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topic n /ˈtɒpɪk/

The topic of conversation bored him.


The book frequently strayed from its main topic.


total n /ˈtəʊtl/

The total comes to fifty-four dollars.


total adj

I'm not sure I can pay the total amount.


total vtr

If you total all the amounts, it comes to a lot of money.

totalizar, sacar el total

totally adv /ˈtəʊtəlɪ/

totalmente, completamente

touch vtr /tʌtʃ/

He touched her shoulder.

tocar, rozar

She touched the blouse to feel its fabric.

tocar, acariciar

She was touched by the woman's life story.


touch n

His touch comforted him.

toque, contacto

The designer from Milan added an Italian touch to the room.


He has a good touch with the football.


tough adj /tʌf/

The steak was too tough.

duro, correoso

The worker likes wearing jeans because they are so tough.

grueso, resistente

The football player was so tough that he played with a fractured rib.


The tough winters make Maine a difficult place to live.

arduo, riguroso

I had such a tough time in college.

duro, difícil

tour vtr /ˈtʊəʳ/

We toured Italy last summer.

hacer un tour, visitar, pasear

tour n

The two-week tour had a guide and a bus.


We went on a tour of Europe last summer.

tour, recorrido

Let me give you the tour of our house.

recorrido, visita

tourist n /ˈtʊərɪst/


tourist adj

turístico, de turismo

towards prep /təˈwɔːdz/

tocante a, con relación a, con respecto a, referente a


towel n /ˈtaʊəl/


tower n /ˈtaʊəʳ/

They erected a mobile phone tower next to the local school.


They are building a new office tower downtown.


This tower is where the king imprisoned his enemies.


town n /taʊn/

I grew up in a town of about 10,000 people.

pueblo, ciudad

Are you going into town today?


toy n /tɔɪ/


toy with, toy with [sth] vi

jugar, darle vueltas

trace vtr /treɪs/


trazar, delinear

rastrear, seguir, seguir la pista, perseguir

trace n

rastro, pista, huella, marca

rastro, vestigio, indicio, señal

track n /træk/

Are you going to the track on Saturday to see the race?


The train tracks pass close to their house.


He is on the accelerated learning track at his school.

ritmo, grupo

track [sth] or [sb] vtr

The teacher tracked the student's progress.

monitorizar, seguir, monitorear

trade n /treɪd/

International trade has been increasing over the last few years.


trade vtr

He traded his bar of chocolate for her biscuit.

cambiar, intercambiar

trade adj

The trade magazine was read by everybody in the industry.


trading n /ˈtreɪdɪŋ/

comercio, negocio, actividad comercial, trato

tradition n /trəˈdɪʃən/

The tradition here is for wives to join their husband's families.


In our family the tradition is to open gifts on Christmas Eve.

tradición, costumbre


traditional adj /trəˈdɪʃənl/

She wore a St. Brigid's cross, a traditional Irish symbol.


It's traditional to thank the host on such occasions.


traditionally adv /trəˈdɪʃnəlɪ/

She served the meal traditionally, with all dishes on the table at once.


Traditionally the president and his family walk in the parade.


traffic n /ˈtræfɪk/

tráfico, circulación

tráfico, mercado negro

traffic vtr


train n /treɪn/

There are trains leaving for Paris every hour.


train vi

The team trained daily at the beginning of the season.


They trained to be mechanics. No, I can't do it yet, I am still training.

formarse, entrenarse, prepararse

training n /ˈtreɪnɪŋ/

He went to training every day to regain use of his hand.


The training taught him to repair a TV.


I won't be at my desk this week. I will be in training.

capacitación, formación, cursillo

training v pres p

He is training to be a mechanic.


transfer [sb] or [sth] vtr /ˈtrænsfəʳ/

The manager transferred the box of shoes to the other warehouse.


transfer [sb] vtr

Hold on the phone while I transfer you to our customer service department.

transferir, pasar con

transfer vtr

He transferred trains in Madrid on his way to Barcelona.

hacer conexiones, hacer trasbordo

transfer n

When leaving the metro, you'll need a transfer to use the bus.

conexión, billete de correspondencia

transform [sth], transform [sth] into [sth], transform [sb], transform [sb] into [sth] vtr [trænsˈfɔːm]

Your new furniture really transforms the living room.


Various enzymes transform milk into cheese.

transformar, convertir

transform vi

transformarse, convertirse

translate vtr /trænzˈleɪt/

She translates legal documents into Portuguese.


translation n /trænzˈleɪʃən/

He's just written a new translation of The Odyssey.

traducción, versión traducida, versión

The translation took over a week to complete.


transparent adj [trænsˈpærənt]

These scanning machines make your clothing transparent.


It's important that our motives be transparent to the voters.

transparente, claro, evidente

Employees criticized managers for not being more transparent.


transport n /ˈtrænspɔːt/

transporte, transportación

transporte, medio de transporte


transport [sth] vtr

transportar, acarrear, trasladar, llevar

trap [sth], trap [sb] vtr /træp/

He was trapped beneath a wall that had collapsed.



I was trapped talking to him for two hours.

enganchar (a alguien)

trap n

The fox's leg was caught in a trap.


The politician tried to set a trap for his opponent by talking about the war.


travel vi /ˈtrævl/

I love to travel.


The trucks travelled along the road.


traveler, UK: traveller n /ˈtrævləʳ/




traveler n


treat vtr /triːt/

He treats her badly.


She treated the situation as if nothing had happened.

tratar, comportarse

She treated her friend to lunch.


The doctor treated the patient.


treat n

I have a treat for her. I made her a card and will surprise her tomorrow.

algo, sorpresa

treatment n /ˈtriːtmənt/

He went into hospital for treatment.


No one can expect to receive special treatment.


tree n /triː/

There are three trees in our back yard.


She showed the family tree that she had researched to the family.

árbol, árbol (genealógico)

trend n /trend/

There is a trend towards better management here.


His sister was always up with the latest trends.

tendencia, moda

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