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7.1 Project

Overview: You will be creating a slideshow with voice narration using Explain Everything on the school iPads. You will be working on this project during class time; however, you may need to do certain things at home in order to maximize the time given to you in class. The topic of your slideshow is “Mis vacaciones,” and this vacation is fictional (not based on a real vacation). You will choose the country that you wish to visit, but that country must be within the Spanish speaking world. The narration of your vacation will be your voice, and you will mainly be using the preterite tense.

Visual Content Must Haves:

  • A map of the country that you visited (intro.)

  • A slide about the airport

  • Two slides for each choice below

  • A total of at least 10 slides

  • The flag of the country you visited (final slide)

Speaking Must Haves:

  • Answers to the questions on the Graphic Organizer

  • Enthusiastic speaking

  • Speaking in the preterite tense

Choices – Choose 2 from EACH column!

**You may not choose a mall as a place to visit.

  • Museum

  • Government Building

  • Church/Religious Site

  • Memorial

  • Tomb

  • Sporting Event/ Sports Complex

  • Performing Arts (e.g. concert)

  • Neighborhood

  • Park

  • Market

  • Archaeological Site


Getting Started:

  1. Fill out the Preliminary Research worksheet for homework.

  2. Research and fill out the graphic organizer. Remember to use the preterite tense when answering the questions on the graphic organizer. Also, use first person singular or plural to tell about your vacation.

  3. Save pictures on your camera roll of your iPad.

Listed below are some interesting places that you can “visit” while in specific countries. Search the internet to find out more information about such places, and try to incorporate them in your project. You are not limited to what is below. If there is a country missing from the list below that you would like to research, talk to me about it!
Mexico- Chichen Itza, Teotihuacan, Oaxaca (Benito Juárez Market- eat some grasshoppers!), Ciudad de México, trajineras en Xochimilco (these are boats that you ride around the floating islands of Xochimilco), cenotes de Yucatan (these are caves that you can swim in),murales de Diego Rivera (in Mexico City’s Palacio Nacional)
España- El museo del Prado (find Las meninas here), flamenco performance, la Sagrada Familia (a Cathedral built by Guadi en Barcelona), Parque Guell (an interesting park designed by Guadi)
Puerto Rico- el Yunque (rainforest), la fortaleza en San Juan, un concierto de bomba y plena
Ecuador- el Panecillo (Quito), la casa de Oswaldo Guayasamin (Capilla del hombre), Otavalo (huge market), cuy (guinea pigs to eat), Cotopaxi (climb a volcano), las islas Galapagos (see blue-footed boobies, penguins, and iguanas on your tour through the Galapagos)
La Republica Dominicana- el museo del ron y la caña (Sugar can and rum museum), el museo de la resistencia dominicana , las ruinas de San Francisco (ruins of the first cathedral in the Americas), un concierto de Juan Luis Guerra(listen to la guagua live in concert), Museo de las hermanas Mirabal
Argentina- la Plaza de mayo (see the abuelas marching for their missing loved ones), la tumba de Eva Peron, cementerio la Recoleta, la Casa Rosada (presidential palace), tango performance, la Boca (a famous, colorful neighborhood in Buenos Aires)
Guatemala-lago de Atitlan (a beautiful lake with various towns that can only be accessed by boat), Antigua (a colonial city with many church ruins), Tikal (Mayan ruins with a pyramid)
Colombia-Museo del oro (Bogota), Museo Botero, Plaza Bolivar(the main square of Bogota-there are many government buildings here and lots of pigeons), Catedral las Lajas (a magnificent cathedral in the jungle), Ciudad Perdida (ruins of an ancient civilization)
Costa Rica- Sarchi (an artisanal town that is famous for painted ox carts), Volcan Arenal (active volcano), Tortuguero (a national park where you can take a night walk to see giant sea turtles lay their eggs on the beach)
Peru-Machu Pichu (go on a four day hike to get to the magnificent ruins high up in the Andes Mountains), Miraflores (visit this elegant neighborhood in Lima), Iquitos (take a trip through the Amazon-see lots of wildlife!)
Chile- Parque Nacional Torres de Paine (a beautiful park with glaciers), desierto de San Pedro de Atacama (a desert in the north at the border with Bolivia), Casas de Pablo Neruda- la Chascona, Isla Negra, la Sebastiana (these are houses that belonged to the Nobel-prize winning poet, Pablo Neruda), Villa Grimaldi (a park commemorating those who lost their lives under the infamous dictator Augusto Pinochet)

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