Week of 8/18-8/22 Español 1 Check In/Do Now: Monday/Tuesday

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Week of 8/18-8/22

Español 1

Check In/Do Now:

Monday/Tuesday: Look at the word splash. Pick 3 words and write them down. Write what you think they say in English.

Mira la Lluvia de palabras. Escoge 3 palabras y anótalas. Escribe lo que crees que dicen en inglés.

Wednesday: Look at the pair of words. Write what you think each word in the pair means. Mira el par de palabras. Escribe lo que crees que significa cada palabra.

Thursday/Friday: Name 3 words that describe your physical appearance in English. Use your i-pad to find the Spanish meaning. Escribe 3 palabras que describen to apariencia física en inglés. Usa tú tableta i-pad para buscar el significado en español.

Essential Question (s):

  • How are cognates useful when learning a new language?

  • How can you use adjectives to describe yourself and others?

Standard(s) from Instructional Guide:

WL-A.1.1: Students address discrete elements of daily life.

B.1.2 Students interpret written, spoken or signed (ASL) language.

B.1.1 Students engage in oral, written or signed (ASL) conversations.

B.1.0 Students use formulaic language (learned words, signs [ASL] and phrases)

D.1.2 Students identify similarities and differences in the orthography, phonology or ASL parameters of the languages they know.

E.1.0 Students use language in highly predictable common daily settings.

Student Objective (s):

Monday/Tuesday: Students will learn about Spanish- English cognates and how they are useful when learning a new language. At the end of the lesson students will be able to identify English-Spanish cognates in reading and will be able to use cognates in writing.
Wednesday: Students will practice identifying cognates in writing by participating in a gallery walk. Students will present self-created cognates poems in the target language.
Thursday/Friday: Students will learn adjectives (chapter vocabulary) and will be able to define and use in simple sentences. At the end of the lesson students will be able to understand the meaning of vocabulary through independent e-studio activities (listening, writing, etc.) and a self-created digital vocabulary book.

Assessment and Student Reflection:

Monday/Tuesday: Do-Now, Quiz on Greetings (EdModo), Group poem, graphic organizer, comprehension questions, guided practice activity, idependent practice on cognates, Exit-Slip. Homework: Cognates practice.

Wednesday: Do-Now, group presentation, gallery walk activity, Exit Slip. Homework: Cognates practice.

Thursday/Friday: Do-Now, Exit-Slip, E-Studio Activities, digital vocabulary book, guided practice.


Monday/Tuesday: Do-Now, Quiz on Greetings (EdModo), PowerPoint on Cognates, guided practice on cognates, Cold Read, Exit-Slip.

Wednesday: Do-Now, Exit Slip.

Thursday/Friday: Do-Now, PowerPoint on chapter vocabulary, Exit Slip.




Monday-Tuesday: Students will take Cloze notes on cognates. Students will complete a short guided practice activity on cognates. Students will do a cold reading with teacher on poem and students will find cognates with teacher.

Wednesday: N/A

Thursday-Friday: Students will take Cloze notes on chapter vocabulary (adjectives). Students will complete a guided practice activity with teacher.


Students will re-read poem outloud and will practice reciting poem with group.

Students will work together to create a Spanish poem on friendship using Spanish-English cognates (a list will be provided).

Group roles will be assigned.

Wednesday: Students will present their poems to class in the target languge.

Thursday-Friday: Students will work on a digital vocabuary book to help them practice chapter vocabulary (adjectives). Students will include synonyms for the words, an image, and a sentence in digital vocabulary book. Teacher will provide Cloze sentence examples.

Monday-Tuesday: Students will re-read poem. Students will create a graphic organizer & answer comprehension questions to infer meaning of poem.

Extra time: Students will complete an independent practice activity on cognates.

Wednesday: Students will participate in a gallery walk and will complete an activity where they find cognates in self-created collaborative poems (created Monday-Tuesday). Students will write down both English-Spanish cognantes.

Thursday-Friday: Students will work on e-studio activities for vocabulary.

Extra time: Students will find antonyms for vocabulary words (adjectives).

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