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trial n /ˈtraɪəl/

The prosecutor presented evidence at the trial.


The drug trial lasted for three years before the drug was approved.

ensayo, periodo de prueba

triangle n /ˈtraɪæŋgl/

There were cookies in the shape of hearts and triangles.


The percussion guy plays the triangle and cowbells.


He's in a triangle with two women who are cousins.

triángulo amoroso

Fold the paper diagonally to form two triangles.


trick vtr /trɪk/

I can't believe that I was tricked into buying that.


I didn't want to buy the ticket -- I was tricked!

estafar, engañar

trick n

The star was famous for playing tricks on his fellow actors.


trip n /trɪp/

I had fun on my trip.


He broke his foot in a trip off the stair.


trip vi

Please don't trip.

hacer zancadillas, trastabillar

trip vtr

A bully tripped me in the hall.

hacerle una zancadilla, poner la zancadilla

tropical adj /ˈtrɒpɪkəl/

I was extremely glad to be leaving that tropical climate.


We love tropical fruits like mangoes and papayas.


trouble n /ˈtrʌbl/

He was having trouble getting the key in the door.

dificultad, problema

This job is just too much trouble.


trouble [sb] vtr

I'm sorry to trouble you, but there is someone on the phone.


She was troubled by his spending habits.


trousers n

pantalones, pantalón

truck n /trʌk/


camioneta, furgoneta

true adj /truː/

Yes, it is true that I went to the shop yesterday.

verdad, cierto

Yes, this is a true Picasso.


truly adv /ˈtruːlɪ/

Tell me truly which one of you did it.

de verdad

I love you truly.

de verdad, sinceramente, de veras

Make sure the axle turns truly, with no deviation.


She truly understood what you were saying.

bien, perfectamente

He's truly a comedian.

de veras, verdaderamente

That book is truly original.

verdaderamente, realmente

trust [sth] vtr /trʌst/

She trusts his words.

creer en

trust [sth] or [sb] vtr

I trust my brother.

confiar en

trust [sth] or [sb] vtr

He trusts his car.

poder confiar en, fiarse

trust [sb] vtr

He trusts her to help him.

confiar en

trust n

You have my trust - I feel I can tell you anything.


truth n /truːðz/

Those articles are all lies. Read this one. It tells the truth.

verdad, hecho real

She is a believer in truth, and never lies.


It has been proven as a truth that cannot be denied.


try [sth] vtr /traɪ/

Have you ever tried bungee jumping?

intentar, tratar de

Try it before you decide whether it's difficult.

probar, comprobar

Why not try our delicious King Crab salad?


The District Attorney will try the corruption case.

procesar, elaborar procedimiento

try n

Give it your best try.


The try at the basket succeeded and they got another two points.


Wales managed to score a try in the last few minutes of the game.


tube n /tjuːb/

tubería, tubo

conducto, canal, tubo

Tuesday n [ˈtjuːzdɪ]

Tuesday is considered the third day of the week in the US.


tune n /tjuːn/


tune vtr


afinar, mejorar

tunnel n /ˈtʌnl/

Drugs are smuggled through tunnels that run under the border.



tunnel through, tunnel through [sth], tunnel under, tunnel under [sth], tunnel into, tunnel int vi

Moles tunnel under the lawn and ruin its appearance.

construir un túnel

tunnel [sth] vtr

excavar, cavar

turn vi /t3ːn/

At the end of the block, turn left.

girar, doblar, virar, torcer

The man's head turned around.


Vinyl records turn on a turntable.

girar, dar vueltas, rotar

turn n

The car made a turn to the right.

giro, curva, vuelta

It is your turn, so roll the dice.

turno, tocar

turn off vtr phrasal sep

Before I go to sleep I turn off the T.V.


turn off vtr phrasal insep

We turned off the main road and drove into the country.

abandonar la carretera, salirse

turn on vtr phrasal sep

encender, prender

turn on vtr phrasal insep

We were getting along well and then suddenly he turned on me.

volverse contra

turn on vtr phrasal sep

He turned me on and I just couldn't resist.

poner, poner cachondo

twice adv /twaɪs/

dos veces, doble

twin n /twɪn/



twin adj

gemelo, idéntico

twist vtr /twɪst/

torcer, retorcer

torcer, malinterpretar, distorsionar

twist vi

doblar, girar

twist n

curva, vuelta, giro

twisted adj /ˈtwɪstɪd/


retorcido, perverso

type n /taɪp/

This type of food is my favourite.

tipo, clase

This six-point type is too small.


type vtr

We will have to type the essay.

escribir a máquina

type vi

Mr. Jones never learned how to type.

escribir a máquina

typical adj /ˈtɪpɪkəl/

típico, distintivo

típico, normal

typically adv /ˈtɪpɪkəlɪ/

Spring here is typically cool, with frequent rain.

típicamente, normalmente

Typically, she arrived late, and had an outlandish excuse.

como de costumbre

tire [sb] vtr /ˈtaɪəʳ/

cansar, agotar, hartar, fatigar

aburrir, hastiar, hartar

tire vi

cansarse, aburrirse, hastiarse

tire of [sth]/[sb] vi + prep

aburrirse, cansarse, hartarse

tire, UK: tyre n

US (rubber around wheel)

neumático, llanta, goma

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