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themselves pron /ðəmˈselvz/

They fed themselves at the restaurant.

se pron reflexivo

Yes, they themselves built the house.

ellos mismos

Though the team played badly in the second game, they were themselves for the third game.

ellos mismos, ellas mismas

Nobody can consider themselves to be perfect.

a sí mismo

then adv /ðen/

He went to the post office, then he went to the bank.

luego, después

Yesterday? What were you doing then?

a esa hora, en ese momento

If you eat all your food, then you will have pie as a reward.

entonces, después

then n

What did you do until then?

entonces, ese momento

theory n /ˈθɪərɪ/

teoría, hipótesis, supuesto

teoría, aclaración, explicación

there adv /ðɛəʳ/

He was there at the bar.


OK, class, let's stop there. It's time for lunch.

allí, ahí

there pron

There is a way.

hay, cómo

therefore adv /ˈðɛəfɔːʳ/

I think, therefore I am.

por lo tanto, por eso, luego

they pron /ðeɪ/

They went to the movies last night.

ellos, ellas

thick adj /θɪk/

You could see that it was good quality because the glass was thick.


She was beautiful with her long, thick hair.


thickly adv /ˈθɪklɪ/


con fuerza

thickness n /ˈθɪknɪs/

espesor, grosor


thief n /θiːvz/

ladrón, ratero, caco, chorizo

thin adj /θɪn/

He cut a thin slice of ham.


The gift was tied with a thin strip of raffia.


The thin girl had no trouble getting through the crowd.


thing n /θɪŋ/

I'm not sure what this thing is.


My things are in the bedroom.


Tell me one thing: Do you love me?


think, think that vtr /θɪŋk/

I think that we should take that road.


think, think about vi

He was saddened, and thought about her situation all the time.

pensar, darle vueltas a

think, think that vtr

I think I'll go to the grocer's now.


think vi

I don't know at the moment; I need to think about it again.

pensar, reflexionar

think [sth] vtr

He thought it right to pay his taxes.

pensar, considerar

think, think of vtr

Yes, I think of him as a friend.

creer, considerar

thinking n /ˈθɪŋkɪŋ/

I'll do some thinking and let you know.


thinking v pres p

He's thinking about it.


thinking n

What's your thinking on the government's foreign policy?


thirsty adj /ˈθ3ːstɪ/


seco, árido

thirsty for [sth] adj

ansioso de, codicioso de


hambriento de, ávido de

this pron /ðɪs/

I'm talking about this, not that.


this adj

I'm talking about this pen, not that one over there on the desk.


What did you do this morning?


Then, this dog came up and jumped on me.


thorough adj /ˈθʌrə/

meticuloso, concienzudo, minucioso

thoroughly adv /ˈθʌrəlɪ/

completamente, plenamente, totalmente, absolutamente

cuidadosamente, minuciosamente, meticulosamente, concienzudamente

though conj /ðəʊ/

Though it was dark out, they went for a walk.


I wouldn't call him, though he begged me.

thought n /θɔːt/

I just had a thought: What if we work together?


Having considered the matter, my thought now is that we should give him the job.


The boy was lost in thought.


His thought was to help.


She gave a lot of thought to her decision.

pensamiento, reflexión, vueltas

thread n /θred/

Use a thread to tie the pieces together.


threads npl

Hey! Watch my threads! They're brand new!

ropas, trapos, trapitos

thread n

This cloth was made with blue and red threads.


thread [sth] vtr

I'll need my glasses to thread this needle.


thread n

There was a thread of humour running throughout his speech.

hilo, toque

I glanced at the TV and quickly lost the thread of our conversation.


thread [sth] (onto [sth]) vtr

Thread the beads onto the string like this.

ensartar en

thread [sth] (through [sth]) vtr

She threaded the film through the camera.

embobinar, cargar

threat n /θret/

The thief's threat was enough to get everyone to cooperate.


threats npl

amenazas, intimidaciones

threat n

The threat of bad weather kept him home that night.


a threat (to [sth]) n

The criminal was considered a threat to society.

amenaza para, peligro para

threaten vtr /ˈθretn/

She threatened me with a knife.


threaten vi

He threatened to hit me if I didn't do what he said.


He's always threatening to fire me.


threaten vtr

The clouds are threatening rain.

presagiar, amenazar

The manager's attitude threatened dire consequences for the company.


threatening adj /ˈθretnɪŋ/

amenazador, amenazante, intimidatorio

amenazador, inquietante, amenazante, intimidatorio

amenazador, siniestro, aterrador, perverso

throat n /θrəʊt/






through prep /θruː/

The bullet went through his body.

a través de, atravesar

We went through St. Louis on the way to New Orleans.

a través de, atravesar

It was cold here through March.

durante todo, todo

He failed his exams through not studying enough.

por, porque

throughout prep /θrʊˈaʊt/

Airplanes are landing throughout the day.

durante, a lo largo de

The bells can be heard throughout the city.

a través de, de punta a cabo

throw [sth] vtr /θrəʊ/

He threw the ball to his friend.

tirar, lanzar

throw n

The throw was a good one and went right to the other guy.

tiro, lanzamiento

throw away vtr phrasal sep

I had to throw away a lot of old books that nobody wanted.

tirar, malgastar

thumb n /θʌm/



dedo gordo

thumb [sth], thumb through [sth] vtr


Thursday n

We often go to the movies on Thursdays.


thus adv /ðʌs/

Thus, everyone decided to move on.

así, por consiguiente

ticket n /ˈtɪkɪt/

I got a ticket for speeding.

boleto, multa

I've bought two tickets for the opera.

boleto, entrada

ticket vtr


tidy adj /ˈtaɪdɪ/

organizado, prolijo


pulcro, arreglado

tie [sth] to [sth] vtr /taɪ/

He tied the horse to the post.

amarrar, atar

tie [sth] vtr

She tied string round the giftbox.

atar, anudar

tie vi

The two teams tied.


tie [sth] vtr

They tied the game with the last score.


tie, US: necktie n

He wore a blue tie to go with his white shirt.


tie n

The home team broke the tie soon after halftime.


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