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Proceso Prácticas Pedagógicas

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10 B2


Language Arts

Unidad Temática

Comprensión de Lectura 

  • Sátira/Persuasión: (Elements of Literature Fourth Course)  

Elementos literarios: Sátira, ironía, opinión frente a los hechos, comparación y contraste  

  • Plan Lector: The 5th Wave     


  • Future continuous / Future perfect / Future perfect continuous, would expressing habits, in the past, Past perfect, Past perfect continuous  

Apropiación de vocabulario:  

  • categorías gramaticales, analogías, sinónimos y antónimos, definiciones.  

Escucha Activa.  

  • Ejercicios Fce, Maximiser, Traveller, Elements of literature, Canciones, videos, Películas, poemas.  


  • Textos argumentativos-Persuasivos.   

Fluidez Verbal  

  • Participación en clase, Debates, canciones (English Music Festival), poemas, Presentaciones orales en PowerPoint-Prezi-posters.


Nombre: Competencia Comunicativa  

Desarrollar y perfeccionar su competencia comunicativa a través de la literatura de diferentes géneros y la elaboración de escritos diversos, teniendo en cuenta el vocabulario dado en las historias para expresar sus puntos de vista con el fin de desenvolverse en la sociedad. 

Indicadores de Desempeño

Saber Ser   

  1. Valora y le da gran importancia al aprendizaje del inglés trabajando en equipo, por parejas e individualmente en las actividades realizadas durante el periodo.  

  1. Asume una actitud de solidaridad y de compromiso con sus compañeros, con el medio ambiente y con la proyección social, acorde, con las temáticas desarrolladas en la asignatura de lengua extranjera inglés.  

Saber Hacer  

  1. Infiere textos de diversos géneros relacionados con los temas vistos en el semestre.  

  1. Elabora escritos autobiográficos y/o argumentativos basados en las lecturas y experiencia personal acorde con los pasos de escritura vistos en clase.  

Saber conocer  

  1. Demuestra tener un buen dominio de un repertorio léxico amplio, que incluye expresiones idiomáticas y coloquiales.   

  1. Comprende el contenido de la información de la mayoría del material grabado o retransmitido relativo a temas de interés personal con una pronunciación clara y estándar   

  1. Expresa con razonable fluidez descripciones de una variedad de temas de su interés, presentándolos como una secuencia lineal de elementos.


  1. Mid-term Test/Final Test with oral presentation.

  2. Oral presentation on a controversial issue given by teacher using PP or Prezi (8 slides minimum, 5 minutes).

  3. Workshop.

  4. Written assignment: Why did you fail the subject (Look at the aims in order to answer this question) and commitments for the class and for next period. This activity should be signed by parents and according to your level write B2 200-230 words.


taken from

The Battle of Chancellorsville
The Battle of Chancellorsville, one of the most famous battles of the Civil War, took place in Virginia in the spring of 1863. For months, the two armies had been staked out on opposite banks of a narrow river. The Confederate troops were led by perhaps the most revered military tactician in American history, General Robert E. Lee. The Union soldiers were led by "Fighting" Joe Hooker. In appearance, personality, and lifestyle, these men were nearly perfect opposites. Lee, an older man in poor health with a gray beard, had a somber, measured demeanor. Hooker was a blond, strapping young man whose vanity over his appearance was but one aspect of his egotism. Whereas Lee was devout and principled, Hooker was known for his rollicking enjoyment of both women and whiskey. Despite the fact that the Confederacy had won the last four major battles and the Union soldiers were famished, exhausted, and demoralized, Hooker proclaimed, "My plans are perfect. And when I start to carry them out, may God have mercy on Bobby Lee, for I shall have none." Why, aside from a propensity for narcissism, was Hooker so confident? Hooker had used spies, analysts, and even hot air balloons to compile a vast amount of intelligence about Lee’s army. He had discerned, for example, that Lee had only 61,000 men to Hooker’s own 134,000. Buoyed by his superior numbers, Hooker covertly moved 70,000 of his men fifteen miles up and across the river, and then ordered them to sneak back down to position themselves behind Lee’s army. In effect, Hooker had cut off the Confederate soldiers in front and behind. They were trapped. Satisfied with his advantage, Hooker became convinced that Lee’s only option was to retreat to Richmond, thus assuring a Union victory. Yet Lee, despite his disadvantages of both numbers and position, did not retreat. Instead, he moved his troops into position to attack. Union soldiers who tried to warn Hooker that Lee was on the offensive were dismissed as cowards. Having become convinced that Lee had no choice but to retreat, Hooker began to ignore reality. When Lee’s army attacked the Union soldiers at 5:00 p.m., they were eating supper, completely unprepared for battle. They abandoned their rifles and fled as Lee’s troops came shrieking out of the brush, bayonets drawn. Against all odds, Lee won the Battle of Chancellorsville, and Hooker’s forces withdrew in defeat.
1.Based on information in the passage, it can be concluded that Hooker lost the Battle of Chancellorsville mostly because of his

A. vanity

B. ignorance

C. overconfidence

D. faulty information

E. vices
2.The contrast drawn between Lee and Hooker in paragraph 2 is intended to

A. showcase the different backgrounds and personal histories of these two enemy soldiers

B. provide support for the idea that Lee was a more virtuous person than Hooker, and therefore a better military commander

C. prove that two men with very different values could end up in similar positions of power

D. suggest that if Hooker had been more devout and principled, he might not have been outwitted by Lee

E. imply that these men fundamentally differed in their approaches to nearly everything, including battle
3.In paragraph 3, the author quotes Hooker as saying, “My plans are perfect. And when I start to carry them out, may God have mercy on Bobby Lee, for I shall have none.” The author most likely includes this quote in order to

A. demonstrate Hooker’s belief in his own infallibility

B. provide an example of the way language has changed since 1863

C. reveal that Hooker was a deeply religious man in spite of his lifestyle

D. foreshadow Hooker’s defeat at the hands of Lee’s army

E. portray Hooker as a merciless general who was compelled by his hated of Lee

4.Based on its use in paragraph 3, it can be inferred that the word propensity belongs to which of the following word groups?

A. fondness, partiality, affection

B. flaw, fault, shortcoming

C. distaste, aversion, dissatisfaction

D. tendency, inclination, predisposition

E. confidence, self-assurance, certitude

5.How many men did Hooker position behind Lee's army?

A. 61,000

B. 70,000

C. 73,000

D. 134,000

E. 158,000

6.As used in paragraph 4, buoyed most nearly means

A. strengthened

B. anchored

C. floated

D. sharpened

E. heartened

7. As used in paragraph 4, buoyed most nearly means

A. dialogue

B. specific examples

C. vivid details

D. sensory words

E. scenic descriptions

8.If this passage were to continue, which of the following would most likely be the first sentence of the next paragraph?

A. His army routed, Hooker and his reduced forces hobbled south, back to the center of Confederate operations where he was harshly rebuked for having squandered his vast army.

B. In all his days of fighting, Hooker had never been met with such surprise and opposition; he took to solemn contemplation of the events that had transpired as well as the lessons he might learn from them.
C. Wounded in both body and spirit, Hooker and his severely diminished forces retreated to higher ground where they proceeded to reload their weapons and prepare for a counter attack.
D. Upon returning to camp, the triumphant Lee immediately ordered for supplies to be brought up and provisions made for a raucous victory celebration.
E. Not one to gloat over his success, Lee remarked that the victory had been the product of valiant fighting and good luck, as he began to map out strategies for their next move.
9.Based on the information in the passage, summarize the events of the Battle of Chancellorsville in your own words.



First, you must be able to present the midterm and final exam information (support your answers to your teacher) as well as written. Activity 3 the workshop please do everything on this format. Activity 4 please hand it in neatly and organized on a separate sheet of paper, signed by parents

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