655


Mobil Phone Numbers: 3108067424 – 3002649786- 3112917171-3133878524

Address: Sugamuxi, National educational Institution. Avenue of Cusiana. Sogamoso - Boyacá.

Any complaint or objection relating to the contest must be submitted in writing to the Sugamuxi´s languages Department for the consideration of the committee if necessary.

Sugamuxi Educational institution will be charmed of having your attendance and we’ll be pleasant of being able to increase the linguistic background in your English as foreign language.

You’ll be welcome here. We´re looking forward to your attendance.

Institución Educativa Colegio de Sugamuxi.

Schedule to be developed.
6.:30 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. welcome - registration

8:00 a.m. _ 8:30 a.m. opening.

8:30 a.m. _ 9:30 a.m. written test.

9:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. break. (resting)

10:00 a.m. – 10:15 a.m. video.

10:15 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. essay about the video. (the shortest one you’ve never written)

10:30 a.m. _ 12:30 p.m. interviewing. (Five minutes each one of the contestants)
Signed by:


Spanish & English Department Leader 2014

Languages Learning: To Go Beyond.

Seventh English Olympiads of E.F.L. Coordinator

We also have a dream 2014”

Principal. Institución Educativa Colegio de Sugamuxi. Sogamoso –Boyacá –

En Pos de un Sagrado Ideal

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